The Owl Box Chat Room Rules:

The chat room is a way for those people that are watching The Owl Box to communicate. We grant you a privilege to be here but it is not a right. The rules are really simple and apply to chatters and moderators. The Owl Box is a G-Rated Chat room and we want to keep it that way.

The Owl Box is watched around the world so there are children logged on at all times.

Be nice.

Be Friendly.

Do not argue, let me repeat, don’t argue. This will get you kicked and/or banned.  

No bad language. This will get you banned from the chat room immediately.

No religion but that does not mean you ban someone for OMG or talking about going to church or place of religion. Be tolerant, ban only if abusive and or repetitive.

No politics but again do not ban unless abusive.

Do not type in all CAPS it looks like you are SHOUTING and is hard to read.

Statements in all caps will be removed. Just to let you know you need to type in upper and lower case.

Banning someone should be a last resort and only if they are being abusive or obnoxious and not following the rules.

Moderators should answer questions and give information but just remember moderators don’t have to answer a question just because some ask it in the chat room. Many questions don’t deserve an answer or at least not in the chat room. Just ignore those questions. Use common sense. If someone becomes belligerent about asking a question, then they should be kicked in most cases before being banned.

Personal information or ages, yours or anyone elses, should never be given or discussed in the chat room. City, state and country are okay. Children should never give age, location or contact information.  So please don’t ask for this type of information. It will get you banned.

There will always be people who come to the chat room just to get attention for themselves or their product.. Be tolerant and they should not be banned unless they are abusive or they just won’t get on current topic. We do not allow links except by moderators  

We do not make people moderators just because they want to be a moderator or one of their friends in the chat room asks them to be made a moderator. To be a moderator is a special privilege.

We do allow people to talk about other sites and blogs as long as it does not get out of hand. But remember, this chat room is about The Owl Box, Molly and McGee and their brood. Keep the chat about them and owls and you won’t have an issue.  We would like the subject to stay focused.  The best way to handle off subject topics is change the subject and or turn on fast mode. If that does not work, a time out or a kick before a ban. You can also PM them.

 We want everyone to have a good experience in the chat room but we reserve the right to change and modify these rules at anytime without notice and  to monitor and remove statements and ban anyone we find off topic, abusive and or obnoxious in our opinion or the opinion of the moderator(s). Our decision is final and we reserve the right to make the final decision in all matters concerning the chat room and The Owl Box which includes shutting it down at anytime without notice.

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