The Owl Box Celebration! (Limericks)

29 Responses to “The Owl Box Celebration”

  1. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Thanks for all you have done Donna & Carlos, look forward to reading the blogs.

  2. Connie Nicholas Says:

    Ilove Molly she is the greatest MOM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. joan stewart Says:

    I read your limericks and each one brought back, in my mind’s eye, exactly what you were saying. You did a great job and even though I don’t know you personally, I have been with you since the eggs hatched, so you feel like an good friend. I lurked more than chatted, but I enjoyed Molly and family and all the chatters so very much.
    Great job!!!!


  4. mhoney1364 Says:

    DotRot, thank you so much for the funny limericks. I re-lived each one in my mind and some still bring tears. You are very talented and brought joy to my day in reading it. No amount of money could pay for the joy I’ve received over the past 4 months for the chat entertainment. I hope Carlos brings us all together again next season (maybe for Donna’s kestrals (sp). Have a nice day.

  5. didinp Says:


    Thank you very much for sharing these limericks with all of your owl box friends. I have almost memorized some of them and share them with people “outside” the box when I try to explain the experience we all had. Your talent and the talent of so many people were surely enriched by Molly her family and of course Carlos. What a Gift we received.

    Blessing to you and your Family


  6. D.S. Langguth Says:


    Thank-you, thank-you for sharing your wonderful talent. What a special and fun way to document what has been a joyful, miraculous journey for so many people.

  7. GinHB92646 Says:

    Your limericks are like photographs!! Thank you SO much!

  8. FinnWV Says:


    Thanks you so much for sharing your limericks in The Owl Box Celebration! They are so beautiful and bring back wonderful memories of the last several months! I try to read some as often as I can. Today I especially enjoyed Decisions, Decisions, How Can They Leave Us? and An Empty Box!

    Well, the box is no longer empty,
    And MOD’s are all thrilled that they can see, Our Molly is back,
    And she’s right on track,
    To help us all keep our sanity!

    You’re the best, Dotrot!
    Hi to chatterchops and Daddybird!

    Ginger (FinnWV)

  9. Mary Alice Taylor Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin thank you so much for every thing looking forward to seeing you next year.
    Carlos and Donna would love to hear all about he reunion in Okla. As my roots are from Tulsa, Yukon, Enid and there abouts. My sister still lives in Mangum.
    Have a great time we will all miss you. Mary Alice Taylor Pine Valley CA (San Diego)

  10. Loretta Ewing Says:

    i would like to be included in the updates to the owlbox, when it closes down, if i could please. i am going to miss the owls when they go, they have given me a reason to stop watching tv and watch something better. thank you

  11. Please include me in the updates. This site has becomes a very important part of my life and I will miss the owls and Carlos & family. Carlos we have enjoyed watching your broadcasts. I appreciate everything you have done to bring us joy and fun.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature! God Bless You All.

  12. LASTING APPLAUSE Donna,Austin and Carlos, You are indeed ROYAL-TY. Your grnerous and caring spirit has calmed me through a hugely difficult time. Through the Grace of God ,from the beginning of time,it was meant to be, that I saw your NBC spot and found the website. Please keep me informed when you are back online with more feathery babies.
    Have a wonderous reunion and vacation…….
    Eileen Curran,Phoenixville,Pa
    the best site

  13. Patti Sowers Says:

    Thanks for great photos, great education.

  14. mary Says:

    Thank you for all of your work, great photos, education, hope to see you again

  15. Jill Knapp Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin, I hope you know how much we wall appreciate you and all the time and energy you have put into this. It was a great success , more than you anticipated I’m certain. I’d like any updates well. Have been here since late Feb. My laptop didn’t like me logged in,it would continually crash so I’ve been lurking. Good luck to all of you.
    Take care
    Have a great 50th Reunion.


  16. Shannon Says:

    The best Cam site I have ever seen! Kudo’s to all!

  17. Denise Says:

    I’ve watched Molly and McGee raise two beautiful babies. May God be with the entire owl family.

  18. Chris Peabody Says:

    Thanks for the memories

  19. VSue Says:

    This was such an enjoyable read
    That I know I need
    to read again and again
    truly an OWLsome writing talent you have!
    Thank you for sharing this

  20. Elizabeth Jost Says:

    I live in San Marcos and want to keep up on all the Molly, McGee, and owlets news.
    This is such a tremendous experience, thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing it with the world.

  21. Elizabeth Jost Says:

    I live in San Marcos and want to keep up with the latest developments of the saga of Molly and McGee!

  22. Elizabeth Jost Says:

    I live in San Marcos and want to be kept updated on the saga of Molly and McGee and the owlets!

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience with the world!

  23. Linda in MI Says:

    please notify me of updates

    Thank you

  24. Linda in MI Says:

    Have been here since Feb ’10, and definitely have mod.

    Thank you Carlos,Donna and Austin!

  25. Ceci Says:

    I have so much to be thankful for. All my friends here mean so much to me. Thank you all for the caring and sharing.

  26. Italianmom2 Says:

    Is there a live chat room somewhere out there? I just came on too peek and saw the update from Carlos of the third clutch. I keep hearing and reading about a chat room?? Where, can someone please let me know! I miss everyone so much!

  27. Mary Padgett Says:

    Molly and McGee Day:
    Memory – our 2 year old twin grandsons are big Molly fans. They especially love the eggs and babies videos.
    Recently Mommy heard “It hatched!” from the kitchen. Twin A was sitting in the floor in a puddle – holding the shell from a broken (raw) egg.
    Twin B still had an intact egg.
    Now we have a lock on the refrigerator!

  28. jeanie Says:

    mollys my hero,,of the air,,love ya molly. ty carlos and donna for this special treat you share with all of us.

  29. Scotty Zilinsky Says:

    Couldn’t figure out how to post a comment…..but here’s mine. I check into Carlos blog about once a week. Really enjoyed the video of Molly doing a rescue on a kid who ate more than he/she could handle. Hadn’t seen that previously. Thanks for continuing to offer us news and perspectives on our favorite bird friends…..and on you and Donna and Austin!!
    Scotty Zilinsky

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