Owl-some resources!

Molly and McGee’s live video on Ustream

Backyard Barn Owls: Ideas for creating Barn Owl habitat

Barn Owls on Wikipedia: Great information

Barn owl information on WhatBird.com

Barn Owls from Cornell Lab of Ornithology (including clips of their calls!)

Owl Pages: Great info, calls, and Barn Owl world-wide distribution maps

San Diego’s Project Wildlife – Raptor info

Tom Stephan’s owl boxes: The one that Molly uses

3D tour of a barn owls skull from the Natural History Museum

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection: An online tool that removes some of the “yuck”

OwlPelletsInc.com: For the real dissection experience

Owl digestion diagram

Molly fans on Ravelry.com (knitters and crocheters): “owlboxknitters”

Roots and Shoots: An organization for youth founded by Jane Goodall


Learn about how you can help barn owls in your own backyard.

11 Responses to “Barn Owl Resources”

  1. Who ever created this site has done a fantastic job. Thank you so much for all your work!!!!

  2. Jennifer Ryan Says:

    Is this the information that someone mentioned for homeschoolers? If not, or if there is additional information, please send it to me. Thank you. Jennifer

  3. Jackie Lhoumeau Says:

    Thank you so much for all the effort that has gone into bringing Molly and family to us – and all the techie work like this site. Would it be possible to put together a collections of calls (vocalizations) by Molly, the owlets, and Mcgee, and some guesses as to what the calls mean? The site above that has calls is interesting – but the Common Barn Owl calls seem different than the ones I’m hearing on the live stream. Perhaps an additional page on this site – “Owl Call FAQ”?

  4. Susan Belloff Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for giving so many people something to look forward to every day. Watching Molly and her family has become part of my daily routine. I will miss them terribly when they leave the nest.
    Thank you to your wife and your grandson, Austin, too! By the way, I also love your commentary! :)

  5. JL Gawlik Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing these wonderful videos and your observations with these beautiful creatures.

    Here in Florida we have spotted horned owls, barn owls, and barred owls in our yard, we are just right off of a creek.

    Looking up information on owls of our area, i came across this:

    Click to access UW21600.pdf

    In one of the pictures it shows baby barn owls ranging in ages to 14 days to 4 days and a unhatched egg. Just thought this would shed more light, hopefully the egg is just a bit delayed.

    Thank you again for all that you both do.

    Most Sincerely,


  6. Jeannie Says:

    I work with Birds of Prey at work…. we are a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center… taking in injured or orphaned wildlife…. we have one Barn Owl at our center and they are the coolest…. Thank You !

  7. Bonnie Says:

    I really need help. I signed up for the e-comic
    and paid, but I cant get back into the web,
    to collect the cartoons. Can someone please help.
    Thank you Bonnie

  8. Bonnie Says:

    Sorry it’s Bonnie again needing help. Just seen
    the choice of info by email and that would be great Thanks again. I have truley enjoyed this
    experience and I think Carlos and his wife are two
    people with a very big heart and we are all lucky
    for such a gift.

  9. Thanks for a very enjoyable experience! We’ll miss you!

  10. Peggy Stoklosa Says:

    I did not receive the ebook. Please resubmit to my address at pstoklosa. This is my work address so I do not know if they deleted. Is it posible to send tomy home email at pas2631@yahoo.com. Thank you.
    Peggy Stoklosa

  11. Have loved the Molly and McGee experience. Missed the closing down of the live broadcast and chat room! Any other owl boxes w/live cams and some of the same chatters?

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