The Owl Box Click Here

by Kristi Heckman

35 Responses to “Owl Box Research Paper (NEW)”

  1. Diana Says:

    Where is the paper?

  2. John Kaufman Says:

    I am a MOD

  3. Virgene Colby Says:

    Kristi, This is a great article. Brought back memories and made so many appreciate the beautiful barn owl. I had no idea they had so many beautiful characteristics.

  4. Yvonne Gregory Says:

    Outstanding Owl Box Research Paper by Kristi Heckman! I am a lurker and a MOD! Why would I chose to watch trouble and mayham when I can watch a mother owl and her babies living as nature intended. My deepest thanks to Molly & McGee, the Royals, Ustream and everyone who has participated in this unique experience!

  5. Very well done, brought back wonderful memories. I cannot express how lucky we all have been to be a part of this awesome experience. The Owl Box has been a saving grace for my many hours of not being able to sleep after my husband passed away. I hope everyone appreciates the glimpse into nature that the Royals have allowed us to partake in and one never before seen. A learning experience like no other. Thank you for sharing your paper with us all a job well done!

  6. SactoSylvia Says:

    Very nicely done! Congratulations on writing a a very good paper, on a totally original topic!

  7. Roni Says:

    Good project. Thanks for the memories.

  8. Marcia Morrison Says:

    What an interesting paper! This gives me another perspective on the whole phenomenon. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Astrid Johnson Says:

    Good article, interesting view point. Very well observed and true.
    Thanks for sharing. a/j.

  10. NatureLuver Says:


    Thanks for sharing this, hope you get an ‘A.’
    It really is an amazing phenomenon. My first and probably only chat room.
    I have to admit I’ve learned a lot about owls & computers and have met the nicest people!

    Hoot Hoot!!!

    Liz Garney
    League City, TX

  11. Kristi Heckman Ldylouis Says:

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my paper. I have never enjoyed writing a project like I did this one. Everyone I asked to help was ready and willing. You all were part of a great experience for me as well. A little more information on myself, as I have been asked. I am finishing my BA in General Studies with a concentration in English, and Arts and Science. I plan on teaching starting sometime next year if all goes well. Hoping for 5 through 8 grades.

  12. Teri Friedman Says:

    Please send me blog updates via email.

  13. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Just wonderful!! Thank you so much!!
    Enjoying every moment!
    Lisa from NE FL

  14. Colleen Says:

    Great paper! Thank you.

  15. Jodi Says:

    Great work Kristi! I am very proud of you :)

  16. mispatyknits Says:

    Tearing up & have only gotten to the 2nd page in the abstract!! Will come back to read whole paper another day!!

    How very creative to use this though!!

  17. karen plate Says:

    Awesome Kristi:)

  18. Janet Kern Says:

    I enjoyed the research paper. I want to add that the owl box helped save my mom’s life. She fell, broke a hip and got pneumonia at age 81. We did’t think she would make it, but she did. I showed her the owl box on my smartphone several times a day to keep her mind off her pain and fear she would die. Everyday first thing she would say if “How are those owls doing?” The hospital staff also enjoyed Molly and the owlets. Remarkabe recovery for her!

  19. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Wonderful site!!!

  20. barb stegun Says:

    Nice paper Kristi, hope your professor appreciated your work! Nature, technology and chance have brought a lot of people much joy. The Royals are very special folks..we were lucky to be a part of this!

  21. "Puggz " Rosenblatt Says:

    Good Job, Kristi!
    What I learned form the Owlbox:
    I was addicted to the owlbox from the beginning but didn’t chat until practically the last day of the 1st clutch(mainly because I didn’t know how). The whole experience was fascinating to me because of the unique combination of the owlies, the viewers and the Royals.

    The participants of the Social Stream and Chat were funny, warm, supportive and focused! I’m still amazed that no one missed a beat through earthquakes and tornadoes, stuck to the owlbox like glue. There was such a diverse group in the community that somehow managed to coexist, (with a few rules and help from the terrific Mods), united by M&M and the owlets.

    Although the humor, drama and warmth of both social networks were riveting, it was Carlos who made the experience unforgettable. The owlbox was one just example of the way Carlos approaches life. He does his homework and gives 200% to whatever he is focused on, whether it’s furniture building, travel photography or Molly. (Look at his personal site). With Donna as part of his team, Carlos seems to thrive on new challenges.

    His enthusiasm for the owlbox was infectious as he shared his discoveries without being didactic or condescending. He was gracious in the face of criticism and demands, doing his best to accommodate Molly’s fans.

    Carlos exemplifies living life to the fullest, doing things right,having fun and sharing his enthusiasm and talents with others. That’s what I learned from the owlbox.

  22. DianaJoe Says:

    Kristi, As we say in chat” clappy” things!

  23. angelskye Says:

    Great paper-enjoyed reading it!

  24. Linda Greene Says:

    Kristi..excellent work!! Enjoyed reading your paper very much..Good Luck on future projects.


  25. Beth Jones Says:

    Great paper! Please let us know what grade you earned.

    I was mostly a lurker and a MOD. I was suffering from severe depression. Molly and her family along with the Royals, MODs and Mods were the best therapy! Molly’s family pictures hang in my house and remind me daily of what is most important in life.

  26. Sparrow in indy from SPO Says:

    Dear Kristi,
    Have not read your paper yet, just did print it out. I’m sure it will go in our ‘All Things Molly’ folder; also, by the other comments I have read it must have been well received. Thank_you as I am sure I will enjoy it later.
    I have fibromyalgia, have been in 9 car accidents, had 15 surgeries,more in hospitalizations; so the site was a very big help in many ways! Most of all, 24/7 pain help, as well as the love, help and care of the other Mods on the SPO site. Thanks again, Sincerely, Sparrow (Bonny) In Indy

    WOW! AN E-MOD!

  27. Christy in West Virginia Says:

    First class job- I predict you will be an excellent teacher! And, you nailed down the psychological effect the owls have had on all of us, as well as Carlos’knack for including all and making everyone feel welcome. My Mom died last July after a prolonged decline; I learned of the owl box just after I traveled home from another state after her funeral. The Royals, owls,and all the others who worked so hard to keep M&M and their family close to the world have had a profound effect on me at a very sad time in my life.

  28. Martha Jo C Says:

    What an interesting paper! Brought back good memories. I was going through Chemo with the first clutch. Made things go better. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat much, so I watch the owl box. So cool to have something like that, instead of mindlessly watching tv. Tv is good, but Molly and McGee, and the kids were better, I didn’t get into the chat. I tried but never figured it out, but that is ok also. I had fun just reading what other people had to say. Every one was so cool, and funny. Thanks again for sharing your paper.

  29. Bill Pritchett Says:

    Have you seen this one? The owl and the cat!

  30. M Says:

    Conclussion — should be: Conclusion

    Thanks for the paper!!

  31. Ranyart Says:

    Just saw this – Nicely written Kristi and totally captured the ‘spirit’ of the owlbox.

  32. Viola Says:

    very interesting. I read that very often.

  33. molly Says:

    molly is so cool so are hre owlet cute i love molly an her kids

  34. angel Says:

    I love the owl pictures!!!

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