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188 Responses to “Gee That Was Fun! (Updated)”

  1. Karen Piper Says:

    Thank you for allowing us to enter into your lives and bringing to the world the beautiful owls. I can’t imagine all of the time and effort that has gone into this project, but it is truly appreciated.

  2. Chuckinsey (surfzen) Says:

    What a wonderful digest of the happenings at The Owl Box and all of the interesting people who like me, suffer from a big case of MOD. I will look forward to seeing you again at the Picnic, Ruth. It should be fun. If it were being held after dark, we might experience a 5 owl flyby if only Wesley would hurry up it would be six. But seriously Ruth, you had to have worked so hard to create this momento that we will all enjoy for years to come. Thank you,
    Surfzen (aka Surfzen)

  3. Pat Cummings Says:

    This has truly been a wondeful thing to follow since March. I have a whole new concept about owls. They are so beautiful and majestic!

    Thank you Carlos and Donna! I will miss all of you when the owls leave us for good!

    • Thank you for all the pleasure you gave the world. I love the idea that Molly and McGee and their babies crossed all borders and boundaries and linked us in a common bond. You have also inspired me to take a class in photography. Every morning I race to see what fabulous photos you’ve taken the night before. I can imagine how tired and tiring that must be: maintaining equipment, responding to queries, staying up to take photos, and I don’t know how you’ve done it, remaining sane. Thank you to the entire Royal family, human and feathered.


  4. Debbie Suggs Says:

    Thank you so much for all the joy your family has brought to so many people. You have sacraficed much to do this for the world to see. I am so grateful for all you’ve done and hope to meet you at the picnic.

  5. Donna Franco Says:

    This has been an amazing experience and one that i doubt will ever be experienced as such again. Hopefully Molly and McGee or offspring decide to come back to the box and Carlos and Donna are up to another round of sharing.
    No words can express how I have come to love these Owls. they have brought such joy to my life and to the lives of everyone around the world.
    Much love to Carlos and Donna and have a wonderful vacation. But I for one, will miss you terribly

  6. grace williams Says:

    It is almost impossible to say how much pleasure this whole experience has given me and so many more. Who would ever have thought something so beautiful could have come along to give so much joy. Thank you so much, Carlos and Donna. As you said, we are so happy to have shared with you and with each other. Ounce in a lifetime experience.
    MOD from the first (eggs) — Grace Williams, Walnut Creek, CA

  7. Thank you!! I have been following you since March 23 daily for hours lurking in the background. I have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful experience of both the stream and all of the MOD’s who have enriched my life. I have learned a lot about the owls and also the MOD’s lives. Watched the last OWLet hatch and got to see the first three fledge. I was able to see Wesley by watching the tape. Thank you Carlos Carlos is a jewel and I have really learned a lot about the life of owls. Thank you so much. Hugs to all of you…. Enjoy the picnic wish I could be there!

  8. Marilyn Sunia Says:


    Wow! Kudo’s to you for organizing this site! Two things if I can make a request.

    I sent Carlos & Donna a bottle of “Molly-itols”. (for MOD disorder prevention (pills that were actually Mild Duds …for Dudley, get it? :). The ‘prescription label I created is hilarious. Can you ask him to take a pic and send to you to post with label description?

    It would be perfect to show for this site.

    Also, I sent in a recipe called ‘Spanish EnchOWLadas’, if you can list that, too.

    Thanks much for all the repeat bOWLy Laughs!!


  9. Marilyn Sunia Says:

    A Tribute To Molly

    A Heart Shaped Face…
    Changed The Shape Of My Heart

    Tugged On My Heart Strings…
    You Yanked Me Apart

    Put Me In Touch With Myself Again,
    ..All Because Of You, Your Family, A New Friend

    Fly Family Fly, Stay Safe And Free…
    Molly, Know You Made A Difference For Thousands & For Me

  10. DianaJoe Says:

    Who knew when I clicked on the Molly Owl site I would still be here. It has been said that Molly and her family,that includes the Royals have changed lives, I was going through some tough times and this little owl made me appreciate just what is really important, Thanks again Donna and Carlos for letting me heal my heart. I am so glad “I was a part of this”

  11. jessica Says:

    What a labor of love!!
    The pictures in stages are priceless.
    All the comments-
    Great ending!
    Thank you again- so much-
    for putting this together.

  12. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift. Your efforts have crossed borders and boundaries bringing us all together with a common bond. Your photographs have inspired me to take a class in photography. I can only imagine how tiring it is to maintain equipment, answer queries, replace equipment, stay up to take photos, and somehow remain sane. My hat is off to the entire Royal Family, both human and feathered.

    Thank you,


  13. Sue (Suelf06) Says:

    This was fun and I’m glad I was part of it!
    Thanks so much for the memories!!
    Love to all.

  14. Sandra Field (joisey38) Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing this with me. You have changed my world. I will never look at an Owl the same again. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and be safe on the roads. Hopefully, after some rest….you will do this again some day. It must be wonderful to know that you have “changed the world for so many” heartfelt hugs
    Sandy aka joisey38 Clayton, NJ

  15. What a wonderful and emotional event this has been, I am so in love with these owls and will never forget them. Thank you Donna and Carlos, having brought that in to our home and for the whole world to witness such a precious and loving little Owl family. You are very rare and special people and may God bless you and your family.
    Love Astrid

  16. Sierra Lee Says:

    One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you so much for all you did for all of us. The babies in the family have learned so much about owls and nature.
    You are a blessing to us all for sharing.

  17. k, charles Says:

    to carlos and donna and austin,
    you have brought much happiness to the world with your giving and sharing of molly and family. from my firsy visit i fell in love with them all and i will miss them. i pray for them all to have a safe and wonderful life. thank you soooo very much.
    k. charles
    charlotte, nc

  18. Jo Ann Says:

    Bill and I wanted to drive cross country (we’re in Virginia) to be there for the picnic just to be able to say “Thank-you for all the laughs and smiles you have brought into out home over the last 3 months.” But, Bill has surgery Wednesday … we will be there in spirit and on line … Have a wonderful picnic, a well deserved vacation and huggs and kisses to Molly/McGee and family!
    Many thanks this Memorial Day to those who have/are/will serve to keep this country free!

  19. Averyl Wyss Says:

    Thank you!! I have been following you since March 23 daily for hours lurking in the background. I have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful experience of both the stream and all of the MOD’s who have enriched my life. I have learned a lot about the owls and also the MOD’s lives. Watched the last OWLet hatch and got to see the first three fledge. I was able to see Wesley by watching the tape. Thank you Carlos Carlos is a jewel and I have really learned a lot about the life of owls. Thank you so much. Hugs to all of you…. Enjoy the picnic wish I could be there!

  20. Karen Says:

    Thank you Carlos for all the work and effort you put forward, but MOST of all for your giving attitude and your love for people everywhere. This gift of yourself that you gave will be a legacy, and many of us will never forget it. What a blessing you are to the world.
    Thank you Donna for encouraging Carlos to take the time to spend with all this, it enlightened so many to the secret world of Barn Owls. Thank you also for keeping him sane during all this activity and keeping him well fed and well loved. You are the woman behind the man, and we all know that helps tremendously.
    Thank you Austin for your technical skills and your willingness to put in hours and hours of time for people you have never met. Your giving nature to others will serve you quite well in your future no matter what you do. I look forward to your production on the Picnic today.
    Thank you all.

  21. Gudrun Crittendon Says:

    Thank you dear Carlos and Donna, for your devotion and sacrifice to this wonderful project and to help me learn about this beautiful miracle of nature, this darling owl family. It was an experience that made my heart jump with joy and admiration every day as I watched these sweet little owls grow. It strengthened my faith in God and in people – you both are very special!!!

  22. Marcia Says:

    Thank you to Carlos and Donna for sustaining this throughout….and to Ruthrings and Owlfan for putting this together! Nice to “meet” you at the picnic, Ruth.

    Medway, MA

  23. Ellyn Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for bringing such a delicate side of nature into my home every evening! It truly has been captivating and an experience like I have never had before! God bless you both!

  24. Dee Says:

    Thank you Carlos & Donna for bringing most likely a once in a lifetime experience to all of us. You have gone out of your way to see that we would experience all the information that you could possibly provide. Although I am not a chatter I have been a diligent viewer and reading the comments as often as my computer will allow. I have even run out of viewing time…. I get disappointed when I miss your live comments, and don’t know where to look for your blog. I hope you will feel like doing this again, and I can figure out what to do. You are an expert now and perhaps give a class for Owl Watchers!!!
    We used to both live in the same community ,VC. In fact one of each of our boys went to school together for a time. When I saw your name I said “I know that family”. Sorry I wasn’t able to come to the picnic and meet you, but I have enjoyed ruthrings photos very much. You have done a special thing and my thanks to you again for all you have done. Hope you have a restful vacation you have surely earned it. Happy Trails!

  25. Deb Karr Says:

    Thank you so much Carlos and Donna for all of your time and efforts to bring this experience to all of us ! It has changed my life ! I have learned so much about barn owls that I never knew before. I check in before I go to bed and the first thing in the morning when I wake up ! I am truly an owlaholic:) May God bless you both!

  26. Ann Casey Says:

    I guess I’m feeling a little like Wesley — reluctant to leave the box! What a wonderful experience this has been. Thanks to everyone!

  27. Elizabeth Sprague Says:

    Thank you Donna and Carlos for making this experence possible. Thank you Carlos for all the time, stress, expence that made this experence so awesome. I hope someone nominnates(spelling) you for an Audibon(spelling) Award. You have made people so aware of the value of the Barn Owl in our daily lives. Wish you would feel up to doing this again. Please. Thank you again for an amazing oportunity to be a part of Molly The Owl’s Family and your family.

  28. Judy Says:

    Wow! What an adventure! Loved every minute of watching the owletts grow into young adults. Enjoyed Carlos’ live updates and his smiling happy face..What a special person you are, Carlos. Will miss everything about the owls. Good Luck to Carlos and all his family. May you enjoy your well deserved vacation..

  29. Shelli Browning Says:

    Just had to add my two cents – I echo all others’ thoughts on how wonderful this has been. Watching these beautiful critters, making unseen i-friends. What a thrill!

  30. LLS Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the memories. It has been a real pleasure watching this brood & learning so much. I can’t imagine the work and time that has gone in to it, but Gee it was fun!
    Thanks again, you are magical!

  31. cat perry Says:

    Thank You to Carlos, Donna, and everyone who made this happen. I have learned so much about the Barn Owl, and I have fabulous memories from many many nights of watching the Owlets grow up. I will be very sad and very excited when they leave the box for the last time. All possible because two ppl had a vision, Carlos and Donna ROCK.

  32. Elaine Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for letting us into your home, and for letting us into Molly’s world.
    I have learned so much by watching your cam on Barn Owls, that I am definately a huge fan now.
    Your naration, and pictures, and camera operation was awesome, and this is an experience I will never forget ! I hope you will keep the blog up with updates on what has been going on after the owlets and you and Donna fledge ! Maybe even pictures included if the opportunity presents itself. Thank you so much again ! You & Donna, Molly, McGee, the owlets & this experience will be greatly missed !! Although I am proud of
    Max(ine)for growing up, I was bummed to find she did not return last night. Thank you also to Austin ! I’m so gonna miss this !! =)

  33. thank you so much for all the wonderful times and nights of owl watching . and AM’s and PM’s when they first hatched to watch molly trying to stay awake. and i could feel the agony of that one. then when one decided to clean the floor. and going at it like she/ he was possessed. and the rest of the owlets were tryung to get out of the way, standing against the wall. the first exciting fledges to the next perch. or just watching them peacefully, sleeping was so relaxing.
    thank you carlos and donna for letting us all share in this wonderful event. i will miss them. i just checked , and wes is nowhere in the box, where is he? love judi

  34. Vee Miller Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for giving so freely of your time, effort, and resources to share this most wonderful experience with us. The open exchange between so many people reinforced my belief that most folks are nice and it was great how all we chatters got along and shared with each other. I feel certain that there are some “shut-ins” who connected with the outside world through this site, these owls and the chat room. That’s truly a blessing. Thank you!

    It really was fun, and I’m so glad I was a part of it! Ciao my friends.

  35. Sherry Croak-Castaneda Says:

    Thank you soooo very much Carlos and Donna for this experience My grand daughter’s library teacher showed her this site and we have been following the owlet’s from dudley. How precious was that, I will never forget the look on Molly’s face “what on earth is this” God bless you both and your family.

  36. Thank you Carlos and Donna…..I began watching the website the day before Max hatched and have laughed and oohed and aahed since then. I am so sorry this wonderful experience is almost at an end………what a wonderful experience of nature you have given all us viewers. I’ll miss not checking in to see “my babies”…..can’t believe they’ll all be leaving their first home. I’m in tears thinking that it’s time………

  37. francie bowers Says:

    Carlos and Donna, thanks so much for the exciting adventure!

  38. joan stewart Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin, and all the MODS for one of life’s most precious experiences. This has been a true labor of love for you guys to us all over the world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love Molly and her baby owlets just like I love my pet kitties. I get up with them every morning and I go to bed with them every night. I, too, am like Wes; I don’t want to leave the box.
    God Bless you all!!

  39. Diane Mattson Says:

    Carlos and Donna, This has been one of the most wonderful experiences any of us could of had. I will sure miss this when it is all over. We thank you for sharing this with us. It has been fun in the chat room and thanks to all the moderators for their time and effort also. Love your knew shirt Carlos, how awesome it looks on you. God Bless each and everyone who has had a chance to experience this wonderful time in the life of Molly and McGee and all the babies. Sincerely, Diane

  40. Lynette Cowles Says:

    Applause! Applause! Applause!

    A superb job by Carlos and family!

    I have been a daily/nightly “lurker” on the owl box site since the 5 egg stage and I have thoroughly enjoyed not only this fascinating “peep” into nature but also the warm and humerous contributions from the Royal family and the chatters and Mods. Molly and McGee’s family extends far beyond the now-famous four owlettes (and Dudley). If they only knew how many people have shared in their daily activities and accomplishments and have cheered them on and sent positive thoughts and support from the “unseen realm”…. I think they would be undone!!!

    This has truly been a blessed undertaking as everyone was fortunate to witness only the GOOD side of Nature, without any of the horror or tragedy that so often presents itself (except for the unhappy ends for numerous rabbits and rodents!), and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. I will “owlways” cherish the memories of Molly’s tender loving care of the eggs, the eerie “Hitchcock-ian” nightly bonding rituals, the hatchings, the feedings and “cuddlings”, the comical poses of the fluffballs, the head-bobs, phoons, yoga, horks and huddles, the first steps out of the box and the breathtaking first flights. They have come so far- so fast!!!

    I will truly miss them being a part of my daily life, but I send “owl” my best wishes to Molly, Mcgee, Max(ine), Patti(son), Austin and Wesley, AND to Carlos and Donna and Austin, as they all fledge into the next chapter of their lives. It’s time for you all to soar and live a full life- AWAY from the spotlight!

    Know that you have ALL been a blessing to so many…

    What a gift you have given to the world!

    Thank you for all of your time and attention, not to mention the expense and encroachment into your personal lives. I hope you have no regrets!

    And Austin- you have MORE than earned your driver’s license! Enjoy YOUR new wings! (But BE SAFE!)

    Fare Well to all, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me to share in this wonderful experience…

    Lynette, from Virginia

    PS: Any possibility of creating a DVD with highlights from the videos? That would be SO awesome! I’ll bet the Nature Channel would be interested…

  41. I need to RE-thank you to you, Carlos & Donna. I had submitted a post #8 (a poem) and I had cut and paste a P.S. under my poem with my heart felt Thank You and I just realized it wasn’t there. So I am replying again. This was about one of the best treasures I’ve ever experienced in my life BECAUSE of you two, your son & grandson. A family this is well connected always seems to bring the best to the world and you certainly have done so. My hat is off to you forever. :) Happy Trails And Hope We Meet Again….

  42. Muriel Donald Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Your generous spirits have given alot of joy to the world. Thank you for sharing your owl story with us. This has been one of the happiest experiences of my life.

    Muriel, from Mobile County, Alabama

  43. Muriel Donald Says:

    Also, it has been fun watching all the ways the site has grown. Special thanks to your grandson for all his hard work in making it so that we who are far away still got to see you all at the picnic.

  44. Paul and Lorraine from Fla Says:

    OOH! WE have had such a marvelous time watching the owlets grow and now preparing to leave – isnt it wonderful that there are people such as you to bring all of us together in such a friendly way…
    NOw that we have a Maxine, and a Patti, shouldnt the other female be Laverne? Or is that something only we remember (the Andrew sisters)
    Im sure you have both left an enduring impression on all who have watched your tireless attention to detail and the many hours that you have given to make sure we all had a perfect views and updates of our favorite owlets….
    Have a wonderful vacation – certainly deserved – and you will be in our hearts forever….as some of the kindest and most generous people we have had the luck to be in contact with…
    Enjoy your time away! (but I bet you will miss them)
    Lorraine and Paul in Fla.

  45. julie Says:

    Carlos and Donna

    Now that you’ve done so much for us, go out and give yourselves the Royal treatment!

    Enjoy the road and keep us posted if you can…

    Julie Beddome
    Bay Area, CA

  46. Clara Saunders Says:

    Thank you so much Donna and Carlos and everyone that was part of this great adventure. I don’t want to say ‘GOODBYE’. I’m in tears knowing it’s almost over. I’ve learned so much. I’m so happy to be part of this wonderful time in the life of Molly and McGee and all the babies. I am looking forward to the CD and a photo book. God Bless you and your family for all the time and effort you’ve put into this event. Enjoy your retirement.

  47. Carlos and Donna, Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I take care of my mom 24/7, she has demetia and Molly,Mcgee & the owletts have gotten me thru some rough times! You are fantastic people to have done this, I hope you have a wonderful vacation. You deserve it! God Bless You and our owl family
    Shari Cekalovich

  48. Anne Jones Says:

    Carlos and Donna,what a great story from the people that have been here for so long watching the owlets hatch and then grow. I do not think you or Donna will ever realize just how much joy you have brought into so many lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  49. LuAnn Says:

    to: Carlos and Donna,

    This has been an amazing adventure. I have learned so much just being on this site, and I will miss it terribly. It was worth every minute to watch these owlettes hatch and grow and to finally fledge!! Thank you so much for your effort and the time you have taken to keep this going. I have laughed, gasped, and made friends, here. It has been great fun–and I WAS a part of it!! Thank you again for this wonderful experience!!

    LuAnn from Minnesota

  50. Jessica Says:

    Thank you, Donna and Carlos, for letting us into your lives and for sharing this amazing experience with all of us. It has been a great journey that I will cherish forever.

  51. Charleen Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I am in Maryland and have loved every minute of watching the babies grow.

  52. Glenda in Pennsylvania Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna & Grandsons! You worked together to create something so special for the world to see that it is hard to express how greatful I am. I have watched every day since the day Wesley was born and even got a few peeks in each day while we were on vacation. Just waiting for Carlos to climb the ladder again and place a “For Rent” sign on the owl box. This is one experience I will never forget!

  53. Dear Royal Family, – Words are not sufficient for all of the appreciation in my heart… for the time and effort your family spent to share this wonderful experience with the entire world. The change it has made in my life, and the lives of the many new friends all brought together through the gift of your sharing Molly and her little family with us, is more than mere miraculous. I will treasure the memories of this experience deep within my heart until my last breath of life.

  54. Janet Says:

    Oh its been the most Wonderful
    Journey ever!! I didnt know about Molly and McGee from the beginning but Im so happy and overjoyed I did find them! Oh yea it has been FUN and I was a part of it too and feel so honoured!
    love, Janet McD
    Janet McDonald

  55. Karen Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    What a wonderful thing you have done sharing the owls with the world. Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this with you!

    Fancy Farm, KY

  56. Jude Burge (owlsitgoin) Says:

    Thanks to my daughter in Bonsall, the owl family came into my life and heart. Some days, it feels like my heart will burst! Carlos and his family feel like friends, as well as all the chatters.

    It is so often the little things we stumble upon in life that surprise us in the most delightful ways.

  57. Sheri Jones (tch2grade) Says:

    Ruthrings & Owlfan1,
    Thank you so much for creating this keepsake for us. I love it and I can’t wait to sit down and read each page!

    Carlos & Donna,
    Thank you for sharing your lives and Molly McGee’s lives with the world. Words can’t begin to express how I feel. My 2nd grade classroom and I have learned so much about barn owls and we’ve loved watching the owlets each day. This has been a once in a lifetime experience for my students and me. It’s something that we will always remember and cherish!

    Blessings always,
    Sheri Jones :o)
    tch2 grade

  58. Susan Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,
    Thank you both for sharing Molly, McGee and family with all of us. It has been the greatest internet experience I have ever had.I am from New Jersey and have been addicted to this owl family since I found out back in February.All of your efforts,expence and time are greatly appreciated.

  59. Kathleen Turnquist Says:

    Thanks Donna & Carlos for everything you’ve done to bring real nature right into our homes. I’ve been fastenated now for months. You are a great photographer also Carlos. From one owl addict to another. What a ride!

  60. Carlos & Donna,-what a surprise,
    You brought so many people, together;
    To watch & enjoy, with our very own eyes,
    An experience, we’ll always remember;

    This time with you, & all of the owls,
    Was beautiful, insightful & fun;
    A lot of people now, have many great pals,
    It started, when this all begun;

    Thank you for sharing, & making us laugh,
    The happy & sad tears, we cried;
    The videos,& each lovely photograph,
    & our love now, for owls, deep inside;

    Austin we thank you, for all your help too,
    You ‘all’ worked so hard-never quit;
    “Gee that was fun”, we ‘all’ say to YOU,
    & grateful ‘we too’–“were a part of it”!!!

  61. Linda Moore Says:

    I have watched the kids from eggs to fledge. The months have gone by so fast when I think it has been since February, but I have enjoyed every minute. I cannot thank you enough for your time and dollars put into this experience. For me, it has touched my heart as the owls became somehow human with their names and identification. And, I feel, it was the same for you. You never know where life will take you. Personally, I am happy life lead me to meet the Royals, Molly McGee and their family. It has been a wonderfully touching experience.

  62. Maddy Says:

    Thank you folks for doing such a terrific job in photographing and recording this family of owls. I have enjoyed watching them grow, and even now as they leave the nest box. Such a great experience for all of you there I’m sure. We are talking about putting up owl boxes here in CT as well. I have seen a few owls in the past few years so perhaps it’s time they have a nice box to bring up some little ones in.

  63. Roz L-M Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Thank you so much for taking a part of nature and making it accessible to us all in our own homes. Without disturbing nature’s creatures we have been able to get to know them- up close and personal! I love Molly, McGee and all of the owlets. I have especially become attached to Max and Welsey!

  64. pendaisy Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for sharing not only Molly’s family, but your own. It has been a pleasure and you will all be missed when this is over, both owls and the Royal family alike. My life has been enriched by this whole experience.

  65. Pat in the high rockies in Colorado Says:

    Thanks so much for all you have done for this website and the Molly Cam! It has been such a pleasure to learn so much about Barn Owls and how they grow up. The video’s are great and the photos too. I’d never heard of Ustream before a friend tipped me off. I’ve been hooked now since the egg days and can’t think of a thing that would have been better to get hooked on. Have a great time with your R&R and know that your efforts have been greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

  66. Claudia Says:

    Congratulations and thanks for a great event we all could be part of this spring. I will be joining with my neighbors in Minneapolis to build a chimney swift tower in a nearby park – another project to help our birds thrive and continue to delight us.

  67. Jeanie Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for bringing some of the wonder of nature to the world. Your photographs and videos will continue to educate long after the last owlet has left the box. You really should have worked for National Geographic as you both are naturals at this. Thank you also to Austin for hooking us up ‘technologically’ and I wish him all the best as he moves towards his future. We will never forget what you have shared with us.

  68. Barb Says:

    Many thanks for the many hours of enjoyment watching the life cycle of the owletts! My husband now has a new job on his “to do” list …. building an owl box! Carlos and Donna, you are the best!

  69. margaret from michigan Says:

    thank you,thank you,for the loving memorys I will always have,you are such a generous man to have let the world see the owls and owlets was such a memorable time,ill never forget it.
    thank you again.

  70. jlsherman Says:

    Carlos & Donna, Thank you so much for bringing part of the life cycle of Barn Owls into our homes. You have done an amazing job! The photos of the owls and other wildlife you have captured in your backyard are beautiful and amazing. We will all miss coming together each day and evening to watch these beautiful birds grow.

    Enjoy a well deserved vacation!

  71. linda Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us all… it has been great fun. You did a marvelous job, we know it was lots of work… thank you. We enjoyed it all, and learned along the way!

  72. Mary H. Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for the most wonderful experience and education you gave to us all! This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen on the internet! You both gave up so much for all of us to view these beautiful owls, so thank you again :) You both are beautiful souls!!

  73. donna Says:

    Dear Carlos,Donna& an your family,saying Thank You just doesn’t seem enough for this experience you have brought to people all over the world. I’ve been watching from the start and it will be very hard to say goodbye to you, Molly and her family. (tears) With all the troubles in the world this was a place to go and escape. Watching beautiful Molly & McGee take care of Max, Pattison,Austin and baby Wes was amazing, now they’re all grown up and flying to a new life.(tears)So glad for the pictures, books, mugs, etc. to keep the memories alive. I will miss what became a part of my life and never forget. Your lives have been upside down for a while, so have a great vacation and get some rest! I hope we can do this again with Molly or one of her babies family. (PLEASE)Wes doesn’t seem to want to leave, that would be something to see, Wes and her Family! Thank You Again, Be Safe

  74. Lisa Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    No words could fully express the gratitude I feel for the opportunity you have provided to us all. I feel as if I have been part of an amazing experience, full of fun, learning, camaraderie and yes, some tears as it all comes to a close. You have given my children an experience they will never forget, and for that I am forever grateful.

    I hope you have an unforgettable journey on your upcoming vacation. I know we have already had one!

  75. Janetniu Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you for all of your devotion on behalf of Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wes, and of course, Dudley! I am honored to have been part of the Owl Box family.


    Janetniu, (haiku mistress)

  76. Cheryl Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna–wow! What a great idea you had to put Molly’s Owl Box online! You did a super job of running the site and enabled my husband and me, and 14+ million others to sit in the living room of a live barn owl family. Our lives are all the richer–

    Many thanks!
    Cheryl aka “Fofonmerls”

  77. Pam Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for having the curiosity and the motivation to share this historic event with the public. I can’t remember an animal experience that has touched me and enlightened me like Molly. You have renewed my intense love for nature and given me a gift I will cherish forever.

    May you both have a long and healthy life.


  78. Here’s wishing you a great vacation. Gee, That was so much fun and I got to be part of it. You guys are the best.
    You guys feel like family to me even though you don’t know me at all. If you are ever in Utah and want to see the sights here, we have a great spare bed and a place to park the RV.
    We are great tour guides and would love to show you around. Not to mention we are great with a bbq.
    Thanks again. I thoroughly enjoyed this site and all you added to it with your generous kind spirits, your sense of humor and most of all your love of wildlife.
    Much gratitude,
    Jeannette Antry

  79. Susan Humphreys Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I feel bereft looking at the empty owl box. Thanks to your generosity I have learnt so much
    about these beautiful birds,and cannot imagine
    not coming on my computer to watch them. Have a
    great holiday, you both deserve it. God bless you

    Love Susan Humphreys (England)

  80. Mary Weber Says:

    The Owl Box is the internet at its best–bringing people with a common interest together to watch and learn about the birth and development of a wild owl family (something most of us would never otherwise see). Carlos, Donna, Austin, Ruthrings, and all chat MODs, you have given thousands of people a priceless gift, one that will endure and make better human beings of us all.
    From the heart,

  81. Mary Boudrie Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos,

    Thank you both so very, very much for bringing Molly and McGee to us in living color! Can you imagine 14+ million visits to the owl box and the fantastic education all of us have received through your kindness and generosity! Although I was raised on a farm in Tennessee, and knew that owls were abundant there, this is the first time I have gotten to know them up close and personal. Many, many thanks. Have a wonderful vacation and may God bless you always!

    With heartfelt gratitude,
    Mary B, El Cajon

  82. Eileen Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for a wonderful experience. We all feel like you are part of our family. The chat room that I posted was not one
    that you watched….but boy do you have people who love you two. We will all miss checking in on Molly and McGee. Max, Pattison, Austin and Westly
    were watched every step of the way. Now the end has come and we will all treasure these wonderful memmories. Best wishes, Eileen Yardley, PA

  83. Carolyn Says:

    This has been a grand experience and I’m grateful. I’ve learned so much about owls and have increased respect for the order of nature. Thank you, Royals, for inviting us into your owl box and sharing the lives of these magnificent creatures with the world.

  84. StanaShortMcLeod Says:

    Carlos, Donna, Austin, Molly and family,
    Thank you very much for the opportunity to watch Molly and her family. It has been a great experience! It certainly has been life changing experience for many people. A great chance to make friends all over the world. Thanks also for allowing us to be part of something meant to be shared by your family. Thank you for your generosity. This will be remember by MANY!!! Hope you and Donna have a great vacation…You certainly have earned it. <3

  85. Laura Tezer Says:

    Such a wonderful experience. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for all your hard work, and the hours you put in to share all of this with us. As hard as it is for me to say goodbye to the Molly, Mcgee and the babies, it must be difficult for you too. It has been so much a part of all our lives. I’ve looked forward each day and night watching Molly sit on the eggs, each one hatch, and such tenderness Molly bestowed on her owlets. And then McGee being such a devoted mate and father. I will miss them each and every day. Thank you.

  86. Dot O Says:

    Ruth and everybody, this was great!!! Wow, I can’t believe all that went into it. You did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the box.

  87. Karen Says:

    This has been wonderful Thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing this with us.

  88. Sandi Says:

    Carlos & Donna ~

    Thank you so much for allowing us to share in this wonderful journey. You both along with Molly & her family have brightened our days, distracted us – when we needed distracting, comforted us when we needed comforting, and generally gave so much to so many people without wanting anything in return. This has been an experience we will never forget. It has touched so many….

    Much love to you both…. and may Molly & McGee live forever in your hearts!

  89. Sharon Weremiuk Says:

    Thank you so much for enabling us to see this miracle. It captivated my heart and I cannot tell you how many times each day I went to the site to view these owls. You were great hosts and I too shall miss your broadcasts.
    With overflowing gratitude,
    Sharon Weremiuk

  90. Nancy Says:

    How can we ever thank you for disrupting your lives? Wow, what a ride, and I’m SO glad I was a part of it!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  91. Miranda Says:

    When I first learned about the owls it was March 28th and I had just received a diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer. I can’t tell you how much being hooked on watching the owls and owlets – every morning, every day, every evening, every time I walked in front of our computers – has meant to me. It was a contact with nature that felt healing every time I even thought of the owls and helped keep my mind occupied with life and living. Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for all you have done to make this such a wonderful experience.

    • Marianne Says:

      Miranda —

      I just saw your post. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2007. I hope your journey through healing is peaceful, strengthening, and above all successful. Watching Molly, McGee and their family reminds us all about what is most important – love and caring for and about one another. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to sharing the title “colon cancer survivor” with you. Godspeed.

      • Miranda Says:

        Thank you, Marianne, for your encouragement. I look forward to sharing the title “colon cancer survivor” with you, too.

  92. Pat Lacy Says:

    What a ride! I followed this family since the eggs were laid. Now they’re all grown up and left the nest. Thank you everyone for the introduction to and eduction of barn owls. I hope we can do this again. It’s been wonderful.

  93. Carol Layman Says:

    Carlos & Donna,
    I started watching on Easter morning when I was stuck in bed with a fractured ankle. Don’t remember how I found out about Molly but I will never forget this wonderful experience. It would not have happened if it weren’t for you both. Your gift united people from all over the world in this experience of nature. I think God might have had a hand in this too. He found you & Molly & McGee & 4 healthy owlets & put us all together for a short time. My husband & I are retired & living in the Sierras in Pollock Pines, CA & have only seen one owl. Our next project is to build an owl box & see if they come.
    I will miss all of the owls & especially you & Donna. Have a wonderful, safe vacation. I hope we all hear from you when you come back. Maybe a sequel to the story or another new one.
    Thank you so so much,
    Carol Layman Pollock Pines, CA

  94. Carlos & Donna,
    I cannot thank you enough for all your dedication, hard work & sacrifice for bringing these amazing owls, Molly, McGee & their owlets into our lives! It has been so much fun being their audience. It has been great….”what a ride”. P.S. Looking at one of the last videos….looks like Molly & McGee might be mating again in the Owl Box can this be true?
    Anyway, hope the owls will come back from time to time to visit you.
    Wishing you & Donna all the best….hope you get to relax now and take that trip you have been look forward to, you deserve a nice long one.
    ….Doris C from Texas

  95. LoveYourDNA Says:

    C,D,M,M,M,P,M & W:

    Words can not describe my experience with the y’owl…

    Thank you so much!

  96. Jean & Marty Romans Says:

    Dear Royal Family,
    I feel like I am at Disneyland and now I have to go home.:'( BUT what a ride you provided for us. No sign-on was the same. We learned so much and yet still know so little. Molly, McGee & the kids never let us down with all their little ways. And then to return on the final night! WOW!! Could they have sensed that in this tapestry of life that connects all of us together we needed to see them one more time?
    Your wonderful producers Carlos & Austin! Setting up all the equipment and props, with the support & patience of Donna of course. Your actors performed and we give them a standing ovation! BRAVO!!
    We hope that we will see you again, you are all ready missed! The noise in our house is different..
    We give you our love and hope for Gods Blessing for all of you!
    M&J Romans-Pahrump, NV

  97. Marianne Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    thank you both so very much for sharing Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley with us. It has truly been a wonderful lifetime experience — a real blessing, in every sense of the word. Your generosity of time, energy, attention, grace, and love has made a difference in people’s lives, around the world. We all owe you a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. I hope you know that the great personal expense you made was appreciated, and that we the MODs hope that our gratitude and love will somehow make it worthwhile! Thank you so, so much for sharing the owls, and yourselves, with us these past four months. I sincerely hope that we see you all (Royals and owls) again — soon!, and that you know how this experience you shared with us made us all better people. God bless you, keep safe, and enjoy your well-earned vacation!!!

  98. David Foley Says:

    I just wanted to say I beeb out on disability since march and experience has it fun. So I can say”Wasn’t that fun and I was a part of it”

  99. Kaelin Says:

    It’s funny how something like a little owl box can completely turn you life upside down. Who new it would become such an addiction, there would be a huge hole left when the cameras went off? So much of our schedule and our thoughts were planned around the owlets’ lives and now, well, quite a few of us are feeling tremendous loss, It’s like never seeing loved ones again. So sad. Thank-you Carlos and Donna for the rare opportunity to be a part of the experience for these past four months. For all the sacrifice, the expense, the inconvenience, the lack of sleep, and the daily hassles that went along with doing this. You never complained, but it was surely a huge burden for you. We will be forever grateful and wish you all the best life has to offer in your future adventures.

  100. Nora in Houston Says:

    I really appreciate all the effort you put in to this. I know this was not planned and had to have totally taken over your lives. I have learned so much from this, not only about the owls, but also about computers. I never thought I would ever learn what I know now. Totally amazing. I hope you enjoy your vacation.

  101. Raya Says:

    Dear Carlos, dear Donna!
    I’m still speechless (and sometimes a bit tearful) – what an amazing, wonderful en joyful experience this has been! Your dedication made this possible, and how the main characters played along!
    It’s made the world a MUCH better place to live, and the knowledge that so many people have taken heart in the countless hours of owl-watching, or should I say: owl-loving?
    For me, the night before close-down, with Molly and McGee going back into their box, was the beginning of the sad goodbye, but what remains is the best slogan possible for this experience: ‘geen was that fun, and I was part of it!’
    Once again, many, many thanks from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and hopefully: see you again, sometime!
    All the very best,
    PS: and if ever you are in my beautiful city: don’t hesitate to contact us: you have my e-mailadress!

  102. Cathy Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you for all the love and labor that went into sharing Molly, McGee and the owlets with the world. What an opportunity for the world to see Gods blessings on this world and his love for all creatures great and small. What joy they have brought to so many of us who watched on a daily/nightly basis. They have made us laugh, cry and filled our hearts with such joy. Molly and McGee were such good parents and set an example for us humans. All our children need is love, food and guidance to grow into beautiful adults. I will never forget the beauty of the owls and yours and Donna’s genorosity with the world.

  103. Joy H from Largo, FL Says:

    Thank You So Much Carlos and Donna
    for letting us all view such an awesome show
    from your backyard to our computer screens!
    My Mother in Illinois told me about Molly, and she had heard about it from our Cousin in California. I first checked in when the babies had just all hatched.
    Our family really enjoyed checking in on the Owls everyday and reading all the funny and interesting tidbits on the stream! It was also fun hearing you and Donna chat about the owls.
    And I was so happy to be online when Molly & McGee returned to the box… what a great ending to this journey we all traveled on!
    Enjoy your freedom from the daily routine! But please keep us posted from time to time about the Owl Box, and Molly, McGee and the kids!
    Thank you both again for giving up your time for all of us, we will never forget this awesome experience!
    Joy H. = Largo, FL

  104. Di Madewell Says:

    I was lucky enough to tune in early on and saw most of the owlets hatch and grow. My husband had just left for a hospital 4 hours away to begin the long process involved with having a bone marrow transplant and soon after that I found Molly and McGee … which was a true Godsend. It was so therapeutic and it picked me up when I was going through a heartbreaking experience. He came back home after successful treatment right around the time Wes began trying to fledge. Now they’re all flying, including my husband, with their whole lives ahead of them to experience and enjoy. Thank you Carlos, Donna, and family for making this possible, for being so dedicated to us viewers and setting aside time in your life to share the whole experience with us on a daily basis for so long. You touched so many lives. I hope you have the best vacation ever.

  105. I can’t tell you how much this experience has affected me and my family. It was totally awesome…except that it had to end…as we all knew it would.

    Here’s a little tribute I put together about Molly, McGee and their owlets:

    Thanks for the memories!


    • Jessica Says:

      This was so wonderful! I cried at the end. I am asking myself why I am crying when we now have 2 more owlets to enjoy…maybe because I know they too must leave. I had better go watch some more to get my fill!

  106. Tony (ToeKnee619) Santiago Says:

    Carlos and Donna,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…Event of a lifetime for me. As I miss watching them I feel awesome knowing that I was part of an amazing event. Love to you, Mods and MODS….ciao.

  107. pat y Says:

    thank you, carlos and donna, for all the wonderful memories. thank you for all the sacrifices of your time, treasures, and privacy during the past 4 months. you have made the world a better place. i thank God for you. may He bless you “royally”.

  108. Linda Greene Says:

    Ruthrings and Owlfan..Thanks so much for this memorial compilation. It’s a treasure!! We are all so grateful to Donna and Carlos plus Molly & McGee and the owlets for letting us into their lives!! Special thanks to the mods for keeping us safe!!
    (hearts) to all. Linda aka ldgreene123

  109. Geri Says:

    Thank you so much for such an incredible experience, one that I will remember all the days of my life. I find that I am saddened by not being able to watch them any longer…

  110. Mary Agnes Hall Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate everything you did, everything you bought, all the hours you were working on equipment, all the careful steps you had to take in your home, so that you didn’t fall over the cables on the floor.
    We appreciate your many talents you possess, such as the woodworking and photography. Your really shared your lives with us, and the owls.
    We love you, Mary Agnes Hall

  111. David Foley Says:

    I just wanted to say, I’ve been out on disability since March and the experience was fun. So I can say, “Wasn’t that fun and I was a part of it” Thank you both so much.

  112. Katy Van Note Says:

    Thanks for all your work compiling this! I was sad to think it was all over, but now I can visit this and read a little bit each time to keep my MOD at bay. My family smile and nod knowingly at each other when I mention the owls, but I don’t care! This has been the best experience. Thank you for “keeping us going” Ruth. That was fun and I was a part of it!
    Katy Van Note alias Catbird22

  113. Joan Says:

    it was fun andI miss it..

  114. Karen Evertsen Says:

    Carlos & Donna;

    I will always remember watching two barn owls lovingly raise their family…in a comfy litte house compliments of the Royals. I am not alone however. Thanks to you millions were able to share in this experience. Now I am looking forward to receiving two framed prints to hang on my wall. Each time I look at them I will remember how I got the rare chance to view nature close up….and remember Molly, Magee, Max, Austin, Wesley and Dudley.

    Thanks Again,

    Karen Evertsen
    aka NJLady

  115. FinnWV Says:

    Memories of The Owl Box

    Looking out the window on a sunny day,
    I imagine little barn owls in a palm tree.
    There are no palm trees here but yet,
    I hear Molly clucking “deet, deet, deet”
    Legs McGee bringing treats at night,
    Max horking, Pattison preening,
    Austin cooling off with wings spread,
    And our little Wes in a faceplant,
    Sound asleep on the floor of the owl box.
    Oh, the memories! What wonderful memories!
    I will never forget the fun and laughter
    of the chatter in The Owl Box!

    Thank you Carlos & Donna & Austin!


  116. Carlos & Donna:
    I just wanted to tell you how much all your hard work, allowing us to see an incredible event, has meant to me! I feel so privileged to have been able to share Molly & McGee’s courtship, the eggs, and then those eggs turning into such distinct personalities now known to us as Max, Pattison, Wesley and Austin. All of the ruckus in the box with the kids and Boltz brought me through some really rough health times and made the cold wyoming winter just a little bit easier. Carlos and Donna, you have a special place in my heart and I’m sure in heaven as well!
    Lisa aka wyominggal010

  117. AnnInSDtoo Says:

    Unbelievable! Made me laugh out loud, and shed a tear or two all over again!

  118. JudySue Says:

    Ruthrings, Thanks so much for bringing the whole experience we have shared together in such a heartwarming and humorous way. The work you Mods did was essential to keeping the atmosphere that Carlos and Donna wanted for the chat room. We became friends for life, and shared an experience like none other!

  119. Kay Carrigan Says:

    So glad to be a part of this.

  120. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Molly & McGee’s second clutch! 2nd egg! Oh I’m so happy!! Thank you Carlos & Donna for keeping us updated and for your words and photos!! I miss everything about the Owl Box!! God Bless and Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Love, Lisa from NE Florida

  121. Vicki Redford Says:

    I watched from the beginning, only a hundred or so viewers. It was an amazing trip, most nites I stayed up very late listening to the bonding screeches and the babies calling for their food. The sounds are perfectly imprinted on my brain. At nite I go outside to listen for any familiar sounds in the trees around my home. None yet, but I am sure one day, I will hear familiar screeches, deet-deet’s , and mayby, if I’m very quiet a HORK! Thank you ALL for this wonderous event. It has truly made a grand impression on millions of people all over the world. “the right place at the right time…..”

  122. JoAnne Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna
    First I must thank you both so much for giving me (and millions) the experience of Molly, McGee and owlets. I’m on the east coast but spent many late nights waiting on McGee to come and later for the owls to go out for their nightly fun. Also thanks for the recent updates – it makes M & M withdrawl a little easier :). I know you are heading out on vacation, but I am hoping when you come back we can talk you into doing the live feed again – I know it was lots of work but it was a wonderful and magical event. Relax, enjoy your time off but please consider doing it again -Thanks so much for the experience!

  123. FinnWV Says:


    Thanks so much for your comments about the poem! But much more thank you for this compilation, and Owlfan, too! Gee, it’s fun to read and remember all the fun we had in The Owl Box. What a wonderful keepsake of this experience! And we’re still having fun! See you in the chat room!

    Ginger (FinnWV)

  124. Lucy Sanders Says:

    Hi! Carlos, Donna, & Austin,

    Received my DVD’s today (one for me and one for Daughter-in-law). Didn’t do the cleaning I was going to do cause I had to watch it!!! You all did a wonderful job, good work, Austin!!! Love the start with Carlos in the rocker! Brought back lots of great memories! Thank you so much and a big thank you for keeping us posted on Molly and the new batch coming along! We were so lucky to have witnessed what we already have and with no sad moments let’s hope this batch is all right, too!!! You all are wonderful! Thank you & God Bless,
    Lucy from Ohio (a silent MOD)

  125. Off the subject, but it sure would be nice if we had a place where we could start up a wish list for the Molly Products for Christmas this year. It’s never to early to start takeing orders! Look what happened with the DVDs that were damaged! Just a thought!

  126. Patricia (Pat) Stima Says:

    Hi Everyone!
    So thankful to Carlos, Donna and Austin for sharing their wonder of Molly and McGee through “The Owl Box”. Been watching since the hatchings of the 1st clutch….and now the hatchings of Ashley, Carrie ,Kelly, and Jody. How sweet it is…AND, I’ve learned so much. I love that I can check on the owls 24/7…it’s so comforting (especially when I can’t sleep at night). I like when Carlos talks and explains what’s happenimng. It feels like a visit from a good friend. Thank you so much for your time.

    Hugs and Best wishes from Pat in PA

  127. Beverly Says:










    Thank you for sharing nature with us & one photographer to another your work is great.

  128. marilyn howe Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for bringing Molly and her life and family to us. I have always been an animal lover but never really thought about becoming a bird watcher or, I guess I should say, “an owl watcher!” The owlets have truly “made us laugh and cry.” I have been especially interested in hearing about Austin and his work on the DVD, as I have a 19 year old son who is very computer savy. (Actually he is there in Santa Monica doing some work with a computer co. for a few days-a long trip for him as we live in OH.) I plan to purchase the DVD and the hardback book and read it to my reading students at the school where I work. Again thanks so much for all your hard work. It has been fun and I’m so glad to be a part of it!! Marilyn Howe

  129. Cheryl Travis Says:

    Thanks so much Carlos and Donna for making every day a delight for me. I wake up to Molly and the owlets and go to bed after watching for McGee. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t but I always go to sleep at night with a smile on my face. So lovely that you have given all of us the opportunity to experience this wonderous barn owl event. Hearts to you both!!


  130. Donna Franco Says:

    Hi Carlos, the one piece of merchandise that i would love to buy is a windchime of the owls..maybe you could talk to cafepress and find out if that is possible. it would be a wonderful item that we all could enjoy all year long.

  131. Donna Franco Says:

    Carlos…could you use a water hose or something to scare the cooper hawk away if it comes back. dont let “nature” take these babies, please

  132. Bea Porter Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much for all you have done to make so many people happy. This is so much fun.
    If my server would allow it, I’d have it on all day.

    You are such a delight as well. We always enjoy your comments.

  133. Jo Bradley Says:

    Donna and Carlos,

    Thank you both for letting us into your home and lives. I would like to think that we have all given each other an amazing experience because of you two. And yes, this has been wonderful fun.

    Hugz to you both – Jo “dennens”

  134. Alice Says:

    I have had a blast watching the owlets,Molly & Mc Gee…Thank You Carlos & Donna for taking the time out of your DAY to show the world a peek into nature that we might not been able to do other wise…may God Bless you

  135. Robin Lyons /Tigersqueak Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this Carlos and Donna. To Austin: excellent DVD, loved it. Thanks to Eric, Chris and John for added help with the owl box creations. I have totally enjoyed it and am so thankful to have been able to see this and experience it. Thank You so much…
    Robin / Tigersqueak-in chat

  136. Sandy Butts Says:

    This has been a real pleasure. I don’t know what I will do with my evenings when the owls fledge. thanks to all that have anything to do with the owlbox. Everyone has been great.

  137. Joyce Hebert Says:

    just to say thank you for your time spent giving us such great pleasure. my dad taught us to love nature and only shoot with a camera. wish he were here to enjoy all of this. wishing you happy days, clear skies and puffy clouds. thank you. jamma71

  138. Donna Franco Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    Just one last word to tell you how grateful i am for the pleasure that you have given to me throughout both these clutches. i am so in love with the owls and so grateful for all your time and energy. Wishing you happy travels and hoping that you will throw a crumb our way and maybe post some pictures of your reunion and your trip to Hawaii.
    Hope to see you back on for Molly’s next clutch. You have brought so much love and joy to the world and God has a special place in Heaven for all of you.
    Donna (Owladie) on Sportsman Paradise site

  139. Trisha (from UK) Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for allowing us the privilege of watching these beautiful owls. Enjoy your well deserved holiday and I hope we can once again experience another clutch from the gorgeous Molly and McGee next year. My best wishes to you both.

  140. Linda Morgan Says:

    I would like to stay in touch and know if there is another “family” to watch

  141. Jane Says:

    Carlos and Donna, What can I say? You have given millions of us so much joy over these past months. You bring us all into your home, allow us to see Molly and McGee and the wee owlets thrive and live their lives. There is no where else I have found such pleasure on the internet. You have given us reason to cheer and to weep, to feel proud and to be strong, you have hosted people from all walks of life. And you have given us wonderful friendships. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. TwoClubs

  142. dennisotool Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna , thank you both soooo much from the bottm of my heart!!I’veloved every minute of this experience!! You people are some of the most carring people in the world. I can’t hardy stand the thought of this all coming to and end tomarrow night! we shall all miss you three Carlos, Donna and Austin.Hope you and Donna have a great well deserved vacation and enjoy your 50th class reunion!! We love you guys!! Hope to see you again, and hope Molly and McGee return to the owl box and raise another family for us all to love and enjoy right along with you!! Love you and Our wonderful Owls!!!!!

  143. Karen Stypulkowski Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and thank Carlos and Donna for this wonderful experience! I will never forget it! Have a wonderful vacation that is truly deserved.

  144. Kathryn Brodrick Says:

    As a retired TV editor and technician, I know how much work you two (and all your helpers) put into these efforts. I have to tell you that what you developed. . .from the “family sharing” to the very last day. . .was phenomenal! Thanks so much for letting us share the experience that felt so much like being a family. We’ll miss Molly and the owlets, and hope we get another chance to make Molly (or one of the others?) part of our lives.

  145. Syd Says:

    I have adored my time watching these owls. I regret the days I forgot to check on them… thank you so much Carlos and Donna Royal! I wish you and all your family the best, and hope that the owls will return next year!

    I shall be counting days…

  146. Doris Caco Says:

    This is a great site and I enjoyed it so much. I will miss it terribly when it goes off. Thanks Carlos and Donna for letting us into your life to watch these babies.

  147. Vades Brinkley Says:

    Donna and Carlos, a huge thank you for sharing your lives and time with us. This has been such a wonderful experience and I really hope we will see the great adventure of Molly and McGee when they return to start another clutch. I don’t think I need to tell you to enjoy your adventurous vacation, but enjoy your adventurous vacation. I look forward to the updates.

    Tell Austin he gets an A++++++ from me. :-)

    Until next time,

  148. Jo Bradley Says:

    Donna, Carlos, and all of this Wonderful Molly Community,
    What started as a back yard project grew into an amazing community and experience for every one of us. As someone else said “Gee that was fun and I am proud to be part of it.” I am also honoured and priviledged. We all became friends with out judgement or byass. Corny as it is humanity is still alive and well on this speck of dust we call earth. And all because of a not so Common Barn Owl and the community built on her.
    Thank You to Donna and Carlos for their generosity of time and care, and to Everyone who has made this possible, all of us.
    With gratitude and affection – Jo “dennens”

  149. Bruce Stout Says:

    Carlos & Donna,

    Thank you so much for bringing Molly, McGee and their offspring into our lives! For months I have always had a small screen in the corner of my computer active to keep tabs on the broods. It has been fascinating! Carlos, can you share what type of camera and lens you use to take your beautiful pictures?

    We’ll miss you all!

  150. Roy A Steacy Sr. Says:

    Words can not describe the fun, laughs, tense moments we have ALL shared. Thank you so very much, Carlos and Donna, for letting us into your lives and sharing this WONDERFUL experience.

    Hopeing to see everyone at the next clutch. (hint, hint Carlos?:)

    In your debt,

    Roy A Steacy Sr.

  151. Corrine Timm Says:

    Thank you from Iowa. This window into nature has been fun and I was a part of for both cluthches. Your hard work has been a blessing for all the Molly watchers. Enjoy your vacation you deserve it.

  152. Deb P Says:

    Thanks again for the wondrous trip into Land of Owlz. We will all miss it so! But have high hopes for future journeys. ;->

    Carlos and Donna, enjoy your trip, travel safely; and to you, your family, and friends, MODs and mod’s – be well!

  153. Marje Pattison Says:

    With much appreciation for making these usually hidden lives visible to all who came to visit. This has been an incredible gift. All of you, owls included, who made it possible will be long remembered.

    ….Marje, a dedicated lurker

  154. Lynn & Judy Ott (Michigan) Says:

    Thank you Donna, Carlos, Austin, and all of the other folks that helped you. Did not see the first clutch, but watch the second clutch from the first hatch to when Ashley and Carrie fledged. Hope you enjoy your 50th reunion and the vacationing you will be doing. Got the video of the first clutch and enjoyed it a lot, great job Austin. Very interesting to listen to all your commentary on the owls and your knowledge of them. You have done a lot for the world to enjoy.
    Great photos, books and all the other items. The songs of Barbra Allen were great also.

    Have a great time

  155. Martha Jo C Says:

    I had just found out that I had Breast Cancer, when the Molly U-stream started . Molly, McGee, and owlets helped me through all my treatments. I am now doing good. This has been so much fun, and I’m glad I was part of it. Thank you Carlos, Donna, Austin. Thank you for letting us come into your home. I hope you have a great vacation. Take care, May God Bless You, and Keep You Safe.
    Martha Jo

  156. Barbara Twiss Says:

    i am in the uk and was unable to watch the last broadcast live, i turned on this morning and i have sat here and cried my eyes out. throughout this year Molly and the chat room have been my comfort blanket, around the same time Molly came on air my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, so in the evening when i came to watch Molly i could for a short while forget the trauma that our family was going through, i have laughed and cried in equal amounts and marvelled that the world could be so charmed by a family of barn owls. Thank you the Royal family …the MODs and fellow chatters luv you all………My daughter has had all her chemo and her final scan showed all clear….this is a wonderful world
    Barbara aka bee

  157. Theo Sedie Says:

    Thank you..thank you…thank you!!!!!

  158. Judy Says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

  159. Alana Silvea Says:

    It is truly amazing how this Molly & McGee journey took on a life of its own and captured the love and attention of millions! I am also a devoted MOD and feel such an emptiness since Ashley and Carrie fledged. I didn’t know about Molly & McGee until the 2nd clutch made the news; hence, missed out on the 1st clutch. We all hope and pray that M&M return in the Spring to produce a 3rd clutch. I have discovered that no one outside the MOD world can possibly understand our “bond” to these owls. Ask me if I care…it’s truly “their loss”, huh? Carlos, I’m hoping the Ustream videos are online indefinitely…as I do return and watch them. Please confirm that they will stay on! Also, sales from a DVD produced by you of the Farewell 2nd clutch slideshow would definitely complete Austin’s college fund…don’t ya think? It’s worth considering! @:-)

  160. fran lehman Says:

    well i am sitting at my laptop and checking my email, its late and quite,im really missing watching the owls so i am. im here at this website and i realley thank you guys for putting the owls on line. it has helped me a great deal, just watching them and they in return have lifted my spirits. also carlos you are a very funny man and made me laugh alot. so thanks again and i hope to see another clutch next year. franny

  161. Becky Says:

    Please keep me updated. I truly enjoy this site.

    Thank you,

  162. Susan Says:

    Please keep me updated.

  163. Maureen Says:

    was surprised and happy to see owl box online again, even if just for a little while, was also nice to hear Carlos yesterday.

  164. Patricia Says:

    Please keep me updated.
    Thank you.

  165. Laura Tezer Says:

    Carlos, please keep me posted.

    Thank you,
    Laura Tezer

  166. Janice Says:

    Please keep me updated

  167. Terry Flinn Says:

    I hope your Hawaii trip was the best ever. We all missed you and hope to hear from you soon. anxious to hear what McGee’s press conference is about. Terry

  168. Jeanie Levinson Says:

    To Carlos, Donna and their whole family: Wishing you all the happiness and health in the New Year. Wedding photos were beautiful and thank you for sharing them with us. Your New Year predicitions were hilarious and thank you again for sharing Mollys world with us.

  169. Allie Says:

    Thank you so much for givin gus so information on Molly and her family. I am doing a projact in school on BArn Owls and I am doing the whole thing about Molly, McGee, and the owlets. Thank you again. I am very grateful and I hope that you, Carlos and Donna, are doing well and are having fun with this site. Update it often so we know how Molli is doing Thanks!

  170. Adele Says:

    Here is a link to a barn owl playing with a cat. Pretty fun!

  171. Beverly Says:

    Your pictures of the owlets on May 21 are outstanding. Your story of how you took the pictures is from a TRUE photographer, how to sneak up on nature. Cold feet, cold fingers click caught you!

  172. Julie Horn Says:

    Please notify me by email of updates and alerts on Molly’s Box.

    Thank you very much!

  173. Please notify me by email of updates and alerts on Molly’s Box.

    Thank you very much!


  174. I write this with such a heavy heart…..tomorrow the camera to the owl box will no longer bring such fascination and joy into my life and those of so many. I don’t know what I’ll do now everytime my thoughts go to Molly and McGee. I know the withdrawal symptoms will continue for a very long time. Thank you, Carlos, Donna and Austin for the love, care, stress and financial hardship this must have caused you. I loved every minute of every minute of it all. I can only imagine how you are going to miss doing what you do so well….uniting so many people in learning and loving these two barn owls and their families. God bless you.

  175. jane van kessel Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna and Austin, I have always been fascinated with nature and all animals. There have even been times when I did not feel that I fit into this society and especially my local area. The mom’s at my kids’ school for example were so different from me and did not share my interests. But because you brought the owls so up close and personal and i saw that many others hold the same amazement and concern for wild creatures, I now feel a part of mankind. I know now that there are many folks like me. So, in actuality, you gave me my self-realization. I now know who I am and that I do fit in. I am for once proud of who I am. I just have to look a little deeper and perhaps a little farther out there to find those similar! So you guts have influenced us on a group level and an individual one as well. We will never forget you. I will never forget you. Jane from Sacramento – janesgarden77

  176. Katy Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin
    Thank you again and again for hosting this lovely Owl Site. I have continued long after the first clutch and will look forward to anything new and fun you have to share via the blog. I hope that if anything “hatches” in the box, you will share with us again.
    Have a wonderful life. You are Owl-Blessed.

    thank you

  177. moniq50 Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin
    All the books, and DVD’s I have will never replace watching
    our Molly and McGee live in the OB, and chatting with the family I so much grew to love and adore. I will miss Molly in the Morning and McGee joining her at night.
    Enjoy your travels, adventures,and your life with one another.
    I will miss the Owl Box everyday, hoping by some magical moment, Molly will show us once again another new family.
    Hugz and much love to the Royals.

  178. Nicki Platt Says:

    I just bought Barbara Allen’s song, “Molly Was Her Name” on ITunes, and we are listening to it over and over in my house. It brings back so many fond memories. I made sure to give the song a great review with 5 stars! What a cool year and a half we all had, and I wish nothing but happiness and happy trails to the “Royal Family!” You didn’t know that you’d give so many people the gift of a lifetime.

    Thanks again!




  180. RumbaRue Says:

    A story that unfolded
    An owl’s life of babies
    What a wonder to beholding
    In the dark of the night skies.
    You touched my heart
    You made it fly
    A silent flight of life
    A smile to get me by.


    Shari Land aka Rumba Rue

  181. Colleen Smith Says:

    It’s very hard for me to write about Molly and McGee without choking up, or even look at the website or pictures of the past because it was such a memorable, once in a lifetime experience that will remain close to my heart forever.

    I was unemployed at the time, and the days just seemed to fly (no pun intended), waiting and watching for McGee to fly home with food for the owlets – (will never forget the first time Wesley devoured his first rabbit, nor his first hork LOL), or having morning coffee with Carlos while waiting for the “word of the day” or chatting with all the wonderful friends and followers all over the globe about the latest and greatest on Molly…..

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for opening up your hearts and home (and videos, cameras, time and money) of Molly and McGee’s life together in San Marcos, CA. You have hearts of gold and I wish you both much happiness and love !

    Take Care,

    Colleen Smith (aka dncrovlife)

    ps – I continue to enjoy your pics and news updates … (and secretly keep hoping that another owl box event may happen again).

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