28 Responses to “Molly Videos”

  1. Flo Gondek Says:

    I am 84yr.old woman..short time ago bought laptop to keep my brain learning new stuff. Now that I’ve found Molly’s box I am addicted to the site. Live in CT and watch Molly, McGee and family into the wee hrs. of the morning. Thanks a million Carlos for all the fun and pleasure your hard work has given me. I am so grateful to you.

  2. Sharon Hanlon Says:

    My 8th grade students have been following Molly since Max hatched. I start each class period with a look inside the box. Today we were discussing Human nature as it related to a novel we just finished. One student brought up Royal and Donna as positive examples of those who give back to humankind.

  3. Barbara K. Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the fruits of your labor. Molly and her family, both human and feathered, have been so entertaining and educational. Thank you so much for putting this on the interned.
    Barbara in Texas City, Tx.

  4. Eadie Martin Says:

    Looked you up after Dallas article. My tiny backyard gets tons of visits from White-winged doves, Mockingbirds, House & Goldfinches Yellow rumped warblers, Carolina chickadees, Bewick’s wren, Cardinals & sparrows. Cedar Waxwings left by May 1st. And new flowers bloom everyday. But now, am privileged to watch wonderful Barn Owls! Molly’s story absolutely enchanting.
    God bless you for all you’re doing.

  5. Elise Huffman Says:

    I appreciate the way you have allowed people to share the ability to watch Molly, McGee, and the babies up close and also your patient way of talking when you’re online. I watch daily and hope for successful fledging of all the owls.

    I am wondering it you will make a photo book of this experience. I am aware of the illustrated book in progress, just wondering if there might also be a “coffee table” book, of primarily photos and video grabs?

    All best to you and your family, and all the birds.

  6. this bird is cooooooooooooool

  7. Ann Casey Says:

    I was introduced to Molly by my nephew whose wife is an elementary school teacher. Her students watched your site every day in Kansas. I came on this site today to review some of the older photos and videos of Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin & Wesley. I guess I’m feeling sad that before long the owlets will be fledging! I want to thank all of you for the hours of work you have put into making this wonderful experience possible. It has not only been entertaining, but also educational. I will really, REALLY miss them!
    I am so grateful that you decided to share them with the world.

  8. D.S. Langguth Says:

    The interview with Eric Blehm and Chris Adams was great. Thanks for all of the “teasers” from the book. Needless to say I immedidately made my purchase on transferit.com (so easy to do). Cannot wait to receive the book. I certainly do hope that a major publisher will publish this so that libraries (both public and school)will be more inclined to purchase it.

    Absolutely Chris Adams should sell numbered and signed prints. He is fabulous.

    I checked my local library system and I was very pleased to see that both of Eric Blehm’s books are in the catalog.

    I absolutely think that Carlos and his above & beyond efforts to bring Molly, McGee & the owlets to the world should be something that the Audubon Society would want to acknowledge.

    Again, Carlos, thank-you so very much for your passion and time. :)

  9. Lenore Ralston Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    I have LOVED this! And it has has been an inspiration and comfort to me at a difficult time in my life – not only the pleasure of watching this miracle of nature, but I have loved the playfulness and sweet ways you have shared your lives and the lives of these owls with so many…the chat room, the children”s education session, and all given freely…I have been so impressed with how generous you have both been… I have bought an ebook and contributed to the San Marcos conservation fund, but I particularly want to thank both of you…Thank you, thank you, thank you….

    Lenore Ralston
    Recently retired UC Berkeley administrator

  10. Elise Huffman Says:

    Please count my thanks along with everyone else who has been drawn into owl central, everyday now for months on end.

    You two, Carlos and Donna, were the perfect people to do what you did. You brought the right generosity of spirit, care, and humor.
    We watched, as humans sometimes do, nature unfolding in front of our eyes, aided by technology, and your special patience and kindness. A thing that never happened before nor will ever happen again.

    Literally millions of people (!) will be going through empty nest syndrome together. The same people who will remain so very thankful for the memories of this amazing phenomenon that was “Molly the Owl!”

    Thank you again, and one more time, thank you a million!

  11. Elise Huffman Says:

    Any chance of posting a carrot puppet video?
    : )

  12. Robbie Murphy Says:


  13. Sally King Says:

    Here I am in Australia watching in wonderment. How did I stumble into this amazing experience???? I was following our 16 year old solo circumnavigator Jessica Watson when an American blogger referred to Molly the OWL in San Marcos.Luckily only Max and Patterson had hatched so I got to see Austin and Wesley arrive WOW!!!!I have been addicted ever since.Being a nature lover and an elementary school teacher, I was thrilled to see children so closely involved in observing and asking questions about Molly and her family. Just as our young Jessica shows what can be achieved if you follow your dreams…so I looked on in awe as Carlos,Donna and Austin worked together to achieve a watching experience I will remember forever.I also have the e book and cartoons to treasure.THANKYOU FOR SHOWCASING NATURE TO THE WORLD and getting so many followers to hear the word…Look after this planet and all it’s creatures.

  14. Mary Says:

    I never dreamed that I would watch Barn Owls…Never….But, I can never say that again…I have loved every minute that I am on watching Molly, McGee & the kids. What a wonderful experience. To learn so much about the owls, how they can show affection, caring and sharing with each other. This morning, Wesley was in the box, Austin was on the platform eating..He ate for quite awhile, then he picked up what he was eating on, and carried it into the box where Wesley was at. He stayed about a minute then came back out. It was like he needed to make sure his sister got her share.
    The bond between them, made me realize, they are so special.

    I want to thank Carlos & Donna for taking the time to do this for everyone to enjoy. For me, I will never forget this experience..Thank you so much..

  15. Elyse Wright Says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity of letting us be a part of this wonderful experience. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I hope you can find a way to keep a camera going inside the box so we can see any new families that are born there. This has been a wonderful experience for so many people. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

  16. Ann Says:

    This has been such a wonderful, exciting and funny experience. Thank you for sharing with the world, it is the most uplifting thing we have had going in the world for a long time. The NobOWL Peace Prize is yours.

  17. Carol Sandoval Says:

    What an amazing adventure to be a part of. All I can say is “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart. Molly, McGee and the family as well as the Royal Family will always be a wonderful memory of an awesome experience that I was a part of. Thank you again and enjoy your much deserved vacation.

  18. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. “This was fun and I am so glad to have been a part of it”.

    I realize it would be too much to have the 24/7 video coverage and commentary, but I am hoping that if more happens in the owl box you would be willing to keep us updated through this blog. Actually seeing Molly & McGee inside the box again brought it full circle–a perfect way to end the story.

    I am in tears that it has ended (saying “Good-bye” is never easy), I am so grateful for this very special, life experience. An experience that will always be in my heart and memories. The Royal family, both human and feathered, are absolutely the best. Carlos & Donna you are the definition of “special people”.

    Have a happy life and a wonderful, well deserved vacation. Drive safely. :)

  19. PegRod Says:

    Thank you for posting these videos on the Mollysbox WordPress page.

    It is wonderful to have over 540 video recordings on Ustream, but that is too many to look through without an index. It took me awhile to find the right way to look for archived recordings and then to use the “Sort By” button, but that is still a task that requires time and patience.


    Everyone! Don’t forget to give the recorded videos on Ustream ratings from 1 up to 5 stars! You have to log in to rate them, but it helps other people to know which ones are best to look at.

    The Royal Family members are so helpful and thoughtful when it comes to your Molly Watcher Fans and Family!



  20. Kim Says:

    how do I get back to the old version of ustream to the chatroom I clicked on beta earlier and lost the chatroom with all my friends in it and now I can’t figure out how to get back into it? :( Help please?

  21. Penaten Says:

    I just want to thank you both so very much. I am enjoying these owl very much.

  22. Bleu jean louis Says:

    Bonjours je viens régulieremnt voir les images en live sur la vie de Molly . Je suis moi meme le voisin d’un couple de chouettes effraie (Molly)en france nous les appellons des dames blanches ce sont des portes bonheur

  23. carmen eddins Says:

    Carlos and Donna such a fun time this summer and since Feb.watching molly and macgee hope to see you both at the picnic and thankyou for this site!

  24. Lois Benson Says:

    Would like to be on list to get updates, but can’t find where to register.
    Thanks, Lois

  25. Jody Spivey Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    What a wonderful 8 months!! An experience of a lifetime, never to be forgotten. An eight month long party with learning, laughing, tears, joy and love coming from a little ol’ owlbox. All your hard work and long hours were so worth it to millions of us. I hope your much deserved vacation is a long and restful one.
    Hearts and clappy things to you!
    Jody :O)

  26. Dear Royals

    You can not possibly comprehend the effects you have hand on so may peoples lives by bringing such pleasre and joy to so many people.
    I have been so inspired by what you have done that I am going to gieve it try here in St. Louis. We have Barred owls here and they do NOT do as whell around humans as barn owls do so that was out. Instead I have decided to capatilize on the peregrin falcons that are in our area. I work in a tall hospital in the city were because of our pigeon population we have peregrine falcons. I have secured a domain name and we are planning where to properly place the nesting box on the roof. The bio-medical people are helping me with the bird camera. They are running the feed into the computer and splitting it to the hopsital TV systemso patients will be able to see the live feed.
    We are still early on this with lots of thignto get done before it ALL comes together.
    I just wanted to say thanks. I pray for you and your family to continue to walk in Gods love, I also pray tha God will help me find my web site so I can work on it- I secured it today but can’t FIND it??
    Oh well
    May you walk in Gods light and have peace.


  27. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Oh how I love these videos!
    Just wonderful Carlos!!
    Thank you!!!!

  28. Alafair Says:

    Laying in bed thinking of Molly and Mcgee and wondering where they are and how they are doing, and all the kids.


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