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36 Responses to “Chart Pages”

  1. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Nice site! Thanks Carlos and Donna and friends!

  2. Jannae DeSiena Says:

    Those totals are amazing! Thank you for creating the charts for all of us to share and enjoy. We’re definitely thinking about an owl box after seeing the tallies!

  3. Roz L-M Says:

    These charts are amazing! Maybe a chart for when they leave the box and guesses on when they will fledge?

  4. Bill Claflin Says:

    Charts, photos, and all the cameras have created a spectacular living science project. Austin should get some high marks at school for his contributions. Donna and Carlos have created a wonderful place to watch, observe, and learn. The owls give us daily lessons about how to treat each other.

    Thank you all!

  5. Carrie M Says:

    Being a wildlife biologist….I can really appreciate an accurate and detailed website when I see one. These charts are great! Thanks so much for sharing your owls with the world.

    – Your Spotted Owl Surveyor Friend

  6. Carrie M Says:

    Being a wildlife biologist….I can really appreciate an accurate and detailed website when I see one. These charts are great! Thanks so much for sharing your owls with the world.

    – Your Spotted Owl Surveyor Friend

  7. Barb Says:

    Thanks so much – this is so interesting!!!

  8. Selena K Says:

    These are amazing stats! I hope this can be used for future research by those who study bird behavior. Thanks!

  9. Mary S Says:

    This is truly a wonderful project for all the world to observe. These charts are so detailed and such imagative. School Children should be exposed in their science class to a project such as this and I would vote for this site being the model. Thank you to the Cowliflower, Ethger and Twocatsmom for the wonderful creation of these charts. Thank you to Austin for helping your Grandfather setup this site and Carlos and Donna for all the narrative with the school children and all the photos. There are so many to thank for this project don’t want to forget the individuals that put their pictures and videos on Utube and all the sites. This has truly been an inspiration for all to see on what can be accomplished with dedicated people all working together. I hope we have many more of these projects to look forward to. Thanks again,

  10. ARJ Says:

    Wow, fantabulous charting…

  11. Carlos & Donna, you and your work with the owls has been a true blessing. Thank you for all you efforts !

  12. julie Says:

    The Royal’s deserve an Audubon Society award!

  13. Barb Says:

    Won’t it be interesting to see who uses these charts? It is great for the visual learner. I think it will also be great for the scientist to have all this data compiled on one owl family. Congrats to you for this wonderful work!

  14. Chris G Says:

    I love these charts!

    I’ve been wondering whether it’s coincidence that the owlets’ first outing time each night is at about the same time every night. It’s probably related to the amount of light or the angle of light (length of shadows, or percentage of ultraviolet in the light …) or the mix of wavelengths in the light (the color of the sunlight). We don’t have a lot of data, but isn’t it about the same time, regardless of degree of overcast?

    Hint hint I’m hoping the chartmasters add outing times to the data …. though it would take some special data to figure out which environmental factor is most closely correlated.

    Sorry for the punditry. This must be why people stay away from me at parties!

  15. FinnWV Says:

    Thank you Cowliflower, Ethger, and TwoCatsMom for these fantastic charts. Thanks to Carlos, Donna, and Austin and the Royal Family as well as the moderators and Molly Fans who made all of this possible. What an experience!

  16. susan smith Says:


  17. Deb Says:

    Love this! We are enjoying every minute of this! :)

  18. Cindy Says:

    The food charting alone makes me want an owl box…a Molly & McGee pair could do wonders for cutting down the rabbits and rodents who scurry across my property at night!

  19. Joe Says:

    I’ve been getting into your charts big time. Thank you!!

    But where are you going to get data if the MODerators aren’t even trying anymore to record kills the owls and owlets bring to the box? Seems like strange behavior for people who claim to have MOD. Can you number chrunchers make a chart for THAT? ;-)

  20. Cindy R Says:

    These charts are fantastic! Would love to see them updated through the end of this wonderful adventure, including the days each baby stopped roosting in the box. Such a wonderful source of data!

  21. LoveYourDNA Says:

    WOW!! great stuff here and a lot of hard work!

  22. Sarah Says:

    Carlos = 3000 MU. LOL!
    the other information is fascinating, but that first bit really cracked me up. One of the best things about this whole venture has been the wacky humor. Much thanks to all the observors and chaarters!

  23. FinnWV Says:

    That must have been from the Vacadude cartoon strip #17 where Mcgee was trying to lift Carlos and said it would keep the kids fed for a week! LOL! Didn’t see that until you pointed it out Sarah! Thanks! Too funny! These charts are just great!


  24. cainielsen Says:

    just love the owl

  25. Nina Marshall Says:

    Are any of our owletts starring in the “Legend of the Guardians”? I think is due out in the fall and is in 3D.

  26. sherry laws Says:

    can anyone tell me about the gettogether in san marcos. i know it is at a restaurant and i think it is this weekend—thanks

  27. Jean Davis Says:

    Thank you for sharing the Owls.

  28. VeeTX Says:

    Had to laugh at Wesley’s green line indicating First Flight Away – she really did NOT want to leave that owl box! If it weren’t for Austin coaxing her out, Molly & McGee would have had to chase her out so they could have their second clutch! Many laughs with Wes.

    Amazing record keeping everyone involved. Impressive!!!! Thank you.

  29. Darlene Watson Says:

    I just want to thank you for all the work you folks have done in bring us the great story about Molly & Mc Gee and family.

  30. AnnInSDtoo Says:

    I just found these charts and think they are amazing! Great effort, fun results! Thanks all!

  31. Tom & Shirley Zimmerman Says:

    Please keep us posted on updates. Thank-you very much.

  32. Carol Says:

    Printed everything out so I can keep it with my “Molly the Owl” book which I received yesterday.

    Thanks to everyone for giving us this wonderful experience. Memories will never fade and will be keep in the heart forever! Loved every minute of the first & second clutch.

  33. ginger vogt Says:

    please send me updates

  34. I do not really understand what you are discussing, but I have got enough knowledge to be applied in my future actions

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