Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2020

Times may be troubling but we can be proud, patriot, happy and hopeful. 

All the best!

Carlos Royal


June 19, 2020

All laws should be applied the same to all people not selectedly applied to different race, sex or religion.

Here is a link to the Governor of California. It is time to tell him to Open Up California for Business. It is time for common sense not non-sense. California is being disinfected with sunshine. Beaches, Parks, Beauty Saloons and Barber shops should be opened immediately. Every independent contractor should be able to go back to work and their businesses. We should switch to the Swedish Model.

It is called adult responsibility: if you feel you are at risk stay home, otherwise wear a mask and keep social distancing as best you can. Wash your hand often. If we can go to the grocery store where there are lots of people we should be able to go the hair saloon or barber shop.  


Common sense not non-sense. If you want to keep out the virus and other diseases lock down the boarder not American citizens. If you won’t arrest or fine a foreigner for crossing the boarder illegally why should you fine an American for not wearing a mask? A person in a car by themselves should not have to wear a mask, their whole body is encased and separated.

if you believe it is time to go back to work and save the Country from a Great Depression then let the Governor know.

Thanks you

Carlos Royal

Have a Spooky Owloween!

October 31, 2019

Drawing by John Atkinson #inktober2019

The picture looks ominous but if you remember the mouse escapes!

All the best and have a Fun and Spooky Owloween.

Carlos Royal

Hi everyone,
Bill HB 1289 Spot Checks passed the full house today. Representative Luke Simons and County Commissioner Carla Arthaud have done a great job supporting and gaining support for this bill which is so badly needed for fair market value assessments. This issue with assessments which will basically disappear with the passage of this bill because all the checks will be for market value so the assessors will make sure they are assessing properties at their market values. Right now, no one is spot checking for market value assessments so the assessors are not assessing at market value. This bill changes that. It ensures market value results with spot checks for market value result. These spot checks will give the commissioners a non-biased third party check of the values as a guide for all properties being questioned as to their market value not just the assessor’s opinion, which is not a non-biased opinion of value. 

The second part of this campaign is to get the Ryan Rauschenberger the Tax Commissioner to change the Sale Ratio Study to use these spot checks as supplemental sales thus bringing the formula to current market value rather than using up to three year old sales which have no validity in current market values. With the passage of HB 1289 and the change in the Sales Ratio Study everything would be focused on current market values for assessments and property owners would be ensured that their properties are assessed at market value. 

Only when all properties are assessed at market value are all property owners paying their fair share of the tax burden. The standard is and has to be fair market value assessments and spot checks are needed to ensure they are market value. 

Thanks everyone, for your support so far. One step at a time. Again, special thanks to Luke and Carla because they have been strong enough to stand up for fair market value assessments for property owners, the tax payers. If the State is to attract and keep investors then this issue of over assessments must be corrected. So, we ask Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner rwardner@nd.gov and Senator Jay Elkin jayelkin@nd.gov to join us in support of HB 1289.  If you would like to send them an email stating your support for fair market value assessments and spot checks to ensure they are. Please do so. We have to get it passed in the Senate before it can become law. As I said, One step at a time.

If you have any questions please email or call me. 

Committee Votes 10-3 HB1289

February 14, 2019

Just received a phone call fromNorth Dakota Representative Simons that HB 1289 Spot Checks of Assessments was approved by the Committee with a vote of 10 to 3 in favor of the bill! As I understand it, the bill now head to the entire House but this was a big step forward as HB 1289 was given a green light by the committee. As most of you know, I along with others have been working very hard to get this bill approved so that there are spot checks of the assessments to ensure properties are listed on the tax rolls at their true fair market values. In other words what they would sell for. Plus, when a property owner appeals then a certain number of those appealed must also be spot checked for fair market value. The goal is to add accountability into the system for fair market value assessments. I want to thank everyone that testified at the committee hearing in favor of the bill, especially Stark County Commissioner Carla Arthaud.

  Outliers don’t fit the Mass Appraisal Model

The legislative hearing date has been set for Bill 1289 Spot checks of real property. It is January 24, 2019 in the Prairie Room at the state capitol. Our goal is to stop over assessments but at the same time we want properties to be assessed at market value good times and bad. I will be flying back to North Dakota to testify in support of bill 1289 Mandatory Stop Checks.

Three Basic Taxpayer Protections

The Purpose of the Protections are to Find and Correct Errors

  • 1. Spot checks
  • 2. Appeal process
  • 3. Abatement Process

The protections were placed into North Dakota law to ensure all property values would be assessed at market value. That includes outliers.

A System of Checks and Balances

Without Spot checks all three are subverted so the Assessor’s Mass Appraisal Value rules instead of the State’s standard for assessments, which is true and full fair value or market value.

Market Value and True and Full Value are the same for residential and commercial property

If you haven’t already signed our online petition in support of mandatory spot checks please do. Several have ask how they can help. If you want to support the online petition? After you sign or have signed it a box will show Promote this petition. Click it and you can buy impressions for this petition on Change.org so it will show up more times. $100 buys 3,000 impressions. You can buy as few as $10 bucks worth or as much as you want. Every impression is appreciated.




We Have a Legislative Bill

January 11, 2019

It is bill number 1289, if you want to see the bill or track it and see if we can get it passed into law then go to https://www.legis.nd.gov and put in the bill number upper righthand corner. For those of you on twitter please hashtag your comments and join the conversation #spotchecksnd. Have you ever had your property over assessed during bad times. Assessors love to raise values during boom times but sure hate to lower them in bust times. If you agree you can sign our online petition www.spotchecksnd.com or www.ndspotchecks.com either one will get you to the petition to sign with a just a click.

I said back in 2007 “Sometimes you might have to ruffle a few feathers to get the job done.” Well, that is what I am doing today. Not everyone is on board, especially the assessors and the cities where they have been over assessing some properties as much as 150% but not all properties. So if you believe in honest fair market values assessments for everyone? Then please sign our online petition. What is interesting North Dakota already has a spot check law. They are just ignoring it but we want to change that! A bit of trivia NDCC stands for North Dakota Century Code

NDCC  57-12-01.1 Spot checks of real property. 

    Prior to the annual meeting of the county board of equalization, the board of county commissionersof each county within this state shall provide for spot checksupon property within each county to properly verifythe accuracy of the real property listings and valuations. The spot checks must be reviewed by the county boards of equalization at their annual meeting in June and such boards shall make the necessary corrections in the property assessment listings and valuations. Such changes in the assessments must be made in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (Note: This has never been done in Stark County, North Dakota, ever!)

    In case any person whose duty it is to list property with the assessor refuses to list such property or intentionally omits a portion of such property in the person’s listing as indicated by the spot check, the county boards of equalization, as a penalty for such refusal or omission, may make an added assessment on such property of twenty-five percent in excess of its true valuation. 

    The board of county commissioners may select such persons or agencies as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section and provide for their compensation. End of Existing law.

We want to change that! Make spot checks mandatory especially if some one complains that their assessment is too high. If I go to the bank and say something is wrong with my account they check my account. If I go to the water company and say there is something wrong they check my water meter but when I went to the assessor and said something is wrong with my assessments and I asked them to check my values they just refused to do it. In fact, it took me three years just to get the assessor to do a drive by. This is just not right! 

Since I wasn’t getting anyplace with the process (until this year) I decided to change the law and make spot checks mandatory and as of today we have a bill 1289 and we have 7 legislators co-sponsoring the bill. Plus I have already received phone calls from two more legislators that said they plan to support the bill.

No you don’t have to live in North Dakota to sign the petition, you just have to believe in honest fair market assessments of all real properties in good times and bad times. We want to show the legislators that this isn’t just a North Dakota issue but an issue that happens every time there is a boom and then a bust in almost any community.

We are not complaining about the taxes we are complaining about the assessments because if everyone is assessed at their fair market value then everyone will pay their fair share of the tax burden. The best way to ensure that is with independent spot checks of the assessments. If the assessor knows his assessments are correct then he has nothing to fear from spot checks but I believe the reason the City, the County and the assessor oppose this bill so much is they know their assessments are wrong and have been wrong!

So how can you help? Simple, we are not looking for money. We just want your support by signing the petition and posting links to it on your facebook and your other social media accounts. Richard a friend of mine sent following to all the people in his email.

Hi All,

A good friend of mine, Carlos Royal, has been fighting the tax assessor in Dickinson, North Dakota for years because the assessor has valued some property he owns there way too high.  He has been working with the state legislature in North Dakota to pass legislation requiring that the city and county assessors in the state perform spot checks using certified appraisers to verify property valuations and adjust their valuations accordingly.  Here is a link to a petition he has started which tells his story.  Please take time to read it and sign the petition if you agree:   http://chng.it/FmnzbKqNxV.  I have found it very compelling and have signed the petition.  

Let me know what you think,



An easier link is www.spotchecksnd.com and for twitter #spotchecksnd If you want to use Richards email as a guide/copy I am sure he wouldn’t mind.

Carlos Royal

P.S. I will be testifying for the bill January 24, 2019 at the state capitol, Bismarck, North Dakota. Wish me luck! My goal is to get this right for all property owners in North Dakota and hope it will be adopted by other states as well. “Decisions Determine Destiny”


Please go to the link and sign our petition.  We don’t want your money just your support for fair, honest and market value assessments in good times and bad.

I won! Made History.

December 25, 2018

Persistence wins again.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Calvin Coolidge

It has been a long battle but finally the Stark County Commissioners agreed to reduce my properties’ assessed values, the first time they have done so in Stark County in history at an abatement hearing. I received word that the City of Dickinson is also going to review all their commercial property assessments in 2019. So it was not just a victory for me but for every Commercial property owner in town, which includes apartment owners. I am still working to change the law to make spot checks of property assessments mandatory in North Dakota. The Bill will be presented to the State Legislators next session in January.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


The sharing of ideas is mankind greatest accomplishment for it has made the expansion of knowledge possible.  Carlos Royal, 1990, “The Magic of Lease Options.”