Why is the video sometimes in color and sometime black and white?
The box has two cameras; one is used during the daylight hours. At night, when no natural light is available, we switch to an infrared camera which makes a black-and-white image. There is also a third camera that shows up only on the Royals living room television.

What kind of cameras and lighting are used?
The cameras are Logitech Orbit AF (daytime) and Agama V-1325 R (infrared, nighttime). There are 4 infrared (IR) LEDs on the camera that are invisible to owls and humans, but allow the camera to pick up an image we can see at night. There is also ambient light from the neighborhood that comes into the box at night.

Is this camera hardwired, battery operated,  or solar powered?
It’s hardwired.

Can the night cam zoom in?
No, only the daytime camera has zoom and is height-adjustable. The infrared camera is positioned lower and gives a different view of the nest.

Does the light at night annoy Molly?
There is some ambient light from the neighborhood, but there are no extra lights used at night. Molly doesn’t seem to mind.

Are the cameras actually inside the box?
No, they are attached to the exterior of the house with a protective cover.

Is an outside cam in the plans for the future?
Carlos has been looking into the technicalities of having an outside cam, but nothing has been planned yet.

How do you interface to Ustream?
Ustream has a wealth of information on how to connect a live camera to their site. For more information, visit: http://www.ustream.tv/get-started

Learn even more about barn owls and watch owl videos.

14 Responses to “Cameras and Technology”

  1. Judi Hilton Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for your steadfast determination to entertain and educate us. It’s been a joy watching the progression over the past few weeks. Soon you’ll be able to sleep when the rest of us do. Gracias, amigo.

    Judi from Maine

  2. Gail Rinard Says:

    what speed is your camera set, what F stop and what type of lens are you using for the photos.

    your pictures are awesome!! love them all..

    thanks so much for a a wonderful trip

  3. Judy Smith Says:

    I saw your wonderful nighttime out-of-box photos one time and can’t find them again. Can you remind me how to find them? (ie: Molly, or McGee, delivering prey and flying away) Thank you for your time and for giving us all such fascinating and rewarding entertainment of nature at its’ best. It helps balance out all the negative news we see daily.

  4. Shale Says:

    Wonderful pictures. Love them all. Do the camera lens/covers get dusty? How can you clean them?

  5. Selena K Says:

    Carlos, I gotta say your night photography of the juveniles flying are outstanding! I hope the Audubon Society calls you for a gig!
    These pictures depict nature that would not otherwise be viewed by people. Thank you for the opportunity to glance inside the window of these fabulous creatures!

  6. Nancy Smith Says:

    Hi Carolos! Wonderful, wonderful, photos!! How do you get the color photos? Are they taken by you remotely, with the camera on a tripod? What kind of camera is it? Excellent shots! Worthy off a magazine such as National Geographic.NIght photographs are so difficult to make!!

  7. Nancy Smith Says:

    Sorry for my silly typos and grammar! I was up till all hours last night watching so I’m very tired right now!! :)

  8. Roger Getrost Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Good info about the box cameras. I am curious as to what kind of camera and lens set up you use to get those great pictures of the owls at night. The results are as good as anything thing I’ve seen in National Geographic.

    Thanks for all that you have done.

  9. Carol Hodges Says:

    I thought I read somewhere you are selling
    a book of all the photos..is that correct?
    If so, how do I get one?

    I’ve changed my name to “Carowl”

  10. Carl Partridge Says:

    Donna, those sunset pictures you posted are great. What kind of camera did you use for them? I am in market for new camera.

  11. LD Schmidt Says:

    Good work, Carlos………I’m gettin’ a kick out of this………I don’t expect a reply, but what gave you the urge to roll with this project and why did you think it would work………after all, it was 2 years before you had residents…….

    out, Larry in Sacto.

  12. Hi Carlos, I want to make a donation to you for camers and can not find where to, i have before, but forgot how or where. if you could show a link for just donation’s i would appreciate it. I want to support you and your family for all you do to let us watch this wonderous family of owl’s. Thank You

  13. Phyllis Says:

    The information I have about still photography is that Carlos uses a Canon EOS 5D MkII dslr and an EF 500mm f/4L telephoto. I also understand he uses a Canon Speedlight 580EX.

  14. Kevin Says:

    Carlos can you update what kind of IR cameras that you are using now. In your last picture of your cameras I see a new one on the top that you don’t have listed. What kind of Ir camera is that. Thanks

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