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Thanks to Jennifer Hofmann for the FAQ’s!

(and the site)

150 Responses to “All FAQ’s”

  1. Katie Says:

    Where are the games?
    How do I get e-mail updates? I think it’s right below this message box!
    (I really have tried!)

    • Jean Dittmann Says:

      Like so many others, I would also like to get e-mail updates. This has been such a remarkable journey, and would like to keep up to date with what goes on.
      Please add me to your e-mail update list.
      Thank you very much.

    • palnw Says:

      I would like to be notified of updates to



  3. Linda Says:

    I am getting The owlbox w/ Ustream but the SS is not working. I live in upstate NY. Thank you

  4. jezbel Says:

    Sept. 22 11:49 PM Pacific time…. ustream continues to be difficult to see without glitches. “Chat” option is strange today, upon login it fill the catbox line by line. Sometimes the box stays empty. Sometime can’t sign in. Sometimes two sign-in are necessary at the top of the page and again for chat. This is the 5th consecutive day of oddness.
    Just a note for the chat-room ustream helpers. Silent Bob, help us!

  5. I can not get to the owl box sites: OB1, OB2, no chat or ss. This started Tuesday 21st. I have been using Safari & Chrome google. When I try to log on the message *Error. This page not available, contact service provider* appears. Our service provider is Comcast, and I did contact them, and they say all our system is fine. This problem is only with the owl box site :(

    • 3cats&adog Says:

      I can’t get into both owl box websites either at work and I get the same message. Thankfully, I can get into them at home. I have no idea what the problem could be, as they were both working fine earlier this week. Kay – you didn’t mention where you are located – I am in Southern Ontario. I’m thinking the problem is with ustream.

  6. Astrid Johnson Says:

    Where can I find out Info on the mod meeting for Florida, Oct 2nd in Maitland , then EB in Altamonte and movie in Altamonte?
    Where is it posted? I would like to attend.
    best regards
    Astrid (flygirl1best)

    • Roni Says:

      WE start at the Audubon Birds of Prey Center in Maitland at 10:30..and then do lunch and a movie. Contact Elaine at to let her know if you are coming as there are constraints on the size. Last check, we have room! Hope to see you there!

  7. Lockie Sue Bissett Says:

    I would like to order Austin’s DVD by phone and cannot find a phone number to do so. Please advise.

  8. Downloaded the songs by Barbara Allen. They are beautiful, but I would also like the “Molly Was Her Name” one played by Carlos during his sessions with watchers. I think it is by a teacher and her students who wrote it. Is it possible to buy that version, too? It is more lively and would appeal to a small child! It would be a good way to earn money for their school system, too.

    Thank you,

  9. Lockie Sue Bissett Says:

    Thank you for your reply. Also, many thanks for all that you and your family do.

  10. Would like to receive updates of pictures or news via e-mail. Thanks. Jill

  11. jacquie Says:

    please help me subscribe

  12. Candy Somers Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed these two clutches. I don’t want to miss a new one in the spring if you decide to keep doing this. Please add me to the EMail list.

    Thanks for all you and Donna do. Fellow RVer’s, Don and Candy.

  13. Pam Burnett Says:

    I would like to receive updates and when they have next clutch

  14. Joy Says:

    i am thinking about putting up an owl box and i have 3 questions:
    how high of pole do i need?
    how far away from my house should it be?
    and how loud at night are the owls once they move in?
    thank you

  15. Jean Davis Says:

    My sister is a Doctor in Hilo,Hi. Close to the University. Is Ashley going to that school?

  16. Lockie Sue Bissett Says:

    I am extremely pleased with my order from Cafe Press. I ordered on Sept.24 and recieved today Sept.29, which is very good service into West Texas. The boxes with tiles are truly lovely. The items were well packed as well. I have also ordered Austin’s DVD and look forward to having that record of the magnificent experience with you, Donna, Molly, McGee and the little ones.
    Thank you.
    Lockie Sue

  17. mary fessenden Says:

    Please enter my subscription to Molly’s blog.


  18. Deb Says:

    Would like to subscribe to email updates.

  19. Michele R Macielag Says:

    Can I please receive email updates? Thank you.

  20. Pam Rainey Says:

    Thank you all for everything its been amazing! Please come back in the early spring when Molly & McGee start a new family as its so fun to be able to compare each clutch! Love you all & enjoy your vacation! (((Big hugs from Colorado)))Love~Pam

  21. Patricia Kiefer Says:

    Please place me on the subscribe list. Thanx.

  22. terry davis Says:

    Is this where we sign up for updates? If so, please add me to your list Thank you. If not, please message me and tll me how and where to sign up. Thanks.

    from: Branson, MO.

    • Deborah Says:

      plz let me know if you are doing this again. i just love lurking and don’t care if they are the owlets or full grown owls.

      thank you for all you have done Royal Family.

  23. Cheryl R. Says:

    Is there a way to contact the moderators regarding the chat room?
    I would like to ask something, but not publicly. Thanks!

  24. kathy Says:

    Would like to subscribe to email updates

  25. Annette Says:

    Wonderful site please send updates when available.

  26. MLbirder Says:

    Would like to subscribe to receive blog updates.

  27. Mike Says:

    Hello I would like to subscribe to the blog and email when updates

  28. SANDY ZAPPIA Says:

    please subscribe me to your blog

  29. Laura Says:

    Whats with the chat room? I will leave my computer, and when I come back the chat room is working away. As soon as I ask a question, I get the message that the chat room is disabled. I know for a fact that is was up and running just seconds before. And this has happended each and every time I go back to any of the links where there is a chat room.

  30. Toni Says:

    Thank you so much for this enjoyable experience for the second time. It truly and been life changing and I appreciate it so much.
    Royals you are wonderful!!!
    Please add my email to the updates after the owl box shuts down.
    Thank you and God Bless!!
    Toni MollyWatcher 8

  31. Pamela Crawford Says:

    Would like to subscribe to email updates

  32. Sandie Miller Says:

    I have so enjoyed this venture with the Barn Owls. It sure has been an education for me as well as thousand of other people. This is a GREAT site and I do hope we get to see this next year.
    Please add me to your email notifications and blog.
    Again, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience.

  33. Would like to subscribe to your blog for updates.

  34. Ruthie Guppy Says:

    This site has been a saving grace for me, since February 2010. I had a accident and I’m now disabled. Don’t get out much anymore,Thanks to the Royal’s I am able to be part of this beautiful experience. Peace, Love, Light

  35. karen plate Says:

    Hi Carlos y question is why is Carrie not getting fed by Molly or McGee? Today Carrie was out of the box doing real good. Every time mom and dad came they fed only Ashley. I’m not getting it:( Worried that they (mom and dad) feel Carrie is not a strong one. Would you shed some light for me:)

  36. Maureen Hatch Says:

    I’d like to subscribe to receive your blog updates. Thanks!

  37. Michele Says:

    Would like to subscribe to the e-mail updates to Molly’s blog.

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for the wonderful photos and all you have done for us!

  38. Kathy Harger Says:

    Please subscribe me to the email updates Carlos. Thanks!

  39. Pat Fortune Says:

    I loved watching the owls and chatting with folks from all over the country. Thank you for all you do.

  40. Deborah Says:

    plz let me know if you are doing this again. i just love lurking and don’t care if they are the owlets or full grown owls.

    thank you for all you have done Royal Family.

  41. sherry laws Says:

    still need to know where the san marcos picnic is sunday .please answer via

  42. Tina Says:

    Please include me in the blog email update list. Thank you. For everything!!

  43. Esther Says:

    Please add my email address to the blog email update list. I would certainly hate to miss anything on this fantastic site. I’ve been lurking since the start. Thanks so much!

  44. Patricia Says:

    Please add me to the email update list.
    Thank you.

  45. linda allen Says:

    how do i view ob2? i see the blog people talking about the outside of the box at night? thanks, ps: i live in nw AZ.

  46. Ruthie Says:

    Hi Carlos I was trying to ask this question while you were on early today. Do you find that Molly is taking a less active role with this clutch?

  47. Joyce Koselke Says:

    Just wanting to thank you for your efforts in establishing and maintaining this opportunity to view nature. I am a school teacher and have shared the owl box to my students from time to time. Enjoy your vacation and your time off.
    Molly watcher in Indiana

  48. Sharry Says:

    Have watched all along and bless you all for sharing the owls. My thanks for this wonderful, heartwarming experience that has touched people all over the world. Have a great vacation!

  49. Laura Says:


    Please include me if in the spring Molly & McGee decide to share their wonderful like with us. I have watched both clutches. The first more than the second as it was so hard to watch our babies fledge. But I hope this happens again, and I can be part of it.

    Laura Tezer

  50. Ron Peavy Says:

    I ordered the on-line book last year but never got a chance to download the document. Is it still available for download?

  51. Louise Plouffe Says:

    Please leave me updates

  52. meg Says:

    please add me to the email update list

  53. margaret Says:

    please let me know when there’s another clutch..thanks!

  54. Linda Lindstrom Says:

    I would like to be placed on the email updates. Thank you so much.

    Linda Lindstrom
    Naperville, Illinois

  55. Steph D. Says:

    Thank you for the great site and FAQs!

  56. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

  57. Carol Adame Says:

    Carlos and Family,

    Thank you so much for the happiness Molly & McGee and everyone involved have brought into my life!!

    I thank you with all my heart and I bought all the music!

    Hope to see you in the Spring!!

    Carol Adame

  58. Beverly Unger Says:

    Just saying thank you doesn’t capture how grateful I am to have joined the wonderful society of Molly watchers.

    Time has passed quickly day by day as owlets soon grew tall – We must wave goodbye to all our friends – Best wishes to us all.

    Hope to see you again in next season!

  59. Judy Riley Says:

    Please send me notices when new pictures and announcements are posted.

    We’ve really enjoyed the second clutch. We saw a spot on the Today Show when the chicks were hatching and have been hooked ever since. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed Carlos’ daily commentaries…very informative, very light-hearted and he is very cute! He’s been my virtual grandpa for the last few months.

    Carlos, your photos are stunning!!! Maybe Donna can share some of her photos, too. Have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation. Hope to see you rested and happy in the new year.

    Safe journeys, Ellis & Judy

    PS Ellis retired about two years ago, he’s become a master bread maker, an avid gardener and a devoted bird & squirrel feeder. He even heard a great horned owl in our neighbor’s tree the other night. We looked up the sound on Big treasures in small pleasures.

  60. Corkyandporky Says:

    Please add me to the list of people who want to receive email updates.

  61. Linda Brown Says:

    What to keep updated on Molly

  62. Linda Brown Says:

    In addition, thank you for the amazing gift that sharing Molly, McGee and the owlets brought to so many. Enjoy your time off and we all hope to see you in the spring of 2011!

  63. Mary Hilliker Says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work and the joy you gave us all.

  64. Lynne Doolan Says:

    I would like to receive e-mail updates.

  65. Cindy Vuk Says:

    Thank you for the most interesting, scary, exciting, loving, educational, and rewarding experience I’ve had on the internet. Molly and McGee have proven that nature is wonderful….and you have allowed us to observe their world. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have watched your back yard!
    Be sure to let the world know if/when another clutch is expected!!

  66. Theo Sedie Says:

    Please add me to your list so I can receive updates. Thanks again for sharing your time with the MODs.

  67. Bob McKay Says:

    Please add me to your list so I can receive updates. Thanks again for sharing your time, what a great journey we had together.

  68. Barbra Malone Says:

    Thank you, This has been a wonderful experience!!
    Please add me to your email list for follow-up and new posts.
    So glad your well-earned vacation was good and you returned home safe.

    Thank you

    Barbra 333

  69. E Brosnan Says:

    Please send me email when new posts are added. Thank you for everything.

  70. Sharon Walsh Says:

    We are so greatful you have shared this experience with the world. Shawna’s students (in Round Rock, TX) are still talking about the first clutch they learned about. This year her class watched the second clutch and loved them. They were excited to get the had puppets (yes all 6) and book!! What a wonderful education for them thanks to YOU ALL!!!
    Happy holidays!!

  71. Laurie Bishop Says:

    I am leaving my information so I can receive email updates. Thanks so much for everything!


  72. Joy Says:

    send updates please

  73. Alana Silvea Says:

    I waited all week to view Carlos this morning and clicked everything I could think of and got nothing (i.e. blank screen, no sound, no nothing). I even clicked the recorded version and still nothing! Could someone tell me what the problem is? Did anyone else have the same problem?

  74. Isobel Younghusband Says:

    Please sign me up for Email updates.
    Thank you.

  75. Emmy Says:

    Please send me updates!

  76. Eileen Says:

    Please send updates, pics, to my email address.

  77. Ruth White Says:

    I would love updates! Thanks

  78. Peg Says:

    Please keep me updated.

  79. Mary Says:

    Please send me updates

  80. Mary Says:

    I have enjoyed watching this so much. Thank you.

  81. Laura Says:

    I would like to receive site updates. Thanks!

  82. Sherry Says:

    I would love to receive site updates.
    Thank you!

  83. Marian Gall Says:

    This was a fun journey I hope to repeat next year.
    Thanks to all of you.

  84. Sherry Says:

    e-mail address correction to my previous post to receive site updates. Thank you.

  85. Dolores Cooper Says:

    I would like to receive site updates. Thank you

  86. Tricia Says:

    I would like to receive update, thanks.

  87. Jean P Says:

    I would like to receive updates. Thanks.

  88. cacats Says:

    please keep me updated and thanks ever so much for the past 8 months!

  89. Donna Says:

    email updates please

  90. Jim Small Says:

    Please send updates, pics, to my email address.

  91. Jen Doughty Says:

    Hello Carlos and Donna from Wisconsin! I would love to receive email updates!! Thank you:)

  92. Wanda James Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful hours of watching Molly and her family!

  93. Sherri Says:

    Updates please.

  94. Linda Says:

    please keep me updated by email on Molly and McGee

  95. Joanne Says:

    Please add me to your email update list. Thank you.

  96. Joanne C. Says:

    Please notify me of updates by email. Thank you.

  97. barbara Says:

    Hi :)
    Please add me for site updates.
    Thank you, all! And praying you have a safe and restful yet adventurous vacation.

  98. maureen Says:

    want updates via email

  99. Carol Hodges Says:

    Please keep me posted on Molly and McGee. I love
    those Owls.

  100. maia Says:

    i have enjoyed the second clutch. please inform me of any updates. thanks

  101. Jean Dittmann Says:

    It is wonderful to see Molly & Mcgee again. I will keep watching and waiting for a third clutch. It’s never boring at the owl box!
    Thanks for all you do.

  102. Rosanne Rogers Says:

    Please sign me up for email updates regarding Molly & McGee and the blog.

  103. Ahh Carlos – what an incredible gift you have given to us. The new friends have become family–all caring and compassionate, with sense of humor and much sharing. Thank you so much. And yes, we are looking forward to receiving the updates.
    You and your family be well and have a wonderful vacation.

  104. Shirley A Powell Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    Please keep me updated on happenings for Molly & McGee.
    Have a great vacation. You rightly deserve it and more.
    Thanks for the fun we have all had in following M&M and their two clutches. It will be exciting if and when another one comes along and you decided to again share it with the world.
    Safe traveling and God Bless!

  105. I love Molly & McGee!!

  106. Ginny Runyan Says:

    Subscribing for info – new developments. Love Molly and McGee and the owlets.

  107. Mimi Says:

    Please notify me of updates – Thanks!

  108. Suzanne Says:

    Anxiously hoping for another clutch! Molly is so beautiful! I love her and McGee bonding – no rat – no loving! Molly’s such a good mom.

  109. Ruthie Says:

    I was just checking in on Molly & McGee, I could not tell if anyone was in the box. When, two heads popped out! M&M I swear, (sorry Carlos, I know I shouldn’t swear!) They looked like Carlos & Donna! ;)

  110. Betty Says:

    I had fun it was so interesting I was going for radation treatments Molly help me for get about my breast cancer…thank you Carlos and Donna Austin…enjoy the wedding thank you again for all the hard work you did to keep it running…

    Betty from N.J.

  111. jd erickson Says:

    enjoyed watching Molly and McGee. Thank you so much. Please keep me posted regarding the next clutch.

  112. Janie Says:

    I really miss seeing you and Donna and the Owls we are in Va.Are you going to have the cam on the owls anymore…really miss seeing them.Thanks for all your hard work.

  113. Vicky Says:

    When will the camera’s go back on?

  114. Lusa Says:

    i really enjoyed watching the owls. do you know when or if the cams are coming back on?

  115. Margaret Palinosky Says:

    I was dismayed to learn you had lousy unfeeling people giving you a gad time during the owls. I lost my husband Nov. 13, 2010. A friend sent me your ustream site near the end of April. At that time I was up most of the night, and watching owls and following the chat room were such a great diversion. I became a big fan, and it helped me through a difficult time. Of course, when I put the vote for Molly sign in my front yard, my neighbors that I had really lost it. So forget the bad things – remember how much fun and cheer you brought to so many. Enjoy your travels this year.

  116. constance Says:

    We are happy to have attracted a pair of barn owls to a box put up 2 months ago. they were invited to be gopher patrol for our orchard we live near Woodland Park in San Marcos. ? please the box is 24 feet up in the air , do we need to worry about wind sway?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      It depends on how well the post is anchored down.

      • constance Says:

        Hi Carlos,
        The post is anchored down with 300 plus pounds of concrete. Their house might sway some in high winds, I seriously doubt that it would fall over. Would any wind sway to their home drive them off?? Also, they are too cool!!They come out right at dusk,circle the orchard without making a sound then roost on the power-line near their box and wait for dinner (Gophers)to come out. Instead of drive thru we have fly thru HA HA! thank you Constance

  117. Lusa Says:

    I really miss watching the owls. Do you know if you will be broadcasting next year? i doubt it, but i just wanted to know. Thanx, Lusa

  118. Ruthie Says:

    Carlos, I came across this online and, thought you might enjoy it.

  119. nycdragon Says:

    I just nominated Carlos for the 2011 Citizens Medal, and I wanted to post it on my wall, but none of the links were active.The post was from Peggy Roberts. I am going to try to get to Molly page and see if I can do it from there.

    • PegRod Says:

      NYCDragon – That is Great – I don’t have a Facebook page, and I will try to post the link on the Molly the Owl Facebook page again. In the meantime, here is the link for the form – Remember everyone, Pass the Word! Deadline May 30th!

      I posted this comment in another place:

      Call for Duty – MODs unite and write!

      Please go to The White House (USA) website and find the form to nominate Carlos Royal for a Citizens Medal, (I just got an email with the announcement and the deadline May 30th!) the nation’s second-highest civilian honor. Carlos Royal may not win, but The White House will certainly learn more about his wonderful service and positive influence on the world.

      I posted this on the Molly the Owl Facebook page, but I want more people to see it. As United States Citizens, and citizens of the world, we have many opportunities.

      This is a way to say, “Thank You” – a well-deserved recognition!

      Think of how many lives have changed positively, and all his hard work and devotion since the broadcast began on Ustream on February 14, 2010!

      This blog that Carlos Royal created and maintains is also an awesome and unending venue for the archives, education, creativity, updates and positive and appropriate personal expression.

  120. Susan Says:

    Carlos, thanks for showing this beautiful owls!

  121. Cheryl Says:

    Help. I wanted to watch the talk on my MOBILE PHONE since I have unlimited data on it. I was able to watch but there was no sound. It worked on my home computer, it worked before the talk and after and on other streams but not during the talk. I have a Thunderbolt.. Any clues?

  122. Susan Burke Says:

    Dear Carlos,

    I have changed my email provider and cannot find the proper link to delete my old address and add my new one so I can continue to receive blog updates.
    Can you please add to your blog updates? If this is not the proper way to make the change, please advise how to do so.

    Thanks in advance!

  123. Sue Liberto Says:

    I have a Barn Owl living in my backyard in CA and have been photographing him as he departs for the night. I wrote an article for our Photo club newsletter on my experience.
    Here is the link click on August

  124. joan Herberg Says:

    will i recieve alerts to upcoming events by email

  125. joan Herberg Says:

    how to sign up for the blog?

  126. Sam McKinney Says:

    I would like to get email updates and sign up for the blog…how do I get added? I don’t want to miss out on the next broadcasts or lose the SS people conversations.

    This is so educational…I have learned so much on this site, I hate to see it go.

  127. Sue Holcomb Says:

    Wanting to sign up for email updates… hope this is the way…

    Thank you again…

  128. julie Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna – Thought you might be interested to know that the owls from the box here at Vista Way & College Blvd area did not lay eggs this summer either and are likewise showing up to the guard the box. They had been laying clutches on a regular basis over three years, so this is an interesting development considering food should be readily available with all the hills around.

  129. nycdragonfly Says:

    Love the new tote, just ordered mine today. However, I use my tote’s daily and that color tends to get and show dirt very easily. Can we have it in black as well? And, while I’m at it, can we also have it on a green canvas backpack.(don’t make it to small) Austin, this is part of business customers always want more! Good job kiddo. Carlo and Donna and a whole lot of us are extremely proud, I am happy to be one of the original MOD’s :)

  130. nycdragonfly Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,

    I am very happy to hear about Molly new “fearless” I truly hope this works out for all! I will definitely check out the new book. Being a veteran myself. Love and peace to all.

    I felt a bit guilty checking on the Decorah eagles. Shame on me :(

  131. nycdragonfly Says:

    Thank you sharing the update on Molly. I wish those apts were in NYC, I’m looking for a place. Love,love the dragonfly!Keep up the good work Austin.

    • carlosroyal Says:

      For $750 rent, I wish they were in NYC too. We would be full. On second thought move to Texas.

  132. nycdragonfly Says:

    No thank you Carlos, did basic training there a hundred years ago! Air Force Vet.My love to Donna,Austin and you!

  133. nycdragonfly Says:

    Hello Royal family, Carlos, I know you said that the male usually finds the nesting place. But, correct me if I’m wrong, was it not Molly who found the box first? We all know how special Molly is, perhaps she’s a liberated owl! :) Oh, BTW Happy Fathers day! 2012

  134. Peg Says:

    I’m home alone tonight, nursing a cold with no interest in doing much of anything. I was poking around our DVD’s and found The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls so watched it again. The memories came flooding back; what a wonderful time it was watching Molly and McGee raise 4 clutches and was it the fifth when McGee never returned? That was a dark day for all of us. Tthank you again so much for making it happen. And many congrats to Austin! Peg in CO

  135. Nicki Says:

    We are watching local Barred owls with 3 eggs in Indiana on a live cam. It all brings back memories of Molly and McGee. I wonder if their descendants are still in the area. What an amazing time that was, and this owl experience doesn’t even compare to Molly and McGee. I miss all of this.

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