Have a Spooky Owloween!

October 31, 2019

Drawing by John Atkinson #inktober2019

The picture looks ominous but if you remember the mouse escapes!

All the best and have a Fun and Spooky Owloween.

Carlos Royal

47 Responses to “Have a Spooky Owloween!”

  1. Jes63 Says:

    You both have delightful one too!

  2. imtresbien Says:

    Another truly special drawing from Vacadude. I’m sorry Inktober is ending. Oh the sweet memories! Happy Halloween to our M&M family, and thanks so much for posting this Carlos! ~ tresbien/Linda

  3. Ellie Day Says:

    I was an avid ”owl watcher”. Until 3 or 4 a.m. Never was able to get to any events (picnics etc.). Absolutely loved watching Maggie and her clutches and how McGee took care of her so she could take of the wee ones. I am 88 now, retired since 1999 and don’t do much anymore, but that’s ok. I had my time!!!

  4. Sherrie Says:

    You and Donna as well

  5. Kenneth Says:

    Boo backatcha!

    Molly lives in many hearts everywhere around the world. Her wing tips touched many.


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  6. Colleen Ann Smith Says:

    Love this picture Carlos !!

    I wonder if Molly or Magee are still around ??

    Colleen Smith

  7. Sally Edge Says:

    Happy Halloween to you as well. MollyLoverForever

  8. ldgreene Says:

    Happy Owloween to you and Donna as well!!

  9. cairosyrup Says:

    Happy Halloween to you. Thank you for thinking of us, as we well remember the magic of Molly and McGee.

  10. Nora Gabler Jenn Says:

    Happy Halloween – I’m sure that Molly & McGee’s owlets have flown far and wide and are still helping to catch rodents :) Have a great day and please say hi to Donna!! Hugs from Couleedam :)

  11. Michele Says:

    I’ve made many life long friendships because of Molly and McGee…they will forever live on in my heart!

  12. Birgit Rhoads Says:

    Funny, I just sent someone a link to the YouTube video of the Mouse Escapes!!! Love the drawing, and a Happy Owlloween to all!!! I will never forget Molly and McGee. When I have something difficult to accomplish, I sing Wesley’s Lesson to myself…..

  13. Mary Ann Smith Says:

    Loved following Molly and McGee! Hope you and Donna are well. Happy Owlloween!!!!

  14. erindort Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing another great Vacadude cartoon. I think of you, Donna, Austin, Vacadude, Eric and all the great Molly watchers quite often. Imagine! So long ago, and still in my thoughts. Good memories, good times

  15. Lois Fusco Says:

    Thanks for your posts. Love Molly and McGee!

  16. zbergie Says:

    Happy HOwloween to you and Donna to, good to hear from you

  17. Sharon Says:

    And a good spooky Owlloween to you and Donna as well. Molly and Legs McGee forever in our hearts!

  18. Glenn Says:

    Happy Halloween again. I don’t know if the other one posted as I did not see it.

  19. Anne Ossentjuk Says:

    Happy Halloween Carlos & Donna. Thank you so much for the memories 💝Love, CrickInNeck.

  20. Gail G. Says:

    Happy Halloween, Carlos!

  21. JoAnn Spivey Says:

    Good to hear from you. I was just thinking about the owl box yesterday.What a fun time. Molly, McGee, Zorro, Tauntz et al.
    Wonderful experience. Thanks again for providing such a fun
    several months. JSl

  22. ELSA Says:


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  23. Buddy's Mom Says:

    Happy Olloween to all! I learned so much watching Molly and McGee! And still using my Molly mousepad!

  24. Donna Smith Says:

    please change my email address to

  25. Beverly G Slayden Says:

    Thanks for the memories!! i was just thinking about Molly and Magee this weekend. Planning on visiting a classroom and sharing the book and memories. Also found a bookmark and again, more sweet memories! I hope all is well with you and your family.

  26. Jo-Ann Giunti Says:

    Thank you. Loved seeing the owls and the mice!!!

  27. spragadoo Says:

    Another truly special drawing from Vacadude!! Thanks for the Owloween greating and all the M&M memories!

  28. John & Dorrie Says:

    Thank you so much! Thanks for the Owloween drawing from Vacadude. We sure do miss the Mollie and McGee shots from the owlbox!!! Happy Owloween!!!!

  29. Lynne Morrow Says:

    What a treat. So good to hear from you!!!!)

    Sent from my iPhone


  30. FinnWV Says:

    Happy Owloween to you all! Great cartoon from Vacadude and great memories of Molly & McGee and the owl box! Gee that was fun!

  31. Jes63 Says:

    Forgot to add that almost daily I see an owl in a store on something!
    Carlos, China was a bit slow in picking up on Molly, but the year after and on to this day, they are finally putting owls on everything! You have made them richer

  32. debbie Says:

    *raises mug of tea in salute*
    :D debbie/owlboxmagic

  33. Joyce Herron Says:

    Great to hear from you. I now live in the hills of TN after moving from Houston TX 4 years ago. We hear owls around us daily. My Molly and Magee book sits on our bookcase. Please let us hear from you more often.

  34. Treva L Roberts Says:

    Carlos & Donna just last evening was sharing with some friends about the Molly & McGee times, and because of it presented myself as an expert on Owls. In Oklahoma during October weather this year we jumped from extreme heat of summer to deep Winter which caught our wildlife off guard. My girlfriend was showing a picture of a stranded bird (which she called an Owl) of course with my experience as a Owl watcher – I corrected her that it was a Hawk. Thanks for the experiences with Molly & McGee, you and Donna are in my thoughts frequently, praying that the California wildfires will be contained soon.

    • carlosroyal Says:

      I am an Oklahoma boy! So I know how the weather can change. All the best and thank you for the comments. I think we all became experts watching the owls.

  35. sue watt Says:

    Perfect pic! Good hearing from you pray all is well.

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  36. Janet Says:

    Most fantastic loss of sleep of my life. I miss all of you and especially the Owlets. Thank you Carlos. Not on the blog as much, but my website is posted.

  37. Sue Steinke Says:

    I use to have building plans for a barn owl box and misplaced it. Is it possible to received those plans again?

  38. Jan Halstead Says:

    My computer has been down for several months so I am just now reading this. Always love any time you post on here.

  39. Kim Yarger Says:

    Not sure how many of you are still around!! I wanted to share an owl box in the city of Temecula. Winkler and Hootie. They have 8 eggs. One hatched just yesterday. It’s not mine, just wanting to share.


    • erindort Says:

      Thanks, Kim! Good to hear!
      And “hello” to everyone; I still have a warm spot in my heart for the good old Molly /McGee days…..the chat, watching and learning….I promoted my Molly-mug to desk pencil holder because the picture was fading. Take care.

  40. Colleen Smith Says:

    I also miss the Molly and McGee days and all their beautiful owlettes !! Hope all is well with you and everyone, Take Care, Colleen Smith (aka @dncrovlife).

  41. spragadoo Says:

    The link looks interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  42. erindort Says:

    Hello, Carlos and Donna…and all owl-friends.
    Hoping everyone is well; thinking of you all. God bless you.

    • Elizabeth Sprague Says:

      All is good here. I have survived cancer treatment and am cancer free!! Staying home and staying safe the same as I was doing a year ago only this time I am not dealing with chemo side effects. Watching Safaris alive and other cams to keep my mind happy. This to shall pass away and our lives will be normal again!!!

    • John & Dorrie Says:

      So glad you’re cancer free. Be safe and stay inside to avoid COVID-19. Blessing to you and all our owl friends, Dorrie & John

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