No Owls but Love Macadamia Nuts

January 6, 2016


Click on photo or here

This is just to give you an update since so many have been asking. We do not have any owls but we are getting lots of rain so if the food supply increases we might just see some owls either later in the year or next year. Only time will tell.

Donna and I are doing great and attended the 2015 International MOD Meet in Minneapolis this past year.  It was fantastic! Austin is working with the San Diego Airport making videos and graphic advertising designs, so over the holidays we thought we would have some fun and make a video for Macadamia Nut lovers.  I had ordered 17 lbs of in the shell macadamia nuts from Hawaii. The question was how do you crack them?

When I looked on the internet I couldn’t find an easy way or tool to crack a macadamia nut for less than about $100. The tool I recommend, you might already have in your garage or you can pick one up at most hardware stores for less than $15. I don’t want to take all the credit. My barber, Gary Favron, actually recommended it. If you like the video pass it on. Who knows, maybe we can get a million hits.

We wish everyone a Fun and Fantastic 2016!

Carlos, Donna and Austin

P.S. Let us know what you think of the video.

87 Responses to “No Owls but Love Macadamia Nuts”

  1. That is an ingenious solution to a tough problem! Enjoy your fresh macadamia nuts, and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016 to you, Donna & Austin and all of our MODs.

  2. Jeslyn (Jes63) Says:

    I have two of the trees. Easiest trees to grow with no care but one must wait for the nuts to drop. Can’t pick them.
    Then its a rush to see if I get them before the posseums or rats get them.
    I broke down and bought a nut cracker on a wooden box that you get on the Del Dios Highway across from the dam.
    Just a quick spot in the road that also collects the nuts from various small farmers. I think they also sell garden statues.
    Closer to you than where I live.
    Thank you for sending this out. Enjoyable and lovely hearing from you again.
    The nuts in warm chocolate chip cookies are the very best!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      The nut cracker you are talking about works great but costs close to $100 bucks but you can buy a ratcheting PVC pipe cutter at most hardware stores for under $15 dollars.

    • carlosroyal Says:

      You are right. It is best to leave the nuts until they fall on the ground, but I did not know that when we made the video. We just let the nuts we cut off the tree ripen up in the kitchen for a few days and the green outer shell just peeled off, but we did not cut any nuts off the tree until some had fallen on the ground. We also roasted some macadamia nuts in their shell in the oven for a couple of hours at low temperature around 220 degrees. They were good too. So we had fresh and roasted. Delicious!

  3. Jodimaher Says:

    I love this ! Great video and information !!! So wonderful to see you. I love the Macadamia nuts! Happy New year Royals ! Good video Austin!

  4. OhioCheryle / OC Says:

    Carlos, you never stop thinking of making something better, I am laughing here in Ohio.. Happy New Year to you and family.

  5. erindort Says:

    Wow, Carlos! Leave it up to you to get an easy answer for a difficult task. It’s genius.
    Also, give Austin an big “Hello”. We are so proud of him!

  6. debbie Says:

    Can you tell us where you ordered them from?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Yes, I ordered my macadamia nuts from Monika’s Mac Nuts located in Pahoa, Hawaii. but there are lots of place to order nuts in the shell if you look online. What I want to do is get some nuts from California, Hawaii and Australia and compare them.

  7. Sherry Boyle Says:

    What fun to see Carlos again…looking great! Hi to Donna and Austin.

    Looks like MOD (Molly Obsessive Disorder) has an added meaning: Macadamia Obsessive Disorder. 😉😄

  8. zbergie Says:

    Love to see you again Carlos!! Thanks for posting and we hope you get some owls this year.

  9. Charles Van Eeckhout Says:

    Good to hear from you as everything was quiet at your end. Enjoy this new year, may the Owls return, we miss then.

  10. Great to hear from you Carlos! And I learned something new! :) MOD for life!

  11. Darlene from Oregon Says:

    Loved your video Carlos! It’s always good to hear your voice! Happy New Year 2016 to you,Donna and your whole family!

  12. Chris in Olympia, WA Says:

    Thanks for the update. Great to hear from you!

    It was SO great to meet you at the International MOD Meet in Minneapolis. It was a great time, wasn’t it? :) The planners are hoping to have a regional one every year so many folks won’t have to travel so far. :)

  13. Cec Cheshier Says:

    Great video. So good to see you and hear your voice. Brings back such wonderful memories of the owl experience. Happy
    New Year to you and yours.

  14. Judy Ellington Says:

    Great video Carlos! So good to see you again! Just wondering, what good one of these nuts would be to a possum or rat? Could they actually chew thru the shell? Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  15. You are just to funny! And practical too!!! Good to hear from you… You are still welcome up here! Happy 2016! Hugz to you both!!!

  16. Linda Says:

    Carlos, thanks for the video. I love macadamia nuts also. Have a GOOD year you and your family. Still enjoy Molly and McGEE every day. I have a large picture of the two of them framed above the computer on the wall. Also a mouse pad of the kids… And the aprons I wear often. Friends always ask, where did I get these items. I have owls surrounding me in the house in every room. Always loved owls and wildlife as a whole. Thanks again for the years of great service you did for the owls and for mankind. God bless you…

    Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 21:35:08 +0000 To:

  17. char barton Says:

    Can’t ever thank you guys enough for sharing Molly and McGee with us. Still see some of the faces and names on Facebook. It would be great to get together here in San Diego County sometime in the spring or early summer! Some face to face time!

  18. Yes, leave it to Carlos to solve the problem !!!!!!!!

  19. astridj Says:

    A Wonderful, Peaceful,Healthy New Year to you All. Miss hearing from you. Love Astrid

  20. Great video Carlos. Wishing you and Donna a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2016.
    Best wishes, Tea

  21. janie2 Says:

    Sending good wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you, Donna, and Austin. Miss all of you.

  22. Well sounds good but I try to buy nuts as if they are expensive I don’t eat as many which helps my waste line a little.

  23. Buddy's Mom (Michelle) Says:

    So good to see you again, Carlos, and thanks for the great video! I still have many happy memories of the Molly & MCgee days! A very happy new year to you and Donna.

  24. Janice Kaltenbach Says:

    Love the video, Carlos!! Clever solution. But I think I will continue to buy them already shelled. You are far more patient than I. LOL!!!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      What I like the best is the freshness of when you crack a Macadamia in the shell. Especially, if you can get them just as they fall off the trees. The season in Hawaii is July to December. So if you want freshness, order between those dates.

  25. Pat (herpnut) Says:

    The video is super! I am looking forward to trying the technique out. Happy New Year !

  26. Napaelle Says:

    Hello Carlos,
    Good to hear from you and recognized your home in the nut video which was great!
    Happy New Year 2016 to you and Donna and Austin!
    Think of our Owls so often and all your efforts of education and photographs and Videos and songs and products and others you have brought to us. . I’m a MOD for life!

  27. Jo-Ann G. Says:

    Hello Carlos… so nice to hear from you and I loved your nut video. And a very happy healthy prosperous New Years to you, Donna and Austin.. And all of the Mods too… Now the nut video was rather clever but it sure would be a lot of work… but, you should always eat slowly so cracking them one at a time would definitely help. So wonderful to hear from you and the update on the owls… So glad you are keeping in tough with us..

  28. Jo-Ann G. Says:

    I meant touch not tough… but then again it has been tough not being in contact with all the mod’s

  29. Cindy Says:

    Loved the video – enjoy your Macadamia nuts! :)

  30. CAequuslvr Says:

    What fun. Glad to see you’re back in action, Carlos. Sounds like Austin is doing well. Hello! to Donna.
    I am looking forward to the next “how-to” demonstration.
    To all of those MODS out there. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  31. Kathie Says:

    Fabulous idea, Carlos! Yummm, love all sorts of nuts so I can’t wait to try this out. May 2016 be a fantastic year for you, Donna, Austin and the family. Miss you all!

  32. kitty martenson Says:

    good to see you Carlos. You are still adorable. Who was your photographer? It couldn’t be Austin. It had to be Donna. good job Donna. thank you for the info on macadamia nuts. the 90 year old I take care of love them. we may be ordering some soon from Hawaii. her husband owned many tools in his garage. again good to see you.
    kitty Fairfield California

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Yes, it was Austin with Donna working from the director’s chair. We had a lot of fun making the video.

  33. Sally Edge aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Okay – so you were the “spokesman” and Austin was the “producer/director/cameraman” – but where was Donna??? Love you guys! Miss you!

  34. Tina Pohlman - eyzrbrn Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna.

    I just looked at our home page he other day wondering how you were. With this rain, you might get owls sooner than you think. Remember, what brought Molly & McGee in. :)

    Love macadamia nuts. Bugger to crack. I just use a nut cracker and a picker. If I get lucky, I get most it and if I don’t, the bird do after I pick and chew off what I can. Yes, I share. I hate the bitter ones. But if you have a tool that cheap to crack them, please share. Hammer is seeming good or dremmel. HA!

    So happy Austin is doing do well.

    Get your grey water buckets out to collect the rain water. :) Feast or Famine. Just hope it doesn’t get too flood like.

    As always, great hearing from you!

    Tina from WI

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Watch the video. You can buy a Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter for less than $15 bucks and it will cut through a Macadamia nut like butter. We have the buckets out as it is still raining and we need it.

      • Tammie Says:

        Hi Carlos – Happy New Year!!! The Nut Video – you are a cool, funny, guy! Much fun to watch and I was a part of it! I love Macadamia nuts! Good to see you always! Tell Donna “Hello”. Sunshine 42 aka

  35. Karin Blaschik Says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing Carlos!!!!

  36. Helen Erickson Says:

    Good to hear from you!  Regarding the macadamia nuts… I’ll send them to you to crack!   You have the system down!   Just kidding around! 

  37. Says:

    Good job, thoroughly enjoyed the humor in the video.

  38. Nancy Anthony aka Homedaleteach Says:

    Loved the video. I once worked for a man who also bought macadamia nuts. He sent them to customers at Christmas along with the cracking tool. I can’t believe they are $100 now.
    Are you going to try a career in YouTube videos now? Did Austin do this one?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Yes, most of the macadamia nut cracker cost around $100 but you can buy a ratcheting pvc pipe cutter at most hardware stores for under $15 dollars. Yes, Austin did the video, but no I am not looking for a career. We just did it for fun and to share the idea of using a ratcheting pvc pipe cutter as a macadamia nut cracker. It really works and it is easy. If you have ever tried to crack a mac without a special nut cracker then you know what I am talking about. Macadamia nuts are hard to crack!

  39. monkie Says:

    What a great surprise to hear from you Carlos… Have missed you!!! Thanks for the advise on the nuts, I will have a go at this one.. Happy 2016 to you and your family… Hugz!!

  40. Jan Halstead Says:

    This made my day. So good to see you again and to know the latest on Austin. God bless you and yours in 2016.

  41. Linda Stauffer Says:

    Hi Carlos, great to see you again. A big hello to Donna and Austin as well. Enjoyed seeing you on the video. I love macadamia nuts. I miss the owls and seeing all of you. We have owls around our back yard almost every year in January/February. We are now watching the bald eagles here in Pennsylvania via the Pa Game Commission website. Last year they had two little ones we watched grow up. This year they have placed two cameras on the nest. One is an overhead view with night vision. They should be laying eggs sometime this month. Go to to check it out.

    Happy 2016 to all of you,
    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

  42. Fabulous video! I absolutely loved meeting you and Donna at the International MOD Meet! That was fun and we were a part of it! I loved the video Carlos, Austin did a really good job of editing. I hope you do get a million hits! Happy New Year from KathrynR aka KR Big Fish!

  43. Carol Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin loved the video. So good to hear from you. I still get excited when I get to tell someone about you and Molly. Thank you again for that great experience. Wish you and your family the best new year ever.

  44. Moonbird Says:

    Thanks for the great video and instruction for cracking macadamia nuts. I’ve used the vice attached to my workbench that does the trick too, although I have to use it in the garage instead of the kitchen!

  45. lilbirdz Says:

    Carlos, you crack me up (pun intended). On the Service Dog Project site, Carlene sometimes does a “Nutty Professor” segment, and your video gave me the same kinds of chuckles. It’s always wonderful to see how you are continuing to enjoy life and be the consummate problem solver. I’m impressed with Austin’s job but not surprised at his successes, including this video. I did not see any Molly and McGee items on my first viewing, so I’ll have to watch again. I love macadamia nuts as a special treat, but we are downsizing and getting rid of tools these days. It was also wonderful to see so many familiar names. Let the rain grow the grasses for the rodentia to hide in and for the owls to hunt in the night! Warm regards to you and Donna,

  46. Judy Sackson Says:

    So glad to get the update! I can see you are busy with your new nut project, great video! Can’t wait to let friends and family know what a great way to shell macadamia nuts!
    Hope all is well with the Royal family and all the MODs!
    Have a happy healthy 2016, all of you!

  47. Kim Gorman Says:

    Carlos, you are a natural as a spokesman! Looking fine and healthy, too. Great to see your kitchen again, since the last time was the farewell show, which still makes me teary. And Austin, great production! Informative and entertaining.

  48. lilbirdz Says:

    Carlos, what do you think of IBM buying Ustream? I remember so fondly the trip that you and Donna took to San Francisco to tour their headquarters. You had Donna filming your walk on the streets of SF. I also remember that they named one of their conference rooms The Owl Box. You were part of their growth in the video streaming industry. I also smile when I remember the videos that you and Austin streamed from a nearby park. There were deer, lots of birds, and you found a barn owl nest in a tree! Through the magic of Ustream we were all in the park with you. I really regret that I didn’t attend the picnics, especially the one were you received a beautifully silk-screened shirt with the owl box, Molly, McGee, their owlets, and mice, bunnies and even Dudley in light gray! I wonder if there will be that much fun again on Ustream/IBM?

  49. Lisa Anne Burns Says:

    Wonderful! Thank you!’n

  50. Muttsfan Says:

    So nice to hear you are all well. My Grandfather grew Black Walnut trees, and they also have extremely hard shells. His solution was to use his shop vise, but I think he would love to have tried your trick.

  51. Joly Says:

    Nice to see and hear you again, Carlos. Very cleverly done video, no surprise there. Thanks for the info. Owl Box has been coming into my mind lately, so nice to find that you have posted – and that the group is still basically together, just not as frequently. Still the good spirit. Glad to hear you are all h&h – happy and healthy. Hi, everyone.

  52. Joly Says:

    Uh oh, I just watched and got really, really “homesick”. We had so much fun & it was so fascinating. My previous reply did not post. Hope this one does.

  53. Joly Says:

    Wonderful to see and hear you again, Carlos. I tried posting 2x, hope #3 works. Cleverly done video & clever solution, no surprise. Thanks for the info. Owl Box has been coming into my mind, glad to find you have posted, & group still together even if not as frequently. And grateful you Donna Austin h&h – happy & healthy. C’mon, owls! Uh oh, I viewed this and got really, really “homesick”. We had so much fun, and it was/is so fascinating.

  54. BJ Says:

    Thanks so much for the video, Carlos. Took me on a journey to learn more about these delicious nuts. I buy them shelled and salted but will be looking into how to purchase them to shell myself. Soooo good to see you again.

  55. Cindy Robin Says:

    Hi, Carlos. There’s a pair of seagulls that nest at our building at UCSD. Last year they had 4 babies, this year 3. We don’t get the minute-by-minute we got with Molly, but we get some fun glimpses. Last year the young ones (almost as big as the parents by then) toddled around our grassy area, and took naps any old place. Then there was some commotion with crows over some peanuts. I got some good photos. The new ones are just peeking over the ledge of the 3-story elevator tower. So fun. Anyway, it made me think of you, so I checked in here. I might have to try the macadamia nut trick – I prefer them raw, and straight from the shell sounds great.

  56. Joly2u Says:

    I think it’s time for this again! Vote Molly!

    • erindort Says:

      I couldn’t agree more. My goodness, it doesn’t seem like it has been that long ago! Great memories. Vote Molly

      • janie2 Says:

        I miss Molly and McGee, but I really miss Carlos. We had so much fun.

      • CAequuslvr Says:

        Such fond, fond memories. Always wonderful to think of those days and all the MODS.

        Keep well everybody,

      • kitty martenson Says:

        Quite a few gr8 memories….tuff to explain to others….you had to experiance it….twas a fabulous experiance when all the NET problems were going on. This mating;feeding;growing up with the baby owls was something I would love to re-do.
        Thanks mucho for the good times Carlos and Donna.

        Kitty aka Toppsy

  57. monkie Says:

    Always great to see some familiar chatters leaving messages, miss you all and the owls, and yes miss Carlos and Donna also…Always will have our memories… Hugz to all!!

  58. Joly2u Says:

    Yes,I have found it impossible to explain. The whole point was what we discovered progressively by constant watching – it even contradicted things long taught. Astounding and captivating, I feel so sorry for people who will never realize the wonderment all around them that they do not have eyes to see. But that was us, before Carlos enabled us to see. He and Donna were extraordinary to recognize, allow, and enable a virtual miracle of experience. Most people would not have been wise enough to recognize what was happening, or to appreciate it. Wish I could tell them the volumes of admiration I have. Maybe they’ll check in once in awhile. Life goes on, but that doesn’t mean we value this experience less. The other parts were, as you said, Carlos made it special. His personality enthusiasm and gifts, and on the other hand, by providing the “playground” for the birds, which was a platform for turning their lives into a movie. And the 3rd part that made it special was the community. I’m glad there are a few of us who still post once in awhle.

    • janie2 Says:

      The angel in that story was Donna. She gave up a lot for us to be able to enjoy the owls and owlets. We didn’t tell her enough that we appreciated her.

      • erindort Says:

        I have thought of that, too, Janie. Can you imagine having cables strung every where for all those months? wow. THANKS Donna, you are the greatest!!

  59. Cindy Robin Says:

    Hi, Everyone. I have some Molly items up for grabs – 2 tiles and a photo – all brand new. I’m in San Diego. If you’re outside of San Diego, I can send them for the cost of mailing. Thanks.

  60. colleenmp Says:

    Now that is a very simple way to open them! I’ve used a work bench vise to open them but will now try those ratchet cutters. Thanks Carlos!

  61. gisele albrecht Says:

    Hello! Do you know where I can purchase the Molly DVD? thanks!

  62. erindort Says:

    You are very welcome, Gisele. It’s a little treasure! Glad Austin still has some.

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