Join The Fun, There is more to life than sitting home

July 26, 2015

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The 2015 International MOD Meet is now less than two months away (Sept. 18-20). Donna and I will be attending. Then we plan to visit North Dakota, the least visited of all the States. Ask yourself, “Have you ever been to North Dakota?”  Many will answer yes, I visited Mt. Rushmore, but they are wrong. Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota, so is Sturgis and Deadwood. Two fun places to visit if you want to turn the International MOD Meet into a longer trip.  So what’s in North Dakota? Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Medora, where they have a great outdoor reenactment theater. Then there is Willston, if you want see an oil boom/bust town. It can be scary wild during boom times and ghostly during bust times.  Finally, to get in a little fishing and relaxing, there is Lake Sakakawea, which has some of the best pike fishing, just another secret of North Dakota.  See you at the International MOD Meet, bring your fishing pole. There are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota; officially there are 11,842 lakes.


Check the flights, scan the train schedules, book your hotel suite and join us for this fabulous event!

Here are the links for the MOD Meet related sites and merchandise:

For all the meet information, registration, airfare, train, hotel and discounts, go to:

To purchase MODs tshirts, go to:

To purchase an “I need coffee…” mug:

For The MODs Foundation, and to make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation, go to:

Time is going quickly and the hotel discount expires soon, so make your plans now to join us for a fun and fabulous weekend.

10 Responses to “Join The Fun, There is more to life than sitting home”

  1. Chris in Olympia WA aka cbbrunner Says:

    Yay!! So looking forward to it. :)

  2. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    I am so excited to be attending this wonderful event!! Carlos and Donna..It is awesome that you are going to be there as well. Just think, this all started because of Molly & McGee. It is all fun and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Carlos, make time for the Ronald Regan Minute Man Missle Site. You can tour the facility and go down inside the launch area. It’s in the middle of nowhere but worth the trip. And don’t forget the Badlands!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Thanks, I will definately check out the Ronald Regan Minute Man Missle Site. I worked on the first guided missle system for the Navy back in the early 60’s. As for the Badlands: The Lakota people were the first to call this place “mako sica” or “land bad.” Extreme temperatures, lack of water, and the exposed rugged terrain led to this name. In the early 1900’s, French-Canadian fur trappers called it “les mauvais terres pour traverse,” or “bad lands to travel through.” And to think as a kid, I thought the Badlands were named Badlands because bad people like outlaws lived there. I had a good imagination.

  4. YTQ Says:

    It’s just amazing how this love of Molly and McGee lingers. We all love the Royals, and now look what CAR has gone and accomplished. I so wish I could go, but it’s not to be. I know the ones who do go, will have another memory about out beloved owls.

  5. Carlynne Allbee Says:

    I won’t be able to attend, but am living vicariously through the posts by everyone. So glad you (Carlos and Donna) will be able to go. You cannot believe how much that means to folks.

    Say hi to Austin for me.

  6. I’m hoping to attend the MOD Meet and then travel north to visit a friend who lives on the shore of one of those 11,842 lakes – though only during the warmer months!

  7. Sally Edge aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    I would love, love, love to go, but unfortunately, I used up all my time off to deal with my Mom’s passing a few months ago. You all have a great time and have fun for those of us who cannot make it! Maybe next time! <3

  8. Judy Sackson Says:

    So sorry I will not be able to make it! Too many people off at my work in Sept. I look forward to all the postings and reports
    on what a special time it is. A wonderful way to celebrate Molly and McGee!

  9. CAequuslvr Says:

    I too will live vicariously through those lucky people who will be attending the MOD Meet. I am sure it will be a wonderful time for all. Please post lots of photos for us to enjoy.

    M&M forever!

    My best to all,

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