Sneak Peek of Austin’s Latest Project

May 12, 2014

Austin Faure Biplane Lipstick Surf

3D Animated scene without textures or lighting

austin faure biplane Lipstick Surf Co

Final composite of footage and 3D Biplane animation

Hi everyone just wanted to say thanks again for all of your continued support and thought I would give you a sneak peek of something I’m working on! I couldn’t have gotten here without you guys.

I started this project a couple of months ago during a Lighting and Rendering Class and have continued working on it into my Sound Design Class. The process included:

1. Coming up with a concept

2. Creating a storyboard

3. Filming the opening scene with an aerial video Quadrocopter

4. Tracking the footage and re-creating the environment in 3D space

5. Creating the biplane and banner attempting to match the environment’s lighting and physics along with matching the cameras depth of field and motion blur. This was the most time consuming part and took about 30 hours.

6. Using google maps I put together some images to animate the blast off scene

7. Created the earth, moon and stars and attempted to simulate lighting based on photos taken by astronauts for the final sequence flying to the moon.

8. Took all the finalized clips and put them together in order then refined color and added final effects

9. The final step was adding sound using a sound effects library and placing in the song “5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale,” to tie it all together!


Lipstick Surf Co is a company a couple of my lifelong friends and I launched about a month ago based out of Carlsbad California. We provide surfers with out of this world fruit loops scented surf wax, shirts, hats, jackets and will soon be making surf leashes, traction pads and surf boards! We currently sell our products in local surf shops and on our new website at Our goal is to take it to the moon!

Thanks for all the great advice!! I’ve been reading all of the comments as they come in.

Austin Faure

19 Responses to “Sneak Peek of Austin’s Latest Project”

  1. Tammie Franklin Says:

    Hi Austin!!! Congratulations! What a fantastic accomplishment… My boss used to say “Attitude is Everything” and it is.. and now he uses “Go forth and do great things” – thi sman lives by these..he is a wonderful boss to have! Take Care and please continue to share your accomplishments with us Molly fans!!! Tammie – Molly Watcher: Sunshine41

  2. Congratulations Austin. So proud of all your accomplishments thus far. I know we will hear of many more as the years go by. Molly and McGee fans will never forget those wonderful years with you and your grandparents. Best wishes, Teatime

  3. CAequuslvr Says:

    Austin, this looks so very interesting. I am sure that this is something to which Vacadude can relate. Do you ever talk with him?

    I did a quick look of the Lipstick Surf site–I like the idea of Fruit Loops scented surf wax.

    Please keep us informed about your future entrepreneurial happenings.

  4. erindort Says:

    What a great video; professional in every way!

    I remember how exciting we all were when you and Grandpa live streamed some wildlife for us from the open meadow. That seems like ages ago! Thanks again for giving us your time and talent. I wish you the very best of luck with your company; it sounds fantastic. (going to check out the site now)


  5. Lee, Carlsbad Says:

    Just explored your site Austin. WOW! Will Lipstick Surf Wax be successful? Yes, with the positive, powerful, go-for-it energy going and with you bright, young entrepreneurs creating it….there’s ‘no doubt’ about it. Congratulations and best wishes for you all… on a great beginning! I’ll be watching you ~ L.

  6. Wendy Morgan Says:


    Don’t think you need any advice from us oldsters.
    Wishing you much success with this company.

  7. That’s wonderful Austin!!! So glad you received a good college education. Sounds like you’re doing some great and fun work. Impressive. God bless you and your future!

  8. Do I hear Hollywood calling? Austin has such imagination and talent. He will go far!

    Janie aka janie2

  9. Fairygram Says:

    Congratulations Austin! You have just cleared a big hurdle with high marks to prove yourself. I was going to say, “don’t wait for your ship to come in; swim out to meet it.” But you are already swimming. You have a head-start… look forward to following you in making your mark on the world!

  10. Jeslyn (Jes63) Says:

    Aww, I recognize the tower up the coast. There is a blue/orange bi-wing plane that gives tours of the coast line.
    Trouble is they fly too low over my house on Mt. Soledad.

    Good luck with your future products. I sure do not have the patience you have to put all those items in the school project.
    More power to you to have that focus!

  11. Anewday Says:

    WAY cool Austin . . .You got some talent there.
    Keep up the great ideas. Best wishes with your business.


  12. Sally L Dausch (sldausch) Says:

    you have studied long and well; amazing detail achieved, may the force be with you and your friends on you adventure; young people making products for other young people to use thumbs up and good luck :)

  13. Jan Halstead Says:

    Beautiful work Austin.

  14. Judy Sackson Says:

    No wonder you got a 4.0! Great work! The new website sounds great, will have to check it out! Now is the time to try all new things…

  15. Angela Sego Says:

    Bravo! Great ideas all around!


  16. debbie Says:

    totally cool! awesome intro for your logo!i am always amazed at the computer magic you imagineers can work…it boggles the mind. :D bet it is fun tho.
    can you make the mods a molly and mcgee game? we can choose to be molly or mcgee, fly around, catch prey (different pts for diff prey) and bring it back to the owl box for max, pattison, austin and wesley, stop at the porch to wave hi to carlos and donna, chase tauntz around the yard (but never catch him! ;D ).
    just something small…you know….in your spare time. ;)

    heee….it would be fun! :D
    enjoy the day, austin…you brainiac, you!


  17. Austin, you are so lucky to have found your forte at such a young age! We wish you you tons of success in this field where so few are really talented.

  18. Darlene Says:


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