Wishes for the World

December 21, 2012



Owls at dusk

Owls created by 3rd and 4th graders

Owls before dusk

Light and Life


Wishes for the World

On this day of the winter solstice, children and teachers at The Mead School in Stamford, Connecticut send out to the world wishes for light and life, peacefulness and unity.  Mead School children were the voices on the very first Molly Song.

Third and fourth graders at Mead created these owl lamps to send light out into the world, and now honor the twenty beautiful children and six dedicated educators who lost their lives at Sandy Hook School in neighboring Newtown, CT, in a senseless act of violence one week ago – December 14th, 2012.

May their spirits soar, like our beloved owls.

This was sent to us by Barbara Allen, creator of the Molly Songs. She is an elementary school teacher at Mead School in Stamford, Connecticut.

One lesson we learned from The Owl Box.  Even in tragedy life goes on.


“Dear Carlos:

 Attached are two photos and a little write-up to post. Thank you so much for doing this on our behalf as we wish light and life to our owl friends across the world. 
Today at 9:30 am, bells will toll 26 times all over CT, NY and NJ to honor the lost lives of teachers and children.
Maybe you can think of us then!
Best to you,


Donna and I celebrated 51 years together yesterday. I took her out to dinner at Donavon’s, in La Jolla, California. It was a wow experience. I let them know we would be celebrating our 51st Wedding Anniversary and they did the rest. What I thought was really cool was they let all the staff know, not just the hostess, so everyone congratulated us from manager to busboy, plus the food was exceptional.  We had filet mignon and they surprised us with an after dinner desert of crème brulee served with two champagne cocktails. It was our first time there and I am sure we will be going back. To show Donna just how special she is to me, I surprised her with a kaleidoscope key pendant from Tiffany’s. We had agreed not to get anything this year, (I mean we have been married over 50 years), so it was really a surprise.  We will be off later this year to Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai, and Dubai.

We do not have any cameras up but I did see two owls in the backyard the other night. It was too dark to see if one of them was Molly. The Owl Box continues to remains empty at this time.

We have been very blessed and we wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

All the best,


Carlos, Donna and Austin

P.S. Austin just finished another business class in accounting; this is in addition to his regular classes in multimedia at Platt College. He has started picking up freelance jobs in web design and promotional videos. He continues with his goal of paying for his college tuition himself.


67 Responses to “Wishes for the World”

  1. Bethie Says:

    All the best to Carlos, Donna, Austin, and the rest of their family, the Owl families and all.

    A safe and Happy Holiday to all,


  2. Nancy themauimom Says:

    Happy Anniversary to both you and Donna. What a special celebration. Have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with wonderful memories.

  3. Michelle Says:

    What a delight to hear from you. Glad to see travels are in your future, and we hope they are safe ones. God Bless you and your family including the owls. We think of Molly & McGee often and still proudly display the “Molly Watcher” sign in our backyard. Have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

    Michelle & Bill Shedoudy

  4. Sue Couch Says:

    These owl lamps are “owl-some”! I just thought yesterday that you hadn’t posted anything in awhile. Congratulations to you and Donna! Your anniversary meal experience sounds scrumptious.

    I hope you’ll treat us with some photos of your extended travel adventure. Good to hear Austin is doing so well and getting a lot of great experience. Surely one of those owls you saw was Molly.

    I’m enjoying the Molly and McGee Christmas ornament as part of my traditional tree decorations. Makes me remember what fun times we had together at the Owl Box with all the MODS and all those gorgeous owls.

    All good wishes for peace, joy and grace this season and I’m inviting everyone to “Make a fabulous scene in 2013!”

  5. Sarah Lehl Says:

    Dearest Carlos, Donna. Austin and our Love Molly. I wish you the very best this year, it sounds like you are going to have lots of fun! Congratulations on your Anniversary :) My Husband and I have been married 13 years and celebrated a couple of days ago. It wasn’t as fancy (we both had the flu!), but it was full of love.
    The pictures Barbara sent are glorious. What a perfect way to symbolize the loss and hope for the people of the world. Ahh, Owls are magical that way…
    With love, Sarah

  6. Judy Ambrose Says:


    What a beautiful sentiment from Barbara Allen in Mead, Ct.. I remember her kids and their beautiful songs. What a blessing. Exactly what this time of year is all about and as always ~~ your and Donna never cease to amaze me. The two of you are a perfect example of the American Dream. I’ll be praying for the entire Molly Family this Christmas. Love to all!!!


  7. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping in contact with us. I still enjoy all your updates. Have a wonderful Christmas, New Years and a fantastic trip… please keep in touch always… Jo-Ann

  8. Barb Says:

    Christmas Blessings Carlos, Donna and to your families. Again many many thanks for all the endless hours of enjoyment, threw laughter and tears you have given us with the adventures of M&M and their families. I’ll always appreciate all the time and effort involved with showing all of us the wonderful world of Molly and Mc Gee. Thanks to the 3 of you for making this happen for all the world to view too. Also thanks for the updates on yours and Donna adventures because we feel somewhat like your extended family. Blessings to all the M&M family too.

  9. morgan stewart Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    A very Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Maybe next month the Owl Box will have new tenants, who knows…
    When you get to Dubai please say ‘Hi’ to the QE 2 for me, I miss her so much and the new Cunard ships just can’t compare (not that that keeps me from cruising on them, however).

  10. Kathie Utt Says:

    Congratulations Carols & Donna on your 51st anniversary! I wish you both health & happiness in the coming new year.
    The owl display that Barbara Allen has shared with you (and us) sent chills down my spine – what a fitting tribute to 26 beautiful lives lost. It is always a pleasure hearing from you!
    Merry Christmas!!

  11. June Schafer Says:

    Congratulations on 51 years! What a neat restaurant you went to to celebrate. I wish you safe travels and loads of fun on you upcoming trip. Enjoy!! Love hearing that Austin is doing so well but really, I knew he would!! Merry Christmas to you all and the best of the best in 2013!
    Oh, and let us know if you figure out if Molly is one of the owls you are seeing. Could be some of the offspring!!!

  12. Nancy Trescott Says:

    God Bless both of you and congratulations on your 51 years together. i miss molly but i look at Max everyday on my computer. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. erindort Says:

    The owl lamps are a beautiful and touching tribute. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing that. It is very thoughtful of you to find a constructive, helpful way for your students to express themselves.

    Carlos and Donna, many happy more years to you! It is always good to hear from you.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  14. OC Says:

    First , I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and the best 2013 ever !!! Many thanks to Barbara for sending all the love to us through her photographs . Austin,, you are doing fantastic, so very proud of you !!

    Congratulations on 51 years !! . Hey Donna, does Carlos have a twin out there? LOL,, Hey Carlos, does Donna have a twin ? hehe !! You two were meant for each other !!! Just like Molly and McGee,, a one time experience :)

    Don’t forget to send pictures from your travels back home to your Owl Family ,, have a fantastic time.

    Love to all ,, Cheryle / OC

  15. Cindy Says:

    Beautiful – all of it! And congratulations!

  16. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    WOW now thats some traveling!!! Be safe and make sure you post pix!!! we want to see!!!!!! God Bless those little babies that were so brutally murdered at Sandy Hook Ele. School. And God give their families peace & comfort this time of the year that is supposed to be the Happiest time. God Bless them and God Bless you Carlos & Donna and all my Owl Friends/Family. As us Hawaiian’s say Mele Kalikimaka & Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou,

  17. FloridaSkye Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for sharing such wonderful things with us. Congratulations to you and Donna on your 51st anniversary. I hope you have safe and wonderful travels next year. Austin continues to be inspiring and inspired. Merry Christmas to you and to all my owly friends.

    Love, FloridaSkye

  18. Marcia Morrison Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I can tell the light is still in your eyes for each other, and that’s so wonderful. I wish you the very best in the year to come, many amazing adventures, and hopefully a few owls also here and there.

    Thanks for sharing your happenings with all of us.

    love, Marcia Morrison
    in Salem, Massachusetts

  19. Donna, from CT. Says:

    Wonderful to hear from you and happy 51yrs together! I remember the kids from Mead school, what a wonderful thing for them to do. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and safe travels, send some pics! We all have to come together to make our world safe for the children.

  20. Linda Greene Says:

    Sending best wishes for the Holidays. Looking forward to pictures of your travels. Thanks for the update on the Owlbox.
    Congratulations ob your Wedding Anniversary. ldgreene123

  21. Sherry Kelly Says:

    My heart goes out to all those who have lost precious loved ones. On the other hand, congrats on the anniversary. (Don & I just celebrated our 50th.) Best wishes to you, Donna, and all your family. http://sherrykelly.tateauthor.com

  22. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    What beautiful owl lamps were created by the children at The Mead School! How thoughtful of the children to send light into the world and honor the precious souls lost at Sandy Hook. I often listen to Barbara Allen’s wonderful Molly songs and I’m sure she continues to enrich and inspire her students. Thank you for posting the pictures and her comments!
    Congratulations to you and Donna for another precious year together! Your celebration dinner sounded just lovely. What an amazing trip you are going to experience…have the time of your life!
    More success for Austin, how grand! Owls in the backyard is good news, perhaps you’ll get new tenants!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both, Austin and your family. I wish you all much happiness!
    Love to you,
    Holly Sue

  23. Sherry Says:

    Congratulations to Carlos and Donna on their 51st anniversary. That is such wonderful news! (Post a pic of the gift…girls always want to see the jewelry. ;) ) Have a ball at all the next stops in your travels!

    And what a beautiful tribute to the children and staff at Sandy Cook. Kudos, Barbara, to you and your kids.

    This holiday carries the burden of grief for us all. Sadness fills the air. But my spirit is lifted and I can’t stop a smile as I read Carlos’ email. A lovely reminder of Molly days is a great tonic for what ails me…albeit momentarily so.

    I send holiday wishes to all my MOD friends. I’m wishing you all a fantastic holiday and a happy and healthy new year…filled with inspirations that stir your passions, laughs that make your belly ache, and wonderful moments that take your breath away.

    With love and gratitude to you all,

    Sherry (aka flukestail)

  24. Barbara Cobb Says:

    Congratulations on your 51st! This email was so touching seeing the little owls these children created. It truly is a light after such a dark week. Best wishes to Carlos and Donna and theirs for a happy, healthy new year. I’m also hoping you get owl tenants soon!
    With love to you both, and all mods,
    Escondido, CA

  25. Calliopekid Says:

    Thank you so much Carlos. It is always such a pleasure to hear from you and I love the owl lights from Barbara’s school.
    Congratulations on yours and Donna’s 51 anniversary. And I always love to hear about Austin.
    I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy,
    prosperous New Year.
    Thanks again,
    Calliopekid (Martha)

  26. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Happy Anniversary Carlos and Donna.. you are so fortunate to have each other all of these years.. It is an early Christmas present to hear that there some owls back in the Royals’ back yard. Merry Christmas to all.. Joan

  27. Rita E Says:

    Congratulations on 51 years! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Can’t wait to see your pictures from Mumbai – should be very colorful.

  28. Torri Cable Says:

    Happy Holidays and congratulations on 51 years together- you two are an inspiration. The owl lights are marvelous and what a wonderful way to honor those who were taken from us much too soon.
    I’ve been to Dubai- it was hotter than anything I’ve ever experienced… just sayin’.
    May all of us come together in peace and have a great 2013.

  29. Francie Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin. I’ve never been associated with such a wide-spread event that has touched so many people who still remain linked. I look forward to updates and happenings and thank you for them. I guess my viewing of Molly and McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley made such an impact on my friends that now I get owl gifts which I love dearly. God’s blessings on everyone

  30. sldausch Says:

    here is to another 51 years, (if that is possible), together, if anyone can do it I’m betting on you two. May the Guardian Angel be with you on your travels and may you have the most wonderful Christmas ever, thanks for all you two have done :) <3

  31. Cathy Says:

    Happy Anniversary and a very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to your posts from all your travels this coming year. You and Donna are so very special to all of your followers :-)
    Bless you both.

  32. zbergie Says:

    Happy Anniversary Carlos and Donna.Hopefully It’s Molly and maybe her new mate if it is her wiil pick The Owl Box for her to next again.

  33. zbergie Says:

    Oops! if it is Molly is what I wanted to say.

  34. char Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna, Thank you so much for keepin us in touch. YOu both hold a very warm place in all the MODS hearts! It is so good to see all is going so well for you and your grandson. I wish you all the blessings and the very best. God Bless

  35. Monkie Says:

    What a nice surprise to hear from you!! Congratulations on your 51 years of bliss, and many more to you both. Great to hear that you saw two owls in your back yard. Oh how i hope it might be Molly, what a treat that would be, and a great Christmas present for you too… Happy Holidays to you and your family, and enjoy your travels…

  36. Angela Sego Says:

    Hi Carlos! So glad to hear you have owls. Merry Christmas and Safe travels! Angela


  37. twoclubs jane Says:

    A lovely tribute from Barbara for the children and teachers. Thank you for sharing that Carlos.

    I wish you and Donna a very Merry Christmas and a joyful trip. Congratulations to both of you for 51 Years Together!! And what a lovely dining experience.

    God Bless.

  38. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos & Donna, what a special way to celebrate 51 years together. No better way to end a meal than with creme brulé & champagne & jewelry from Tiffany, nice–we always knew Carlos had excellent taste–after all he married Donna.
    Austin–so glad to hear that you are continuing to excell.
    To Barbara who continues to inspire children–thank-you.

    Here is my Christmas card to all those wonderful ever special MODS.

    May 2013 bring to you all good health, happiness and love.

    • twoclubs jane Says:

      Merry Christmas to you dear CAequuslvr! That card is just beautiful. God Bless All! and Peace Everywhere.

    • Sherry Says:

      CA, what a lovely card. Reminded me of all of us looking at images of the owls perched in the palm tree in Carlos’ neighbor’s yard. Hope you have a wonderful holiday…thanks for thinking of all of us MODS.

  39. flukestail Says:


    Forgot to sign my screen name…it’s flukestail!

  40. Sharry Says:

    Thank you for continuing to share such great things happening in your lives and giving us hope for Molly returning to her box, or one of her offspring would be wonderful. Wishing you safe travels and wonderful holidays to you and all MODS.

  41. Deborah Says:

    Carlos. Can you prepare a 2013 owl calendar. It was very sad to not have another year of owls over my desk. I’m sure you have some great shots unpublished. Like the babies’ face down after a full belly, etc

  42. Linda Stauffer Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your life and of course the owl box. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you had a great time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both and your family. Keep the updates coming.

    P.S. We had great horned owls in our backyard the past few months. Very exciting.

    Your friend,

    Linda Stauffer
    Harrisburg, PA

  43. doxielver Says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you and Donna. I still cherish the memories you gave the world. God Bless you both and your family. Terry Flinn Oklahoma City

  44. Judy Sackson Says:

    What an exciting thing it is to find your post! Happy 51 years!
    May you have many more happy, healthy ones ahead of you!
    That dinner sounded fabulous!
    The tribute from Barbara’s students was really very touching and lovely. I can’t think of anything more appropriate than owls
    to bring light to the world right now.
    Congratulations, as always, to Austin! His progress really makes all the MODs very proud to have been a part of it!
    Your upcoming travels sound very exciting! We will all be waiting for updates for the far reaches of the world (if it’s possible and you have the time). In any case, I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, and that 2013 brings especially good things for all of you.
    And that goes double for all the MODs!!

  45. Kim Gorman Says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you, Donna and your lovely family, including the feathered friends who visit! Many safe and happy travels in 2013, Carlos!! And Happy Anniversary!!
    Kim and Dave

  46. LynneMcKay Says:

    Thank you for posting the wonderful owl lamps. I send best wishes and blessings to you and Donna on your 51st anniversary! Love hearing of Austin’s progress and projects—we are all so proud of him!! Have safe journey’s this next year, and I send wishes for a “MOST MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!

  47. Pam in MO Says:

    It’s so nice to hear from you. I have been checking every few days to see if you have posted. Congradulations and happy anniversary. I ihope you and Donna have many more happy aniversaries. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It sounds like you have a busy traveling year ahead . Be safe, have fun and God bless you and yours.

  48. Diana Briscoe Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND DONNA!! Many, many more years for you both.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both & May God continue to Bless you through out this coming year.
    Diana Briscoe

  49. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Merry Christmas Crlos,Donna & Austin , so good to hear from you it has been awhile. Congratulations on your anniversary, its takes work to be married for that length of time. Wish you both the best in your upcoming travels and hope you will give us udates when time permints.

  50. Sherrie aka Sharoot Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Merry Christmas! Congratulations to Austin! Thank you to Barbara’s students, how touching. It’s always so good to hear from you. Have a wonderful trip, and take lots of pictures. Maybe even of an owl or two….Happy New Year!

  51. Vicki (my5kids) Says:

    What a beautiful rememberence from those children.
    Congrats on your anniversary!
    Here’s to a new set of owl box renters soon!

    Season’s blessings on you, Donna and the rest of the Royal Family!

  52. Lisa Tye Says:

    Beautiful! Happy New Year, and maybe Molly will return soon!! Have a wonderful trip!!

  53. Lynn Says:

    Happy Anniversary Carlos and Donna!
    I received a majestic Molly mouse pad for Christmas…one of my favorite presents! I still have Molly and McGee up on my computer screen, too.
    Happy New Year!

  54. Kit Merritt Says:

    Happy Anniversary & Happy New Year! Miss the owls and y’all. Greetings from Pensacola, Florida!

  55. joly2u Says:

    Just saw this, and it is wonderful. Congrats and best wishes for many more happy years to you and Donna. Any more owl sightings?

  56. joly2u Says:

    Is there still a link to the learning to invest in real estate info? If I remember correctly, there was one for awhile.

  57. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, I keep thinking that it is time for your annual predictions for the New Year. Please, please.

    Take care & Be well

  58. Carlos,
    I hope your adventure around the world is going well. I thought about you and Donna and Molly and McGee today when Barbara’s song popped up randomly on my new iPod Shuffle. I found myself getting a bit nostalgic and feeling like the “empty nester” that I am. But, then I remembered all the excitement watching M & M with the eggs, the hatching, the feeding and the fledging and I was filled with warm fuzzies.
    Congrats on 51 years. What a blessing that you two have been able to have all those years together!
    Roz of Tacoma

  59. Carlos…A very happy belated birthday to you. I hope you and your family are well. It’s so heart warming to hear that Austin is doing well in college. If you are ever in the Florida panhandle please contact us. We would love for you and Donna to see the Gulf coast and all the critters who reside in our beautiful area. We miss the fun we had with you, Donna, Austin, Molly and McGee. “Thanks for the memories.” My chat name is TByrd.

  60. Susan Says:

    so is the blog dead?? no posts since jan. 2013??????????

  61. erindort Says:

    Ditto to what Sarah said!!
    I think of you often,

  62. erindort Says:

    I meant “ditto” on the happy travels, missed and loved part!

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