2013 Calendar: Early Works by Austin Faure

November 9, 2012

2013 Calendar: Early Works by Austin Faure
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“The Gray Whale Family” by Wyland
White Rock, Canada, September 1984

2013 Calendar: Early Works by Austin Faure

Austin is still struggling to pay for his education himself. He made enough from the sale of The Molly Story video to pay for half of his college education, his AA degree. He is now enrolled to get his BA Degree at Platt College, but he will soon run out of money. His college fund will carry him another two months. To help him we are releasing a 2013 Calendar of his early works. Austin is one hard working student like so many other college students across America, working to get their degrees as their parents struggle just to pay the light bills.

He is not only going to school full time at Platt College but he is also taking night classes in Business at the local community college. Now, that would be more than a full load for most students but not Austin. He has also just completed a one year internship at Ryan Lee Media in Encinitas where he has been receiving training in video editing and website designs. He will now start getting paid for his work there, which will also help pay his expenses but his hours will be limited because school comes first.

Let me tell you a true story. While spending time in White Rock, Canada some years ago, I met a young artist. He was painting a mural of whales on a building. Every day I would go check on his progress. We would often talk. I was there when he finished the project and he invited me to a fund raiser and a celebration of the completion. At the fund raiser they auctioned off his original painting of the mural which he used as a guide to paint the mural. I could have bought that painting for just a few hundred dollars. I didn’t and I have regretted it ever since. The artist was Robert Wyland. That was back in September 1984. He had just completed his 4th Whaling Wall mural, “The Gray Whale Family,” he was a young struggling artist then. Today is one of the most famous and recognized artists in the world. Wouldn’t you like to have one of his original works of art hanging in your living room? Well, I could have but I don’t.

Now, here is something else you probably didn’t know. Austin painted a picture of the Carlsbad Flower Fields in California when he was just 8 years old and in the third grade. It not only won first place at the Del Mar County Fair but it was also displayed on the cover of Agriculture Magazine. That picture is included in Austin’s Early Works because we believe it shows his artistic acumen at a very early age. The cover of the calendar is a mixed media self-portrait that Austin did in the 7th grade which won first place at his school. He said it was inspired by studying works by Leonardo da Vinci.

Become an Austin supporter; get your copy of his 2013 Calendar, Early Works by Austin Faure. You will get not only a 2013 Calendar but you will be able to say you helped a young man, a struggling young artist, get his College Degree. All the proceeds go to his college fund. This will be a Calendar you just might want to keep and frame. It will be his first Calendar release. And don’t forget Christmas is coming up and Austin’s Calendar makes a nice gift for under twenty-five bucks, and could become a legendary keepsake if Austin’s fame continues to grow.

Thank you,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

PS: Be sure to set the start date to January 2013 when ordering your calendar.

Other Goodies  (Just for fun) or If you want to help Austin go to http://www.cafepress.com/austin4media and make a purchase all profits go to his college fund. He still needs to earn about $20,000 to pay for his tuition. He is also working part time jobs to help pay his own way.

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7 Responses to “2013 Calendar: Early Works by Austin Faure”

  1. Torri Cable Says:

    Love the calendar art- it will be part of my collection. I also loved your Wyland story. I met him at Sea World around 1990 when we watched him sign his work on the new eel and bat ray exhibit. Nice party atmosphere, everybody chatting… and then silence as we watched him finish his signature. His girlfriend yelled out, “Wyland, you idiot. You’ve misspelled your name.” He’d left out the N. We all laughed for probably 2 minutes- and then sent someone to get paint remover. I’ve always loved that I got to witness that. His art is timeless- and I think Austin will
    be noted for that as well.

  2. Wolfgirl44 Says:

    Is there anything Austin is NOT amazing at? I’ll look into it, although I am also going to have to pay off a bunch of college fees.

  3. CAequuslvr Says:

    What a super artist. Will Austin be signing the calendars?–hint, hint.
    Carlos, I remember when we could donate to Austin’s college fund without making a purchase. Is that option still available?

    I knew immediately you were talking about Wyland. A trip (or trips) you & Donna could make would be to go see all of Wyland’s murals–sound like a plan?

  4. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    It is so refreshing to see a young man developing his talent and skills in a variety of ways ~ through his drawing,video, computer, and college studies. It is wonderful how you and Donna have encouraged Austin and nurtured him. The calendar looks so interesting!
    I was so glad to see your story and picture of the whales. The moment I saw it I knew I’d find answers to a LONG TIME question. Driving endless times through Milwaukee, WI on route to my family home, I was enchanted with the whale mural next to the highway…I always wanted the story on it but never got around to investigating once home and busy. I loved your story about Robert Wyland, and yes, I’d surely enjoy an original hanging on my wall…if only we knew then, as they say!
    Hoping all is well with you and Donna and you are enjoying your trips. I wish you and your family a most Happy Thanksgiving! Keep in touch, please!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  5. drsballou Says:

    Austin sure is an amazing young man….but then again, look at the wonderful family he has!

  6. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you Carlos for sharing so much with all of us. I just ordered my calendar (2013). I love being able to help a great young person like Austin. I love everything I have ordered from him so far! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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