Owls, Coyotes and Kestrels

October 27, 2012

Life is about having your own pumpkin
Pumpkin was knitted and photographed by Donna Royal

Even an empty glass of tea can be fun when travelling,
turn it into a photo session.
Photo by Donna Royal
(Who knows, it could turn into an Andy Warhol moment)

We had not seen much wildlife in our neighborhood in recent months, that could have been because we have been travelling and just not paying that much attention or maybe they just took a vacation too, but in any event…They’re back!

Last week on a walk around the block, early morning, Donna and I saw what we think was a great horned owl. This could be the year of the great horned because our friend and fellow owl box watcher Nick of Rancho Bernardo, sent out an Owl Alert last night saying they heard a Great Horned Owl in the night. They got a recording. http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Bubo-virginianus-6.mp3 https://mollysbox.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/owl-sound1.mp3 Now that’s a hoot!

Yesterday morning, I was up and off by 4 AM, to Yuma, Arizona, to visit my friend Max. Remember Max, he is my longtime friend and we named Molly’s first baby owl after because it looked like the egg was going to be hatched on Max’s 80th birthday. Anyway, as I backed out of my driveway in the dark I could see movement in my neighbor’s front yard but could not tell what it was, then as I cut my wheels to the left to enter the street my headlights lit up a pack of wild coyotes as they scampered to the middle of the street. They stopped, turned their heads and stared at the lights. I counted six in the pack. Deciding the lights were not a threa,t they continued their journey down the street as I slowly followed behind. About half way down the block they cut off to the left into another neighbor’s yard, I am sure searching for food. I hoped none of my neighbor’s cats were out. This was actually a little scary because I often walk around the block by myself in the early morning hours and I wondered what would have happened had I met up with this pack in the dark with no one around. A chill ran up my spine just thinking about it.

This morning as I walked out the front garage door around 8:30 AM, in broad daylight, a much safer time, I spooked a female barn owl roosting in a tree in our front yard, at least my guess is it was female because of its size. She flow off into the trees across the street. That is the first barn owl I have seen in our yard since Molly left. I don’t know if any owls have visited the owl box during the night because we don’t have the camera installed anymore. Even if an owl shows up we will not be broadcasting because we will be travelling during the owl season in 2013.

And if that wasn’t enough Calvin was standing tall and proud on the kestrel box this morning, calling for a mate as I looked out the kitchen window. I have not seen any female kestrels in the neighborhood since the last hatch but that has not stopped Calvin. There is a lesson here: If you want something, you have to take action and ask for it.

Austin just finished his first advanced class in video production. He got 100% on the written exam and his team (he was in charge), won first place for their music video. Check it out, it is awesome. They had to take a sound track of existing music and then shoot and edit video clips to match the music including lip syncing. His dad is the surfer in the video. Now isn’t that cool.

The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes (Day in the life of a fighter) from Austin Faure on Vimeo.

Congratulations: Ashley, our granddaughter passed her California’s state board cosmetology exam and is now a licensed cosmetologist. She has also returned to Hawaii to be with her husband, Spencer, who just returned from a one year tour of duty in Afghanistan. They are expected to be in Hawaii for at least another year.

Halloween is coming up. Have fun.

Carlos, Donna and Austin
P.S. You are a success if you are having fun and enjoying at what you do.

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32 Responses to “Owls, Coyotes and Kestrels”

  1. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Hello Carlos.. It is always a treat to hear from you… How can you resist having a camera hookup just for your own viewing ?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      I removed the camera so I wouldn’t be tempted to put off our travels plans like we did for 2.5 years. It is not that I don’t want to share owls with the world, it is just we have other plans. I want everyone to know we really enjoyed broadcasting and all the friends we made but for us there are some other things we want to do.

      I continue to blog because there are so many that supported Austin and are following his progress through school. He is doing great. I think it has motivated him to be the best he can be just knowing there are so many watching and rooting for him. What most don’t know is that he is not only a full time student a Platt College studying media arts but he is also a night time student at the local community college taking business classes.

      For Donna and I, it is time to relax and see the world.

  2. Betty Denton Says:

    Loved Austins video! Great job! So good to hear from you and know you are enjoying your travels. Happy Halloween!

  3. Ms. A Says:

    Excellent video! Way to go, Austin!

    Congratulations, Ashley!

  4. Jutta Hayes Says:

    Have you thought about carrying a can of pepper spray on your early morning walks? (Fox Labs is supposed to be some of the best — available on Amazon)

  5. Jo-Ann Says:

    Super great video that Austin made… Loved the whole thing. Very creative and a joy to watch. The great horned owl recording was fun to listen to also. It sounded like it could be a dove also? Or a pigeon maybe? Both were very entertaining… thank you so much Carlos for sharing these. Lets hope that one of Molly’s and McGee’s offsprings or grandchildren will fine their new home at mommy and daddy’s or their grandparents home…

  6. Jo-Ann Says:

    ps,,, watch for the coyotes on your early morning walks and have a great vacation again..

  7. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, what a fun blog. Glad to hear you will be doing more traveling in 2013–While we miss the “ultimate in owl watching” we can certainly not begruge you your traveling. I love the travelogues so please continue to blog. Donna, how cute is the Halloween Bear with his pumpkin. Carlos, once my sister & I were riding our horses and came across a family of four coyotes. It was absolutely amazing how they “dissolved” back into the brush.
    Austin (and his team)–Well done. Was that Austin’s father as the surfer? I thought it was cute the way the bike got the bed. I am sure we will someday see Austin receiving a MTV award and how about an Oscar, too. A true talent in the making.
    Perhaps the Barn Owl in the early morning was a M&M offspring? I have to believe the Owlbox will have new occupants soon.
    Take Care & Be Well.

  8. Torre Says:

    Great video Austin – what a fantastic, professional job. Congratulations to Ashley on her graduation!

  9. What a delight to read the blog today! Austin is so talented and obviously has learned from a master. I thought of you, Carlos, when seeing Austin in the credits with the camera.
    The pic from Donna is adorable with the knitted pumpkin.
    I am so happy you are continuinig the blog, it is like a little treat now and again. (herpnut)

  10. Becky Evans Says:

    What a great surpise to hear from the Royals….Made my day

  11. Michelle Says:

    Great hearing from you! I too hope that the barn owl you saw is one of M&M’s offspring. I am sure they hold a special bond to your surroundings and the owl abode they grew up in.
    Watched Austins video and thought it was professional. Boy does he have a fabulous career ahead of him. He is awesome. Blessings to all of you and have fun in your future travels…m

  12. Peggy Anderson Says:

    What a great video that Austin made! It is so refreshing to see that you and Donna are so supportive of your grand babies. Always fun to see a new post on your blog…enjoy your travels!

  13. Sue Steinke (blue moon) Says:

    Carlos & Donna: I enjoy your posts about your travels and family. Thank you.

  14. FloridaSkye Says:

    Thank you, Spencer, for your continuing service and congratulations, Ashley, upon your graduation — I am glad you and Spencer are home together again. Carlos, thanks for continue to share with us what you and Donna are doing and seeing and creating. And, Austin, your video is awesome; how I laughed at the cute ending!! You are so creative. It is such a joy, Carlos, to share in all these successes.



    So good reading your blog….please keep us informed of your travels–love the descriptions as they make me feel like I’m travelling right along!
    How lucky you have so many species of wildlife! They must know who will appreciate seeing them.
    Donna-great job on the pumpkin :) Congrats to Austin on the great video ando to Ashley. Good job, folks–hard work pays off.
    Love finding your emails as thet always make my day. Have fun travelling.


  16. Ginny Says:

    We are so impressed.

  17. Wolfgirl44 Says:

    And Austin continues to make me look like a slacker. Congrats to him. Great Horned Owl, huh? Those are cool. Lucky you for being able to see it.

  18. BJ Says:

    Awesome , Austin…enjoyed the video. Keep on keepin’ on.

  19. Kim Gorman Says:

    Oh, Carlos! Love, love, love your update. Donna’s pictures, Austin’s video, your visit to see Max, Ashley’s licensing, all of it. Thank you for sharing your life and its joys with us. Especially the animal sightings. Long live the owl box clan!


  20. Cindy Says:

    Nature is such a wonderful gift. We have coyotes here in Fallbrook. I love hearing them in the early hours calling to each other.
    Austin’s vid was very well done. You must be one proud grandpa. Again, another gift but then you know that.
    Enjoy your continued travels. Like the other comments before mine, thanks for keeping me included in your updates. When I see your “Molly Box” in my emails I smile.


  21. Judy Sackson Says:

    Love the updates! The pumpkin is really great!
    I really think the pepper spray idea is a good one. I know your morning walks are important to you, but the MODs always want to keep you safe.
    Congratulations to Ashley! And that Austin is really remarkable!
    I understand why you haven’t hooked up the camera to the owl box….it sucks you right in. Happened to me a couple of years ago and here I still am!
    I hope you have wonderful trips this year (and in 2013) and you continue to share with us, we just love it!

  22. sandy/Racoona Says:

    Nice family update! Always good to hear updates and about the wildlife so close to home. I love the early morning walks, but also caution with these coyotes, (a lot of time in packs.) I keep my cats inside, always. Coyotes sometimes wander in the daytime, but they are hungry as well. Have a Happy Halloween and happy trails.

  23. Sherrie aka Sharoot Says:

    Always so nice to hear from you Carlos. Austin’s video was owlsome! My best to your whole family. Happy travels, take lots of pictures! Love, Sherrie

  24. June Schafer Says:

    Your posts always bring a smile! Love hearing about your adventures. Austin must be the neatest young man. I am so happy for him. He is doing well in something that he loves.Hope you and Donna have great fun in your travels. This is your time!

  25. Vicki Eiden Says:

    Oh what fun a Carlos-o-gram! So good to hear from you. When I was coming back from walking our dog Saturday morning, a coyote crossed the street about a 1/2 block ahead of us. We’ve also had more deer in the yard-rut season and a full moon. More than just our cats have the nutzies as of late.
    Great news about the grandkids. I’ll bet Ashley is so happy to have Spenser safe in her arms again. Donna is the quiet artist of the family. Beautiful composition on the photos.
    God’s love to you all!

  26. Becky Says:

    Donna’s knitting and photography are just spectacular! And I think I’m doing something big when I knit a vest for our grandson! whoa. I guess I must’ve missed the memo when MOlly left. I didn’t know that and it makes me a little sad. I hope, Mr. Royal, that you’ll be safe and maybe carry a ballbat w/you when you walk in the early hours. That’s kinda scary to think there might be a pack of coyotes out there w/you. Congratulations to your granddaughter on her accomplishments and I’m so glad her husband has safely returned. Sounds as though life is good for the Royals and all of their loved ones. I’m so glad you’re heathy enough to be travelling and enjoying yourselves. God bless.

  27. Barb Polo Says:

    Thank you so much for the update to your blog. I always look forward to reading about your activities and Donna’s photos are inspiring. The talent that runs in your family has always made me smile; you and Donna…both accomplished photographers, Austin and his wonderful creativity and his videos are unique. I’m happy for Ashley and her passing her boards and her wonderful husband, who we owe so much, being home after deployment. And your son the surfer…..we don’t have as much information about his doings but it was great for Austin to make him the video’s star.
    About the coyotes…..does pepper spray work on them? This would be one reason to go and get a carry permit for protection, it would not be a bad thing. We just don’t run quite as fast as we use to……..:)
    Enjoy your travels with Donna, take great pictures and share them with the “Owl Box”….we are still here. Love to all the family for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas; and all the best for 2013. Love ya all to bits……….

  28. joly2u Says:

    Donna, your talent is amazing. Your family is a great example of what can happen when everyone is encouraged and supported. Austin’s video is amazing. Congrats to Ashley, and glad her hubby made it back safe and sound.

    Carlos, thanks for keeping us posted. So nice to hear that a barn owl was around. Enjoy your travels & drop a note now and then.

  29. Vikster Says:

    Carlos: So great to hear from you. Loved Donna’s input to the blog. Austin’s video was awesome. Definitely should be carrying a golf club to brandish at the coyotes. They have been getting bolder in their quest for prey, and since they’re territorial I think they are trying to chase us off.

    Please keep sharing your life with us,

    Love & Peace

  30. Sarah Lehl Says:

    What a lovely update on you and your family Carlos! Thank you… I think we need to live in harmony with the coyotes. They are starving and WE have encroached on their land. You must be safe however, I think there is a natural spray (that won’t burn your eye’s out Carlos) but will protect you. One idea anyway :) Love, health and safety to all.
    Best, Sarah
    PS- Wow do I miss Molly and McGee

  31. Fourthebirds Says:

    Carlos you must be so proud of Austin. The video is awesome!!!

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