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August 22, 2012

Flying FREE
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We are excited to announce that has decided to make its membership FREE. That’s right FREE and no hidden cost like you get this FREE if you buy that. No, it is FREE. You just sign up and you get access to the blog and to the videos and you can interact in the chat room when we do live shows. One reason you want to sign up is you can then read why I think America is posed for biggest real estate boom in history. You may have heard of the baby boomers but have you heard of the echo boomers? Go out and read what I have written and let me know if you agree or think I am full of it.

Go to and log on for your FREE membership.

Some times we just need an excuse to watch nature. This week we had our carpets steam cleaned so we had to sit outside on the patio for several hours while the carpet dried. With all the hot weather we thought most of the birds had left but we soon discovered that just wasn’t true. We just needed time to watch them. The orioles and the hummers were just as busy as ever visiting the feeder ever few minutes but to our surprise we also saw while sitting there, kestrels, mocking birds, blue birds, black phoebes, says phoebes, finches, sparrows, hawks, and a pair of noisy towhees. What was also fun to watch was a whole flock of bushtits invaded our yard and gleaned one rose bush after another of aphids and other insects. When we got up to go back inside, Donna said, “Now that was a show.”

To see nature you have to take the time to watch for it.


Carlos, Donna and Austin



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15 Responses to “ Goes FREE!”

  1. flukestail Says:

    Thanks for the free bie, Carlos. Also, did you take the owl box down? And do you still have owls who stop by?

    • Donna Royal Says:

      The owl box is still up awaiting a new owl. So far we haven’t seen any around.

      • Karen Says:

        Donna, Carlos, and Austin-

        I am so glad Molly and McGee’s box is still up. I can not imagine your yard without it nor my heart. Stay well and safe and enjoy!

        PS Carlos: Maybe if you say a few “Deet, Deets” you will lure some precious owls to the box. :) Would love for you to see Molly.


  2. Sallie M. Johnston (smjohnston) Says:

    Take me off of your mailing list.

  3. SactoSylvia Says:

    What a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing it, and of course for the backyard observations. All the best to you and Donna.

  4. Theresa Atkins Says:

    I wish the bushtits around here (Vista) would do a driveby and clean up all the spiders in the hedges in my apt complex. I saw a roadrunner crossing North River Rd in the agricultural preserve area. I think he/she was visiting the tomato fields. That’s been the 3rd one I’ve seen in 10 years so it was a very special sighting.

  5. sandy/Racoona Says:

    yup, i agree totally. take time and enjoy the nature. And still waiting patiently for occupancy in the famous owl box! : ). But i sure have seen more owl boxes being put up locally. it is great and fun to see this (and this is all due credit to Molly and McGee, really!)

  6. CAequuslvr Says:

    Very generous of you Carlos. Another wonderful, nature photo. What a really nice way to pass the time.

  7. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Was out of town so am late in replying! What a beautiful afternoon you and Donna spent in your yard ~ so full of life and nature’s gifts. The photograph is wonderful, as always. I just signed up for the investing sessions. It was already on my calendar and how nice of you to make a free membership!
    Special greetings to Donna and Austin, too!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  8. joly2u Says:

    Happy trails in September, and thanks for sharing your experiences. Glad Spencer made it home safe and sound.

  9. Lisa Burns Says:

    Love to hear from you Carlos and Donna! This picture of the Kestral is fabulous!!! Give me chills! Thank you!!!!!

  10. joly2u Says:

    Spectacular bird video on vimeo dot com: The Birds of Spain.

  11. June Schafer Says:

    Carlos and Donna, hope you are having fun traveling. Miss hearing from you. Give us an update and lots of pictures when you can!!

  12. joly2u Says:

    Echoing what June S. said.

  13. erindort Says:

    joly2u, I just watched the Birds of Spain video you recommended. Amazing! The music is so compelling; the photography is outstanding. Thanks for sharing! Wow.

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