August 7, 2012

Listen Closely and Hear My Wings

What this photo captured is exactly what I was seeing. The hummingbird was motionless in mid-air, yet it wings were a blur of motion and sound, and then it was gone and silence filled the air.

Donna and I will be travelling most of the month of September.

Here is my question of the day. “Are times better if we think they are?”

Have fun and enjoy

Carlos, Donna and Austin


16 Responses to “Next”

  1. janie2 Says:

    I love hummers! I have 2 feeders hanging on the patio cover. If one goes empty, they buzz around it “demanding” that I refill it. Have fun on your travels and take us along with your wonderful pictures.


  2. CAequuslvr Says:

    Another beautiful photo for us to enjoy—thank-you, Carlos.
    I hope that you will archive your broadcasts for us to watch at another time.

  3. I like your question Carlos…yes they are, as I choose to see it.
    I really do see everything positively, moving along swiftly!
    And your photos of God’s blessings do help keep us grounded.
    Happy trails you guys…be safe.

  4. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    You really are the BEST photographer! Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

  5. Sherry Kelly Says:

    “We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be.”
    -Abraham Lincoln-

  6. Marcia Morrison Says:

    What an amazing photograph! Thanks for sharing it.

    Also, happy travels for you and Donna in September, and be sure to check in and let us know about your adventures!

    Marcia Morrison
    in Salem, Massachusetts

  7. Jo-Ann Says:

    Yes, positive thinking helps… Wish I could remain positive 24/7 but I guess that isn’t possible. 3/4 of the time works for me…Have wonderful travels… thanks for the updates..

  8. gmarch53 Says:

    YES Times are all perspective…think positive, Royals! Have a blast and thanks for the Hummer Photos!
    Your Friend and Always grateful Molly Follower, *G*

  9. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    If I look for the positive and am grateful for what I have, things always look better…attitude really counts! Thank you for the lovely hummingbird photo~they are a joy to see and hear. I look forward to your next broadcast and any “backyard news” of Molly or other dwellers! I hope that you and Donna enjoy safe and entertaining travels in September. Greetings to busy Austin!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  10. Sue Couch Says:

    Fabulous photo….thank you! Times are always great if I say they are…that’s the only reality that exists for me. Enjoy your trip!!!

  11. Madonna Says:

    I love your photo and I love your question…and yes it is mind over matter and remember “Being happy dosen’t mean you have it all….it means being thankful to the Lord for all you have” Don’t know who said this …but it is so true! Enjoy your travels. Love and warm wishes to all.

  12. Rica Says:

    Your photograph is incredible! Thank you – love Molly’s life, too

  13. Rica Says:

    This is Rica again. I forgot to answer your interesting question: are things better because we think they are? I say yes, but it helps to “work at it”. I have MS. Our website of “work at it” is
    Thanks, Rica

  14. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos: Great pictures as always. You and Donna enjoy your travels, keep us posted. How are things at Skyview Apts.?

    Life is fine to me. If I don’t watch to much news that is. LOL The good book says, “Occupy till he comes.” Thats what I’m trying to do, and to trust him. Mandozee1888

  15. Lynn Says:

    Beautiful hummingbird photo!
    Enjoy your travels!

  16. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Just beautiful Carlos! Have a save trip!
    HUGZ to you, Donna, and Austin. : )

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