Peggy – Margaret Roberts aka PegRod

July 18, 2012

Peggy – Margaret Roberts aka PegRod

We will miss you, I will miss you and The Owl Box will miss you. Your sudden passing makes us realize even more that life is the moment not the past nor the future. I want to thank you for not only all your blog post but also all the work you did behind the scenes. Most importantly I want to thank you for being a friend and sharing so much. I know I am talking to you as if you were here and in spirit I believe you are.

I hope you don’t mind but I am going to ask others to leave little notes here so you will be able to come to this favorite spot of yours and read them.

With much gratitude,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

From Dot

This email was received from Sally Roberts, the sister of our beloved PegRod.

My dearest sister and lover of the universe passed away the night of July 16 of an apparent aneurysm. She was 57. She loved being a part of you. You all were the bright and positive spot in each of her days. She so loved and valued your openness, positivity and creativity. She would want to thank you for touching her life in such a beautiful way and for allowing her to share part of hers.

If you would like to send your thoughts, remembrances or condolences to her beloved mother or her beloved, Rod, you may send them to and

I know she wouldn’t want people to think she was ignoring them. It is hard to know how to let friends know these things in the digital age and I know that she counted you as her friends.

This was received from Peg’s mother, Betty Holroyd Roberts.

Peggy’s life since Molly was deeply enriched with friends such as you, Vacachat, DotRot and Elsa and others. She shared her joy and interest in all these things despite how busy she was taking care of her 83 year old mother (me). She truly was a practical wunderkind and an ethereal presence both physically and intellectually. A dreadful loss for Rod and me and her siblings, Sally, Paul, Luke and Mary, but grateful she did not suffer it was so quick. She did not want any public service and we won’t do a memorial until next year when her brother, Luke returns from his sabbatical in Japan. She gave her body to science to help others have a better life.

Please join with me in prayers and good thoughts for Peg’s family and worldwide community of friends.

With heavy heart,


89 Responses to “Peggy – Margaret Roberts aka PegRod”

  1. VSue Says:

    Sweet wonderful PegRod

    You are such an inspiration to me…I will miss your presence but know in spirit you are free and happy…

    Sad I be but thanks to you I have a friend and thanks to Carlos, Donna, Austin; and to EVERYONE and the OwlBox this friendship was made possible.

    You will continue to inspire me; for you have such a beautiful way of expressing words of wisdom and are just a sweet person…

    I am a better person thanks to you….

  2. Jo "dennens" Says:

    PegRod was so much a part of our community… She will be missed by all of us in Molly’s family. My love goes out to her immediate family…

  3. gmarch53 Says:

    I used to look forward to reading your messages to Carlos and this community, gave so much and asked so very little. You shall be sorely missed around here!


    TOPPSY here,,,,,,,I was in on the second clutch, and part of the last, but OMG,,,,,PEG, you were fantastic in whit and knowlege, and will be sadly missed by all of us MODS and all your family as well.
    Thank you for everything.
    Kitty Martenson
    N. California

  5. Teatime Says:

    So sorry for the loss of Peggy-Margaret Roberts……a Molly and McGee lover.
    Blessings to her family during this difficult time.

  6. Lisa Burns Says:

    Oh, such sad news. God Speed our Forever Friend!! May God comfort your family and friends. Prayers, and love being sent at the loss of one of our Owl Box family members. She spread such joy and will be greatly missed!!!! Thank you sweet PegRod! ((Hugz)). : ( Love from Ponte Vedra, Florida. Lisa A Burns. Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin

  7. Diane (doorcountydi) Says:

    Oh, so sad to hear that! One of our own MODs has left us. Yes, life is precious and can end quickly… live each day!

  8. Katy Van Note Says:

    So very sad and sorry for the loss of PegRod. Molly’s Box was made all the better by her presence and I extend sympathy to her family and all her Molly friends. Thank you Carlos for giving people a way to express their love. Catbird22

  9. Kenneth Patchen Says:

    Among things I did not know when I was a child: you cry and feel alone when owls die, and, now, I know, you cry when people you have never met also depart your circle of friendship. PegRod was a wonderful part of such a meaningful experience of contact with nature and other people around the planet, and my life is blessed to have had her in it. Around the world today, so many of us will turn our thoughts toward an owl box and the friends within it, both in spirit and with touch. May all she helped remember her whenever and wherever the wind moves. Kenneth Patchen, Antioch, Ill. (Antpatch)

    • June Schafer Says:

      You said it so beautifully Kenneth. I will add nothing except my condolences to Peg’s family.

  10. Colleen Ireland "IrisheyesCanada" Says:

    My condolences to Peggy’s family and ALL her friends. She will be missed. May God bless you, RIP Peggy.

  11. LynneMcKay Says:

    PegRod was a special “chatter” and will be missed by all of us. I am saddened by this news, but thank you for sending this info out to all of us. She will be truly missed.


  12. janie2 Says:

    PegRod inriched our lives in so many ways. She kept our love for Molly and McGee going with the links she set for us. Allowing us to remember the owlets and the once in a lifetime experience of the first clutch will be remembered forever. My condolences to her family and all who loved her.


  13. Dianne Shoffner Says:

    So very sorry for you loss. My condolences to you and all of Peg’s loved ones. She was so much a part of Molly and McGee. She will be so missed by all her friends expecially her “owl” friends. Peace be with you.

  14. Martha Gibbs Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Peggy. It must have been such a shock and so quickly but that was a blessing for her. But I believe that she is in a place now where there is no pain, no suffering, no tears and so much love. And she will be waiting for all of you when the time comes. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with her mom, Rod and siblings during this very sad time.
    Calliopekid (Martha)

  15. Lisa Sharp (lsharp from chatroom) Says:

    Rest in peace, PegRod. Your owl friends will miss you. My heart and prayers go out to the family and all that were touched by her.

  16. Cindy Says:

    Going to miss you Peg. Loved your chat comments on the owl box. I never chatted before and you helped make it easy.
    Thank you for sharing who you were.


  17. Kathy Feltch Says:

    My prayers to PenRods family, she was so much part of Molly and McGee, thanks Carlos for the once in a lifetime experience of the owls and being able to meet special owl friends like PenRod. My condolences to you family.

  18. Debgboo Says:

    sorry to hear about Peggy. So many friends made through Molly, most we’ve never met but we still feel the loss.

  19. camperfamily Says:

    Prayers to all of PegRod’s family and friends.

    camperfamily (Kim)

  20. maryjozwi Says:

    I’m so sad to hear this news. My condolences to Peg’s family and friends. She will be missed by the owl box chatters very much and remembered fondly. We all shared such great memories together! I will keep her in my prayers.

  21. Bethie57 Says:

    PegRod, you gave so much to the chat experience. We can see you soaring now, too, Peg. RIP and thanks for all the efforts you put in to inform and entertain us.

    • Bethie57 Says:

      PegRod, I have been going through old chats and comments on Carlos’ blog and found this from you – always uplifting:

      “My prediction for 2012 – the world will not end this year, but the world as we know it will continue to be ever changing. We can learn from Molly’s Motto, have fun and be part of it!”

      written in response to Carlos 2012 Predictions.

  22. Joan Says:

    God has gained another jewel in his Heaven. My thoughts and prayers will be with all Peg’s family and friends. God bless

  23. Donna Says:

    So sad and sorry to read this. My prayers to her family and all her owl box friends, she will greatly be missed.

  24. monkie Says:

    My heart felt condolences to PegRod’s Family.
    You will be dearly missed PegRod… Your stories were inpiring, and in our hearts that is where they will remain.. The owl box will not be the same without you..I believe McGee and all Molly’s owlets greeted you with open wings, and I know you will be here reading Molly’s blog in spirit.
    ((hugZ)) and Deet Deet

  25. Judy Ambrose Says:

    PegRod, thank you so much for giving so many hours of thoughtful chat so that all of us could have a much richer experience in The Owl Box. My prayers go out to your family and friends; I’m sure they know what a gift you are.

  26. Linda Greene Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of PegRod’s passing. I so enjoyed reading her posts. Thank-you Carlos and Dot for sharing. ldgreene123

  27. Angela Amsden Says:

    Very sad…((hugs))…you are loved and will be missed…RIP

  28. Karyl Ruffcorn Says:

    Oh what a shock this was to hear. Having been at M&M for only the last few months it was on, it was so great to see PegRod’s posts here now telling about what was happening a year ago in the box and all the links and sites she would include. She was a great “historian” and what a way with words she had. Just wonderful. I will miss it all and will keep her family in my prayers. Karyl from Arkansas (ksue82)

  29. OC Says:

    I’m going to miss Peggy, she was such a kind and loving person. Not to mention a wealth of information. When I first started modding I would receive many pm’s from Peg with all the right links to help out a newbie mod. She helped me more than I can express. Now Peggie has “her” wings !!!

    Much love and condolences to her family.


    • tresbien Says:

      It wasn’t just the new mods that Peggy helped. If someone asked for a link, and I said I’d try to find it, Peggy would pop up in a PM with it before I could even ask if anyone had it handy! Initially, she didn’t identify herself, and sometimes I was too busy to ask, but I soon came to realize that most of the time it was PegRod there to make sure that everyone got the information requested. Her enthusiasm and generosity will be remembered always. I’m smiling at monkie’s comment that the owlets greeted her as she left us. Hugs to all who are feeling this loss today.

  30. Sandy Hess Says:

    So sad and sorry to hear this about PegRod, I lurked more than chatted, but I always remember her wit and love for all the owls.
    My condolences go out to her family. R.I.P PegRod. You will probably see McGee, lucky you.

  31. Sherry Kelly Says:

    So sad to learn of the passing of our fellow MOD. The Owl Box connected so many of us – though we never met in person – in a very special way. Our hearts feel what our words cannot express. Rest in peace, PegRod. Sherry Kelly,
    Author of The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered

  32. Linda Smith Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Peggy’s passing. May God bless her family during this difficult time. Thanks to Carlos and Donna for sharing this information with us all.

  33. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of PegRod’s passing. May her family be comforted in knowing that she touched so many lives in a wonderful way. Fly high and free Peggy and may your family take solice in knowing you were well loved by all of us.


  34. SARose69 Says:

    This has been a sad year of Owl Box losses. PedRod’s posts always so filled with love and care was a bright spot in my life as I know it was in many others’. She is flying with the owls and owlets now. Wishing her family and friends much love in this painful time.

  35. janesgarden77 Says:

    I will miss you PegRod. So many will miss you. You have truly touched our lives. Jane

  36. Judy Sackson Says:

    We will miss you, Peg! Your blogs were always filled with such wonderful information, you were truely the MOD historian! You were so special to all of us. My condolences go to her family and friends. I think all of us on the blog now would like to think that we were part of that, even tho we never really met.

  37. Diane England Says:

    So many will miss your kindness, wit, and life lessons. I always looked for your extremely creative and well written expressions of life in the owl box. They were so beautiful and brought smiles through tears. You had a way of clasping our hearts and we loved you back.

  38. Michelle Says:

    Oh so sorry to hear about PegRod. She is flying free with McGee keeping an eye on Molly and all of their owlettes (yes, I know they are all owls now, but will always be owlettes to me). Bless Peggy’s family and know she is watching over all of you. We will miss her wit and love of life itself.

    Michelle aka micheshe

  39. CAequuslvr Says:

    Oh, PegRod, you will be so very much missed. I always looked forward to your insighful, wonderful, joyful posts to this blog. You have touched so many around the world with your joy of sharing. Your beautiful spirit will always be a part of the Molly & McGee magic. Thank-you for being a part of the wonderful journey. You are much loved and appreciated and will be greatly missed. The void you leave is infinitesimal.

  40. Anne Marie Says:

    Rest in Peace dear Peg. Thank you for the laughter and kindness – I will miss you. My sincerest sympathies to your family. <3 amb15229

  41. OUBobcat (barb) Says:

    Words are not always sufficient, Peggy was always so supportive and generous a very wise lady..she will not be forgotten, a true lover of nature and a great contributor to Molly and the owl box. my thoughts of strength to her family with this sudden loss.

  42. Donna Simonson Says:

    I was just sharing with Flukes how once again the OwlBox in San Marcos is touching my life . . . PegRod you are a legend in our special Molly family. I am convinced that you have earned your “wings” and your love and spirit surrounds us all. With love, hugs and prayers “owlways”.
    OwlLuver, Murrieta, CA.

  43. Christy in West Virgina Says:

    What a sad year for Molly’s Box; first we lost Magee and then Molly disappeared, and now PegRod is gone. My sympathy to her family and friends. Always Johnny on the spot with answers to all MOD questions, and such a positive force here too. She is flying free now, with her beloved owls. Peg loved the poem I posted when Magee disappeared; here it is again.

    THE PEACE OF WILD THINGS, by Wendell Berry

    When despair for the world grows in me
    and I wake in the night at the least sound
    in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
    I go and lie down where the wood drake rests
    in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
    I come into the peace of wild things
    who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief.
    I come into the presence of still water.
    And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light.
    For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

    There is a wonderful book by Harold Kushner, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”, that has become a classic. It has brought solace to millions, and has great wisdom. It’s a great resource for all of us.

  44. Theresa Atkins Says:

    I prefer to think that she has fledged to her next life.

  45. Hello PegRod. I’m glad you came into my life. You have a great sense of humor and good heart.


  46. grlsctldr (Mary Ann) Says:

    My heart goes out to PegRod’s family and the Owl Box family. She was a true light. A fount of knowledge, love and caring. We are all better to have known her. She will always be a part of our lives. Thank you PegRod for all you have given to us. Soar with the Angels.

  47. erindort Says:

    Our dear, sweet Peg, I will miss you so much.
    Your kindness and humor was a constant delight, and your optimism was a great comfort in our sad times. How very special you were! You were so naturally gracious and thoughtful. I will count you as a friend always, PegRod. And, whenever I hear the phrase, “memory lane” it will bring fond memories of you to my heart.

  48. Sherry Kelly Says:

    I just noticed what PegRod wrote in the “Symptoms of M.O.D.” booklet. She said:

    “You know you have MOD when:…you suddenly feel the urge to write poetry or a book, to take photographs, to draw and paint, or to sing and dance, or eat Bacon dipped in Nutella, or just be yourself (or do nothing) and know that whatever you do, you are loved.”

    That last line says a lot. One reason we loved The Owl Box was because we MODs loved each other just as we are and just because of our joint love for the Owl Box. It was a special bond that is hard to explain.

  49. Holly Sue Says:

    My deepest sympathy to PegRod’s dear family, friends and Molly & McGee lovers. I always marveled at the way she was the ultimate Molly historian who loved keeping all the wonderful Molly memories alive! She is sorely missed and always in our hearts.
    Fondly, Holly Sue

  50. Jo-Ann Says:

    Oh my gosh… I so enjoyed PegRod’s posts. My deepest sympathy to all the family and friends. I so enjoyed all of her posts and responses. She was truly a wonderful catalyst with all of us mods… So very sorry for all of our loss and she will be thought of so much.

  51. nycdragonfly Says:

    My condolences to her family. Her life cycle was completed and what a beautiful one it was.

  52. VacaDude Says:

    I am so dearly going to miss Peggy. She had a thirst for knowledge and a fascination for life that truly amazed me. I would mention something in a VacaChat, and in a few days she would send me some amazing link about the topic. Being in contact with her, you couldn’t help but become infected with her enthusiasm for everything. I hope I can keep that enthusiasm going–in her honor.

    I will miss her, but I am also happy for her because she has a whole new realm to explore. As I go forward in life, I suspect I will feel her presence every time some interesting article catches my eye. I’ll just figure she has found a way to point me to it.

  53. Karen Says:

    To Peggie’s Loved Ones:
    Hold all your treasured moments with Peggie close to your hearts. May these memories bring you comfort, joy, and smiles as time goes by. As a Molly and McGee fan, I learned so much from PegRod. I share the sorrow and will remember her always and with love.

  54. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    When i read that Peg had left us, I felt as though someone had hit me with a baseball bat. She was so much a part of the owlboxes, starting with THE OwlBox. She was too young and it’s not fair. And I know we’ll all miss her.

    Thank you, Carlos, for letting us share our thoughts.

  55. Janice aka dg1018 Says:

    Something called me to this blog today and I answered, not knowing that I would be finding out about a wonderful person passing this life and going into the great beyond. Yes, as someone said, Peg had all the answers for us MOD’s and now, I like to think she has even more. PegRod, you surely will be missed. I just caught some of your postings on Story Time on Sunday and it is sad to think you won’t be there next Story Time…..however, I choose to think you will be there in spirit. Your flying high now, PegRod, Godspeed.

    Sincere sympathy to all her family and friends. Know that she will be missed but remembered always by her MOD family.

  56. aspengoldred2 Says:

    A great loss to the MOD family who will be missed.

  57. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    My dear sweet Peggy. The missing is so deep. You were a wonderful friend and we shared so many special times through our chats and emails. Your historical references, your ever questing for what is beyond the moment, your heart of gold, your support of others in their times of need, your self being you, being PegRod. I wave to you and hope to continue to bring some little comfort to your family who so entirely “gets it” that your chat world was a real world. I send them my continued prayers and am filled with the love they have for you and how they reached out to share with all of us.

  58. Sally Dausch Says:

    as a 1st clutch observer with Molly/McGee, I came to know you PegRod as a source of humor, knowledge and a supporter of your fellow chatters in whatever adventure we came across. You will be missed beyond words, you have joined some of our others who have gone on to that beautiful beyond and I will always think of you as one of our growing number of lurkers at Vaca’s site, Carlos/Donna/Austin sites, and the many other little critters we all have been watching. Your beloved Rod and your Mom will be in my daily prayers, their loss is great but I thank them for sharing you with us. Be in Peace my friend. sldausch

  59. pat canada Says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I enjoyed you – PegRod being part of the chat room when I watched Molly and McGee. I believe in my heart you can see this, and you will be missed in this life.
    Pat Canada aka pcanada

  60. Julie Says:

    So very sad. RIP PegRod. We will miss you. <3

  61. Sherrie aka Sharoot Says:

    It’s all been said….Peg, I will miss you. I feel so lucky to have met and spent time with you. To your family, my sincere condolences, and thanks for sharing Peg. I will never forget her.

  62. CastOwLRockCoL (Pam W.) Says:

    To our dear sweet PegRod,
    I sit here with tears streaming knowing that you are no longer with our owl family here on this planet but, know that God has bigger and better plans for you.
    If I am not mistaken you had told me once that you lived in Parker Colorado not too far from where I reside in Castle Rock. No wonder Colorado is so beautiful…it’s people like you that have made it so. Even though we have never met here in Colorado, I hope I do get to meet you someday as I know you are in a great place and God willing he takes me to that same place when my time comes.
    I will surely miss seeing you in the chats and with your comments on Molly’s blog but will know that you are with us all in spirit… after all , there is a new brightly shinning star over the beautiful skies of Colorado….it is you Peggy! Take care of all our little owl friends on the other side!

    Sending love from Colorado!
    Pam W. (a.k.a. CastOwLRockCoL)

  63. flukestail Says:

    As I lay me down to sleep
    A heavy heart we’re sure to keep
    With love and thanks to dear PegRod
    We’ll miss you so …with love, your MODs

    Remember, the grief you are experiencing in PegRod’s passing is a direct reflection of the gratitude you feel for what she brought into your life. It’s all about the gratitude. ♥

  64. CAequuslvr Says:

    As I have read the posts written throughout this day I kept expecting to see something from PegRod. Alas, that will not be. BIG sigh and more tears.

  65. doxielver Says:

    To Dot. I’m so sorry for your loss. May God be with you and family as you heal. Remember God is our strength. Even though I don’t know you we are all family through the owl box. Hugs terry Flinn

  66. Theresa aka windbeneathwing Says:

    So sorry to hear this news. thank you Carlos for bring the owlbox to all of us, without you and Donna, we would of never been a “clutch” of friends here. PegRod you will be missed so much. God Bless dear heart.

    Theresa aka windbeneathwing

  67. sandy/Racoona Says:

    So kind to hear such kind words from everyone. And thank you Carlos, for bringing us all together as an “owl” family, as I should say. Thanks, to you all and my sincere sympathy to PegRod’s family.. and friends.

  68. FloridaSkye Says:

    You were taken from us much too soon,
    Our dearest friend PegRod.
    But I know you’re in a better place
    With your hand in that of God.
    Your words were very special
    When we visited Molly and McGee,
    And now you’re given your reward —
    You can fly high and fly free.

    With love,

    • VSue Says:

      ..and she is flying with the owlets of past…
      Totally free and I feel happy as can be
      Reading the memories is such a blast
      I feel happy she would wish for we
      in her memory
      Inspires me continually
      to learn and to be the best I can be

  69. Julie Says:

    I did not know PegRod except here at the Owl Box, and her passing is a real loss to the owl community… May her spirit soar free with the birds she so loved.

  70. elsalynda Says:

    peggy, oeg, oeggy roddy, i miss you more and more each day. you became my touchstone after my mom died, and were so prompt and available you totally spoiled me! i got the news belatedly and through the first ecard, and was so stunned. then the tears flowed and flowed and i thought , most folks would say, but this is not ‘real”. guess what? it does not get more real than this. sadly, lovingly, and appreicatively, your friend elsalyndissima

  71. Peg, spread your wings and soar with McGee and the owlets that had to leave their earthly bindings. You will be missed!! Godspeed.

  72. NAshville Ann Says:

    MODS fly here and MODS fly there. Fly in peace and happiness.

  73. Torriob Says:

    My condolences to all who loved you Peggy. You made me smile and that’s a lovely memory. I too believe that you have fledged to your next adventure. We were blessed to be part of your life.

  74. I loved reading her posts. My condolences to her family. She was a great MOD!!

  75. Fran ( LuvMolly) Says:

    PegRod was such a joy and a great person with her wit and all the wonderful things she did for all of us at The OB.. God Speed Peg and hugz to you on your way… Prayers and Hugz to Rod and your entire family. We did love you and we did become such a close “family” here at the Owl Box with Carlos, Donna and Austin and You Peg… You will be missed but I am sure we will feel your presence in the wind and the sunshine !!! Fran ( LuvMolly)

  76. Jana Says:

    I just learned of the passing of PegRod & am saddened by the news. She was a big part of everyone’s visit to the Owl Box. My love & prayers to her family. Rest In Paradise Peggy. Until we chat again……..LadyChainsaw

  77. drsballou Says:

    I just found this out now and am very saddened by this loss. She was so wonderful in the Owl Box chats and truly made all feel welcomed. Deepest sympathies to her loved ones.

  78. Roshini Ponnamperuma Says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear the news about Peggy, which I only heard recently. I saw our former boss today and decided to do some more searching – and found this website and tribute! I worked with Peggy in Washington DC for about 10 years. She was amazingly loving, caring, giving, creative, knowledgeable…
    I am not surprised to learn that she became part of a new circle of friends so quickly. She had a gift for reaching out to people in a very gentle and genuine way. While we will always miss her presence, her soul and spirit are soaring.

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      Roshini, How wonderful to hear from you. I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say that PegRod was a tremendous loss to our Moly & McGee family. She was a daily contributor to this blog. PegRod would post something each day on this blog and I very much looked forward to reading what she had written. She had a real way with words and was a wealth of information.
      Even though I was never fortunate enough to have met her she will always be in my heart.

    • erindort Says:

      Roshini, if your search did not find these sites, you might enjoy reading the cards that were sent to:

      Peggy’s family —

      our PegRod —

      Glad you checked in. Take care,

  79. Lisa Burns Says:

    What a wonderful Mom! Loved every word Carlos! My condolences to you and your Family. Her words of wisdom are blessing me as I read. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thank you so very much for sharing. 🙏

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