What You See

July 15, 2012

Hooded Oriole “Look Left”
Click image for larger view

Hooded Oriole “Look Right”
Click image for larger view

Wait Your Turn
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Allen Comes To Feed
Click Image for larger view

Is it okay if I sit down to eat?
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Let’s have dinner together
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Now, where did he go?
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Cooper’s Hawk after battle with Barn Owl

Are you getting the lighting right?
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Honey join me in the palm tree
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How sweet it is
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This is not romantic
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Remember, it is the birds and the bees
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What you see depends on what you look for, believe it or not. We have so much stimulation coming into our brains that our brain’s have developed filters. Let me give you an example. If you need to rent a place, then you see all the for rent signs but if you have no interest in renting more than likely your brain will ignore the for rent signs. In effect, you don’t even see them. In investing, they say opportunities show up when you look for them. In education they have a saying, when the student is ready the teacher will show up. Basically, what they are saying is that opportunities and teachers are there, you just didn’t see them because you weren’t ready or looking. Your brain sees only what you have an interest in.

Same with cars, let’s say you buy a new car, immediately you will notice all the new cars on the highways that are the same as your new car. They were there before but your brain just didn’t process them. No interest, no see. So where is this going? Many people say that I see more than they do when I go for my morning walks. The reason is simple. I am looking for nature so I see nature or put it another way, if I am looking for birds, I see the birds that are there. By having interest, I have opened or removed or tuned-in my brain filters to see or receive the birds and nature that are in my time space…or in this case my morning walks.

Take this morning walk for example. Since I am always scanning the skies and surroundings for birds I just happened to see a Giant Blue Herron fly over. Wow! Then to even my surprise, because it was after daylight, I saw a mature barn owl do battle with a Cooper’s Hawk in a palm tree. I think the barn owl must have been defending its roosting place. The Cooper’s Hawk just happened to picked the wrong place to land. Like most things in nature, it happened fast and then it was over. Blink and you miss it or be thinking about something else and you won’t even see it. In this case the barn owl won and the Cooper’s Hawk retreated to a nearby chimney to recuperate or at least rethink its options. See photo. If you want to see more, just think about what you want to see and then look for it as you take your strolls. It is not that nature opens up to you but that your thoughts will open you up to nature.

This is the time to put out your Oriole feeders which will also bring in the hummingbirds. Just like fishing, you usually get better results if you bait your hook.

To those that joined us on houseinvesting.com, I want thank you for watching and chatting. If you missed Tony Alvarez’s talk on real estate it is recorded so you can watch it anytime now. Just click “Videos” below the viewing screen and select the video you want to watch. To join in the live chat when we are broadcasting, just click on “Chat” next to the Videos. You will need to sign in using your Ustream login. You can use the same login you used when you were watching Molly or any other Ustream channel since this is a feature of Ustream.

I plan on doing a live broadcast and chat on July 20th at 9 AM Pacific Time on houseinvesting.com. I will be talking and taking questions on house investing. I will be doing this from my home office so it will be a casual event. Kind of like having a cup of coffee or tea with a friend while talking about the basics. My topic will be “An Epiphany – Compounding” This is the secret that Warren Buffet, the multi-billionaire, said he discovered at age 10 or 11 and thus knew that if he lived a long life he would become rich. He was right to the tune of $80 billion. We will make it fun and we will talk about what if you are older than 10? Is it too late?

I am thinking I might be able to make our chats a weekly event except when Donna and I are travelling. I will let you know in advance. Our travel plans take priority. We plan to see the world in all its splendor.

Give thought to what you want and see what doors appear.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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22 Responses to “What You See”

  1. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you again… Wonderful pictures and narrative… I really enjoyed it.

  2. char Says:

    Great photos- I have orioles feeding at my hummingbird feeders. The fledglings are gulping that stuff down to the tune of 3 cups a day! So much fun! (your photos are better than mine!)

  3. VSue Says:

    I am thinking I might be able to make our chats a weekly event except when Donna and I are traveling. I will let you know in advance. ..

    But of course your travels should be a priority!

    But still, would LOVE to get chatz time with y’owl too! I sooo miss the chatz with everyone!

    (((Hugz))) to you Carlos, Donna and everyone

    Such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing; with how you describe things I feel I was right there watching too.

  4. erindort Says:

    Amazing, Carlos! How many people get to witness an owl and hawk fighting? It is so kind of you to share your adventures with us.
    And, how right you are about the brain filters we develop! I started noticing small apartment units and their amenities (or lack of) right after your Pflugerville post. Hope to see you on Friday.

    • erindort Says:

      Yikes. Carlos, after reading my post again, I feel I should clarify the phrase …(or lack of)…! The point I failed to express was that your Pflugerville apartments measure head and shoulders above the small units in my area. Good grief! I couldn’t let my ambiguous post go uncorrected.

  5. Marcia Morrison Says:

    I love your way of looking at how to look at the world… by removing the barriers in your mind, you see more. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos today. I think the orioles are having a date; the male certainly looks very spiffed up, doesn’t he?

  6. Mary B. Says:

    What a beautiful essay, Carlos! As always you have made my day and night brighter. You are so wise and gentle. Thank you for all you do….God bless you and Donna.

  7. Deb Says:

    Hi Carlos, Thank you so much for sharing with us your visions of nature and the world. It is always an inspiration to read about your latest encounters.
    All the Best.

  8. mandozee1888 Says:

    Very true Carlos: most see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear. Great pics. Mandozee1888

  9. Sally in Aus Says:

    Thank you Carlos for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos.I wish we had the amazing little Hummingbirds here in Australia.It’s lovely that you are able to enjoy so much bird life around your home and that you take the time and interest in observing and sharing these delightful creatures with others.Thank you.I will try to be there for the chats as too.

  10. monkie Says:

    Carlos, awsome pictures as always, and beautiful.. Thanks for sharing… Can’t wait to be there on your next Chat… Always a great time to learn, and of course see some of our MODS who we haven’t seen in a long time.. Enjoy your day…Thanks again for all you do

  11. Donna Says:

    Carlos, as always beautiful pictures! The things you write about are so true and interesting, I look forward to reading them. I’ ll be there on the 20th, sounds interesting!

  12. Susan Clark Says:

    Carlos, I wanted to share Tony’s talk with my husband. I can’t seem to find the recording. Where did you say we could find it?

  13. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Carlos for all these great photographs – I had never seen that type of feeder before.

    Hooded orioles are striking in appearance. I saw one in our fig tree a few times, from the bright flash of yellow, accompanied by a loud announcement probably meaning, “Here are the figs!”. You can search for and listen to bird songs on the “What Bird” site.

    This led me to look up Orioles, since I have always been more familiar with the Baltimore Orioles, and found that there are orioles all over the world! And, there are groups classified as “Old World” belonging to the genus Oriolus and “New World” belonging to the genus Icterus – lol.
    Old World – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oriolus
    New World – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_oriole

    Carlos has opened my eyes to the details he sees and shares. I use to think and see more in generalities. Artists have a gift for hearing more, seeing more, and just being more aware of the details around them, and if they are also teachers, they can teach others to be more aware to! It just takes practice and can become a habit. No two people will ever see, hear, taste, smell or feel anything exactly the same way – and then there is that sixth sense or perhaps even more senses (and nonsense)! Many wars have been fought over these perceptions, but many communities have been formed because of them. Humans also have two sides of our brains which “see” differently. Sometimes the War and Peace is right inside our own ever-active brains – lol.

    Live chat is preferred by many MODs over a Social Stream experience, and is a less common opportunity. Thank you Carlos for opening it up again with your guidance and wisdom.

  14. Vicki Says:

    The photo’s are stunning-thanks for the beautiful thoughts too!

    Hope you and Donna are cooking up a great trip soon. Just say out of the middle of the country–the drought is so bad everything crunches now. I have been putting out extra feed for our birds and filling the birdbath up 2xs a day–so much evaporates in the heat. The trees are suffering badly too. Some are turning colors and dropping their leaves already. Many of our ponds are dried up. If you travel east, bring rain!

  15. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Many thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your thoughts on becoming a much better observer of life! I’m really looking forward to your broadcast on Friday ~ you have so much knowledge to pass along. I hope that you have some exciting travels ahead and that you’ll continue to share those as well! Greetings to Donna and Austin, too.
    With love to you, Holly Sue

  16. sandy/Racoona Says:

    wow, again! love the photos; great photos of the male and female orioles! Thank you for sharing, and the bird feeder is really kool! I keep my feeders full and bird baths full with water, continuously, as well. Busy, busy, busy. (still pulling weeds).

  17. CAequuslvr Says:

    More wonderful photos. Thanks again for sharing your life experiences and words of wisdom. Too often we narrow our world around us and miss so much.

  18. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Love the photos! I have never seen Orioles at our house and our humming birds are few and far between this year. I keep having to throw out unused nectar and refill the feeders. I think some of our Oklahoma hailstorms may be the reason. On the other hand, we have a ton of Cicada Killer wasps this year. Last year we had just a few and they were really interesting to watch and photograph. I think all of the eggs which they laid in their holes last year (along with dead cicadas to feed the babies) hatched. Anyway, we have a jillian of them continually flying on our patio and all their holes are lined up at the edge of the patio which makes them a whole lot less fun. I have tried to pretend they are butterflies (which I would love to have a jillian of), but without much success. They don’t really sting, but I am still nervous about our 19-month-old great grandson playing out there and enjoying his bubble machine. I have tried to discourage the wasps with soapy water, but they don’t discourage easily. Any ideas MODs?

  19. Lemay Renee Says:

    How fun! These fabulous photos made my day – Thanks Carlos

  20. FloridaSkye Says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures, Carlos. I laugh at all your captions.

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