We Try Again. Show 5 PM PST Chat Room Open

July 12, 2012

Yesterday Austin and I started getting ready for our first broadcast on houseinvesting.com. I started before Austin got out of school at noon. By the way, yesterday was also “finals day” for another set of classes for Austin. He got the highest score in class on his final. I loaded a card table for the computer, two extension cords, backup camera, backup computer, backup wireless device, release forms, business cards, and flyers.

When Austin arrived we loaded his computer, camera, extra batteries, 250 foot cat-5 internet cable, wireless mic, power strip and 4 backup recording tapes. I printed out the location and loaded it into the GPS and we were off for 110 mile trip one way to Arcadia, CA for the Asian Real Estate Investment Club meeting where we were to broadcast the meeting and their guest Speaker Tony Alverez.

Tony Alvarez, recognized as the most successful REO investor in Southern California, who went from bankruptcy to $10 Million in less than 10 years will share his strategies & answer all your questions on finding, financing & selling REO & Short Sales in today’s “predictable” real estate market.

Two hours later we arrived. Had dinner and began to set up our equipment. Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three, all was going great until it came to the most important connection…The internet. Their wireless connection was just to weak and the wired connection didn’t work at all. Okay, go to plan “B.” Use my wireless hotspot device. When I bought it, my plan called for unlimited data and bandwidth but they have changed their definition of unlimited. Today unlimited means unlimited but slow if you try to use it for live streaming. As it turned out we had a connection but too slow to broadcast. If you were watching, it just kept dropping out about every thirty seconds or so. A miserable experience.

Time to go to backup plan “C.” No broadcast but record the meeting or at least the speaker. We did manage to do that. So tonight at 5 PM Pacific time we are going to play the recording. If we didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t live. We, also plan to have the chat room open if you want to make comments, ask questions or just chat.

Link to broadcast http://houseinvesting.com/pages/live_show

See you there.

Carlos and Austin

The kestrels continue to hang around as Mom and Dad continue to teach them to hunt in our backyard but each day it appears Calvin and Caleigh take them just a little further away. We believe they will continue to do this until they have them hunting in the open fields near by. Currently Mom and Dad have them swooping down from the arbor to the lawn catching lawn moths or at least that is what they are trying to do. Fun to watch, almost impossible to photograph.

I am going to get this one

I can’t lift my other foot or it will get away

14 Responses to “We Try Again. Show 5 PM PST Chat Room Open”

  1. Jo-Ann Says:

    Great pictures and captions…

  2. mandozee1888 Says:

    I was gone all day and missed it Oh well :( Is the recording saved anywhere so I and others could watch it if missed or want to see it again? mandozee1888

  3. PegRod Says:

    Kestrels are so wonderful to learn about, thanks to your photos, clever captions and the stories you relate, Carlos. I love the shadow of the kestrel in the first photo. In the second photo can imagine the bug under the kestrel’s foot, trying to squiggle and wiggle away while the kestrel tries to figure out how to “Grab and Go”. No “Fling and Fly” technique for this species, since the flying insects would just fly up, up and away! lol

  4. PegRod Says:

    What PegRod Learned

    There is a world of houses/apartments being bought and sold.

    If you have the passion, commitment and are willing to learn, Carlos can guide you from his personal experience of over 40 years via his ebook and on his new interactive “Hi” website. He also plans to share live videos of what others have learned and are willing to share, such as last night’s presentation by Tony Alvarez. The format will be via website interaction, shared resources, chat and Q&A. The full benefits are via subscription to “Hi”.

    This is a summary of what I heard from listening to Tony Alvarez.

    Each person is unique.
    Do your homework
    Be an expert in what you want to do
    Learn the rules and follow them
    Value relationships and build on them
    Loyalty matters
    Share your rewards
    There will be ups and downs
    Invest locally, be part of your community
    Respect others, be friendly, be nice
    People depend on you – be dependable
    If you fail, don’t blame others, just try to figure out a new strategy

    What does that have to do with real estate? Everything! In the hierarchy of needs, the fundamentals of Food, Clothing and Shelter, are listed at the top before you can get on with the other rewards and demands of living. Everyone needs shelter, and in modern society that means a place to live in which you are a guest, or you rent, own or are working on owning.

    If you have a passion for learning about how to find and exchange shelter (Gimme Shelter), you might have a place in the world of real estate. Carlos Royal can teach you if you are willing to learn from him, and if you are willing to work hard. The end result is not money, but finding reward in doing something well. Really, it is a service for other people. Not everyone knows how to navigate the real estate world. There is a need for people to know how to do this. You could be one of them!

    Tony Alvarez emphasized that there is no other person in the world or in history just like you, even if they have your same name or look like you. A few universal truths that come to mind after listening to his lecture – Knowledge is power. The joy is in the journey, not the arrival. When you learn something well, teach others. When you retire, prepare the next generation!

    Now how’s that for an hour of being part of “House Investment” – Hi! I like how the dot above the little “i” is the chimney on the house logo! Clever idea, Austin!

  5. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    First Clutch
    A MODs Journal

    July 13, 2010 – The eBook is Finished!

    Two years ago, on this day, the announcement of a new eBook was made in the news section on the “Molly and Family Starring in… Laughing Outside the Box” site created by John Atkinson, we know as “VacaDude” who now hosts the VacaChat shows biweekly on Ustream.

    “A MODs Journal” is only available in eBook form, like Carlos’ new book. You can still get it by scrolling down on this page to find the date and follow the link to the link to the link.

    While you are there, you might enjoy reading all the other news items and exploring this site further for the free cartoons, coloring pages, links to shows and some archived materials. The book is also available on the DVD compilation – another treasure!

    Meanwhile, back to the future, which is now! VacaDude is just south of Molly territory, at the San Diego Comic-Con, from July 12 – 15, 2012. I hope when he looks up at the cloudy skies, he is reminded of all the lovely cartoons he has drawn for fans of The Owl Box. For example, look at the one near the bottom of the link below for “Punk 5 Tribute” featuring “Dudley the unhatched egg” from Mollyand McGee’s First Clutch meeting the owlet from another Owl Box who had just passed away – sniff, sniff – VacaDude’s cartoons not only provided laughter, but comfort through tears and some new perspectives on life.

    Thank you John for sharing your visions via your art.

  6. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    The Royal Gardens
    Summer 2011

    July 13, 2011 – Molly Brings In Her Own Gopher

    One year ago today, Molly was busy! Local homeowners were happy to notice fewer pocket gophers and desert cottontails consuming the vegetation and flowers in their gardens and yards. What a difference a year makes! Carlos posted a great screenshot of Molly with the gopher in her mouth, taken and shared by “Valerie”, a devoted moderator and fan with MOD known as “caboval”. Read the comments from last year to find out all sorts of great news and feedback!

  7. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    The Royal Gardens
    Summer 2011

    July 14, 2011 – McGee Watch “Waiting On McGee” 9 PM PDT

    “McGee with a full moon treat” is the caption for the singular photgraph posted, but no more are needed! It is magical in its composition. Teachers can use any of Carlos’ photographs to give to their students to write a story about or to use as a launching pad for any artistic creation! In fact, any person wanting to have fun might do so…..

    The link to The Owl Box on Ustream, posted there, still works and will continue to work. I accidently hit that and was transported into the wonderful slide show of the owlets of the First Clutch of Molly and McGee – Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley – in various poses outside the box, as they were learning to hunt and play before they moved on for good.

    Reading on, last year this time we still did not have the Molly Songs on iTunes – it was not even considered yet. Now you can get those with the click of a mouse (watch out for Zorro with his imaginary frequent use of VacaDude’s credit card!). Austin was still working on final editing of the Molly Movie DVD.

    Always consider that everything you have was created/invented/made by someone and that there is a tremendous amount of work involved all the “stuff” (including your house or apartment): from its conception “Eureka!” and creation, to the physical manifestation, marketing, delivery and then care to keep all that “stuff”.

    Ahhhhh …. the “stuff” of life. Molly Memorabilia is one of MODs’ favorite types of “stuff” to enjoy within and around our shelters, in which ever type or location they may be!

    No full moon right now, though. From Googling, I find that, “August 2012 – is one of these unique months, which will have two full moons. There will be a full moon on August 2nd, and then another full moon on August 31st.” The second full moon is known as the “blue moon”.

    Get your cameras ready!

  8. PegRod Says:

    Ustream Owl Box Update
    Oceanside, CA

    Sydney, the female owl, is in the box today.

    Sydney has been spending time during the day in the box recently, but not consistently. I don’t watch regularly, but check in to see “hoo’s there”. Perhaps she thought it wise to find shelter from all the Comic-Con and other crowds all over the San Diego area. By the way, Chula Vista, CA, another Ustream Owl Box location, has one of the US Olympic Training Centers! With the upcoming Olympics in London, you might be interested to know this!

  9. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    The Royal Gardens
    Summer 2011

    July 15, 2011 – Molly Watch “Waiting on Molly”

    Bookends, bookends, bookends! Some MODs kept requesting politely to Carlos, Chris Adams and Eric Blehm, “Bookends, please!” Well, the photo posted in this blog entry could be the other half of a set of bookend photos which Carlos provided to viewers, if you look at the one of “Waiting for McGee” posted for July 14, 2011. Facing my computer screen, Molly would guard the right side and McGee, the left. I can envision all the beloved Molly the Owl books, and others recommended by Carlos, owl watchers, and MODs, standing proudly in the middle waiting to be read, with some book jackets a little rough around the edges with so much reading, and a few finger prints and crayon marks on the children’s books from being enjoyed with abandon by young ones!

    Read Carlos’ post from last year for some news and reports, including this recommendation:

    “Field Guide to Owls of California and the West by Hans Peeters. I have found this to be an excellent reference.”

    Do you have any great bird/barn owl books to recommend which you keep as a reference? Post them here with a short reason of why you recommend them!

    Remember this gift to humanity – The Power of Words – you can make the world better or worse depending on how you use them, and this includes when you think them, say them or write them down!

    The Ides of …. July!

    • PegRod Says:

      Oops – both photos I mention were of McGee! We need to find a bookend appropriate one of Molly, for either side! What the mind sees…. where I have heard something about that … lol.

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