Big Announcement

July 9, 2012

The Little Wow! eBook on House Investing by Carlos Royal

Austin and I are announcing a new project,,  a subscription based membership site for those that want to learn about house investing and small apartment investing. What makes our service unique is we will be doing live broadcasts and recorded shows on the subject where you will be able to join in the conversations and interact using a live chat room. While the broadcast will be free the website information will be subscription for $9.95 a month or $99.50 if paid annually. We know this will not be the same as watching  The Owl Box but it could be a wise investment and fun too. Who knows, we might do some early morning coffee and tea chats. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Austin will be doing all the web design and running the cameras as he continues to earn his way through college while I will be giving my insights on the subject of house investing. I have bought, sold and exchanged around 600 houses and small apartments over my 40-year career in real estate and it is one of the ways Donna and I funded our retirement.   The Little Wow! Book on House Investing by Carlos Royal is a good place to start. Hard copies are sold out but you can still download the ebook and I think it is better because the photos are in color while in the  hard copy book the photos were black and white.

We will also be broadcasting some of the local and regional Real Estate Investment Club meetings with their guest speakers so you can get connected with others that are either house investors or want to become house investors for cash flow and profit. House Investing can be a great way to supplement your income, your retirement, pay for/fund children or grandchildren’s education or just make a little extra profit from time to time.

Our first broadcast is going to be July 11th , 7 to 9 PM Pacific time. To watch our first broadcast live on July 11th (this will our trial run) go to then “Go Inside” and click “Live Broadcast” that should do it. “Go Inside” and “Live Broadcast” are menu bar items at the top of the page.  We will be broadcasting the Asian Real Estate Investment Association meeting with their guest speaker Tony Alvarez, a well know house investor. His topic “It’s a Brave New World.”

Tony Alvarez, recognized as the most successful REO investor in southern California, who went from bankruptcy to $10 Million in less than 10 years will share his strategies & answer all your questions on finding, financing & selling REO & Short Sales in today’s “predictable” real estate market. Click Here for more information

The broadcast will start at 7 PM with the Tony Alvarez, the guest speaker, starting around 8 PM and should end around 9 PM. If you miss the broadcast we hope to have a recording available on the website within 48 hours so you can view it anytime.

Did you know that according to “Answers”  6 to 10 million homes change ownership every year in theUS.

If you want to make money do you want to buy when prices are up or down? Where are home prices right now?

Join us July 11th, 7 PM Pacific Time

Carlos Royal and Austin Faure

P.S. Even if you are not interested making money or think you can’t, you might want to watch. It is good for your brain to learn new things.

12 Responses to “Big Announcement”

  1. PegRod Says:

    What a great idea to share what you have learned in life with your fans, and to give everyone a chance to see if they might learn something new in another realm of our existence on the biggest inhabitable real estate in our solar system – planet Earth! All Royal kings and queens started with real estate – and farmers learned to tame the wild lands. MODs already know that the most priceless real estate on earth is found in the Royal Gardens of San Marcos, CA, so that gives you credibility!

    Austin and Carlos – Wednesday nights sound like a good choice and we all hope the recordings are successful.

    With a grateful heart for good people like you “gutz” in the world willing to try new ventures and inspire others (new people – “gutz” is a affectionate typo meanting “guys”).

    “Home, Sweet Homes”

    • PegRod Says:

      PS – I really like Austin’s design for the new website, very calming colors and the “Hi” idea is very clever and a good logo.

  2. Another exciting, Royal adventure! I’ll surely be on the call Wed. eve to hear all about it. see you then….

  3. Dolores Says:

    Good luck on your new venture!
    Austin has a great role model to follow.

  4. erindort Says:

    Goodness, Austin!
    I am so impressed with your talent and ambition. With Grandpa’s help, you can’t go wrong. I wish you the very best of luck! (Carlos, you are amazing, too)

  5. CAequuslvr Says:

    This latest endeavor sounds like an excellent idea. Carlos you have proven that you have the real life experience and are a wealth of information when it comes to real estate. How exciting it all must be, especially for Austin.

  6. janie2 Says:

    Good luck to you and Austin in this new venture, Carlos. I’ll be there Wednesday to cheer you both on.


  7. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos & Austin: Good luck on your new endeavor. I will try to be there, who knows. it could get me off SSI? mandozee1888

  8. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    The Royal Gardens
    Summer 2011

    July 10, 2011 – The Last Signed Book

    Books were on our minds last year, too, as Carlos Royal and Eric Blehm, with the help of many volunteers, gathered together to autograph, package and mail a thousand beautiful copies of “The Second Clutch” coffee table books of a selected collection of photographs taken by Carlos Royal, Carlos entrusted Eric Blehm and colleagues with the project, and the books are evidence of the love and talent poured into them.

    When you click on the link you will see fifteen photos – a photojournalistic spread giving us a glimpse into all the work involved and the great smiles and talents of such wonderful, warm and giving individuals involved – terrific team members.

    The last image posted is of the original cartoon drawn by John “VacaDude” Atkinson, a tribute to the take-out food which energized the volunteers, and a precursor to the McGee “Fling and Fly” idea. If Carlos and Donna had not been so delightfully appreciative of this original cartoon, and encouraging of VacaDude to freely draw more, then we might never have ended up with the VacaDude and VacaChat branch of The Owl Box experience, which lives on strong today and has grown many offshoots as well. The same is true of the Molly Songs, the original Transferit ebooks and mugs, the “Gee That Was Fun” free pdf compilation by Ruthrings, the free books of limericks by DotRot, the freebies on Cafe Press, the DVDs by Austin, the idea to have two Molly Watchers’ Picnics, etc., etc., offshoots too numerous to list them all – and now “Hi”! On one of VacaDude’s shows he discussed how redwood trees of California grow – something which I did not know – they can grow sprouts from “boles” which become their own trees suspended in air – the original roots are still present in the “mother” tree. A trip to California to see the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and Giant Sequoia National Monument might be an adventure for exploration of this by some MODs! If you go, share photos with us!

    Back to the post from last year. Carlos begins with, “These photos were taken by Jamie so guess who’s not in the photos…Jamie. We want to thank everyone that show up to help with the book signing of The Second Clutch, The Return of the World’s Most Famous Barn Owls. It was hard work but fun, the last book is signed. I signed 1,000 books and the troops packaged them up. One book was even signed by Molly and McGee, hard to believe isn’t it? So check your books when you get them.” Read on for more!

    Thank you volunteers for giving us some of your treasure of time, talent and, well … love!

  9. Donna Says:

    Sounds interesting Carlos, I’ll be there!

  10. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    The Royal Gardens
    Summer 2011

    July 12, 2011 – Molly and McGee in The Owl Box Today

    Last year, although the headline was for this great news, there was even more exciting news for Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos, California, where an Eagle Scout Project by Richard Regello was revealed with wonderful photos! Richard built and installed two park benches, one in honor of “Carlos, Donna and Austin Royal For Sharing Molly the Owl and Family With The World”. I will add “exclamation!” What a great project, which was also expanded in 2012.

    Many scouts have done wonderful projects related to The Owl Box all over the world, including building and installing a number of owl boxes, as well as some educational projects. One of Carlos’ enlightening lessons for viewers was that building owl boxes is one way of helping this species, Tyto Alba, as barns and other nesting locations around the world have been torn down. In the UK they have many such projects, and some initiatives are in South Africa!

    MODs still say, “Gee this is fun and we are a part of it!” Build a bench, build an owl box, go on a nature walk to look for barn owls, support others in positive ways. Reminder – please do not litter on the sides of any highways, roads, streets, little lanes, alleys, etc. Barn owls swoop down to catch the rodents that consume the litter and are often hit by cars.

    If you know of projects dedicated to The Owl Box, please reveal links so we can all revel in these continued positive contributions!

  11. Becky Says:

    I’m so happy that Spencer arrived back to his bride safely. I thank him for his continued service. Good luck to Ashley on taking her boards. Hope all goes well for her. Austin remains a rock star. You must feel so much pride at your grandchildren’s successes. Finally, I am the grandma of two little boys; Joshua is 2 yrs and William is 11 mos.. Love love love being a grandmother. I continue to enjoy your beautiful pictures. What a talented photographer you are. Best wishes and safe travels. No Molly news? Is she still around? or do I want to know?

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