Weasel Visits Backyard

July 8, 2012

 “Where are the eggs?” Click image for larger view


This afternoon Donna was standing at the kitchen window looking out when she yelled, “Weasel, Weasel”.  I jumped up and grabbed my camera and clicked off this  fast snap before it was gone. Maybe next time I will get a better photo. At least this one documents it was in our backyard.


Kestrel eats beetle
Click image for larger view


Signal and Semaphore continue to hang around the backyard as mom and dad bring them food and teach them to hunt.


Carlos, Donna and Austin


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23 Responses to “Weasel Visits Backyard”

  1. VSue Says:

    How adorable!
    And that is..was, a beautiful beetle now going to be
    “Kestrel Crunchy Yum yum Snack”!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos, you sure take good pics. You must have a holster for your camera LOL so it can be with you at all times. Mandozee1888

  3. Bonita Lyon Says:

    A weasel!!! Wow, one critter I’ve never seen around here. How fun! Kestrel photo is breathtaking. Thanks, Carlos..Bonnibell

  4. Jes63 Says:

    I didn’t receive the photo of the weasel. I got the bird one.
    I didn’t know weasel lived in our county!

  5. Jes63 Says:

    Ok opened it a different way and there was the weasel!
    Glad you got it so I can believe it exists!


  6. Susan Says:

    Do owls or kestrels eat weasels?

    • carlosroyal Says:

      The weasel is too big for the kestrels. I am sure an owl would eat a weasel but this weasel hunts during the day time so it is not out when the owl hunts.

  7. Donna Says:

    Makes my day to get your updates and pictures. I’ve never seen a weasel around here in the east. Hope you all had a great 4th. Take care!

  8. Jo-Ann Says:

    I have never seen a weasel before… thank you for sharing your pets.. Just read Susan’s note… Do Owls eat weasels? Maybe little ones? Love your pictures and updates…

  9. camperfamily Says:

    Thank goodness Donna wasn’t speking to you Carlos! lol! What a great picture!!! So nice to hear the updates! Hello to everyone:)

  10. Mia Says:

    That wasn’t a beetle that the Kestrel had. It was a hummingbird.

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      When I enlarged the photo is really looked like one of those Japanese beetles. I think that it looks too shiny and slick to be feathers.

  11. Sarah Lehl Says:

    Thank you so much, I really enjoy the updates. You all are still like family to me. You have the most interesting critter’s! What a cute Weasel. And of course I am so pleased The Kestrel’s are doing so well (got a cool Beetle there!) Love to you Carlos, Donna, Austin and all of my Owl Friends.

  12. trisha Says:

    Wow! I did not know North County had weasels! We had a large pack of coyote recently.


  13. Sue Couch Says:

    Well, POP…there goes the weasel! Thanks for your photos and the kestrel stories. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live weasel before. Have a fantastic week!

    • Sherry Kelly Says:

      I was going to say that! :)
      Author of A Cat Named Zooby

      • Sherrie Pearl Says:

        LOL so was I

        I’m always looking out my kitchen window and then running for the camera. Got pics of a deer 2 times and I’m not really in the area for them to come to the homes.

        Great pics Carlos & Thank you.

  14. PegRod Says:

    Lol – I love all the comments from others, and agree what a treat this is, and I am grateful for the good thoughts and photos which everyone shares!

  15. CAequuslvr Says:

    More great photos and fun comments.. Thanks for sharing.

  16. julie Says:

    WOW! now we gotta name said Weasel – too bad Wesley has already been taken ; )

    Could it be a Ferret that was once a pet? I had one and it got away unfortunately. And as we know that’s not good for the bird population which is why they aren’t legal in CA…

  17. sandy/Racoona Says:

    wow. I just love your photography, Carlos. Good eye Donna. I have seen ferrets a couple of times around South Carlsbad State beach, believe it or not. Probably looking for Snowy Plover eggs , that nest in the sand on the beach.

  18. donnaosmith@gforcecable.com Says:

    I may have seen a weasel but not in somebody’s back yard! Great photo, Carlos. Love reading all the comments!

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