The Boy Fledges

July 1, 2012

The Boy Fledges

The girl fledged on June 28th but continued to hang around on top of the box until yesterday afternoon when her brother fledged. June 30th or three days later. Once he was out of the box, he went to the fence and the two of them were inseparable. This morning neither one of them returned to the box but I did see them on top of the RV garage and later in the neighbor’s tree being feed by Calvin the father.

We have named the female “Semaphore” because we have several photos where she looks like she is signaling with the semaphore flag code. Thus we named the male “Signal.”

When Are You Coming Out?
Click Image for Larger View

Semaphore for the letter “S”
Click Image for Larger View

Letter “S”

Semaphore for the letter “R” for Royal
Click Image for Larger View

Letter “R”



Wren that came to watch the show

On Your Mark
Click Image for Larger View

Click Image for Larger View

Signal is out of the box
Click Image for Larger View

I Can Almost Fly
Click Image for Larger View

Look At Me Now
Click Image For Larger View

I Can’t Believe You Just Did That
Click Image for Larger View

Signal and Semaphore “Inseparable”
Click Image for Larger View

Putting The Brakes On
Click Image for Larger View

Ready For Take Off
Click Image for Larger View

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a happy and save 4th of July.  We have our sign out for the holiday.

Proud To Be An American
Click Image for Larger View

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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44 Responses to “The Boy Fledges”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Thank you for sharing. We always look forward to news from you.

  2. Genia Potter Says:

    I see why you are so fond of kestrels, they are adorable! And their wings are almost as beautiful as Molly’s. ;o)

  3. Cathy Melton Says:

    Carlos,Really enjoy your updates.Hope you keep ’em coming. Really missing M&M. Glad you and Donna are enjoying your retirement years:)

  4. mandozee1888 Says:

    Great pics Carlos, Not sure what I’m going to do for the 4th yet but you all have a good time. mandozee1888

  5. Lisa Burns Says:

    Fantastic photos!!!! Just love them!!!!! So happy to see the sign as well!! Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin. So exciting! Have a Blessed July 4th! New life in The Royal’s backyard. So sweet!! : )

  6. Karyl Ruffcorn Says:

    I’ve never seen kestrels before. They’re beautiful, especially the blue wings. I wonder if they make any sounds? It’s so
    nice to hear from you Carlos. Be sure to let us know if another
    owl decides to live in Molly & McGee’s box.

    Karyl from Arkansas (ksue82)

  7. PegRod Says:

    Carlos, another beautiful surprise from you! What a magnificent gallery of photographs of the young kestrels. i had no idea how amazing the details you reveal could be! I also love that you taught us a new word for the day – Semaphore – I will always think of the Royal images of this young female and male kestrel if I ever happen to see a Flag Semaphore signal in real life! I see from looking the word up that the flag colors used on land are different than those used at sea.

    “Gee this is fun, and we are a part of it!”

  8. Carlos, your Kestral photos are beautiful! If we have them at my place, I never see them. Sorry to report that my male Blue Bird is single…his mate died. But he stays in his house with his lovely soft nest. Maybe next year.

    Have a wonderful Fourth! Love your sign.

  9. VeeTX Says:

    Kestrels are beautifully marked! I had to smile at Signal because he’s still wearing his fluffy pants on his legs. Thank you Carlos for sharing, and I can see how the Kestrel is one of Donna’s favorite birds. Thanks for the photo of the Molly sign and the flags. I’m surprised your HOA let you put it up, but hankful that that they did.

  10. Lemay Renee Says:

    As always, fabulous photos of beautiful birds. Such animation. I would love to copy a few of these and put them on my FB page to show my falconry friends what Kestrels SHOULD be doing if they weren’t captive falcons. If you would allow I would give you all the photo credits due you, however if you have something else planed for these photos and would rather NOT have anyone other than us M.O.D. (and faithful) fans see them I would understand. Thanks for sharing they are fabulous!! (I am HAPPY and SAD Donna gets her dinning room table back.)

    • carlosroyal Says:

      The photos are copyrighted but I will give you permission provided they are not used for any other purpose except your FB page with full credit given and a note saying they are copyrighted.

  11. janie2 Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. They are really beautiful birds.


  12. Lemay Renee Says:

    Carlos – I was able to share this site on my FB page. I did not know I would do that.

  13. Sherry Kelly Says:


  14. carlosroyal Says:

    I have received several emails looking for the American Barn owl yard sign and T-shirts on Cafepress. Here is the link

    I don’t know why it does not show up in the search.

    • Rita in DC Says:


      And on that page, the yard sign is all the way down in the second from the bottom row.

      Carlos and Donna, thank you for the magnificent photos and for continuing to keep us in the Royal loop!

      —Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

    • erindort Says:

      I went crazy trying to find it! I kept thinkting I had overlooked it, again and again again! LOL

  15. Carol Watt Says:

    Carlos I can’t express enough how grateful I am of the pictures you share with us. My heart swells and my eyes tear. The coments are the greatest and make me smile. I can say that was fun and you made us a part of it all. Thank you so much Donna for what you do and lets don’t forget that grandson Austin. Wow what a talanted family. So from Carol in Yakima, WA I say God Bless.

  16. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Yay! Another succcessful bird family sees babes to fledge! That is soooo exciting!!!! GREAT photos,Carlos. Thanks for sharing. I, too have my Molly 4th pic out….Have a great weekend….Bonnibell

  17. Kim Gorman Says:

    Beautiful photos, Carlos! We are all enjoying your second career as nature photographer :).

  18. June Schafer Says:

    Once again Carlos, gorgeous photos! The last one is my favorite……getting ready to go!
    Thanks a bunch!

  19. Donna Says:

    Carlos, so happy to get updates and beautiful photos, makes my day! I’ve never seen a kestrel, I can see why Donna loves them, beautiful. Again, thank you all so much for bringing M&M into our lives and all of you into our lives. Have a wonderful holiday and stay safe.

  20. Marie Dorr Says:

    Nature is so fun to watch! Thanks for the great pictures.
    I love the names!!

  21. VSue Says:

    How Beautiful the Kestrels are!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos; feel like I was right there watching with the way you express words so wonderfully.

    You too Donna and Carlos
    Have a super safe and wonderful Fourth of July!!!

    And everyone; MODZ, Fellow Chattererz and lurkers too! :)
    <3 to you all…

  22. Judy Sackson Says:

    What beautiful photos! Kestrels are certainly lovely (and the captions have that Royal touch!)
    We are becoming such bird lovers, and learning so much!

  23. Jo-Ann Says:

    What beautiful birds and I love your captions as always…

  24. monkie Says:

    Thank you Carlos for keeping us posted on those beautiful Kestrels. Love those pictures, they are beautiful as always and the captions make me smile. You sure know how to make watching nature of birds fun…
    Happy 4Th to you and your famliy!!

  25. erindort Says:

    Those fledglings are adorable, and I love their names. Your photography has a way of capturing the subject’s personality. Amazing!

  26. Vicki Says:

    So good to hear from the Royals!
    Love the pics and those cute Kestrals.

    Happy 4th to all!

  27. Morganminpin Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Beautiful little kestrals, congratulations on the successful hatch and kestral-rearing. Seen from the side at this age, they remind me of button quail. Great pictures.
    I wonder if anyone will move into the owl box now that Molly has left.

  28. CAequuslvr Says:

    More super photos of beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing, Carlos.
    Can’t wait to hear/see what you & Austin have coming.

  29. Gimmie an “S” ! Gimmie an “R” !! I love it ! I always learn something new ! The Kestrals are beautiful. Gee, this is still fun :) love you Royals and Mods ! Happy 4th to you all

  30. julie Says:

    So happy to see you and Donna enjoying the Kestrel’s; what perfect names!

    Enjoy the 4th!!

  31. Cindy Says:

    Love it! So glad you were around to enjoy Donna’s favorite birds, as well as share them with us.

  32. Sue Couch Says:

    Well, what phun photos, Carlos. I love seeing your creative handiwork bringing us such beauty and keeping us up to date with the Royals’ adventures. Thank you!

  33. Mary B. Says:

    You always put a big smile on my face, Carlos! Thanks for the beautiful baby kessies! how fun!

  34. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    July 4th 2011

    July 4, 2011 – Celebrate Fourth of July

    It is fun to look back a year and read the comments from this post. If you click on the photo of the mug, it will take you right to Cafe Press. You will find the link to Donna’s World Famous Barbecue Sauce in the blog comments from last year for the Royal Holiday Ribs, a post which also includes a great VacaDude cartoon! It is like peeling back the layers of time.

    Some might want to review the words of the “Declaration of Independence” just to be reminded, or even maybe read for the first time, this “revolutionary” document of its time whose dream is still alive, just like the dreams of The Owl Box! Remember that this is a “living document” which guides and inspires.

    Celebrate, remember, and set your own new goals and actions for dreams to share with others for a better world! Reinvigorate and do a little McGee Ruffle Shuffle to shake the dust out of those dormant brain cells! Oh, of course many will be enjoying some good food and “quality time” with friends and family and end the day looking up to the skies for some incredible flamboyantly colorful fireworks displays. And if you are home alone, feeling bored, you might want to Google and read a little about the chemistry of pyrotechnics – how do they make all those beautiful fireworks colors? Hint, blue is made from the compound of copper. What do you think red is made from? Yellow – lol.

    MOD “littleguys”, who actively sends out all the emails to people who sign up for the “Molly Support Group” to keep people connected, will be near the head of a Southern California Fourth of July Parade with one of her miniature horses, one of her annual traditions! Thank you littleguys for your continued volunteerism for MODs.

    MODs always think of our wild common barns owls of the Royal Gardens of San Marcos, California and hope that the fireworks don’t disturb them too much. Molly, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley, Ashley, Carrie, and those un-named Series of Four Third Clutch offspring – Happy Fourth of July! McGee and those over the rainbow bridge, along with America’s freedom fighters – you are remembered with love.

    Always grateful for this Community of US.

    • PegRod Says:

      oops – copper is an element not a compound! American pennies were 100% copper until 1857 – now they are mostly zinc with 2.5% copper.

  35. suzanne Says:

    As our 4th starts with a bright sunny day, we reflect on how lucky we are to live in the U.S. Enjoyed your morning muse, Carlos, and beautiful pictures. Our owl box is still ‘for rent’ but with all the finches, robin, blue jays and quail around, it may be in a too busy part of the yard. We hear Great Horned
    whoo ooo oo oo often so maybe we should get a house for them … the barn owns we had in our palm tree moved when the litte birds moved into the ‘neighborhood’. A
    thump, thump knock at the door last night was our indoor savannah cat wanting to show off her prize – she had a small rat in her mouth. (we have a fenced in front yard that is the door to the netherworld for lizards and mice/rats if they slip under the fencing).
    Safe travels to those of you needing to get somewhere today – best wishes for a Happy 4th of July to you all,
    (moraga, ca)

  36. sandy/Racoona Says:

    what a great 4th of July!! Very cute Kestrels and glad to see they are doing fine!

  37. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu of San Diego, Ca Says:

    Carlos Your captions are so right on!!! That safe one sooooo looked like an Ump!!! LOL

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