Cameras Removed

June 29, 2012

Camera that has been in the owl box (Click for large view)

With the owl box empty, I decided it was time to remove the remaining camera and wiring and give Donna her dining room table back. Now you know why over time the picture gets fuzzy or cloudy. (See picture above.) Even though I was able to clean up the camera it no longer worked and had to junked like so many of the other cameras. These web cameras are just not designed for this type of use but we made them work. If you remember back then, I had installed almost a dozen cameras, all out doors (these are not outdoor cameras) with over 3,000 feet of wiring running everywhere so we could broadcast for you The Owl Box and surroundings. That is just what it took but now I have removed all the cameras and all the wiring.  If Molly or some other owl comes back they will be able to have their babies without the world watching.

Donna and our lawn guy are once again happy that they don’t have to work around all the wiring. And believe it not our life is getting back to normal. We don’t get recognized as much when we go out but as I write this I got a phone call from a friend that was not aware of the owl box. Believe it or not, not everyone was an Owl Box Fan. She said she had taken her grandson to Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve and he picked up the storybook  Molly The Owl so she bought it for him and then discovered she knew us and just had to call and let us know.

Can you move over so I can see out?

Female Kestrel the day she fledged (Yes, she is cute)
Notice her size and maturity (Click Image for larger view)

The Kestrels have been growing fast and one of them, the female fledged yesterday. The male is still in the box. One of the things I observed about this hatch is that since this kestrel box does not have a perch, the babies kestrels stayed inside the box longer as you will see in the photo. The female looks almost full grown when she fledged as compared to the previous hatch when they came out of the box looking like babies since they could just step out on the perch.

Austin completed another course today and remains at the top of his class at Platt College. He has just three months to go to get his AA degree and he will be half way to getting is BS in Media Arts. Time does fly by. Here is a link to some of his design work.

All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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85 Responses to “Cameras Removed”

  1. Teri Trickey Says:

    Well, it’s the end of an era. For me that all began with an email from a friend saying to check out Molly on line and from there history was made. Thank you again for sharing for almost 3 years. I know it began in 2010 and it was 3 classes ago. (I’m a teacher.) Thank you so much for the drama, the insight, the pictures, the thrills and the deep sorrows. You’re one of a kind just like Molly and McGee!

  2. Genia Potter Says:

    Oh my, Little Girl Kestrel sure is cute!
    So sad that The Owl Box will nevermore be broadcast, but I will continue to think of our beloved Molly and McGee and their human and avian families.
    There are other owl boxes, but this one will always be THE Owl Box to me. Thank you again for all that you and Donna and Austin gave us.

  3. Bonita Lyon Says:

    AAAhhh, well all good things….It can’t be said enough how MUCH we thank you and admire you for sharing Molly, McGee and their owlets with us!!! Once in a lifetime and in our hearts FOREVER!! The kestrels are just beautiful!!! You and Donna should have a celebratory dinner party at your “new” dining table!!!! Good work, Austin!! Thanks for the wonderful updates, Carlos. Bonnibell

  4. Chris in Olympia, WA aka cbbrunner Says:

    I will miss you, Carlos. There is no one just like you. It is hard to believe that there is not even a chance of any more Molly or Barn Owl broadcasts with you narrating the events. But you and Donna have your own lives to live and I understand that. Thank you for everything. As Teri says above (and I really did think of it on my own), “It is the end of an era”.

  5. Jennifer Shelton Says:

    A couple days ago I purchased the Molly and McGee framed print, to hang up at home here. We have loved following the owl box for years, Carlos. Thank you so much. This was a highlight of my children’s elementary education! We will fondly remember this experience every time we look at Molly and McGee on our wall! I think of Molly each time I drink tea out of the original Molly coffee mug you drank out of each day those first few days. Yes, I bought one, along with the coffee Molly and McGee coffee table book, the Molly The Owl book, Molly’s Story DVD, 2 coffee mugs for my kids, etc. Gee that was fun……and we were so glad to be part of it. Bless you Carlos and Donna, Austin too!

  6. Carol Says:

    Carlos and Donna

    You will be missed!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD Bless

  7. erindort Says:

    Yes, the end of an era.

    Thanks, Carlos for all the hours and dollars you spent to give us an experience we will never, never forget. Thank you, Donna for making the huge sacrifice that threw your house and yard into disruption; thanks, Austin for your very hard work you did on the DVD’s, cameras, etc. And a big-big thanks to the moderators, too!

    Gee, it’s hard to believe it is really over!!
    But you all have done so much more than you ever needed to…. It’s just hard to express the heartfelt gratitude I feel. God bless you, you sweet people!

  8. Richard F. Seyfried Says:

    All I can say is your owl box kept me from getting exteemely depressed in a period of my life that was stressful. I would tune in almost every day to watch the Shenanigans of Molly’s first Clutch. I had a blast watching the box and capturing all the moments I could. I thank you , Donna, Austin, and MODS of the Owl Box room in what they did to keep this production going as long as it did. All the writings that people had done for the Owl Box, Your pictures, Your Videos, Your narrations, were all terrific. I really did say after it was all over ” Gee , That was Fun, and I was glad I was part of it ” All the best to you and your familiy and extended family of owl lovers.

  9. Gail Loveless Says:

    I guess all good things must come to an end. You and Donna will be missed by all us MODS. God Bless

  10. VeeTX Says:

    Yes, sadly, it is an end to an era for sure; but it really WAS fun and I’m so glad I WAS a part of it. We’ve all made cyber friends and some of us have met up and shared meals together. We shared our lives, prayed for each other, celebrated with each other, and continue to stay in touch. A lot of us are grateful to John Atkinson, aka/VacaDude, for giving us a gathering place on Sunday and Thursday evenings to visit, have fun, learn, laugh and once again share together.

    Blessings to you, Donna, and Austin. He is a precious and very special young man and with you as his mentor, he’ll excel in whatever and wherever his endeavors take him.

    Thank you for the photos and updates – we really appreciate your thoughtfulness. It’s another way of keeping up with “the family.”

  11. Barbara Bolton Says:

    Always good to hear from you and about what’s going on in your lives. Please keep in touch now and then…thank you again for all the joy you have brought the world.

  12. Michelle Says:

    What memories we will all take away from this experience and have forever. Carlos, Donna and Austin – thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting the world into your home, yard and hearts. You three are very special people. I look forward to any news – owl box or not, from you Carlos. Remember we think about you often and cherish your online friendship.

    God Bless you and enjoy your travels and “wireless” yard…


  13. Laura Says:

    Thanks to each of you for the countless hours you spent sharing your owls with all of us! It was an unbelievable experience and one that I’ll never forget.
    Laura in Texas

  14. Edie Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna, and Austin, thanks so much for taking us all on this wonderful journey! It was truly a wonderful experience for us all! Your dedication, and hard work, was greatly appreciated, and is something that I, and my grandchildren, will remember for a lifetime. All the joy that you shared with us, as well as the sorrows, enriched our lives immensely! Please check in with us now and again, as we would love to know how all of you are doing. Thanks and hugs, Edie.

  15. YTQ Says:

    Can’t say it enough; Thank You!

  16. catmama Says:

    This is the end of an era and I am so glad that I was part of it. Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin for sharing this wonderful experience with us. Your efforts, dedication and humor did not go unnoticed and the world is a much better place because of it. I enjoyed every minute of it and believe me, I spent a LOT of minutes glued to the Owl Box. If you see any of the babies, be sure to give them a wave from all of us.

    Barb aka Catmama

  17. monkie Says:

    I will miss you and the owls, but you have made me a big lover of the barn owl with Molly and McGee and their family!! Thank you for that as I will always find somewhere to watch the love of barn owls..I have the books and keepsakes of their lives with me forever.
    Please keep us posted on the happenings in your back yard…Enjoy your travels, and maybe pop in one of the owl boxes to chat one day…
    Thanks again for the memories

  18. La Ryeness Says:

    Well, there is a tinge of sadness in my heart that the cameras are down; there is certainly an air of finality about that. But there is also a myriad of joy in my heart from memories of listening to and watching these owls, It always filled me with wonder – each day, each night, each triumph and tragedy in The Owl Box. I’m a little misty-eyed here not wanting to really say goodbye – especially since no return of Molly has been mentioned. But, life goes on and I am grateful for a family who went to all the trouble to let the rest of us see the wonder of God’s creation at The Owl Box.

    Thanks again Carlos, Donna, Austin, Molly, McGee and all their beautiful babies. We who love nature are all somehow connected to our Creator.

    strongcalmsane (chat name)
    Rhonda Rye, Florida

  19. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Like monkie said, you have made us all lovers of the barn owl.
    Enjoy your retirement and travels and we will always remember the Royal’s thoughtful sharing.

    Virgene {auntie_vee)

  20. mandozee1888 Says:

    Yes, as stated many times, it’s the end of an era, but the memories will live on forever… thanks for all you shared with us, and enjoy your travels and keep us posted when you have a minute. Gee it was fun so glad I was a part of it. mandozee1888

  21. Lori Says:

    Watching M&M was a great experience for me. It’s very sad that it has come to an end, but what a ride it was! Thank you so much Carlos for sharing all of it with us. You will be missed.

  22. retiredcatlady Says:

    What a magical experience! Guess I can now officially say “Gee, it was fun, and I was a part of it” … I will always be thankful to Carlos, Donna and Austin for the introduction to the world of barn owls, learning the way of the owl through Molly & Mcgee, discovering all the subsequent wildlife cams, and the friendships made through them.

    If you had told me back in early March 2010 I would soon be spending my nights watching owls with strangers from around the world and getting on airplanes to go meet chatters, see bandings and attend owl festivals, I would have said you were crazy! Fate brought us all together for a very unique moment in time.

    Many thanks for your collective efforts to broadcast to all of us, for sharing your precious time, taking us on the field trips, and reaching out to the next generation through the school broadcasts. Your wonderful photography books, prints and CD will keep my memories alive well into the future. Please continue to keep us all updated with your adventures and beautiful pictures through your blog.

    Ann aka retiredcatlady >^..^<

  23. Selena K Says:

    The Royals will always be famous to me and I will always recognize Carlos, Donna, or Austin if I ever pass them on the street. Thank you for all you have done for presenting to the world these fabulous birds!

  24. janie2 Says:

    Yes, there are other owl boxes, but there will never be another like Molly and McGee. We came to love them so and also Donna and Carlos. It was a joy seeing Austin spread his wings and become such a fine young man. I will always remember the tears and the laughter. Having Carlos talk to us in the morning and broadcasting in his pajama bottoms was so much fun. Thank you for wonderful memories and we hope to hear from your family via the blog.

  25. zbergie Says:

    Carlos, we sure have enjoyed what you have done! The Owl Box and you taught us a lot about nature, birds and everything else. I hope you still post us pictures and updates. I miss the outside OB2 as we could see a lot that was going on during the day and the beautiful sunsets. I think you will have a pair of owls in the next season as there are so many owls around your place. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin again.

  26. grlsctldr (Mary Ann) Says:

    Oh my gosh, the wonders that were seen with Molly and McGee. They were the “parents” of other owl boxes for me. They will always be the best! Carlos…. “NO SOUND” will always resound in my memory.

    I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the camera early in the first clutch. I have seen so much, and learned so much, and made so many friends.

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for sharing your lives with us. A gold star in your crown!

    Gee, that was fun! and I’m glad I was part of it.
    P.S. Thank you mods for making the experience such a wonderful one, without you, gremlins would have gotten in. Thank you for your many many hours of dedication. Keeping the chat going 24/7. Wow, many many thanks! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


    • VSue Says:

      “NO SOUND”…

      Oh that was a classic!

      I LOVE that we were all typing “Hey Carlos your lips are moving… this we can see! But what you are saying we have no idea! SOUND! haahaaa

      and the memories will always remain

      Yes, it was and still is fun, for we can all still keep in touch thanks to VacaChats and MMN (Molly Movie Nights) : )

  27. Whitedog01 Chris Says:

    (Whitedog01) Oh the good times! What fun we had.. thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin. I will treasure my photos, my books and mostly the friendships we have made along the way. You have forever opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and all it has to offer. The late nights and the early morning coffee chats priceless. Long live Molly and McGee forever in our hearts. May life bring many good things your way Royals. Your the best!

  28. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin. I will always have a big Smiley Face on when I think about the years at The Owl Box. You brought us joy and yes, some sorrow, but the whole of the experience was magnificent. My portrait of Leggz is at the top of my staircase so not a day goes by without my thinking of the OB.

    There is, as we all know, a time for every purpose. Your decision comes as no surprise as Leggz has passed and Molly has moved on. I am forever grateful for your bringing them to us and sharing your lives with us. Thank You. And, of course, I have to say it also: “Gee that was fun, and I was part of it”.

    God Bless

    twoclubs jane

  29. Ericka Says:

    This is a sad day for me and a lot of others. I guess I always thought that one day we would have the cameras back on. I do understand why you are doing this, it took so much of your time and your life. There are other owl boxes, but they just aren’t the same. I so looked forward to your daily updates and seeing your smiling face with news of Molly, McGee and the owlets. I have learned so much from this. Part of me is hoping someday you’ll change your mind, but if not I have so many wonderful memories. Thank you so much!

    P.S. I hope you will still check in with us with updates on your little sanctuary…

  30. jamma louisiana Says:

    sure is a sad time to know that the cameras are gone…hope you will keep up the emails and let us know all the news of the garden…austin is doing great in college…he has a bright future ahead of him…”Gee that was fun, and I was part of it…and stil am with my cd and books…jamma

  31. Nancy Layton Says:

    I can’t thank you enough Carlos and Donna for the wonderful pleasure I received watching the lives of Molly and McGee and their babies. I am so sad we will never again see action in the owl box or hear you talk to us, Carlos. I actually recorded all your conversations over the three years so I can still listen to you talking to us about our Molly and McGee. I wish you and your family a wonderful life to come.

    Nancy Layton

    • retiredcatlady Says:

      Hi Nancy ~ any chance you can post those someplace for all of us to enjoy?? Thanks for considering. Ann >^..^<

  32. Linda Says:

    Dear Donna and Carlos, I’m reminded not to be sad that it’s over; but to be happy that it happened. We have all of our memorabilia to remind us of such fun times with you and those wonderful owls. Wishing the best to you, your family and all the MODS and moderators. ldgreene123

  33. Ginny Says:

    Thanks for everything. Please keep in touch, We love hearing from you.

  34. VSue Says:

    AH! The memories of Gagshag upon the camera lens
    Owls of featherz and fluff
    Stomping making a big fluff puff!

    From owls to making egglets
    to little hatchling owlets
    watching them grow
    and leaving their clutch
    knowing they are out there..somewhere
    continuing the circle of wonderful life!

    At least you shared some of the most precious moments with us all and thanks to you there have been friends made from all over the world.

    Memories from yesteryear
    fill me with such cheer

    So no more camera but that’s okay
    For newz from you makes my day
    So filled with joy!

    Thank you for continuing to share

    Much love and appreciation to you and Donna and everyone!

  35. kjbergy Says:

    The pictures and videos you gave us Carlos will keep Molly and McGee alive in our hearts forever. Thanks for the memories…

  36. kjbergy Says:

    Vote Molly is still on my bumper.

  37. Cheryl Gray Says:

    Thanks for all your troubles and all the care you took into “fixing” the cameras for all of us viewers. I certainly enjoyed every minute of the Molly and McGee cam. So sad to see them gone, but I hope you and Donna can now enjoy your dining room table :)
    Thanks for the updates! The kestrels are gorgeous.

  38. OC Says:

    Sigh, I guess I always had a little flicker of hope that someday the cams would be turned back on. But I can understand wanting your house and yard back to normal.

    It truly was a lot of fun and will remain with me forever. Thanks to all of you for all you have given us, I hope you keep in touch.

    If any of you walked pass me on the street I would recognize you LOL . Enjoy life and thanks so very much. Thanks just doesn’t seem to be enough.


  39. Pennie Says:

    Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin for the experience of a lifetime – Gee that was fun and we were part of it!

    I very much enjoy your updates and beautiful photos.

    Gratefully yours,

  40. Kim Gorman Says:

    The end of an era. Thank you, as always, Carlos, for letting us know your plans and the reasons and always being forthright with us. You are SO appreciated and I will check your blog from time to time to check in with my buddy Carlos. All the best to you and Donna and Yay, Austin!!!

    Kim Gorman

  41. Ruth Says:

    The cameras have been removed….but i still can not remove “Molly’s Box” from my favorites on my computer. I will probably leave it there. It was a special time. All the best to and Donna. Keep up the good work Austin! Ruth (petenwell)

    • janie2 Says:

      I can’t bring myself to remove Molly’s box from my favorites either, Ruth. As I go through them it will always bring a smile to see it.

    • erindort Says:

      Ruth and Janie, you can count me as another one who will
      always keep the Owl Box (and Molly’s blog) on favorites. I viewed one of the recordings just the other day. Delightful! And so wonderfu to share with children in the years to come.

      • PegRod Says:

        Ruth, janie and erindort – I too will always keep The Owl Box Ustream site and Molly’s Blog on my favorites bar. That is where I start my day and helpful when I feel like searching on Ustream for other nature sites to observe!

  42. Betty Mitchell Says:

    All I can say is “Love You Guys! ” Hugs!

  43. Susan Clark Says:

    Every time I see a really big RV, I look to see if it is Carlos and Donna! I hope that you enjoy your “freedom” and I thank you so much for sharing such a unique and wonderful time with us. I find myself with a bit of sadness after reading about the cameras being removed because I always hoped that we could join you for morning coffee once again. It was such fun to be a part of your lives for a short time. You gave us all a tremendous gift in your friendship. Just think–with all of the chaos going on in the world today, you brought people together from all over the world to watch and love the amazing Molly and McGee and their families. We all loved your cheerful personality and felt as if your were our very own friend!! What a blessing this event was for all of us! You will be missed!!
    I will continue to look at each RV to see if it is you—-have you made it to Texas yet?
    Susan (Dizzyts)

  44. Diane Sultzbach Says:

    I’m missing Molly &McGee very much. It made me sad to hear that we will never see another amazing video stream from your owl box again. I can certainly understand your decision however. I will always hold you and Donna in a special place in my heart because of the sacrifices you two made for all of us. I wish you love and happiness always.

  45. Marilee Godsil Says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your optimism and your teaching style helped me through a terrible period in my life. I laughed and cried and learned so much. All the children who were lucky enough to be a part of Molly & McGee’s world have surely learned to love and respect nature. Your family has touched so many lives in so many ways. The “community” of wildlife chatters have formed forever bonds.

  46. lilbirdz Says:

    Carlos, Donna, and Austin,

    The owl cam photo is proof of a life well lived. All the wires and fried computers are the artifacts of your passion and your joy in life. Your are obviously moving on to other interests, and that is who you are and why we enjoyed sharing a few years with you. Molly and McGee will always be most dear to me and to so many because you made it happen. It’s always a treat to see Austin’s work (I spotted some family in there!), and to know that he is also pursuing his passion with the same enthusiasm he learned from his Grandpa. Thank you so much for all you and Donna and Austin have given us.


  47. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Another chapter has come to an end but such an exciting and rewarding one it was. Thank you Carlos & Donna for bringing the world of the owl box to us. There will never be another owl box such as Molly & McGee’s. Please continue to keep in touch when time allows and thanks for the pics of the Kestrels they are so cute.

    Liela Maielua

  48. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    The Cycle of Nature
    and The Royal Gardens

    June 30, 2011 – Molly and McGee Back In Box

    This time last year, we were surprised once again! Click to see a fantastic photo – one which many may delight in even more today – no words were needed! Carlos has always been full of surprises.

    A philosophy of living in the moment and in the day can make an ordinary day quite extraordinary! Last year, our summer in The Owl Box in the Royal Gardens would become one where the humans observing and watching also saw a new stage of maturity in the life cycle of our particularly “un”common wild barn owl parents, Molly and McGee. Some owl watchers would find this time to be so exciting, since it revealed a new stage of personality developments. We would have a chance to see much more than the famous Leggz (although we got to see those legs now in many poses) or McGee in action with his famous “Fling and Fly”. With McGee we would hear new types of communication with Molly, and see an amazing array of San Marcos, California sunsets – all still on recordings on Ustream!

    Life is full of surprises when we live in the present moment and learn how not to hold on to “what was”. We can learn how to see all sides of a situation which may seem “dreadful” from one point of view, but “liberating” in another. Think about walking around an art sculpture and observing how it changes when you look at it from every side of a room or walkng around it in a garden. You get a completely different “wallpaper” against which to see the object or creation in a new light. Many photographers do this, when deciding where to take a photo.

    A nice quote – “Cultivate your garden. Let it take root in you until your thousand eyes open like violets to morning light.”
    —Nancy Paddock

    THE END (not! …lol)

    • VacaDude Says:

      Nice quote, Peg. I can’t believe it, but that actually segues nicely to some lyrics on the latest Rush album! The last song on the album is called “The Garden” and has this to say: “The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect. So hard to earn, so easily burned. In the fullness of time–a garden to nurture and protect.”

  49. PegRod Says:

    I echo everyone’s thoughtful comments, which are a joy to read!

  50. susanralph Says:

    A BIG thank you Carlos for all the good times.

  51. CAequuslvr Says:

    BIG sigh. I am so thankful for the magical journey and the worldwide community of Molly & McGee. I will miss it all but it will never be forgotten. What I have taken away from this experience I am unable to put into words.

    Carlos & Donna– The world is grateful for what you have done for the world of owls (& other birds).

    Austin once again, Kudos on being the best you can be–keep up the good work. I know you have a wonderful future.

    Everyone Take Care & Be Well.

  52. CAequuslvr Says:

    Oh, I forgot. PegRod–Your contribution to this blog has been tremendous. Your effort, time and prose has been so appreciated. You are such a wonderful writer. What a special person you are.

    • VacaDude Says:

      I second that!!!

    • PegRod Says:

      I am grateful for this opportunity, which flowed from my mind, like a gift from God. I never wrote before Molly – many of us can say “Before Molly” and “After Molly”. The word “Moly” represents everyone involved who touched lives, including McGee and offspring, and all the Molly World Family of our hosts, and the observers, partcipants, chatters, MODs, writers, artists, technicians and musicians, small businesses, and a thousand more. As Emily Dickinson might say “I’m nobody, who are you?” In live chat on Ustream we began as a bunch of “no bodies” with created chat names – and came to discover that the world is full of brilliant, kind, creative and fun-loving minds! Now, that is absolutely the Great News!

  53. VacaDude Says:

    Oh my gosh–my eyeballs look just like that camera on the right! I guess that is what happens when you watch owls for so long.

    What an interesting chapter of my life this has been, and indeed–for many of us. Like I’ve said before–I never saw this coming. If five years ago a time traveler had come to me and told me that in three years time I would start watching owls growing up on my computer, I would have thought that person was completely nuts. (However, I would still ask them for some stock market tips, and perhaps the outcomes for a few horse races.)

    My many thanks to Carlos, Donna, and Austin for your friendship and for sharing these times and many life lessons with us all! Carlos, I learned so much from you–and those are things I will carry forth as my life continues to unfold. Best of wishes to the entire Royal family!

    Gee, that is it, and I was part of the fun! (or something like that)

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      VacaDude–Speaking of tremendous contributions to the Molly & McGee experience/journey. I want to thank you for your wonderful, insightful and heartfelt drawings and book. You (& Zorro) continue the spirit of M&M with your UStream chat ( which is not only very enteraining but also very informative.

      • PegRod Says:

        Yes, CAequuslvr – Long live VacaDude’s VacaChat show with cohost Zorro! Deet, deet, deet..

  54. Ricki Says:

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!

  55. Jo-Ann Says:

    I go along with Ricki…. How could I ever add anything new to all the wonderful comments for Carlos, Donna and Austin.. Love everything you have done for us Mod’s, even the ones who lurked behind the scenes… I can only believe that you all have received so much love from us, and, it is now a weaning experience to go through now… We/I will certainly l miss you. But I will always be looking forward for any updates from you. Lots of Love and hugs galore…..xoxoxoxoxoxo

  56. Judy Sackson Says:

    Not much left to say, all good things…..We will miss the idea that our Molly and McGee are no longer around to make us laugh and cry as MODS. I really feel that I have been part of a very special group of people, and although I was never on chat, I never miss a day now that I don’t check on what’s going on, and I started out as a lurker during the first clutch.
    I hope to check up on you all, Carlos Donna and Austin, all the bloggers (especially PegRod, what a pleasure to read all your comments and memories!) on a regular basis now, it has become too much of a habit!
    Those kestrels are really beautiful birds, how nice to still have birds to watch in your yard! Perhaps you could throw a word or a picture our way once in a while (travels and wildlife, all excepted). We will really miss our Royal fix.
    Congratulations to Austin! Keep up the good work, young man!
    Gee this was fun….

  57. OwlyKats Says:

    Hello All My Owl Lovin Friends, Carlos, Donna, Austin,

    “Sound Carlos Sound” oh wait the cameras are now gone.
    I have been so preoccupied with the fires we have had here In Colorado Springs this week (Waldo Canyon Fire). It has devestated an area of the Town. So sad, I am safe where I live.
    Well I knew this day would come and now A new begining has begun.
    Thank you Carlos for the wonderful journey you and Donna allowed us to take. Those memories bring me such Joy!
    I am looking forward to your posts on Molly’s blog about all the new advetures you and Donna take and the wild life that graces your yard.
    A big Owl hug to us all
    Love And God’s Blessings to You, Donna and Austin

    Kathleen Stevenson
    COwlorado Springs, COwlorado

  58. Kathy Stair Says:

    Thanks for the memories! I appreciate all the time, money and effort you both put it to broadcast the owls for as long as u did. Enjoy ur freedaom

  59. Donna Says:

    What can I say that hasn’t been said and so nicely written. I too will leave the owl box in my favorites! Carlos, Donna and Austin thank you so much for everything, I’ve learned so much from all of you. Please keep us updated on your adventures and love the pictures too!

  60. Darlene from Oregon Says:

    This has been such a wonderful and a never to be forgotten experience. Thank you Carlos, from the bottom of my heart. With this experience you have left an imprint on my life that will be there for eternity. I have made some wonderful friends on this journey.

    SPO still has a chat for Molly and McGee fans. Please come and see us and chat. It’s cool. Here’s the web site.

    Thank you once again Carlos. Molly and McGee, thank you for an experience I will never forget as long as I am alive.

  61. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Back in the Owl Box
    Royal Gardens of San Marcos, CA

    July 1, 2012 – Something New

    What is old is new again! Well, if anyone missed the opportunity to be part of the process from the idea to creation and publishing of The Second Clutch coffee table book of gorgeous photographs taken by “Sir” Carlos Royal, now is your chance! I think there are a few left and they will never be reprinted unless Smithsonian wakes up and creates an exhibit!

    On this day last year, the first draft of the new DVD movie entitled “The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls”, created by Austin Faure, was finished, and the plans to set up pre-orders were in place. It takes many hours of dedication and love to create these items! And there are always some bumps along the way which discourage some who give up and say to themselves that it is too hard to go on. Others follow that proverb (verb means action) of “Try, try again!” (wise words we have heard many times from Carlos) until they complete their goals!

    If you don’t have copies of these rare treasures, I suggest you get a copy now, before they are gone. And, if you have funds, purchase some for your favorite charities or library! Next time you are at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, you might want to suggest that they put copies of all the Molly the Owl books in their waiting rooms. Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise for someone to see while waiting.

    Not everyone has money, and the Molly Experience provides something for everyone. The downloads on the Molly the Owl Cafe Press site are all free! So you can look at them anytime or save them if you have a computer. If you don’t have a computer, go to your local library and learn how to use theirs. Many of the same photographs found in the coffee table books are found throughout this very blog. Just scroll back to see them all – but that might take you, well, forever!

    Austin Faure, you inspire us all! Great ideas have come to life through your awareness, talents, confidence, and hard work!

    Quote – “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”
    —Rachel Carson

    • PegRod Says:

      oops – wishful thinkng – that is the year 2011

      Sorry Carlos and friends!

      Typonese is a language all MODs understand, but new viewers may not!

      • janie2 Says:

        Some of the funniest moments on chat were from typos One I loved was “ear plubs”. ;-)


      • PegRod Says:

        Janie, so true! It took me a long time to figure out “love you gutz’ until someone mentioned the typo for “guys”. But we do love each others’ “gutz”, too!

  62. PegRod Says:

    Ustream Owl Box
    Oceanside, CA

    Now this is for today, July 1, 2012 – Sydney, the female owl is in the owl box live today! I saw both Mel, the male, and Sydney in together yesterday for a bit. I don’t follow the box …. yet … so any MODs who do might share more information. Moulted (not molding – lol) barn owl feathers and horks are on the clean wooden floor, so we know what just might happen next!

  63. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    This ends an era of Molly & McGee. I sure hope Molly is happy and thriving where ever she may be. M & M have a piece of my heart forever. Just think Carlos & Donna you started it all. I’m so very happy and proud to say ” Gee that was fun and I was part of it” I’m happy my neighbor rec’d an e mail from the wildlife org that she is part of, with Molly and the link for The Owlbox in the e mail. I will forever be grateful for that. I have become friends with a lot of wonderful people throughout this journey. Where ever your travels take you Donna & Carlos, enjoy and God speed to you. You have enriched a lot of people’s lives.

    Thank you Austin for your video’s and all that you did.

    Please keep the updates coming.

    Hugs & love
    Sherrie Pearl

  64. azdebra Says:

    Can’t add anything more that hasn’t been said already, except thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for everything. May your travels and life be enjoyable and check-in every once in awhile if you can.

    Bless you,

    Deb aka AZDeb

  65. Liz Says:

    Thank you for sharing Molly&McGee and for sharing your lives with us!! It was an amazing experience. Please stay in touch with updates on your travels and grandchildren! God bless you in all you do!

    North Carolina

  66. Thank you for the cute kestrell pics and the pics of that camera! We will always remember M & M and all the kids, it was a special time and happy to be a part of it. We always enjoy the posts! Thanks for everything!!

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