Got Baby Kestrels

June 16, 2012

It is a big world out there


Surprise, Surprise, we have baby kestrels. Just when we had given up and said nothing was going to hatch, look what popped up this morning. This kestrel hatch has been so different from ones in the past. In the past there was lots of bonding and tons of food being delivered with the box being almost a bee hive of activity but not this time. We observed bonding only once and rarely food deliveries and when we returned the female was not in the box but spending all her time outside of the box. We just assumed nothing happened. In fact, when Donna was looking out the window this morning she comments that there were just no birds in the backyard and that it had been a bust year. About an hour later I was looking out the window and notice a grey spot inside the circle and grabbed the binoculars.  I started shouting, “We got babies, we got babies!” Donna came running over to see with a “Well, I ‘ll be.”


We don’t have a camera on the Kestrel box so there won’t be any broadcasting but we will keep you posted on their development.


Nature is just full of surprises! And some of you thought yesterday was The End.


Carlos, Donna and Austin


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63 Responses to “Got Baby Kestrels”

  1. Lisa Burns Says:

    Hooray!!!!! So happy!! What a beautiful baby!!!! In awe of nature. Thank you Carlos and Donna!!!

  2. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Carlos for that brilliant and wonderful news, and a great photo, too!

    Not having any owl boxes to watch, I watched the recommended Mister Rogers Remix on YouTube (fantastic) last week which led me to the Symphony of Science videos (mp3’s free to download). So many quotes remind me of the wisdom we learned watching The Owl Box and Mollyand McGee and family, listening to Carlos Royal and the MODs, who opened the door of my mind up to the wonders of humanity, nature and the universe and gave me time to think, observe and wait for the unexpected!.

  3. Jo "dennens" Says:

    Wow, they snuck up on you, eyes open and everything! Mom and Dad musta known you were mourning and wanted to give you a happy surprise… there is always something new to surprise us.

  4. June Schafer Says:

    Wow! Yes, we (Donna too it seems) thought it was all over. Isn’t nature just full of surprises?? I follow The Wildlife Center of Virginia web cam and blog also. At the moment their resident papa Kestrel is fostering some orphaned chicks. Fun stuff! Take care and keep us updated on the babies!

  5. Sue Couch Says:

    Ain’t life grand! I love it when joy-full surprises happen! I’m joining the virtual dance on your patio!

  6. Carol Says:

    Congratulations Carlos and Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Genia Potter Says:

    Welcome, welcome to Baby Kestrel! Any thoughts on how old he/she might be?
    We have a pair of juvenile flickers just beginning to fly to our suet feeder and yesterday were visited by the first very young squirrel I’ve ever seen.
    Nature is a long-running delight.
    Thanks, Carlos, for that lovely photo.

  8. Sherry Kelly Says:

    So cute!! Love good news!!!

    Author of The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered

  9. Grace Shaw Says:

    I had wondered if the reason that the Kestrels hadn’t used the box was because of all the owls? Now that there aren’t any owls the Kesrels have come back. Has anyone seen any sign of Molly lately?

  10. YTQ Says:

    As long as you live and breathe, it won’t be The End, you guyz. We all love you dearly, and thanks so much for the updates on the bird population! I still go to the Molly Box on SPO, and chat once in awhile.

  11. OC Says:

    The Circle of Life is wonderful, when one goes away another one comes. Yipppeeee


  12. Oh what great news!!! I wonder how many there are :)

  13. VSue Says:

    How wonderfu7l; Baby Kestrels!

    So adorable this one is; I wonder how many more are inside?

    Well, how can any bird resist your lovely yard? I knew you would find at least one nesting pair of some kind; patience brings the greatest of rewards.

    Thanks for the updates.

  14. Themauimom Says:

    How special, and as usual you have captured the moment with a picture! My luck would have been to take just a picture of the bird house and miss the baby altogether :) Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture of this cute little one.

  15. Janice Says:

    So happy to hear you finally got your Kestrel babies. Take lots of photos if they let you. Will be watching the blog for new pictures. What a great Father’s Day gift for you, Carlos.

  16. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Yay!!!! I can just hear you, “We got babies!”…So exciting. Look forward to updates on those adoreable babies!! I almost want to say “congratulations, grandpa”!!!!

  17. aspengoldred2 Says:

    How wonderful to see new babies around the Royal’s backyard. Carlos since your not on line this year with updates on Molly & McGee I’ve been force to look out my back door instead of my PC screen and I’ve observed 4 baby squirrels, a pair of Morning Doves with their baby at the base of the bird feeders. A pair of adult rabbits(who live under my tool shed) and to my suprise last evening I heard some racket on the patio,and sure enough two little bunnies were playing tag. There are Cardinals, Blue Jays, House Wrens,Woodpeckers,saw my first Blue Bunting the other day. A few Black Capped Chickadees, and a mather of fact last week I was inside watching TV one evening when I heard a soft thud against the glass back door. Sure enough a baby Black Capped Chickadee lay sprawled out on the patio, one wing extended and the other must have been tucked under his body. I stood very still watching and saw he was still breathing, patiently I waited, then a twitch of his little legs and bingo he was back on his feet. But he didn’t move so I gently picked him up, stroked his little soft head as he clinched his tiny feet into the palm of my hand.I slowly walked over to the patio table and scooped him out of my hand. He stood there shifting his head from side to side just looking me over when all of a sudden on out streched wings he flew, without a wable to the nearest tree. What a thrill. Happy Fathers Day Carlos.

  18. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    What a lovely surprise for you ~ sweet babies to watch grow! Wish you had a camera on them but we’ll be happy to hear about their progress. I’m so enjoying our backyard birds here in IL, especially hummingbirds for the first time this year. I sure do miss Molly and McGee, and your input on screen, but as you said, life brings us new chapters. Your photograph is wonderful, as usual! Hi to Austin, happy travels to Ashley as she reunites with Spencer, and Happy Father’s Day, Carlos!
    Prayers for all of you for God’s blessings.
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  19. Jo-Ann Says:

    You couldn’t have said it any better Sue… I agree with you totally..

  20. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    How precious

  21. Jody Veith Says:

    There will never be and “end” to Molly and McGee. They are family and family lives on in your heart and memories forever.

  22. Jody Veith Says:

    Correction: …an “end”

  23. Laurel Burden Says:

    Congratulations! Love the photograph. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  24. Hooray! Donna finally got her Kestrals. That was the original bird she was trying to attract, wasn’t it?

    Keep us posted on your wonderful world.

  25. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for keeping us updated on your backyard happenings. It is always exciting. I will repeat what aspengoldred2 said. It is amazing, if we take the time, what we can see in our own backyards. I have been watching a lesser nighthawk that has been hanging around my backyard, when it is not hunting in the late afternoon and evening, hunting insects. Of course I am feeding hummers too. It is important to leave that PC more often and observe the surroundings.


  26. Donna Says:

    Carlos you’re always full of surprises! Our back yard is full of baby birds, we have a robins nest right over our deck. Nature is beautiful and so fun to watch! Molly and McGee will always be with me and all of you. Happy Fathers Day Carlos!

  27. Sherrie aka Sharoot Says:


  28. Lisa Says:

    Adorable! Happy Father’s Day, Carlos!!

  29. VeeTX Says:

    First of all, Happy Father’s Day Carlos!!! I love that pic of the baby kestrel. Thank you for posting. Miss you guys a lot.

    Love, VeeTX

  30. mandozee1888 Says:

    Now thats a face,LOL new life, thats a good thing. Mandozee1888

  31. Madonna Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Carlos!!! And a belated Mothers’s Day to Donna! lol! So good to hear from ya. Just have to love those lil’ ones…such sweet lil’ face. Warm wishes to all, Madonna

  32. OUBobcat (barb) Says:

    Any owl sightings at all? Male offspring of the original parents often take over the box. One family has been known to occupy the box for decades. Here’s hoping. Molly and McGee will be in our memory for a very long time. Happy Father’s Day!

  33. SactoSylvia Says:

    All smiles here!

  34. Judy Sackson Says:

    How wonderful for you! Just when you think all the birds are gone from the yard, to find baby kestrels! We will always miss Molly and McGee,of course, but the renewal of life is so exciting!
    Oh, and I hope you have very special Father’s Day, Carlos!
    Keep the updates coming, we all love them!

  35. Artgirl Says:

    Happy Fathers Day Carlos and congrats on the new babies. Thanks so much for keeping is informed. You just never know.

  36. CAequuslvr Says:

    What a cutie. Happy Father’s Day, Carlos. I am so happy for Donna, she now has her very own Kestrels. The Royal backyard is again full of joy.

  37. VacaDude Says:

    What a nice surprise, and what a cute little one that is!
    Happy Father’s Day, Carlos!

  38. joly2u Says:

    The baby kestrels have that captivating look in their eyes…such presence. Is the male still around or is mom out of the box because she’s having to hunt? Carlos, is there any chance that if/when a new owl couple claims Molly’s box, that you’ll report some on it? It could be claimed by some descendant, after all. I suspect Ms Moll got swept up in a new romance, but I hope the Dude found a great home spot, because the Playground is a hard act to follow! Thanks for posting.

  39. PegRod Says:

    Many fans who watched The Owl Box of San Marcos, California have gone on to write about nature. One writer I follow, who also happens to be a regular writer on Story Time with Zorro on Sundays at VacaChat, is chatter elsalynda. Her “Nature in the City” column is a must-read! The latest article is here:

    Nature in the City: A quest for an indigo bunting
    By Elsa Lichman

    Just use the search tab to find dozens of more wonderful columns.

    Awww, the poetry of nature….is awesome!

  40. nhptown Says:

    Thanks to everyone, especially to Carlos and Donna for continuing to share a part of their lives. I just love getting these updates and reading the comments and seeing the familiar names!! Most of all seeing what the Royal backyard has to offer.

  41. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Carlos & Austin
    Field & Ustream Video Hunting

    June 20, 2011 – Live Broadcast – Field Trip Tonight

    Today is the first day of the season we call Summer! On this happy summer day last year, Carlos suddenly posted an unexpected message that sent rippling waves of communication among fans and owl watchers to come meet back at The Owl Box on Ustream for some experiments and new adventures! Read the blog to see exactly what was up! It begins with that wise proverb, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.” I will post some recordings tomorrow about what happened, but “Gee that was fun, and we were a part of it!” Those who tuned in last year, anyway, and those who watch the recordings even now can enjoy the fun!

    There is something about watching live which is transcendental. I am not sure of the reasons why there is a real difference between seeing something live and chatting live about it in the same moment, but the “Presence” is real when you are in the present moment! It actually might have something to do with brain chemicals which are activated and more excited atoms from the energy created by this type of communication, and scientific studies have been done! – awww to think about the possibilities and see what others think about is fun, too!

    Thank you Carlos for the adventures and fun – I will always remember the gopher holes and the popcorn, and your wish that you had a Molly mug full of your famous hot cocoa, the recipe of which is found in the Molly Watcher’s Cookbook!

    For new people, San Marcos, California is located in an area not far from the Pacific Coast of Southern California to the West, but is an inland area with mountains to the East, where the days can be hot, but the nights are usually quite cool after the sun goes down.,_California

    Awww, Molly and McGee, we miss your exciting shows, but thank you for the opportunity to be part of your lives, a certain modern day Camelot!

  42. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Carlos & Austin
    Field & Ustream Video Hunting

    June 21, 2011 – Doing It Again Tonight – Field Trip

    Were Owl Watching fans happy to hear this news, or were Owl Watching fans happy?!?! – Yes, all the Owl Box fans were happy and giddy.

    The links to the recordings are found in the comment section of the post from last year when you scroll down – you will see them and just click and enter the recordings from the first night of video hunting!

    Also, this time last year was filled with anticipation, as Carlos reported, “Also, the Second Clutch Book is scheduled to arrive in LA June 27 and then it is up to customs.” The two coffee table books of photography of Molly & McGee’s First Clutch and The Second Clutch are truly awesome – the beauty that Carlos Royal was able to capture of our beloved barn owls at night, and the poetry of the way Eric Blehm and colleagues were able to organize it! I wish every library in the world had copies sitting out where everyone could see them.

    American society has a generation of “baby boomer” adults and their parents, who really value and find this kind of thing to be “soul food”! The “older” generations are learning the computer and technology world tools out of necessity now, and The Owl Box gracefully taught many fans more than they could have possibly imagined about the positive uses of the internet!

    The Owl Box of the Royal Gardens of San Marcos, CA, on Ustream is also a place where some very lucky school children got to experience this delightful free education from the start – being able to watch every day from school, discuss, and even in one class, help sing the premiere of their teacher’s amazing and captivating first song, “The Molly Song”. Awwwww, Mrs. Allen, aka Barbara Allen, aka barleycorn, barlycorn, barlyowl, and perhaps other chat names, we thank you! Your music helped your class to understand and sing with joy about the fledging of The First Clutch, and although you wrote the song for them, it touched the hearts of all of us and provided comfort when we thought it was “all over”!

    Oh, that’s right, we are on a Field and Usteam Adventure. Sometimes, while waiting for something to happen, in the stillness of the moment, good memories and an abundance of ideas come popping up! Carlos Royal has taught many MODs to enjoy the moments for what they offer, including the unexpected! And, as he said in the last post from last year, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again …. so that includes the second time, the third time, and in fact, until you get it right or humbly ask for and get help – lol!

  43. monkie Says:

    Happy to see baby faces again… Can’t wait for more updates and “whoohooo” we have babies… Enjoy your back yard carlos, and especially the Kestrels.. But must agree with other Mods, missing our M&M, forever in our hearts..Here’s hoping one of their owlets return home to nest and start more memories!!
    Hugz to the Royals

  44. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Carlos and Austin
    Field and Ustream Video Hunting

    On this day last year, Carlos and Austin were working behind the scenes making improvements for their next outing into the fields.

    Also behind the scenes, Chris Adams, known as “rocketman”, was also working hard getting some Molly Memorablilia ready on the Cafe Press site for the upcoming July 4th Celebrations in America. You might want to order now, so you have these items in time for the upcoming holiday, or just have fun “window shopping”.

    I suggest that new readers and fans take a stroll around Chris Adams’ site, our talented illustrator and webmaster, who took the Molly the Owl experience to new heights of greatness. You can find treasure boxes of information there, with the click of your mouse. You might start with this page.

    I recommend that you go to YouTube, watch the official Mister Rogers Remix first (lol, I watch that every day!) and then search on YouTube for “Vote Molly”. After you have watched that once, look more closely at the sign around Molly’s image and the words of good values that surround her. If you can’t read it there, go here! It begins with “Beauty, Grace, Respect, Peace, Love, Loyalty and Friendship” There might be a few different versions, but all ones that Mister Rogers would be proud of! Scroll here – note the sale, too!

    But, remember, life can be enjoyed many ways. Some create ideas, some make the memorabilia, some sell, some buy, some deliver some just look in awe and appreciated the wonder of humanity’s brain, imagination and hard work, some cry and say “why me?”! There are a thousand possibilities.

  45. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Carlos and Austin
    Field and Ustream Video Hunting

    June 23, 2012 – Field Trip, Owls in Natural Environment Tonight

    Okay, here we are again and Carlos and Austin let us know that they were going to broadcast again live from the hunting fields of Molly and McGee. This time, having found a nest of wild common barn owlets in the hollow of an old Sycamore tree in the dried up creek bed, they have decided to set up their equipment just for watching those new-found owlets. Carlos prepares viewers for the true life experience, by adding, “My suggestion is to just kick back, relax and watch. Watching wildlife takes a lot of patience and the action always seems to happen just when you look away. That is just the way it works, so stay focused and wish us luck.”

    I suggest that you read Carlos’ post to find out the rest of what he said! Hmmmmm wishing him luck. Tomorrow, I will post any recordings they might have gotten – were they lucky or were they successful? Well, I will leave you with a wise and illustrious saying – think about this a little bit and you might understand why luck is not always just wishful thinking!

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
    – Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st Century AD)

  46. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Carlos and Austin
    Field and Ustream Video Hunting

    June 24, 2011 – We Are Going to Try Again 7:30 PM PST

    This recording is one from the series that Carlos and Austin were able to give us, by following the advice of “try, try again!”. There is a shorter version of this recording, which has more views, but this is the original from June 24th, on this day last year! I recommend that you always read all the comments on the blog, because each person has their own observations and interpretation! Every wild barn owl, and every person, is unique.

    Field Trip 6-24-11

    If you put your Ustream video recording on “full screen” by clicking on the square in the bottom right corner of the video frame, then you can imagine you were right there, watching nature happen in “real time”. It can be very relaxing and your mind has a chance to rest, and then you might start to breathe more slowly, like some find while practicing yoga or meditation. Then when the exiciting moments happen before your eyes, you are not too distracted or busy to miss those precious moments, which some will remember for a lifetime!

    Awwww, Molly was probably watching Carlos and Austin from a hidden perch in the fields, and delayed her own hunting to see just what they were up to! She might say to you today, “Gee that was fun, and even one year later, you, too, can be a part of it!”

    • PegRod Says:

      PS – Don’t forget to give videos a star rating – I gave this one 5-Stars! You just click on the last red star (or sometimes it is blank) and add your vote! Every vote counts. You need to be signed in on Ustream to do so.

  47. PegRod Says:

    June 24, 2012

    The story of “Zorro and the Cattle Drive” was hilarious last night. When you hear these stories written just hours before they are read by VacaDude and his cohort cohost Zorro, note that some ideas, like a ship coming into Los Angeles, California to deliver “the goods” comes from our experience of waiting for the ships from China to dock in Los Angeles, so the wonderful Molly the Owl books could follow the trail that would lead into our very own hands!

    Enjoy, and notice that VacaDude also talks about a live puffin camera, to watch now, in the Shetland Islands north of Scotland. I looked at it and it is very nice with lots of camera views, and an address to write for more information and a free music CD of Scottish music! I am waiting by my mailbox, like I did for the Molly the Owl books!

    New viewers might need to know that “VacaChat” is the show that was created for fans when the First Clutch of Molly and McGee fledged. He is the official Molly the Owl cartoonist and creator of the “Laughing Outside the Box” series. See here for both old and new creations, and explore the site for some history and free coloring pages.

    Got milk? Got crayons?

    • PegRod Says:

      The very first VacaChat show was held on June 13, 2010. Here’s the recording! Hmmmmm…we had a two-year VacaChatAnniversary this month, but have been having too much fun to notice! This was all before Story Time, Poetry Time and Google Earth trips were created and developed along the way. However, lots of good memories.

  48. CAequuslvr Says:

    I totally agree with what PegRod says about VacaDude and VacaChat. Lots of fun, lots of information (he does great Google Earth “tours”) and lots of good people. I wish I could be there more often, but alas (BIG sigh) my schedule does not always allow for me to join in the good times.

  49. Karen O Says:

    Hi Donna, Carlos, and Austin,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photography again with the picture of the baby kestral. I check every day for new pics and especially to see if you have had any Molly sightings. Your 1st coffee table book is in our family room-a daily reminder of a very special time with Molly and McGee and your family.
    You are missed.

  50. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane

    This time last year, the field trips were concluded and MODs were waiting in anticipation for the next news from The Owl Box of the Royal Gardens of San Marcos, California. They were also anticipating the arrival of The Second Clutch coffee table book of photography. We would not hear from Carlos again until the end of the month. Some MODs, myself included, would continue to check the blog daily for new posts from Carlos or new comments from blog followers.

    If you have any great memories to share with new viewers, please do so here, if you are a frequent visitor to the blog – each person has a unique perspective on life, like no other person on Earth, so any ideas you contribute are golden! If you are a new visitor with a wild barn owl or other bird story to share, we would love to hear your tales, too! Teachers, parents, grandparents, individuals …. pets (with some help from their 2-leggers)! Yes, some pets loved to watch Molly the Owl on Ustream, too!

    In Molly’s world, we have “the community of us”, which includes the whole wide beautiful world of positively unique people, and that includes……. You!

  51. PegRod Says:

    Owl Cam to Watch
    Cornwall, England
    June 2012

    UK MOD hundon has shared a link to a wonderful site, which also happens to have owlets on a live cam! The owl cam is at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. I would suggest you look over the entire website – lovely and interesting, too!

    The Lost Gardens of Heligan – Heligan Wild

    Remember that wild common barn owls are found all over the world!

    Thank you for sharing!

  52. PegRod Says:

    Barn Owls Endangered by Rodenticides
    Michigan 2012

    Although barn owls are found all over the world, earlier this month a news story revealed that wild common barn owls are endangered in Michigan. The accompanying news clips might be hard for Tyto Alba friends to watch, but it is a good reminder that humans have the power to change the risks, by avoiding chemically harmful rodenticides.

    There is no reason for wild common barn owls to be a rare sight in the state of Michigan!

    One more human threat – please think about this when you put litter on the side of the road, by throwing it out the car window or in other ways. At night, when barn owls hunt, they chase rodents who often find food by the roadsides – it is the rodent’s job in nature to clean that up, and the barn owl’s job to keep rodent populations in check. Being hit by a passing car or truck while swooping down to catch a rodent is one of the main causes of death for barn owls – someone needs to invent something to stop this tragedy! Maybe a MOD can grow an idea in the gardens of their minds (Mister Rogers’ advice)!

    I find wild common barn owls to be one of the most awesome and loving creatures on this Earth!

  53. Maybe if Carlos is home and Austin is on summer break, we could take another field trip to the grassy fields ! just a thought !

  54. PegRod Says:

    Ustream Owl Box
    Update – June 2012

    I had heard a rumor that Mel and Sydney have been visiting their box in Oceanside, California and, peeking in today, I do see a barn owl! Perhaps a new clutch is in the works! This live chat requires signing in to see or to participate, but you can watch the live broadcasts without that.

    Kangarobin, the host, has top quality cameras and lots of views for owl watchers to see both inside and outside! Live chat is G-rated with top quality moderators who guide and educate.

    Scroll down on the page to get the history of the First and Second Clutches, and to see a spinning Earthly globe which show where all the Ustream visitors are from, in real time. There are also links for all the different camera views.

  55. PegRod Says:

    Fascinating Photos
    Project Noah

    Barn Owl

    “This owl was being chased by a small yellow bird that managed to land on top of it to peck at it. Quite an amazing sight. The other bird is a Western King BIrd (Tyrannus verticalis)” Location – Nest in tall trees near an orange trees plantation.

  56. PegRod Says:

    memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Trip Back to First Clutch

    I came across this yesterday, while looking for something else. Isn’t that how some fun moments and surprises happen every day!

    Molly and Owlet Sing Molly Bobble
    August 20, 2010 – 10:43 am

    I know that some MODs liked to sit at their desks and bobble around to this, while others liked to get up and do a silly dance around the room! Some of you might remember “Bend and stretch reach for the stars, there goes Jupiter, there goes Mars…” from the Romper Room days! Dancing is good exercise for the body, mind and spirit!

    Have fun!

  57. PegRod Says:

    Audubon Live Cams
    Summer 2012

    I had heard that there was an osprey cam to watch, and while looking at the puffin cam, I saw it. Audubon has a number of very interesting live cams now. They are not static. Sometimes there is a camera operator who shows close-up views. While I was watching the puffin cam, a camera operator came to clean the camera and all the puffins flew off, so I looked at the osprey cam and saw three young chicks in the nest with their Mom (Maine, USA). I would recommend this site – all the cams are at the bottom of each live video feed! Lots of nature to observe in a big and beautiful way, if you can’t go outside whenever you feel like it, you can bring the outside in!!/live-cams/player/live-osprey-cam

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