Molly MIA

June 15, 2012

Molly & McGee Large Framed Print

Molly MIA

Molly has not been seen now in over three weeks. She was coming back to the box on a regular basis as we reported, but then after she rejected the male that showed up shortly after the disappearance of McGee, Molly gradually decided to go looking elsewhere. Even though we have always said that this was Molly’s box and called it Molly’s Box. The way it really works according to The Book of Owls is the male picks the box or nesting location and brings in food to entice the female, so more than likely some male has attracted her to a new location or at least we like to think so more than the alternative that something has happened to Molly. Either way, more than likely we will not see Molly again.

Remember, this is not The End, it is only a chapter or a book in the cycle of life.

Gee, this has been fun, and I was a part of it but now it is time to move on.

If you are looking for a remembrance Molly & McGee Large Framed Print

Eric’s new book Fearless has moved up in the rankings. Carlos. The book moved up to Number 7 on the New York Times Bestseller List this week, hardcover nonfiction, as well as number nine in three other categories, e-book, etc… It is now in Costco… Thought you’d like to know… Not sure if you’re following the news, etc via my newsfeed blog on or FB…

Ashley, our granddaughter, will be leaving in early July for Hawaiias her husband will be returning from Afghanistan. His company made the Hawaii News Paper.  They do a very dangerous job.

Pflugerville scores another success in business recruiting.

This is great news for Skyview Apartments, which are located in Pflugerville and filling up. As of last week Skyview Apartments had moved up to 78% occupancy. If you remember when we first reported Skyview was at 70%  Skyview Apartments

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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53 Responses to “Molly MIA”

  1. Linda Greene Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the update on Molly. We understand, but still miss her and all her family; plus all the fun we had thanks to you and Donna and Austin. Take Care. ldgreene123

  2. Joan from Colorado Says:

    this was such a pleasant chapter in my life when I needed something wonderful to see.. i will always love Molly and McGee.. thanks for bringing her to us.Carlos..

  3. Judy Ambrose Says:

    I will continue to love and remember Molly and McGee as a big part of my life at a time when it was important for me to understand the real meaning of life and love. Thank you, Carlos, for giving us all so much of yourself and your birds. It was an incredible act of kindness. Keep in touch and let us know what’s new. God Bless to you and your family. googyluvsmolly

  4. PegRod Says:

    Hmmmmm – well The White House is called The White House, no matter who occupies it. This will always be Molly’s Box aka The Owl Box of San Marcos, California for most of us who were, have been, and continue to be lucky enough to be part of it.

    I do hope you continue the blog, and continue posting updates! Molly’s Box is a name symbolic of the founding mother and father of this great world of Ustream Owl Boxes we now enjoy, thanks to the generosity and graciousness of our very own Royal Family!

    Yes, always grateful for your updates!

    • PegRod Says:

      PS When reading about Molly, our mind are filled, so until I reread what you wrote, I never saw the fantastic links you posted about Ashley’s husband’s troop’s work in Afghanistan – what a wonderful tribute and story. I also did not read the amazing news about Pflugerville and all the projects they are working on with the solar farm, wind farms, and data storage facility contracts! What a progressive place to live! Thank you for sharing. Fascinating. All the best wishes for all!

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      So true, no matter who lives there the address will always be “Molly’s Box”, Royal Gardens, San Marcos, CA.

  5. Marie Says:

    This has been a very informative way of learnning about the owls and how Mother Nature works. However, at the same time, it truly saddens me. I am believing what you said Carlos, that she has been lured by another man to a new home. That doesn’t mean we won’t miss her, because I already have.
    I still hope the original 4 clutch are out there making their own families and enjoying life! It’s been real.

  6. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Thank you so much for the update. I believe she has been lured away as well. Wonder what little boy will find the box? : ) I miss our Molly & McGee very much. Sure would be fun to get started with another family! With Great Love from NE FL to Carlos, Donna, Austin, your back yard, and the Box we all LOVE so much!

  7. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    I learned so much by watching Molly & McGee about Owls. I always loved owl but it is good to know more about them. It is sad to realize we may never see Molly again & its actually sad to realize there will be no more Molly & McGee :-( But they brought so many people together and even saved some that were at a time in their lives that they felt depressed. I will always miss them and the times we were able to watch them in their Owl Box. Thank you Carlos, keep us updated . Maybe you will see Molly flying over sometime for a visit. :-)

  8. Vicki Says:

    I had a feeling this would happen. Hopefully, Molly has found a worthy mate. She and McGee were such a good reminder of what life is all about. So often we forget to marvel in the wonders of the little things that make life worth living.

    You, Donna and Austin sacrificed so much to bring all these miracles to us. The three of you are heroes indeed. You rescued so many of us from all that was sad and lonely in life. It was wonderful having this to snap us out of the ugliness that we have sometimes had to deal with. This was truely an uplifting experience. I thank you all for bringing it to us.

    Please stay in touch. You and Donna and Austin are as important to us as Molly and McGee.

    God bless and thank you!!

  9. monkie Says:

    Thank you for the update on Molly Carlos, I do hope she finds another mate in a new home and bring more little owlets into this world. We will miss her so much.. Molly and McGee will live on in our hearts forever, and we so much appreciate the gift you have brought us to enjoy them when we had them.
    Looking forward to more updates, always enjoy hearing from you and the happenings to in the Royal family.

  10. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the update. Molly and McGee will live in our hearts FOREVER and we have many wonderful photos, screenshots and memories to sustain us! I am hopeful that Molly has indeed found a new mate and is a happy owl. She will never know what amazing affect she had on the world. Keep us posted on “her” box. Bonnibell

  11. erindort Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    How sad it is to hear this news. You have been so selfless and generous by giving us an extraordinary experience. Bless your hearts. I know you are sad as well to see sweet Molly go.

    I grew to love Molly and McGee; it is hard to let go. I cherish my memories of late nights, black and white video, Leggs, owlets’ faceplants, Molly gently washing Carrie’s eye, early morning greetings … “Good morning! This is Carlos Royal coming to you from the Owl Box in San Marcos, California …”, and of course, the chat moving too fast to read.

    Thank you, dear Royals. Another royal has said “Grief is the price we pay for love”.
    Very true. Molly, McGee, Carlos, Donna, Austin, you have my gratitude and love.

  12. Michelle Says:

    Gosh, everyone has really said it all. I pray that Molly has found a new mate and will continue to have more owlets to grace the skies of SD County. M&M and the Royals have inspired me to look at nature more carefully and I thank them for that. The memories of M&M will live on forever. It was a chance of a lifetime and one that is embedded in brain and heart.

    Thank You Carlos, Donna and Austin for sharing your lives with us. I hope that we will continue to hear from you as you have become somewhat of family to all of us. I enjoy hearing about your travels, the kestrals, bluebirds and of course any owl news. I am sure all of us enjoy the blog.

    God Bless you all and especially Molly as she ventures into new territory of life. XOXOXO.

  13. Francie Yarber Says:

    Carlos, Donna, Austin
    This has been a delightful journey and the end of one chapter, on to the next, so please, if possible, keep me on the mailing list. this is a rushed message. I know that if I stop to think and reflect, I’ll just start crying. So for now Thank you so much

  14. Torre (knittinghiker) Says:

    I hope Molly has found a new mate; what a shame that fellow didn’t just move in to “the owl box”!! thanks for the update – it was great fun and hopefully, theyll be other owls moving into your owl box!!

    How are the kestrels doing??

  15. Candy Says:

    Thanks Carlos for the updates on both you and Donna, and Molly. Please continue them as long as you feel you want to. It will be interesting to even know if there will be new tenants to make Molly and McGee’s Owl Box a busy Owl Home again.
    You made watching and leaning fun. I will never forget it.
    Thank you again for taking a big chunk of your lives and invite us all in.

  16. Keep sending out the posts. We are loving all the updates about the travels, family, garden, other critters, and everything else.

    If the males select the box, who knows? One of the boys might come back and move into dad’s box. After all, aren’t they getting to the age where they will be settling down and raising families of tfheir own?

    Oh, and because of the owl box people and inspiration, I finished a book I have been working on for years. You can find it on Amazon by searching my name. Your First Job is for anyone of any age entering the civilian job world.

  17. Donna Says:

    Thank You Carlos, Donna, Austin and all who brought Molly, McGee and all the owlets into our lives, I will never forget. I’ve been with you from the start and was blessed to find the owl box. Please keep us updated on your adventures, I look forward to them, so fun!

  18. Tammy Says:

    Thank you for the update. Just reading the comments above
    brought tears to my eyes. I only started watching Molly and McGee after seeing them on The Today Show. I could never explain to anyone how that moment changed my life. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for bringing these wonderful times into our lives. Tammy a.k.a. ctamgo

  19. LIsa Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful memories to live on with all of us who watched our magnificent Molly and McGee!

  20. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Happy Fathers Day Carlos and all the other dads out there in Mollyville! Thanks for the memories of a very special time shared by so many of us. Thank you Royal family and Molly & McGee for reminding us to “Care about the world around!”. (I am currently reading Fearless and it is really good!) – Author of A Cat Named Zooby

  21. VacaDude Says:

    Thank you for the update, Carlos. I am with you–I like to think that Molly has gone off to follow another path, and that she shall continue to thrive and make lots of lovely babies. Like many of us, she has had to learn to adapt to all the curveballs that life will hurl at you.
    I continue to be grateful to Molly & McGee, to you and your family, and everyone in the MOD community for the opportunity to re-learn the lessons of life that can be so easily lost amongst the struggles in this modern world. Bless you, All.
    –John (VacaDude)

  22. Donna Smith Says:

    I love the idea that the next male in the box could be one of M&M’s boys. Wow! The whole adventure, from the beginning got me through some difficult times, back surgery and recup and I thank you for that. By the way, my husband and I have lived all over the world, moving every couple of years from post to post with our 3 children and I have collected owls for 40 years or more. Molly was a natural for me!
    Thanks Carlos and Donna and of course Austin!

  23. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    It saddens me to hear that Molly has not returned to her box but I can find peace in the hope that she has found a happy life with a new mate. Even if another owl family moves into your backyard it will be as though they have a “lease” from Molly, and who knows, perhaps she’ll be back some day! I want to express how enormously grateful I continue to be for the magical years with Molly and McGee, and you three for your endless devotion to educate all of us in “the way of the owl”. You will never know what an impact you have had on the lives of so many by bringing Molly and McGee and their sweet owlets to us, along with loving new friendships between folks all over the world! Please continue to keep in touch via this blog as you are all so dear to me and I find great joy in knowing how you are and what is going on in your lives! (.You may even have bird, bunny and bug news from your backyard.). You will continue to be in my prayers!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  24. CAequuslvr Says:

    Thank-you Royals. Thank-you Molly & McGee. Thank-you MODs. It has all been just a joyful, wonderful, incredible, magical (and at times heartbreaking) journey & I have been so blessed to have been a part of it. M&M will always live in my heart.
    Carlos, we have all become family. Please continue to keep in touch. I love going on your trips with you & Donna through your stories and descriptions.
    So glad to hear that Ashley’s husband is coming home safely.
    Super to hear that the Skyview Apartments are becoming THE place to live.

  25. Thank you for the update. It is sad to think that the box will not be housing Molly and her owlets. What a great time we had peeking in on her life and learning the ways of the barn owls. There will never be another Molly and McGee. And Golly, I miss that guy with the camera too.

    I am so thrilled to report that after three years, a blue bird couple has decided they might like the house I put up for them. They are very very shy, stick so close together. I almost thought I lost them due to a lot of activity near the house…but they returned. This evening they were spotted having a drink in the bird bath. Should they have a successful clutch to feed, I will try to get some good photos of these beauties when they are too busy to notice me. Is three years the magic number?

  26. OC Says:

    Thank you for the update Carlos, Donna and Austin. It seems time has come for a new family to move into Molly’s Box, you better get out that ” For Rent ” sign again. It sure did the trick the last time.

    Molly and McGee live on in the hearts of millions of people, so there will never have to be a chapter that says The End. Have a wonderful Fathers Day, after all, you are the Grandfather of owls, just think what you started :)

    Many blessings, Cheryle

  27. Mary Says:

    Carlos, Thank-You for the update for as sad as we are to have lost touch with Molly, we do realize that life goes on and there is always a new chapter ahead. Molly and McGee and the Royals will always be first in our hearts. We wish her and all of her offspring the very best. When I am out and about, I continue to be amazed at the new friends (all ages and lifestyles) I meet who know all about our beloved Molly and McGee. We can’t help but share a laugh at how addicted we became watching at all hours of the day and night. Carlos, your enlightening narration, your entertaining commentary, and your high-tech color camera views, made it all so very enjoyable. It was a life-changing event! You and Donna really do have friends all over the world that you probably aren’t even aware of.

    It’s great to hear the terrific news about the increased occupancy at Skyview Apts. The Austin area seems like such a great travel destination- and with the nearby lake, available outdoor sports activities, and the various festivals in Pflugerville, who wouldn’t want to visit ? It’s on my bucket list, as I have heard Austin’s restaurants and live music rival anywhere in the country, including Nashville. Hopefully, your units will soon be completely filled, but just in case, thought that I’d offer the suggestion to possibly keep one or two of your units furnished for short-term rentals. Having relocated several times in recent years, my husband and I have often been frustrated at the lack of short-term housing. When we have found that rare short-term rental, we were happy to pay the 2-3X the normal rent to have a place to stay just for a few months versus a year’s lease. It was more convenient and still less expensive than a hotel. With corporate relocations, short-term rentals are very popular as well as with other new residents or visitors who want to stay for more time than a costly hotel visit might allow. Also, with colleges in the area, an advertised short-term just might be popular. Just an idea. All the best to you and to Donna., and to Ashley and her husband. We wish him a very safe return in July.

  28. Where I’m from, you always call a place by the name of the first to have lived there. The Patski Place, Gormsrud’s house, etc. So, now we have Molly’s Box and I wonder whooooo will be lucky enough to live there in the future.
    You all seem like family and I thank you for enriching our lives. Roz from Tacoma

  29. mandozee1888 Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos: I also hope she found a new mate and is tending a new family somewhere. mandozee1888 It still fun, and I’m still a part of it.

  30. mandozee1888 Says:

    I’ve always wondered if an owl rased in a owlbox might tend to choose a box over a natural sight? I like to think so. it would raise the point that the next family could be one of Molly’s Boys? mandozee1888

  31. Sue Couch Says:

    Carlos,et al– I like to think that Molly MIA stands for Molly Magic in Action. She is somewhere creating all that magical majesty that she brings to the planet. I will always be grateful that you made it possible for me and all those others across the world to be a part of the magic of Molly/McGee and all their owlets. I wonder if another magical owl(s) will show up in that special, precious box. I hope so! And I hope you will continue to share any of the goings-on in your and the family’s (includes the birds and animals, too) life.

    Live joyfully, live magically!

  32. Sherrie aka Sharoot Says:

    thank you so much Carlos! It was all so special and I’m so glad I was part of it. The M&M story will live on in my heart forever, as will you and your family! Love, Sherrie Coughlin aka Sharoot

  33. Twoclubs Jane Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna. Sending you big (((Hugs))) for our Molly Gone Missing. But I just saw your Kestrel Post! So, indeed the cycle of life goes on. But can I say, it was Molly who stole my heart. I have a hole there now but will keep some prayers going she will return with her new beau. Anyway, always big thanks that you continue to let us know how things are. You are both such a part of our family. In fact, you “started” us!! That was a huge gift! Best wishes and God Bless.

  34. Jo-Ann Says:

    It has been a truly wonderful experience following Molly. McGee and the “Royals and family and friends” I feel I know so much about all of you. I so appreciate all the followup you provide us MODs and am really thrilled about the Kestrels and their babies. I wish Molly a wonderful new life and nesting box with her new mate… Of course she has a new mate and wants to keep house in a new home. Too many memories in “our” owl box. As always, someone else will love our owl box and we can then start over with a brand new owl family. Maybe one of her babies? Thank you Donna, Carlos and Austin for all that you provide us…

  35. Sarah Lehl Says:

    My heart is broken. Love to Molly and the Royals and all of my owl friends.

  36. Kim Gorman Says:

    Carlos, you have always been honest with us and for that we are grateful. With the hospitality you and Donna show to all living creatures in your vicinity, I’m sure it won’t be long before Molly’s Box will once again be occupied. Best wishes to you and your family. I will continue to check in on your blog, and love hearing what’s going on in your life, too. With loving respect for your graciousness. Kim and Dave Gorman

  37. sandy/Racoona Says:

    Thank you for this update, once again. Maybe a new pair will arrive to live in that special box… so many owls around here.; and no barns! :+)

  38. Ruth Says:

    I am always checking in…wanting to see your updates. I miss Molly and McGee an awful lot. It was a special time!! I know it’s the circle of life…but… Thank you Carlos, Donna, and Austin/

  39. owloverbo Says:

    Gone from us but not forgotten and what joy and friendship you have brought to so many.
    Will still check in here for updates as “Gee that was fun and i was a part of it” still brings joy to my life.
    thanks DCA et al.

  40. sandy/Racoona Says:

    sniff sniff..i am a big baby, : ( But Molly is so cute, she probably got a new mate and has moved into another owl box!

  41. Diane (drsballou) Says:

    Sorry to hear that Molly won’t be visiting any more, but yes, that certainly was fun and I was part of it. I am certain that Molly’s tale is going on, raising a clutch of beautiful baby owls. Will we still be hearing from you and seeing your amazing photos? I’d hate for this to be a goodbye from you and your family as well. I look forward to hearing about your other birds, your travels, the apartments and all if your adventures. Molly will be in my heart forever, as will you and your family and all of the MODS.

  42. Reading your post and all the comments brings tears of joy and some sadness to my eyes. I want to believe that Molly and McGee are still out there in a new house somewhere. You never know when a wind storm might blow in some other owls . . . . love you all always. ((((Mods))))

  43. Mary Jo Says:

    I hope you won’t go away too!

  44. LynneMcKay Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for the update—–I am sad that Molly is no longer in your back yard, but believe that she is still “nesting, and raising another family”. Yes, this is fun and I’m so glad to be a part of it!!!!
    Please keep the updates coming—-I guess we ALL feel that we are a family–and want to stay that way!!
    Your sharing of Molly and McGee came at a time when I really needed it——-what a wonderful, wonderful experience!! Thank you so much for all you do.


  45. Martha Jo Says:

    I just recently had to clean my moms house out, and get it ready for sale. I had to go through ‘many’ picture albums, and separate family by family. Remembering all the fun at family reunions, looking at Grandmothers, and Grandfathers. All the wonderful memories.
    When I see a Molly and McGee picture, I have the same feelings. All the great memories of all their babies, and how we watched them grow up, and some that didn’t get to grow up.
    How Molly and McGee took care of them.
    Good memories, fun times. Family !
    Thanks Carlos, and Donna for the memories.
    Martha C.

  46. Barb Says:

    The MODS have got my feelings pretty well covered but I wanted to THANK YOU myself. Donna what a blessing you are for letting us share your home and husband for years. Austin keep up the awesome work. I’m so glad that you were also such a big part of the M&M memories for me. Ashleys my thanks go out to your husband for his service to our country, many blessing to you and him. AWESOME MEMORIES, my heartful thanks to everyone who made this possible.
    Love and Care,

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