Royal’s Predictions 2012 Better Late Than Never

May 29, 2012

Royal’s Predictions 2012 Better Late Than Never

Normally, I do a prediction for the coming year in January and I have been doing one for years, but this year for some reason I did not do one. Gee, could it be I just had a senior moment or maybe it was that my time wrap wristwatch wasn’t set to the correct galactic time. To be honest, I never thought anyone paid much attention to my use of tea leaves, crystal balls, computer pixels and a twirling Martian beanie, but I keep getting these little email notes. “Did you do a prediction this year? I can’t find my copy. Would you please send it.”

Okay, that tells me the economy is picking up. I mean, why else would anyone be looking for predictions if not to make an investment. Remember, in my foggy predictions last year I said the money would start showing about now! That’s right, 75% of that $900 billion dollars wasn’t spent, “No shovel ready jobs.” It is now being spent as planned to assure Obama the election, but here my prediction. Obama will lose. It will be really close but Obama loses. He is just too much of a socialist for the Independents and I should know because “I are one.”  No, I am not a Republican, I am a registered Independent. Also, I saw a straw poll that said 60% of the people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. What’s a straw poll? That’s where I look down a row of wheat and see which way its pointing in the Midwest.

There is also coming the biggest housing boom in American history. It is going to hit like a tornado and all those bank foreclosures are going to disappear almost overnight. First, we have not been building homes for almost ten years now, so we have a lot of pent-up demand. The population did not stopped growing. California has grown by 3 million since the housing recession started but that is only part of the tidal wave coming. There are also the echo boomers, those people born after the baby boomers. Here is the difference, baby boomers got married and started families at age 18 to 22, but echo boomers pushed that back by about 7 years to 25 to 29 so they have also been out of the market but will be coming in at the rate of 4.5 million a year! Starting now.

There are two more important factors, historically low interest rates and affordability. Currently in California about 60% can afford to buy, back in 2007 it was only 10%. The price of housing has dropped, if you haven’t noticed. It might be a good time call your local Realtor and to check into house investing. In North Dakota, where the oil boom is booming, a closet will rent for a thousand bucks a month.

Lock in those long term historically low fixed rates mortgages for 30 years because once the housing boom starts in the rest of the country, interest rates are also going to explode in an effort to keep down inflation. In the last three years, the US has been printing forty cents of every dollar spent. The inflation rate has already been set, the only question is when does it hit with full force? After they spend the money! I don’t care who they elect, inflation will take off some time after the election. Like I said, all that money is now being spent. Look for gasoline to continue to drop until election, then it will be back to matching inflation. The same for gold. These drops are just election year illusions. Take advantage of them while you can. Take a road trip and pan for gold. Have some fun.

Europe: the Euro Zone has set up a non-workable government financially. It will not last. Margret Thatcher said it best, “The problem with socialism is at some point you run out of other peoples money to spend.” In this case it is other country’s money… mostly Germany’s. Each country will demand the right to print its own currency once again. A breakup will happen. That will be the only solution after they try massive bail outs repeatedly and then finally give up. Start planning your European vacation because Europe will once again be a cheap place to visit. This could happen quickly or take a few years. Politicians hate to give up power.

I did get it wrong about Sarah Palin running for President in 2012, but then I didn’t know they would pay her more to just show up at events than to actually run for President.

Summary: More inflation, housing boom, debt monetization will have been completed and all that worthless paper will disappear. Big Banks are already shutting down their committees to handle bad debt. Good times are coming or at least it will feel that way if you have assets that appreciate with inflation. California will not fall off into the ocean but may sink with rising debt. Mitt Romney will be our next president.

Okay, I will get out of the bubble bath now but before I do one last prediction. The existence of mermaids will be confirmed. If you don’t believe this prediction, you have not been watching Animal Planet.

This has been the unintended consequences of a senior moment.

Carlos Royal

Warning: These predictions are made just for fun and are not to be confused for investment advice or anything else for that matter because they are simply my placebo reactors passing neurons to another neuron while wearing a beanie in an imaginary nerve impulse time warp, also know as a Thought Provocateur.



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45 Responses to “Royal’s Predictions 2012 Better Late Than Never”

  1. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    Smart Man Carlos, of course we all knew this. I to am an Independent. I got tired of the B.S. with both the Dem. & Rep. Parties. I think most have been there to long and its “The Good Ole Boy” club. They forget that they work for us! I grew up in a Dem. household. My family was all about Kennedy. Of course the Dem. Party was different back then. And as far as the Rep. the RINO’s might as well be Dem’s. I am at the point where I am afraid for my grandchildren. I am afraid of the fact that they may not grow up in the Country I did, and that makes me sad. I pray that my suspicions are just that, Suspicions.

    God Bless America & God Bless our brave men & Women of the Armed forces
    God Bless you Carlos & Donna

  2. Calliopekid Says:

    Thanks Carlos – your predictions are right on, I feel!
    You are one “wise cookie” in case no one has ever told
    you that. :-)

  3. DianaJoe Says:

    I will take those predicts to heart,Carlos. I watched the Mermaid special. One question why do they all look like Mermen and ugly ones to boot? Lol

    • Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

      OH! I actually started watching that Mermaid Special and I was OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK. LOL. I agree Diana. They were UGLY! I didn’t watch all of it. Maybe 20 min. Thats all I could handle LOL

  4. Donna Smith Says:

    I just ordered Fearless on my Kindle. Looking forward to reading it. My daughter and son in law are both retired SOs.
    Your predictions are good but in some cases scary and I fear for my country.

  5. Rita in DC Says:

    Carlos, what are your Royal Barn Owl predictions?

    —Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  6. Ericka Says:

    Sorry Carlos, I don’t agree with your prediction for President. I think Romney is too much of a buffoon and the American people will realize it by November :-)

    Then again, this country elected Bush twice… who knows.

  7. DWD Says:

    Hi Carlos…I love reading your predictions. I hope you are right on most of these. I think you didn’t do these in January, because you had that virus thing, that wouldn’t go away. So glad you got better.

    My hubby & I want to do a northern Europe trip. We have been putting it off because it just wasn’t a good time for the Dollar over there. I hope we can start planning that again.

  8. Lee Says:

    Brilliant Carlos!…the terrific writer you are..among the many other things….thanks much.

  9. PegRod Says:

    Thanks for writing and posting this! It will stimulate people to think about their own beliefs.

    For example, reading your election predictions brought me to the thought that it is not so important who is elected President, but who will be running all the various cabinents and offices within our federal, state and local governments. Some positions change with each election; others remain for a lifetime up to and sometimes including retirement. Presidents hope to be able to implement their own ideas, but the President is limited in those powers. With the world wide internet changing America’s place and even power in society and in the world, the most important qualification for presidents today is to be able to understand the complexity of America’s place in today’s world, while expressing in simple terms what citizens need to do for our country and the rest of the world to prosper, and to maintain a positive outlook as a figurehead (like Molly the Owl!), while being friendly, honest, brave and never giving up.

    The one term I will always remember from President Obama is “The Audacity of Hope” – we cannot give up hope for a better day tomorrow, whatever happens, nor how negative others can make us feel. Hard work and hope for communities and countries are made up of individuals who each need to be valued.

    My prediction for 2012 – the world will not end this year, but the world as we know it will continue to be ever changing. We can learn from Molly’s Motto, have fun and be part of it!

    Thank you Carlos – hmmmmm mermaids or mermen…both!

  10. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Time will tell how well you did on your better late than never predictions for 2012. I’ve enjoyed reading them regardless. I’m not that excited about Mermaids but it would sure be fun to discover real unicorns!

  11. VSue Says:

    And all this time I thought mermaids were pretty, handsome, beautiful beings…they are truly scary!

    The predictions I too feel are right on.

    Thanks for sharing

  12. Mauimom53 Says:

    You are so funny! I hope you are right on the housing piece. My husband has been unemployed almost 3 years and unemployment ran out months ago. He is ready to work and I’m ready to have him out of the house! LOL :)

  13. Papa Carl Says:

    Even Independents can be wrong, Carlos. Obama will win the
    election. Romney is too boring. Even paint watches Mitt dry

  14. Mary Says:

    Carlos, you sure made my day with your housing prediction! We bought our house in late 2009 AFTER the downturn and thought we had made a reasonable investment, only to find that housing prices in our area (south of Nashville) have fallen significantly further in recent months.

    As one knowledgeable in real estate, I wonder what you think of and their appraisal values. According to Zillow, our 5 yr old home has become devalued by more than $50,000 in the past month after already falling equally as much in the previous two and half years since we purchased it. This will equal a 25% plus loss for us. Is it likely that area homes were overpriced and are now adjusting to where they need to be? Due to health problems, we will need to be selling next year and hope the expected loss will be much less painful than anticipated. Do you think that with a housing boom, prices will eventually return to pre-recession levels or is this the new norm? As always, we enjoy your yearly predictions and “take” on things.

    • carlosroyal Says:

      First let me point out real estate is local. That means one town can be booming while another is in a recession. And history is no guaranteed predictor of the future but it can give us some insights and historically prices do rebound to their previous levels provided demand comes back to your area. The reason is simple, once all the foreclosure or distressed homes are gone then the only homes available are ones like yours and you want want what you paid for it or more. This is why homes when they do come back seem to rebound or jump overnight. A boom town might not recover for 20 years or even never, if the demand does not return. All you have to do to see this is look up the history of old mining and oil boom towns. Since most towns and cities are not boom towns you more than likely don’t have to worry. Remember, people don’t stop night time activities just because of a recession, the population continues to grow, thus, so does demand for housing. Did you pay more than today’s replacement cost? If not, new construction will not be an issue either. I think the real estate market will rebound, in fact, in many areas it has already turned the corner. Multiple offers and shortage of inventory being reported.

      • Carlos Royal Says:

        I forgot to answer about Zillow. I have found it can be right on to way off the mark, but I use it all the time just to check on trends for an area. If I really want to know, I call a local Realtor.

  15. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, I really enjoyed reading your predicitons. You do give us food for thought.

  16. flukestail Says:

    Carlos, I’ve been asked for my prediction too! Coincidence? Hmm…well, here goes:

    -Obama will be re-elected.
    -National housing boom will be further delayed. Tales of real estate sales/purchases will be per market or area. Until everyone sticks their toes back in the water, everyone’s afraid to move.
    -Climates & seasons will continue to change from what’s considered “normal”.
    -The Royals’ love of traveling, exploring and learning will continue to grow this year.
    -MODS will continue to yearn for Molly to return to the owl box.
    -And one MOD…maybe a few more…will continue to long for
    M&M bookends to house our beautiful coffee table books. ;)

  17. Sea Says:

    NObama… now is not the time to have a lame duck president. I love your take on life in the US. Look forward to hearing about Molly whenever she shows up again.

  18. Carlos Royal Says:

    The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index showed that prices increased in 12 of the 20 cities it tracks.

  19. Bonita Lyon Says:

    I, for one, hope you are right about Obama!!!!!

  20. Bethie57 Says:

    Thanks for brightening my morning! Mr Royal, you are a hoot! I am glad you waited until now to make your new year’s predictions.


  21. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos: sounds about right…. Hope so anyway, Mandozee1888

  22. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos: Enjoy your travels.

  23. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos: I don’t like either canadate they seem to promuse anything to get ellected. then do very little or nothing. Just travel alot on our dime.

  24. flukestail Says:

    Ahhh…thinkin’ it’s time to go back to the rules of Molly’s chat room. So…where’s everyone watching owls these days?

  25. mandozee1888 Says:

    Hay is anyone else having problems getting the follow up coments function to work. this is going to be my 3rd time trying to get it to work, this time after I restarted my computer…. sorry this has nothing to do with the subject.

  26. PegRod Says:

    2012 Activities Continue for MODs

    Molly Movie Night
    Organized by MODs Sylvia and Kathy
    Every Friday Night
    6:30 pm Pacific time!
    (live chat stream opens at 6:00 pm Molly Time)

    For more information, send email to:

    Weekly “Caption contests” for selected Molly and family fotos is part of the fun. This week, Molly Movie Goers vote for one of the final four song titles on Friday night. Song title with most votes during the live party wins!

    Thanks to MOD littleguys who helps to keep spreading the word and keep the spirit and dream growing.

  27. Sue Couch Says:

    Fun predictions, Carlos, although I’m always confused when they say Obama’s a socialist, without explaining why or what their idea of socialism is. Accordingto Wikipedia, there are many types and meanings. Clearly we’re not a socialist country like those in Scandinavia. Are medicare and social security part of what’s considered socialism? I doubt any of us seniors would want to do away with either, although they can be improved. It’ll be interesting to see what we choose in Nov. The gov’t. is so severely broken that I doubt anyone who is elected can fix it, least of all a light-weight like Romney. When people wake up and take charge of their own lives and realize they’re being controlled by a few companies in corporate America and say, “no thanks”, maybe we’ll begin to create a better life for all of us. End of rant! ;-) I’m definitely ready for
    housing mkt. and gold to be on the upswing!

  28. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos: still no luck getting follow up emails oh just have to check back often to read em.

  29. gmarch53 Says:

    Thanks for your predictions Carlos..but I predict you may be wrong about a Romney Presidency. Personally, I do not want a President that would strap his dog to the top of his car and travel hundreds of miles. Heartless and shameless.

    Good Luck in your Real Estate Investment. Please let us know if you catch a glimpse of Molly? “G”

  30. Morganminpin Says:

    Thanks for the predictions, Carlos, but I hope you are wrong about the election. Obama has done so much for our country after W’s disastrous run, and this despite a Republican House that seems to want to oppose everything he proposes out of sheer spite. The health care plan alone is a great achievement (even Clinton couldn’t pull it off) although I wish we had a true national health plan like in Europe.
    I do agree with you about the Euro. When I first heard about it back in the mid-nineties, I thought how convenient it would be for Europeans because they wouldn’t have to change their money when traveling to another country, and of course each country would still have its own currency. When I heard that countries were actually retiring their francs and deutschmarks and lire and using the Euro exclusively, I thought this was a terrible idea since a failure/devaluation of the Euro could tank the finances of dozens of countries at the same time. I hope you are right and all the Euro-users go back to their own currencies.

  31. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 31, 2011 – Third Clutch Concludes With Molly and McGee Returning

    You know the expression, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” referring to Opera (image usually of Wagner’s valkyrie Brunnhilda), a line made famous in the sporting world? Well, in this case, it (the clutch) did not come to its conclusion for our watching, until Molly and McGee said, “Well, that’s all folks”. VacaDude did a cartoon spoof for that, calling it “Merry Memories”. On this day last year, Carlos posted another of VacaDude’s brilliant cartoons, one drawn to commemorate the first Royal venture out to film the “Field and Ustream” hunting adventures of the Third Clutch – a project innovation created by Carlos and Austin. What inspired the cartoon was that after checking the fields out and observing the hunting, and then testing equipment before announcing the live broadcast the next day,everything was ready to roll. Carlos and Austin arrived at the pre-selected spot ready to broadcast live, only to find that the fields had been completely mowed flat, thus decreasing the likelihood of the barn owls coming to hunt there! But, Carlos and Austin persisted and we did get some fantastic footage over the next days. All those recordings are free to watch on Ustream. I will find a link to post a little later.

    Seeing Molly and McGee alone in the box again gave us hopes for a Fourth Clutch starting the next chapter in our viewing, but instead, MODs were treated to a new live broadcast with live chat called The Bluebird Box, a little bluebird of happiness to wipe away the tears of saying goodbye to the barn owls, for the meantime.

    The photographs Carlos takes and posts are always a pleasure to see and revisit again and again. In this group, “No Question, It is McGee” will reassure you that yes, you could identify McGee if you saw him sitting at a table at the monthly gathering of the Molly MODs at the Elephant Bar in San Marcos, California. Molly watchers still have gatherings to meet and exchange friendship and conversation all over the world, so you see, as one chapter ends, many others began – life does go on.

    The photograph of “Female checking out camcorder” can let some imagine that the bluebird was giving her blessing to broadcast, while saying “since those barn owls finally left, it is our time for the spotlight! Get ready ’cause we are going to put on a bluebird bonanza show for you, dear folks! But please remember, that no matter what happens, we want you to learn and have fun (Molly was a good teacher).”

    Finally, going backwards, I will come back to the beginning of Carlos’ report, where he shared a hoped for recipe! You have to go to the link to copy it down and read about just how simply marvelous it is! He says, “I mentioned fixing Country Ribs with Donna’s special Barbecue Sauce for Memorial Day and how delicious it is. The request poured in for the recipe, so here it is, but first let me tell you just how good it is.”

    Awww, more memories of Memorial Day 2011.

    • PegRod Says:

      Well, until I figure this out, here are two random videos!

      May 30, 2011 – Field Equipment test

      June 24, 2011 – Field Trip

      As you can see from the first test to film the Third Clutch outside hunting, to one of the final 2011 wonderful videos of wild barn owls in the hollow of the old Sycamore Tree in the dried up creek bed of the hunting grounds, progress was made – there are more videos and adventures in between! Austin used some of the footage for his Molly Movie, DVD number 2, which provides views from outside during the Third Clutch, whereas the first DVD is mostly inside the box footage of the First Clutch. Both DVDs are “must haves”, brilliantly done with great music!

      • janie2 Says:

        PegRod, I was in the chat room when the owls in the tree looked out at us. There were lots of oohs and aahs. They were so cute! Carlos and Austin brought us many wonderful memories.

  32. janie2 Says:

    Carlos, I always love your predictions. I hope you are right that Romney will win the election. If dogs could talk, they would tell you they love a trip with the wind in their faces. It was only about an hour by the way. At least he didn’t eat dog like Obama did. :-(

  33. Janice Says:

    Well, Carlos, I love your predictions…..can’t say who I would vote for as I don’t like either choice…..does that make me an Independent…then so be it. Frankly I am fed up with the whole election year absurdities. I am ready to yank the phone out of the wall….do they really want to know my opinion…don’t think so. I sure do hope the housing thing turns around but seeing how I have family fighting the banks holding their mortgage, I don’t want the banks to be the ones making the money on all those foreclosed houses…..especially after they won’t even work with homeowners who want to pay their mortgage but just with a lower monthly payment.
    Now on to Mermaids…hummmmm, will have to look into that program…I always like the quirky shows….just finished a quirky book called Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children and loved it….gonna be a movie made of it and a 2nd Book.
    Wish you and Donna the best with your travels and hope poor old Molly finds a mate someday. I think of our Molly the Owl chat room often…such fun and so educational.
    dg1018 a MOD and now a VAD.

  34. mandozee1888 Says:

    One more try.

  35. FloridaSkye Says:

    Carlos, you’re a hoot! FloridaSkye

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