Big Crowds Attend Pflugerville Pfestival

May 21, 2012

Big crowd and we are in the middle of it.

Entertainment to Midnight
Pflugerville was rocking

Calvin Brings In Another Lizard

Caleigh heading back to the Kestrel box.
Click for Larger Image (Makes a nice desktop)

According to reports: The pfestival was a great time for everyone!

For those of you following our transformation of Skyview Apartments. Here is our latest property report from Texas.


·         We had a total of 6 walk in traffic, resulting in 5 leases! However, 2 of these have been declined and the other 3 are still pending the results.

·         The property is leased 77%, which is approximately a 10% increase from a month ago.

·         The surrounding street lights have been repaired following several complaints we have filed with the City. With the lights now fully working, the property is much brighter and this will definitely help as a deterrent for unwanted activity and guests.

·         We have branched out to local businesses via our facebook page and are using this as an additional marketing tool.

·         One piece of bad news, one  of our banners was stolen from the vacant lot. We will have this replaced.

We are making progress.

All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

Other Goodies  (Father’s Day is coming up June 17th)

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Photo of McGee by Carlos Royal


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14 Responses to “Big Crowds Attend Pflugerville Pfestival”

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full…just the way you like it. Another venture for the Royals. I wish you much success and a 100% leased!!

  2. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos: good luck thanks for the update. Mandozee1888

  3. monkie Says:

    This will keep you both busy, and congratulations.. Looks like you will be at full capacity in no time… thanks for the updates.

  4. VSue Says:

    What a way to begin the day
    An update note from you
    Love to read the things you say
    Makes whatever I have to do
    this day; so much more fun!
    From morning until the work is done
    I think of the lovely photos you share
    MODs I know you surely care!

    Thank you so much for the updates and photos
    they are so beautiful!
    Sounds like everything is working out for you in them thar Texas Apartments
    Sure wish you had some here in San Diego.

    Have a great day and thanks again for the updates.

  5. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 21, 2012 – Great Wings

    The first photo you see is an amazing moment when the great wings were fully extended and Carlos caught that view justaposed with another at rest on the posing ledge (I think). The next picture shows a similar photo, but with a back view and on the Owl Box rooftop, followed by a side view with wings extended in mid-air, and another of a landing with wings partially beginning to fold. After the wing shots, Carlos puts one with a humorous caption “It’s checking my tonsils”. You can imagine what that photos is about! Savor the moments of examining the details of nine new photos of night time activity.

    The tale Carlos tells in great details is a “hoot” to read! It begins with, “Not being able to sleep, I got up around 3:30 this morning and of course, I had to check out The Owl Box. I just happened to have my remote photo clicker in my hand as I stepped to the computer just in time to see one of the owlets start to fly with a treat in its mouth…I clicked. A few minutes later, I noticed, there were no owlets on the box, or on play things but I could hear one. When I went to back door I could see an owlet with a treat sitting on the fence only about 10 to 12 feet from my camera. I thought, I wonder if I could sneak out to my camera and get a photo? My camera was setup on the patio. Probably not since owls have such great hearing and eyesight but what the heck. I decided to try it.” There is much more, so go to the link to find out what happened! Then you will understand the photos even more and what it takes to capture these amazing moments on film!

    Last year, this time, was also supposed to be the predicted end of the world. Well, we are still here, and many saw the 2012 total annular eclipse yesterday evening, an amazing sight in nature to behold.

  6. PegRod Says:

    Pfun at the Plugerville Pfestival – thank you for sharing all the photos and updates with us about Skyview!

    I love the Royal Garden updates and terrific photos of Calvin and Caleigh. I hope we get to see what the fledgling kestrels look like. I had never heard of kestrels before Molly (or Koozies either, for that matter)! There are plenty of lizards in Southern California, so it is good that the kestrels and barn owls don’t compete for the same food. This is an interesting compilation of California lizards with clickable links to lots of closeups photos and more information.

    I wonder if there are kestrels in Pflugerville? hmmmm In Molly’s extended world, I learn something new each day, and I think of her every day, too – she may be out of sight, but is certainly not out of mind nor heart – thank you Molly!

  7. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    How nice to get the bluebird and kestrel updates – and it’s amazing how the doves grew! The Pflugerville Fest looked like an entertaining and fun event for the family. Here is hoping that your Skyview exposure will lead to more good tenants. Are the Skyview t-shirts available for sale? I may live in IL but I’d wear it proudly – you just never know when someone may be headed Pflugerville way!
    Love to all of you! Holly Sue

  8. Sherry Kelly Says:

    I feel sure your Skyview Apartments will fill up once the word gets around! Calvin and Caleigh must really like lizards!
    Author of Your New Baby’s Instruction Book

  9. Jo-Ann Says:

    Wow… it is amazing how you catch some great shots… Magnificent pictures of Calvin.. Gosh… and I like lizards too. They eat all the bugs in my patio… Oh well, I still love the birds also…. thanks for the Pic;s..

  10. Donna Says:

    Beautiful pictures Carlos! Good luck sent to you for your new adventures. I too think of Molly everyday and all of you.

  11. Inchworm505 (Dave) Says:

    Go, Carlos! No doubt the apartment venture will eventually be a success, as we’ve seen so often from you and the rest of the Royal family.

    Did we ever get CD’s to you of all the photos (about 450 in all) we took at the two picnics, the dry one and the wet one? Making a set for DotRot, who lost hers when her camera was stolen, and can easily make a second set for you…

  12. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, really appreciate the updates. Sounds like the apartment happenings are going well (except for the stolen banner–Jeez). The photos are beautiful.

  13. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 22, 2011 – Is It Day or Is It Night?

    Last year, the heading “Is It Day or Is It Night?” had nothing to do with eclipses, but instead with the amazing advances in technology offered to photographers in terms of night vision. Carlos gives a good lesson on his tecnniques, worth reading, as all his posts are!

    The first photograph is of an owlet with the caption “Owlympics Beam Competition”, so you can guess what that is about. Learning to maintain balance with and control ove those seemingly unbendable talons is a skill the owlets develop, so they can move with grace and speed! A series of photos is followed by one with the caption “Owl-Spectator”. The advantage to an owlet of having owlet siblings is the opportunity to observe their behavior and learn from it, since the parents, like Molly and McGee, aren’t always around after a certain stage in development.

    Carlos reports, “We are now going on day 93 and the fun just continues.” He also advises fans to not post imbedded links on this blog since they can cause problems for readers with moblie devices – I am not sure if technology has advanced or that is still the case. In any event, Ustream links are safe to post, but usually not YouTube ones.

    Right now it is day where I live; for some Molly Watchers, it is night! Molly was watched, “from California to the New York islands…. up to Canada and over to Russia, throughout Europe to Asia and India, and down through Africa, and even on some islands of the world oceans – satellite technology has changed the world, thanks to NASA and other world space programs. What a wonderful world! From the Earth to the Moon and on out into infinite space – the possibilities are endless! NASA even has some Ustream channels, if you are interested, and Molly’s name is on some of the space mission chips as a participant. Remember these imaginative photos from our MOD from Japan, coach?

  14. loveyourdna Says:


    I think I was born into the wrong family! Any open adoption spaces in yours??


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