Amazing Growth

May 20, 2012

Amazing Growth, Baby Doves
Photo by Winnie Royal (click for larger view)

I have lunch honey. We are having alligator lizard.

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Amazing Growth

As most of you know we were just in Bakersfield this past week and I posted a photo of two baby doves. Now check out the growth in just a few days, less than a week. It looks to me like they will be ready to fledge in just a few more days. Winnie said in her email that the parents were already leaving the babies for longer periods of time.

Today was full of surprises. First, we started cleaning out the RV garage. You know how stuff just collects. Anyway, after we had filled up a trash can of trash, I opened the RV garage door and low and behold; our cherry tree was loaded with red ripe sweet cherries. The last time I checked, I thought it was going to die. So much for cleaning out the garage, we took a cherry break. I feel a little sick now, I didn’t want the birds to get them was my excuse for gorging myself.

Next it was do a little weeding and work off those delicious sweet cherries. Out came the mother bluebird; I thought she had left. I guess not. We might have some babies after all.

I could see that Caleigh and Calvin were keeping a close eye on me as I chopped weeds out of the garden area which is right in front of the kestrel box. I thought I heard some baby noises coming from the box but it could have been just my delusion from being in the hot sun and the hard work. Mostly, I just stood there with a hoe in my hand, kind of leaning on it. I was always a hard working day dreamer.

I was starting to sweat, so I knew it was time for an iced tea break. While in the kitchen, where it is air conditioned, I glanced out the kitchen window and noticed that the mimosa tree in front of the owl box had exploded into leaves and was blocking the view of the kestrel box from the kitchen window. We can’t have that so I let my tea chill and trimmed back the branches.

It felt so good to get part of the RV garage cleaned up, part of the weeds pulled and part of the house cleaned that Donna and I, mostly Donna, have decided this week will be clean up week before we hit the road again.

Now it’s time for that glass of tea I let chill and it’s only 10 AM.

All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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Also, while out there let us know what you think the little building is? It is located in Pflugerville. Some say it is part of the government’s secret anti-missile defense system. It points to space, some sort of ray gun, maybe?

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Photo of McGee by Carlos Royal


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17 Responses to “Amazing Growth”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Cherries, weeds, bluebirds, Kestrals and ice tea. Throw in a little cleaning. Now there’s what I call a happy day day with a sense of accomplishment :0)

    Tell Donna I spent the better part of the day house cleaning and tossing stuff while my husband worked on overgrown hedges and weeds! Oh and enjoyed the sounds of many sweet singing birds.

    Thanks for sharing Carlos.


  2. Love your updates. Please add the Molly Lovers Cookbook to your list at the bottom, also at Molly Books, but many people may not realize it is there with the thousand special receipes.

    Keep sending your updates. Oh, and I am starting serious weeding too – cutting down wild tobacco plants that became trees while I wasn’t looking.

  3. mandozee1888 Says:

    Hay Carlos: send a little of that cleaning bug my way. It’s time to get started but I’m just not in the mood. Great pics by the way. mandozee1888

  4. Maureen Says:

    love to read your updates, if you are ever in Fort Worth TX give us a call. would love to show you around
    Bill & Maureen

  5. Candy Says:

    I also want to tell you how much I enjoy your updates. Keep ’em coming. ♥♥♥♥

  6. Jo-Ann Says:

    Such a pleasure to read your updates…

  7. VSue Says:

    I took a break from the “never ending cleaning of the garage (Man-Cave/Hubby Workshop) to check e-mails. I see I am not the only one working on such a wonderful day!

    Thanks so much for the lovely photos and updates on the yard and bird activities.

    It is so refreshing to read about what I can’t see living in condo town home.

    Back to cleaning for me but was sure a nice break to come inside to read the updates; sure enjoy them thank you again so much.

  8. PurpleTexan Says:

    The “little” building is actually a former soft serve ice cream building. Didn’t last long, then it became a cupcake place…also didn’t last long. One would think a soft serve ice cream joint would do well in central Texas’ blistering heat??? Welcome to central TX Royal’s, glad to have you around! even if only by ownership.

    • Carlos Royal Says:

      Thanks for the history lesson on the little Ice Cream building. It is located just a few blocks from the Skyview Apartments. It probably failed because who wants ice cream melting in their car. If you want to sell ice cream in Texas you need a refigerated builid were people can come eat their ice cream cone without it melting faster than they can lick it. That goes for Phoenix too!

  9. aspengoldred2 Says:

    Carlos thanks for the updates on your backyard wildlife. Baby doves are really growing fast, I know their from your sisters backyard but enjoy the update on them so I can compare my backyard
    Mourning Dove couple with their one baby. Happy trails to you and Donna.

  10. monkie Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the update… Love Doves and how they wake you up in the morning..First time i ever seen a baby dove, so cute… Again, enjoy all the updates you bring, and into our homes.

  11. Donna Says:

    Love the updates too Carlos, keep them coming!

  12. Healani AKA Foxy TuTu Says:

    We have a Mommy Dove that always comes to her nest she made several yrs ago. I hear her cooing and I love that sound. So soothing. I wish she didnt make her nest there because its where we go in and out of the front door and I am always afraid she will get scared and not come back to take care of her babies. At the same time its a perfect place because she is sheltered from the hot sun. I Love birds and we also have these 2 Hawks that fly together all the time making that cool sound they make. Sometimes they actually play in mid air w/each other. We have hills behind our house where there are lots of wild rabbits and squirrels for them to have for mealtime. Of course they are in competition w/the Coyotes that eat the rabbits to. Poor rabbits :-( I know its nature but we can tell when the coyotes got a rabbit , you can literally hear the rabbit making this screaming sound and I cannot stand hearing that! Why can’t all the animals only eat plants!!!! LOL

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Have you ever considered that plants are living things too! Just a different life form. They just don’t make sounds when in effect captured and eaten. All things are part of the cycle of life or change, even rocks are consumed by the forces of nature and recycled so to speak.

  13. Judy Sackson Says:

    Love the updates! If you could just send some of that energy this way…my yard needs a lot of work! Next weekend for sure!
    The doves have really grown since the other photo, it’s nice that you keep us up on Winnie’s birds too. The kestrels must be used to you being around.
    Skyview sounds like it’s doing a lot better! Will keep a positive thought, it really looks like a nice place to live.
    Happy travels…..

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