May 16, 2012

Bottom Left to right Norma Stone, Norma Royal
Top Left to Right Carlos Royal, Winnie Royal
Photo Taken at Mom’s 97th Birthday

Who Was Norma Ruth (Royal) Stone?

She was the third child and the second daughter of Norma Noral Smith Royal and Robert William Royal. Her roots came from the proud state of Oklahoma and big state of Texas. She was born November 23,1937, near Ardmore, Oklahoma.  She was the wife of Melvin Stone and the Mother of Mark and Rebecca Stone. She was the grandmother of five grandchildren and a great- grandmother to six more children.

While most of us came from the standard mold, not Norma. No, with Norma God decided to give us and our family someone special, someone really unique to love.  She was always a little thin and wiry, full of energy, excitement and fun. She was also the Italian of our family, she would face you toe to toe and she would wave her arms and let you know what she thought. Then she was ready to smile and move on. Norma lived her life, Norma’s way.

She was our entertainer; she could light up a room by just walking in. She knew how to tell a story and play a joke. She loved to imitate the comedians of her day. She became our own Phylis Diller, with her wild hair and her distinctive laugh and we loved her. And we laughed with her. After we would go see a movie, we usually walked, she would sing, skip and dance around, all the way home.

She also had the gift of extra sensory perception or at least I thought she did. She always knew what she was getting for Christmas and I never did. She always seem to know a lot things that I did not know. As it turned out she liked to peek. One year, mom decided to test her extra sensory perception.

Norma wanted a ladies wrist-watch for Christmas, she had just turned sixteen.  It had been a good year so Mom and Dad decided to honor her request but instead of putting it under the tree right away, Mom waited until she was sure Norma had done her peeking. Norma thought she was getting a purple wool jumper because she had peeked. Winnie opened her Christmas gift first and got a watch to Norma’s surprise. When Mom handed Norma her package she wouldn’t open it and flung it across the room. In doing so she created one of our family’s most memorable Christmas Stories. When she was finally convinced to open her gift, to her embarrassment she found a beautiful ladies wrist-watch safely tucked inside.

Norma worked most of her life and took her happy go lucky attitude with her. No job was beneath her. A job was a job to her. She worked as a surgical aid, she worked in the farm sheds and she worked for the Kern County School District in the cafeteria at McKee Elementary School. The kids loved her and she loved them. She did everything from washing the dishes to cooking the food.

And speaking of cooking, Norma was a great cook she could whip up a meal out of almost nothing and have it feed a bunch of people too, but once Uncle Sonny and Aunt Iky spent the night with Norma and Melvin. The next morning Norma decide to cook breakfast for everyone. As Uncle Sonny would tell the story, she forgot to put the baking powder in the biscuits and if you dropped one of them it would go all the way to China. To hear Norma tell the story, it was Uncle Sonny that cooked those biscuits. It was hard to get the best of Norma.

Another memorable family story is the time we took a car trip to Oklahoma. I think we were just leaving Albuquerque, New Mexico when mother sensed something was wrong because inside the car was just too quiet. Sure enough, when she did a head count, Norma and Winnie had been left at the gas station back where we had stopped to fill up the car and take a potty break. Daddy quickly flipped the car around and everyone was relieved to see Norma holding her little sister’s hand like a grown up standing on the corner looking for the car.

As long as I can remember Norma loved to play cards and bingo. I think it was because she had a card-playing-guardian-angel. She always won more than she lost but in truth I think she like to play cards and bingo because of all the friends she made. She had her bingo buddies. No one was ever a stranger to Norma for long. If you wanted a good time all you had to do was say, “Let’s play cards.” Then for the next four hours you would be entertained, with stories, jokes and laughter as she cleaned out your pennies and pocket change.

If you grew up around Norma, then you knew she had false teeth most of her adult life because she ate lemons like candy as a kid and all that acid destroyed her teeth but not her personality. When little kids would come over to her and Melvin’s house she would take out her teeth and tell them stories while making funny and scary faces. The kids loved it. Make a scary face aunt Nornie, make a scary face, they would shout as they giggled and laughed. Norma loved the attention as much as the kids loved her stories.

Even though my sister could be a character, when it came to her family she was serious business. I don’t think I have ever met a woman so dedicated to her family unless it is her mother whom she is named after. And when I say her family, I mean her husband, her kids, her grandkids and her great-grandkids. No amount of work or sacrifice was too great for her to make for them. And still she found the time to call her mother every day. I am so in awe of my sister Norma. Her dedication, her determination and her love has influenced my life, our lives, for the better, forever.

As long as we live, Norma will live, in our hearts and in our memories. Even so, we will miss her greatly.

Have you ever taken a walk on the beach or along a river’s stream, or for that matter just walked down the street and have something catch your eye. A stone maybe, you bend over and you pick it up, you look at it, you examine it, you feel it, you look around to see if there are anymore like it and there’s not.  Just the touch makes you feel good. It’s not a diamond, it’s not a ruby, it is just a stone but you like it so you put it in your pocket and take it home. Well, last week God was taking a walk in his garden, and something caught his eye, a stone, a unique Norma Stone, he bent over and gently picked it up, he looked at it, he examined it, he liked it, he put it in his pocket and took her home.


We have something we would like to share with you today in remembrance. Norma’s birthstone, we call it Norma’s Stone. Ancient cultures believed it gave joy and love to the owner. We would like you to pick one up, put it in your pocket and take it home.

Citrine, November Birthstone, Norma’s Stone
We gave one to each person in attendance at the end of the eulogy.

58 Responses to “Eulogy”

  1. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    God Speed Norma! Thank you so much for sharing this Carlos…we love you, Donna, Austin, & your entire Family! So beautiful!!!! Blessed beyond measure for sure. Love this family photo. I will keep an eye out for my Norma Stone.
    Hugz for All,
    Lisa from NE FL

  2. Amen. Tears in my eyes. What great memories. I laughed and cried. Thank you for sharing . . . Thank you. God Bless Norma Stone

  3. imtresbien Says:

    Tributes so often are little more than lists of organizations to which someone belonged and titles of jobs they’ve held. After reading them, you only know the surface about the person. For Norma, you’ve delivered a multicolored and wide-ranging illustration of a remarkable woman who lived and loved well and never will be forgotten. Thank you, Carlos, for letting us come to know your dear sister and sympathies to you, Donna and everyone who will miss her.

  4. Linda Dagen Says:

    Carlos – Such a beautiful tribute to your beloved sister. Thank you so much for sharing this very special remembrance with us. Your family is in the hearts of many who love you during this difficult time. You are so fortunate to have so many wonderful memories. May God Bless each of you. Lindadpa

  5. Tammy Dunn Says:

    Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful eulogy and memory! I too will look for a Norma Stone…ever so unique and inspiring. May God Bless all of you during this time. Tammy Dunn

  6. Wendy Morgan Says:

    So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing the lovely spirit of
    your sister with us.
    Blessings on your family.

  7. Carlos Royal Says:

    The stone we gave away was the Citrine

  8. Linda Howard Says:

    that was a beautiful eulogy to your sister. May she est in peace. prayers to all the family

  9. Jan Halstead Says:

    As always…beautifully written and wonderfully shared.Thanks. Jan in Indiana

  10. Kristin Nazaret Says:

    A beautiful and very moving tribute to a life well lived! Rest in peace with God Norma Stone.

  11. Nancy Burman Says:

    That was beautifully said Carlos. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Dee Says:

    Carlos, thank you very much for sharing a beautiful story about a beautiful person.

  13. mandozee1888 Says:

    Carlos…. I feel like i’ve lost a family member after reading your story. You and yours have become such a part of many of us after all you have shared with us. And I’m sure she’ll live on in your hearts and thoughts always. Thank you for shareing your feelings with me..and all of us .Mandozee1888

  14. Carlos that was the most inspiring eulogy! I feel like I knew Norma and that I would love her too! Thank you for sharing what a wonderful person she was with us I feel priviledged. It goes to show what a wonderful family The Royals are! Love always, Caboval

  15. MaryLou Gaudreau (fourthebirds) Says:

    What a beautiful tribute! Thank you for sharing such special parts of your life with us.

  16. Sherrie Pearl Says:


    What a moving eulogy. May Norma Stone rest in peace with God and the angels. THank you for sharing with us.

    Sherrie Sher67

  17. Suzanne Robison Says:

    What a precious eulogy…God rest her soul!

  18. Thank you Carlos for sharing intimate stories of your beloved Norma, she was quite a woman and I’m sure she’s entertaining the heavenly souls right now!

  19. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    Thank you for sharing that with us, Carlos. It is very eloquent. You and your sister were blessed to have each other!

  20. Donna Says:

    Carlos, beautifully written tribute to your sister. Thank you so much for sharing with us

  21. Bethie57 Says:

    I agree with all the above comments – a very moving tribute to a well-loved sister.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  22. Bonita Lyon Says:

    Carlos, What a beautiful tribute you have written for your sister! She sounds like someone I would love to have known…in fact I almost felt as though I did. Thanks for sharing with us. Always a pleasure. Bonnibell

  23. erindort Says:

    What a beautiful and touching eulogy. Norma was the kind of person I would like to have as a friend. And your account of her birthstone is lovely; now citrines will always be “Norma stones” to me.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet memories, Carlos. God bless.

  24. Jill mcnamara Says:

    Beautiful! I wish I had a brother like you, Carlos.

  25. Judy Sackson Says:

    What a beautiful tribute! I will never see a citrine again without thinking of your sister, Norma. You are more remarkable everytime you get on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. SARose69 Says:

    What a lovely eulogy. Norma was a real “gem” Stone. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  27. Linley Morris Says:


    You and your entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers during this time of loss. Your wonderful eulogy made me feel as if I knew your sister. She truly is a “Guardian Angel” now and will stay in your hearts till you meet again!’

  28. June Schafer Says:

    What beautiful memories you have. Such a blessing!

  29. Beth Jones Says:

    So sorry for your loss. It is my prayer that your sorrow and pain soon turns to only lovely and fun memories.

  30. revmmg44 Says:

    Carlos – thank you for sharing the news about your sister. She was a lucky girl to have you for a brother. The eulogy was so wonderful. Prayers for your family at this sad time in your loss.
    Thanks for sharing this with your owl box family. We love you!

  31. revmmg44 Says:

    Carlos – thank you for sharing this post about your sister. She was a lucky girl to have you for a brother. The eulogy was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with our owl family. We love you! Sending prayers for your family at this sad time of loss. From Calliopekid

  32. Barbara Says:

    Carlos, you never cease to amaze me. You have such a generous open heart, easy manner, and are so talented. You and Donna are one of a kind. Glad I could share a bit of your life.

  33. doxielver Says:

    Thank you Carlos for sharing about Norma and your family. Will keep all of you in prayers. Your owl watching friend, Terry Flinn okla city

  34. Giz Says:

    I lost my sister last October so I know how you feel. Thanks for sharing your memories. It’s those previous memories that let us laugh and, sometimes cry, as we remember just how much our siblings mean to us.

  35. Dear Carlos and family, I am so sorry for your earthly loss of your dear sister. What a beautifully written tribute to her. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, for I know she will be visiting you
    as she watches over you with her always devoted love.

  36. Debby Lyons Says:

    That was beautiful Carlos. Thanks so much for sharing.
    You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  37. Sharie Beebe Says:

    That was a beautiful eulogy and I thank you for sharing it. Godspeed Norma and as we say in our church, may her memory be eternal….

  38. Kim Says:

    Bless you and your family, Carlos. You gave a eulogy like only a loving, creative, thoughtful brother could. i am so sorry for your great loss. By the way, your sister was beautiful and resembled you.


  39. Janice Says:

    What a lovely tribute to your sister, Norma. Your story made me think of my Aunt, who like your sister was always entertainment galore for our family and we miss her too.
    So sorry for your loss, will keep your family in my prayers.

  40. Candy Says:

    What a beautifully written remembrance. Much love in your family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  41. Deb Lay Says:

    That was just beautiful Carlos. I am sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family.

  42. Nita Says:

    That was a beautiful tribute and beautiful words. Bless you and your family and God give you comfort at this time.

  43. Jo-Ann Says:

    What a beautiful tribute for your wonderful sister… told so eloquently. I can just imagine growing up with her… what a fun experience… So sorry for your loss…

  44. BJ Says:

    Your sister, Norma was loved…and will be missed. What a loving eulogy, Carlos. Your descriptive words gave a special glimpse into who she was and clearly expresses your love and fondness for her.

  45. OC Says:

    Just one word… Wonderful

    Thank you.


  46. VSue Says:


    I feel like I knew her myself!

    What a wonderful lady and human being.

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful sharing

  47. Michaele Says:

    Loving tribute to your sister, thanks for sharing
    Carlos. Our best to you and your family.

  48. drsballou Says:

    Beautifully written. She sounds like the mist wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

  49. PegRod Says:

    So very special ….

  50. jamma louisiana Says:

    thanks so much for introducing us to your wonderful sister…she was special…so very sorry for your loss

  51. CAequuslvr Says:

    What a lovely tribute. A wonderful story of someone I think we all wish we had known. Thank-you for sharing.

  52. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos,
    Such a loving and embracing remembrance of a remarkable woman who will live on in hearts of all lucky enough to know her. Her stone will be a precious keepsake of a joyful soul. I feel honored that you shared Norma with all of us who love you and your family. You are always remembered in prayer.
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  53. Carlos, your eulogy was simply beautiful. Thank You for sharing it with us.

  54. mkeene23 Says:


    Thank you for sharing a little bit of your sister Norma Ruth Royal Stone with us.


  55. Sue Couch Says:

    Carlos, my condolences in the passing of your sister. Thanks for letting us know about her indomitable spirit. What wonderful memories you have of her. I know you will miss her presence.

  56. loveyourdna Says:


    Your eulogy brought the angels to their feet!


  57. Sherry Boyle Says:

    Dear Carlos,

    Thank you for sharing your news with us. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. Such lovely words you wrote. What stories…your mom was an incredible woman! Your pride was evident in everything you wrote. I wish you many smiles as the memories of her will continue to give you. You were a very lucky guy to have such a wonderful mother! Will be keeping you in my thoughts.

    Sherry Boyle…flukestail

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