Happy Mother’s Day Mom

May 13, 2012

Norma Noral Royal (97) Mother of Five
Pencil Drawing by Carlos Royal

Donna Jean Royal (70) Mother of two
Pencil drawing by Carlos Royal

Vicki Jean (Royal) Faure (45) Mother of two
Pencil drawing by Donna Royal

I would like to wish my mother, my wife and my daughter  a Happy Mother’s Day! I would also like to extend the greeting to all the Mother’s on this day. For this is your day and we love you.

Carlos Royal

93 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Mom”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Such talent you both have been gifted with.
    Have a wonderful day Carlos and Donna.


  2. OC Says:

    We love you and your family too Carlos. Is there no end to your talent LOL, you can do it all!!!!! Fantastic drawings . I also know Donna is just as good !!

    Donna, Happy Mothers Day to you and all the mothers seeing this post. Wishing the best to all of you .

    Many hearts to all :) XOXO

    • Carlos Royal Says:

      Donna is much, much better than I am. She taught me how to draw. I learned just this one technique she can do it all. She is also a better photographer than I am. I just take more pictures and I am more willing to put them out there for people to see.

      • Bethie57 Says:

        All 3 are lovely drawings and I would say both you and Donna are both so talented.

        All the best!


  3. Leslie Reed Says:

    Beautiful work, Carlos! Not only an artist with a camera, but with pencil and heart!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms.

  4. Rosemary Dearing Says:

    How special your greeting is Carlos, and what beautiful women you have in your life. Your drawings and Donna’s are beautiful.
    Happy Mother’s Day Donna.

  5. Carol Patterson Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna. What a lovely and talented family! Happy Day to all owl-loving moms!

  6. Lisa Burns Says:

    Carlos and Donna, this is wonderful. What an honor to do this! Thank you for sharing! This is so beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  7. OC Says:

    Me again, I forgot to wish your mom and daughter a fantastic Mothers Day too !!!!

  8. imtresbien Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Both of your drawings are simply exquisite! I know that pencil drawings are very laborious and often the results are flat, but both of yours are infused with life and tell a meaningful story about the subjects. I’m so impressed by the depth and breadth of your talents. Adding my good wishes for all to have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine is gone now but I’m thinking of her today. Love, tresbien/Linda

  9. VSue Says:

    Thank you

    And a very Happy
    Mother’s Day once again for Donna
    and all of the other moms too
    and especially
    To Molly!!!

  10. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Thank you for your lovely greeting. Is there no end to the boundless talent in your family?! Your drawings and Donna’s are just lovely – what beautiful ladies you have in your life! I can see where Ashley got her beauty! Happy Mother’s Day to all of your dear ones!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  11. susan goldberg Says:

    How wonderful!! Thank you for sharing… You are such talented folks….Love to you all Suze

  12. Marilyn Rothery Says:

    Carlos, What beautiful drawings!! The Royal family is truly talented! Happy Mother’s Day Donna,Vicki and Molly!!

  13. Cindy Says:


  14. Ginger (Owlbert/FinnWV) Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to the Royal famly mothers and to all mothers everywhere! What beautiful drawings Carlos! What a loving tribute to Norma, Donna, and Vicki!

  15. Gisela Says:

    Wow, both of you are so talented! Happy Mother’s Day to the ladies in your life.

  16. Rosemary Hendry Says:

    these are awsume pictures and you are a familt full of talent thank you for sharing

  17. Janice B Says:

    What impressive portraits you have both created. Thank you for the Mother’s Day wish. Wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day. (Molly, too!!).

  18. Torriob Says:

    Thank you Carlos. What a lovely tribute to lovely ladies.

  19. Sherrie Pearl Says:

    Carlos & Donna, breath taking. So much talent.

    Happy Mother’s Day Donna, and Molly.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there.


  20. mandozee Says:

    My Mother and foster mother passed but I think of them often and on this special day most of all. I also send a Happy Mothers day to all mothers everywhere. Mandozee1888

  21. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Thanks so much for the Mothers Day wish,you two are unbelieveably talented the pencil drawings are beautiful. Hope that you both enjoy your lunch with your children and then again with your mother. Thanks also for the most recent pic of Molly, she is as beautuful as ever and as always any update on her is so appreciated.

    Liela M. Maielua

  22. fran53 Says:

    You have such a lovely family, Carlos! You certainly are quite a talented artist too. I admire your artistic abilities not only in drawing and sketching, but also in your beautiful photography artwork. Maybe if you ever do another book like Molly, you could easily do the illustrations without a doubt.

    You look just like your mom! I want to extend my condolences regarding the passing of your beloved sister.., It must be hard on you family, but especially for your m to lose a child. May she repose in eternal peace.
    Lastly, I want to wish youboth

  23. fran53 Says:

    You have such a lovely family, Carlos! You certainly are quite a talented artist too. I admire your artistic abilities not only in drawing and sketching, but also in your beautiful photography artwork. Maybe if you ever do another book like Molly, you could easily do the illustrations without a doubt.

    You look just like your mom! I want to extend my condolences regarding the passing of your beloved sister.., It must be hard on you family, but especially for your mom to lose a child. May your dear sister repose in eternal peace with the Lord.

    Lastly, I want to wish you both a wonderful and safe trip on your journeys across this beautiful country of ours. God speed and God Bless you both! Once again after numerous times, thank you for the dear people you are and thank you so much for all you’ve done for millions and millions of people across this vast global planet of ours we call earth!

  24. DianaJoe Says:

    My goodness what can’t you do? Beautiful pictures

  25. Thanks so much Carlos for sharing your sketches,it means a lot to me. I have lost my first born to Ovarian Cancer at age 39.She has the sparkle that you have placed in each sketch as your ladies.
    I am glad you and Donna and our Owlies are a part of my life.
    Happy Mother’s day to Donna and Gramma.

  26. Judy Sackson Says:

    What absolutely beautiful drawings! You two have endless talents!
    I hope you, Donna, and your family are having a wonderful Mother’s Day, and a happy day to all of the MOD mothers out there!

  27. I feel like DianaJoe—am WONDERFULLY SHOCKED~!!
    Such a super-duper artist COWLos,,,,,,,,,,,and yes, you do look like your Mother. HAPPY Mothers Day to Donna, your daughter, Molly and all the Moms out there.


  28. Jo-Ann Says:

    The two of you are outstanding!!! What talent you both have.. Beautiful drawings of the most wonderful women in your life…

  29. erindort Says:

    You drew these??
    Wowser, Carlos! They are a beautiful tribute to the “moms” in your life. — Happy Mothers day to them, and all the other MOD moms.

    • erindort Says:

      And Donna, I just noticed that you are the artist of Vicki’s drawing. It is also gorgeous! Sorry I missed that before.

  30. didinp Says:

    Happy Morther’s Day Donna and Molly : ) too

    Very nice drawings too Carlos

  31. kathleen Says:

    Wow the talent.

  32. Faye (GaSunshine) Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous drawings! Happy Mother’s day to all the Royal ladies and all Moms.

  33. Bonita Lyon aka bonnibell Says:

    Holy cow, you two are amazing artists!!! Fantastic drawings!! We had no idea!!! Happy Mother’s Day to Donna and to Molly!! Bonnibell

  34. Karen Robinson Says:

    you are really talented!

  35. Louise Lincoln Says:

    So impressed with both of your skills…how wonderful…the ladies raised you right!

  36. jamma louisiana Says:

    happy mother’s day to all the women in your life…excellent drawings…great artists…jamma

  37. Kenneth Patchen Says:

    Wow. Both of you draw very very very well. I apologize for thinking that Carlos’ talents were limited to photography. So how come you don’t draw owls?

    Ken Patchen,Antioch, Ill

  38. Angel Fitzsimmons Says:

    Group hug to all women on this day who have impacted our lives in so many ways. Dang, Carlos, it’s against the law to have this much talent!! (smile)

  39. Carole Martin Says:

    Beautiful drawings! I wish happiness and joy to each of the Mothers in the Royal family including Molly! Thank you so much for sharing with us. You and your family are a blessing to us!

    Carole in Charlotte

  40. Ericka Says:

    Wow! Are you two talented! Beautiful!

  41. Jan Halstead Says:

    We enjoy the talent you both shared with us in these drawings. Sorry to find out about your sister’s passing, Carlos. That must make this Mother’s Day especially sad for your mother. Please step outside tonight and wish our beloved Molly the warmest of Mother’s Day wishes from all us Mods. We so appreciate you keeping us updated on her life. God bless you all. Jan in Indiana

  42. Carol Says:

    Thank you Carlos. Happy mother’s day to Donna as well. Have a great trip and send us some pictures along the way.

  43. Linda Ellen Zembryski Says:

    I am so thankful for all the JOYS you have brought to so many of us. Happy Mother’s Day to the ladies of your house also. The peciled drawings are awesome works of LOVE. I am still enjoying see Molly from time to time.

  44. Nancy S Says:

    Holy schmoly! What wonderus talent you and Donna posess! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers!

  45. Candy Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women in your life.

  46. aspengoldred2 Says:

    I think the Royal family will never cease to amaze me with your many talents, your open hearts and the sharing of your many attributes,
    talents and gifts in the spirit of Love. Thank you for sharing yourlives with me and all MODs.
    Blessings to all & Happy Mother’s Day. Love

  47. YTQ Says:

    It’s so nice to hear from you on a regular basis. Your women family are just beautiful, and You have captured their essence perfectly! And of course, Molly is the Mother that brought us all together! Thank you again for allowing us into a part of your life, and helping us learn about owls on such a personal level. I’m sure I speak for many, many people when I say ‘We’ll never forget it”.
    Here’s to good, safe travels, and beautiful sights on your next journey.

  48. Kathy Vallier Says:

    Wow – Absolutely beautiful! What a great God given talent you both have . Thank you Carlos for the Mother’s Day Greeting!
    A very Happy Mother’s Day to Donna, your Mom & daughter all the MOD’s and to our beautiful owl Molly whooooo gave us so many smiles, tears of joy & loive.

  49. Joan Says:

    Well, has anyone noticed that Carlos is a fabulous writer. His articles are as descriptive and as detailed as his drawings
    Owl Experts
    Bird Experts
    Owl Show Host (Fabulous speaker)

  50. Wendy Morgan Says:

    such a talented family.
    you have brought together a huge number of moms and
    non-mums who all love nature together now thanks to you.

  51. lynn dumont Says:

    Just beautiful drawings with the true love showing in each one. Happy Mothers’ Day, ladies, and many more. May all your dreams come true.

  52. Taggsmom (Geri Miller) Says:

    What a lovely tribute! Thank you Donna and Carlos for sharing your amazing talent with us as well as your positive regards. The best to all of you….thanks for the memories, also.!

  53. Sally Dausch Says:

    I was sorry to read about your loss of your Sister, now she will be in the company of your other siblings that have passed, they will be waiting for you and Winnie and your Mom so that the family can be whole once again. Hope you, Donna and your Mom have a wonderful Mother’s Day, all of us (MODS) hold you and your family in our prayers and good thoughts, it has been a wonderful experience here in the owl box with
    you all. sldausch

  54. Sherry Kelly Says:

    You Royals are amazing! I didn’t know you were artists! Both of you!! Happy Mother’s Day, Donna, and all you MODs who are mothers, and Molly too!

  55. June Schafer Says:

    Such beautiful drawings! You two are amazing and so blessed with many talents. I agree with the above comments that you look like your mom—-especially your eyes.Hope you had a great family day today!!

  56. OwlyKats Says:

    Happy Mothers Day to Norma, Donna, Vicki , all of us MOD’ s and Molly.
    Carlos What a wonderful tribute to the Women in your life. You and Donna have a God given artistic talent it is Magnificent. Thank you for sharing.
    I do hope that you both had a wonderful visit with your mother and sisiter today.
    I am so looking forward to traveling to see my mom in Michigan. She turned 79 last Sunday. It is so hard living so far away from her.
    Kathleen S

  57. themauimom Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to your family too!

  58. Susan D. Belloff Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know you and Donna could draw! Beautiful drawings!! You are both so talented! Is there anything you two can’t do?
    Also, I wanted to comment on what you said in a previous email about Austin doing so well in college after having a hard time in high school. I was so happy to hear that. Apparently he just had to find what he loved to do! Good for him!

  59. char Says:

    You are all so talented!! Love the artwork. An Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies of the family. Thank you both for continuing to share so many wonderful things with us MODS!! Love to all, God Bless, Charb

  60. Artgirl Says:

    Beautiful Carlos and how wonderful to have all these wonderful women in your life. Happy Mothers Day to you all

  61. Karyl Ruffcorn Says:

    And you draw too??? Wow! I’m anxiously waiting now to see what other talents you’ll reveal to us. Thanks for remembering us. I’m always thrilled when I see something come in from you. Have a great trip, and if you have time, we’d love to hear about your travels.
    Karyl from Arkansas

  62. PegRod Says:

    So much beauty! Thank you for sharing these drawings with us for Mother’s Day 2012! John “VacaDude” drew a cartoon for Molly today, which is at the beginning of tonight’s show recording with the caption, “Roses are okay, but a half-dozen gophers is the real key to this Momma’s heart!” (disclaimer: no gophers were harmed in the drawing of this cartoon). Story time includes some new apartments for rent – hmmmm.

  63. Peg Says:

    Did I miss over the years that Carlos was an artist as well as a photographer and so many other wonderful things? I so miss Carlos and whole owl family. I will always remember these past few years with fond memories, But I have a couple books and videos to always remind me!

  64. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all of the ladies in your life Carlos , buy you forgot one… How about Happy Mothers Day to MOLLY

  65. Donna Says:

    Carlos thank you for sharing the beautiful drawings, how special they are! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms everywhere!

    • Leta Says:

      What a talented family. You have brought us so much joy by giving us so much of your time through the owl box and your other activities. Thank you so much for all the giving. You and your family are a gift to us.

  66. FloridaSkye Says:

    Donna and Carlos, thank you for sharing your lovely drawings with us. I hope you and your families were able to celebrate Mother’s Day with peace and reflection. You remain in my prayers. Love, FloridaSkye

  67. gmarch53 Says:

    How Loverly..but where is Molly? You are So pretty, Donna! Happy Moms Day!!

  68. Lynne Morrow Says:

    What a treat…..three beautiful woman who influenced a great man’s life in so many ways…you are indeed blessed Carlos Royal!! As you should be…we have been blessed by you these past couple of years through Molly…another great mother!
    Mike and Lynne Morrow
    Grafton, Illinois

  69. Lynne Townsend Says:

    What lovely drawings–you both are SO talented. You are ever on my mind with so many memories. Thank you for sharing, and Donna, I hope your Mother’s Day was a wonderful one!

  70. Debbie Says:

    What lovely drawings and what better way to honor those you love. Many prayers for you and your family and hope all had a Happy Mother’s day.

  71. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Fantastic drawings, Carlos!! I must say, as good as you are with a camera, I was pleasantly surprised that you could draw, too!! Wow!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in your family, but most importantly, to my lovely Mother who is my biggest hero and inspiration.

  72. VeeTX Says:

    Dear Carlos:

    I am truly impressed with your artistic abilities, in addition to all your other talents! I did read your response about Donna teaching you this technique and how talented SHE is! Is there no end to what you and Donna can do? Wow! I’d love to see some of Donna’s work. Any way, thank you for sharing with us and Happy Mother’s Day Donna, and all the chatters, even if your kids are furry or have feathers!

  73. Sue Couch Says:

    Great drawings, Carlos! I’ll bet you could launch a new career as an artist. You’re multi-talented, just like all Moms have to be. Hope you and Donna (and your daughter) had a fabulous and magical day!

  74. Suedawn Says:

    Beautiful drawings. Thanks for staying in touch with us Carlos. I truly enjoy your friendship even if it is in this minimal way. Miss your “chats” from the owl box. The Lord has blessed you richly and I pray He continues to do so. We are blessed through you. Thanks and Happy belated Mother’s day to the ladies in your family.

  75. Kathy Jaray Says:

    OMG! These are exquisite! The shading is amazing! Carlos…you should do something with these!!!

  76. Lisa Sharp (lsharp from chatroom) Says:

    Is there no end to y’alls talents?! Amazing drawings and something for the grandchildren to cherish!

  77. PegRod Says:

    For those not aware, you can read more about Donna and Carlos Royal here! More lovely photos, biographical information, etc.

  78. CAequuslvr Says:

    What wonderful portraits. Two very talented artists. Thank-you so much for sharing this tribute with us. You continue to make us feel like part of the Royal family which means so much.

  79. pelicangirl Says:

    Carlos you continue to amaze us all with your myriad of talent. These are wonderful drawings..

    Thanks for keeping us all abreast of the latest in “critter” news, as well.

  80. loveyourdna Says:

    What a talented family!!!

  81. Judy Long Says:

    Wow, you are really talented. Love the pictures.

  82. Juanita Hood Says:

    Well we all knew you could take pictures, but this is amazing talent.

  83. flukestail Says:

    Carlos, you are so respectful of women. And that makes you a wonderful man. Hmm…you’re already a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather. If there’s anything late, I’ll take it. Thanks for your wishes, Carlos…means a lot.

  84. Carlos, Is there anything you cannot do? Love to all the mothers in your family!
    Roz from Tacoma

  85. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 15, 2011 – Will They Return?

    “Fourth of the Third” is the caption for the first photograph taken and shared by Carlos last year. He knew who was who in this unnamed clutch consisting of four owlets! So, this was the youngest owlet. Notice the beautiful details in the layers of feathers of the folded wings, and how the tips of the wings criss-ctoss at the bottom in this relaxed pose. These fluid lines and patterns from nature are what artists and sculptors seek to understand and reproduce. Fractals in Nature is something you might want to look into aobut pattern sin nature while you are waiting for more owls to observe – here is a short article about it.

    I saw, in the Chula Vista owl box live chat one day, a conversation about just how intricate the geometric modeling and rendering of individual feathers for computer graphics purposes is – unimaginably complex, but animators have succeeded in learning how! Imagine trying to do this creating of feathers, their layers and movement for painting, not even for animated movies – imagine the slight movement while breathing in and out in a faceplant, or the McGee Ruffle Shuffle with gagshag flying all over the box, captured in an oil painting, a water color, a cartoon, or in our wished for Pixar production of “Molly & McGee”.

    “Bluebird” is the next photo from last year and the bluebirds are busy again this year – we hope the 2012 clutch of egglets or little bluebirds are doing well. There are lots of Ustream recordings to watch of the Royal Garden Bluebird Box from last year.

    Last year, Carlos also showed us a photo of Donna’s iris – now I will always think of Carlos’ sister when I see such an unusual multicolored one. The last photo, though untitled, is of one of the famous outside cameras that opened our eyes to a new world – a well-framed and interesting photo, too! And… somehow it reminds me of another Pixar classic lamp – Luxo, Jr.!

    “Will They Return?” is the heading, and yes, thanks to the cycle of nature, they will keep returning – we just may not know exactly when or even where, and it could happen in the very moment you are asking that question, even though it seems as it they will be gone forever.

    • PegRod Says:

      oops – lots of typonese! I wanted to add – Barn Owls, Education, Technology, Science, Music and the Arts are just a few of the fields covered at the University of Mollyology.

  86. Sarah Lehl Says:

    What loving, brilliant illustrations! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Very special. Jeez, Mr. Talented!
    As someone else mentioned since Molly is a part of your family and my heart, thank you for the updates.
    With love to you and your beautiful family,

  87. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 16, 2011 – Going For The Record

    “Going for the record” might have been a phrase some of us old-timers used to head to the record store in our younger years! After 45’s came LP vinyl records, followed by all sorts of tapes and associated players, wiped out by CDs. In 2012, even those are rapidly becoming extinct since iTunes and other instant music downloads are the current modus operandi New viewers can download all the Molly Music (thank you Barbara Allen) from iTunes for less than the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks! When you drink your coffee it is gone; when you download the iTunes, you get to enjoy them for at least the rest of the unforseen future, if you listen once or 21 million times! lol

    Carlos shares some brilliant photographs – and yes, the Third Clutch owlets did come back for another night of fun at “Home, Sweet Owl Box”! And the tale he tells is full of excitement! A must read! Although this time last year each day was filled with the anticipation of “will they come back again?’, looking back we know they did come back to the Owl Box until the end of May, so get ready for more delightful photographs from our very own world famous photographer, Carlos Royal!

    By the way, if you are looking for a record store, here is a great story on National Public Radion earlier this year. This man followed his passion!

    The history of sound recording is very interesting.

    Buy your Molly Music today to celebrate the Month of May!

  88. Jane Cotton Says:

    What talents the Royal Family have! Your mother does not look 97, What beauty there is in the Royal Women.
    Please keep you pictures and messages coming.
    Jane Cotton, Estes Park, CO

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