Is it For Rent or Not?

May 6, 2012

It’s Still Molly’s Box


Shimmering Jewel by Kim Shaklee

Molly rejected her new suitor and as such it seems she has decided to take a vacation until next year’s mating season. She spends almost no time in the box. In fact, we go days, weeks without seeing her. Kind of boring. I think maybe she has rejoined her local chapter of The Wisdom of Owls, or as some would say Parliament of Owls.  The other night I was thinking, Molly has not been around in a while, maybe I should put out the For Rent sign.  No sooner had I had that thought, when I heard a loud thump or owl knock. It was Molly just letting me know the owl box was not for rent. It seems she comes to visit just enough to let all the other owls know this is still her box.

Calvin and Caleigh, our kestrels, are still hanging around daily enjoying the free grubs, grasshoppers and lizards, but unless there is an accident they are not having kids until next year. Kind of like the baby boomers compared to the echo generation. The baby boomers got married and started a family between the ages of 18 and 22, while those of the echo generation, those behind the baby boomers, are not getting married until the ages of 25 to 29.

On the bright side, a pair of western bluebirds showed up this morning and immediately went to work building a nest in the bluebird house. It seemed like they did not have a care in the world except to build that nest. Young love, isn’t it great!

Austin has just finished another course and was the only one in his class to get a perfect score on the final exam and this is from a kid that struggled in high school. The Molly experience changed his life, and when I say that, I mean you changed his life. We thank you and he thanks you.

Ashley, our other grandchild, the one that had her wedding in our backyard while we were broadcasting, she will graduate from Palomar Cosmetology School this month, May 12th.  Those kids, they sure do grow up fast. Kind of like the owls. One day they are your whole life and the next day they are gone. Our thoughts then move on with them to the next generation.

What’s pink and purple? I don’t know but I hope I got your attention. Donna and I purchased an apartment complex in Pflugerville, Texas. I think the city name should have been a clue as to why not to have purchased it, but we did. Anyway we are in the process of transforming the complex with the help of Roscoe Properties of Austin, Texas.  The problem is we have 30 vacant units. Ouch!

So why am I telling you this? Well to be honest we are looking for some help in coming up with some creative ways to market the rental of these no frills units. We need to get the word out. They are not exactly the best, newest or the easiest to find units in town, but we are transforming them. We want our tenants to have a nice place to live. We need your help in creating a four or five word slogan to create some buzz. You know, to get people talking. You are the most creative people I know…no one is or has been as creative as the Molly fans. I mean you created M.O.D and made it a household word. You had fun. I would like you to get back in that fun creative mode again and join us in creating something similar for these units.

To get your juices flowing, think of something like seven-inch-high corned beef sandwiches, or We got pink and purple bedrooms, really? or Did you know Pflugerville has the most beautiful night sky in Texas. I didn’t know that but I bet it is because anywhere in Texas you see the same sky. Or here is a good one, Our plumbing doesn’t leak. Well, maybe that’s not such a good one but remember, we want something that people will talk about or tell a friend about enthusiastically.

If you are on face book or twitter you can help us get the word out. Facebook it and tweet it. We would also appreciate your help in finding blogs and places where we or you can post the information that we have affordable apartments for rent. Think about it, 30 vacant units can eat a hole in ones wallet really fast.

You don’t have to live in Texas to help. You can check out these units at . Let your friends know, maybe they know someone in Pflugerville looking for a place to live. Probably not, but it is still fun to ask. Check out the reaction you get when you ask, “Do you know anyone that lives in Pflugerville?” I am sure they will ask you why.

If you think that is strange let me tell you a story. Donna and I were at the Wildlife Art Show in Fallbrook, CA yesterday to see our favorite wildlife artist, Joe Garcia. Donna has relatives that live in Brighten, Colorado. At the Art Show, Donna spotted this beautiful bronze dragonfly which she fell in love with. When we started talking to the artist, guess what! Kim Shaklee was from Brighten, Colorado and her studio is on the same street as Donna’s uncle’s insurance business. Now, what are the odds of that? About the same as you knowing someone from Pflugerville, but it does happen.

Okay, I know it is a challenge but I think we can have some fun with this and with your help we won’t go broke. We bought this place to help with our retirement but it is starting to look like a job. Now, how does that compute? Sometimes we just have to laugh at the stupid things we do.

If you want to see some fine art check out:

Joe Garcia’s website: he is our favorite watercolor wildlife artist, but he also paints in oil. He has a wonderful painting on display of desert quail.

Kim Shaklee’s website: Kim is the one that created the dragonfly sculpture that Donna admired.

Leslie Kirchner’s website: she is also a great wildlife artist. We purchased one of her eagle paintings years ago when on a trip to Death Valley, CA. She currently has a wonderful original painting of a female kestrel.

All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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123 Responses to “Is it For Rent or Not?”

  1. SARose69 Says:

    I’m glad to know that Molly is keeping an eye on the box and still claims it as hers! I do live in Texas although not in Pflugerville and will give some thought to your problem! Wishing you and the owls and mods the best as always.

  2. marie Says:

    How about…”Adult community, pets welcome”!

  3. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    Pflumoxed by Austin prices? Try Skyview in Plugerville!

    • carlosroyal Says:

      It took me a while to get this one. I was thinking Austin our grandson, you were talking Austin the town. You are right Austin’s prices compared to Pflugerville’s are a bit much.

  4. mandozee Says:

    Thanks for the update Carlos: it’s nice to hear whats going on with you, Donna, and Austin, and Molly. One of the many joys of being a landlord. Bet you will be a good one. Mandozee1888

  5. linda howard Says:

    so happy to hear that molly is still making an appearance now and then.
    I was an MOD for the entire run. I live in cedar park, a short distance from Pflugerville. You should not have a problem renting units .The area is desireable

  6. drsballou Says:

    Thank you so much for the updates. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and your family, the family of MODS, and of course, the owls.

    Thank you for the information on the artists, truly beautiful work. I wanted to share with you our favorite wildlife artist who is a very sweet lady and we get to see her every year at our town’s yearly art festival. She had come to our house a couple of years ago and took pictures of my non-releasable opossum as well as my birds and retiles that I have rescued (this was also my profession before I became so ill. Her name is Paula Fitzpatrick and you should really check out her work here: I just know you will love her work – and if you ever get to meet her, would love her as well. One of my favorite things about her work is how she captures the individual facial expressions (and markings) of the animals she paints. She has been on safari a few times and has been able to travel to see wildlife in person so the animals she paints are individual animals with their own markings and expressions.

    I love to hear from you,
    Diane (drsballou)

  7. Linda Howard Says:

    It is so nice to hear about Molly and the family news.
    I live in Cedar park, just a few miles from Pflugerville.
    That is a desired area to live in, and if I hadn’t just moved to a new apt. in March I would check Skyview out!
    Between Round Rock and Austin, it’s a great area.
    I hope that if you are in the area you will email me so we can meet up.
    Much Love to all, Linda

  8. Nita Says:

    Thanks for the update. Always good to hear about you, Donna, Austin and of course Molly! Thinking caps are on for your logo for the complex.

  9. Ericka Says:

    What is the connection to Texas? I have family in Round Rock, which I think is close.

    • Molly Royal Says:

      Pflugerville is just South of Round Rock. If one is going to Round Rock from Austin, Texas on the I-35 you go right through Pflugerville. If I remember right, Pflugerville is just about 20 to 25 minutes north of Austin. Skyview Village is very conveniently located but has no freeway noise.

  10. Marilyn Sunia Says:

    Hi Carlos & Donna – Thanks for letting us know that Molly still has her home. Amazing that bird came home soon as you thought of it. Molly, the mind reader. :) Well, Here’s my silly saying for your apartment rentals: “Happiness is living in Pflugerville…where I have more month left over after paying the rent! or (I’m not sure how close Austin is to Pflugerville, but it sounds like it’s close so what about) ‘Happiness is seeing Austin in my rear view mirror, comin’ home to my affordable apartment in Pflugerville!’ P.S. WHAT a doozy of a name that is! Is the ‘P’ silent, probably like the town is? :)

  11. Becky Says:

    Oh so good to hear from you. You’ve been on my mind these last couple of days. I’m glad Molly is still guarding the box but she does look very lonely in there by herself. :-( How about: M.O.P.- Members of Pflugerville- hahaha. Not sure how many people wanna say they’re a “MOP’…….but congratulations on your huge purchase. You really did something bringing us all to you, didn’t you? We are all forever connected to you, Donna and Austin. Also, thanks for the update on your granddaughter. Wonderful to know that your grandkids are thriving. Thanks, Carlos, for keeping us up on all that you do. I really, really appreciate your emails and pictures. Bless you.

  12. jamma louisiana Says:

    nice to see molly still around…what a new adventure…but i do think it sounds like work…austin is well on his way to a great life no matter where he lands…thanks for the update…good apartment rentals to you…jamma

  13. OC Says:

    Pflugerville, the pfun place to live. Leave the city lights behind. Look up, at The Skyview instead . Love hearing all the update !!! Thank you Carlos and Donna . I’ll keep on thinking LOL

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Did you know that Austin is the live entertainment capital of the world and Pflugerville is just a short drive to all that entertainment. It is a pfun place to live.

  14. Kathy Harger Says:

    How about this for your apartment rentals to attract people who knew about Molly & McGee?

    Molly & McGee’s vacation home
    Molly’s still around
    Poor McGee is now gone
    But the apartments won’t be available for long.

  15. Bev-MIret. Says:

    Thanks for the update, Carlos. Best wishes on your retirement project.

    Ideas? “The Royals recommend the Skyview!”

  16. Says:

    Ah, you’re still the realtor at heart! How about:
    “Half Way to Dallas and the Gulf!”

    • carlosroyal Says:

      With 30 vacant I gotta be something. I didn’t know it was half way between Dalla and the Gulf, but if it is its got to be a great location.

      • Says:

        Yes, Carlos, I checked a map. It could be a very convenient location for someone who works in Dallas/Ft. Worth, and weekends/vacations on the Gulf!!! I think this location is worth a pitch!

      • Says:

        Yes I checked a map Carlos, being at that location it is good for someone who works in Dallas/Fort Worth and weekends/vacations on the Gulf! (not sure if this got sent before)

  17. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    Phlugerville’s phabulus phaimly phriendly phlats…..

    • carlosroyal Says:

      I can see the creative juices are starting to flow.

      • Dale Ann Harsh Says:

        Thanks Carlos!
        Truly I would stage an apartment as advised and take photos to post on the internet, or in the paper. Whenever I see a place advertised and there’s only pictures of the outside… I think ‘uh oh! must be something wrong’. Good luck and keep us updated on how things are going, both here in California and down in Texas.

  18. Trisha Says:

    Hi Carlos, As a former advertising now web designer… Might I suggest a place on the web for people to see other people’s suggestions and start a place where they can brainstorm collaboratively? Usually when brainstorming bouncing ideas off of others(back and forth) produces the best results.

    Best to you and Donna!!

    Lajollaseal (Trisha)

  19. Kat Says:

    How about – Pfind affordable living in Pfabulous, Pfriendly, Pflugerville!

    Great to know Molly is still defending her box! Thanks for the update Carlos and all the best to you and Donna on your new business venture.


  20. kjbergy Says:

    If it barks, meows, flys, swims or is a smaller version of you come see affordable Skyview appartments.

  21. Wolfgirl44 Says:

    Thanks for the update! I hope Molly enjoys her vacation, she probably just needs some time to herself after losing McGee.

    Congratulations to Austin on doing so well in college and making me feel like a complete slacker over here. =)

    Good luck renting out all those apartments, yikes.

  22. PegRod Says:

    Ditto and deet, deet on all the above comments! So nice to hear all this news and to see our sweet Molly. Over at the Chula Vista, CA Owl Box, the Super Moon brought out some lunar and loony behavior and great screenshots by LoneStar and CouleeDam.

  23. flukestail Says:

    Artwork is nice. But the most beautiful image you showed us is the one of Molly…in her box.

  24. Karen O Says:

    I just commented on your last blog this AM as I had been thinking about Molly. Thank you for the update on our sweet Momma. Good luck on your latest venture.

  25. zbergie Says:

    Carlos,It’s so good to hear from you! Glad to hear Calvin and Caleigh are still there. Carlos are you able to broadcast the Bluebirds this year? Thank you so much for all the pictures and updates.

  26. Joyce Herron Says:

    I would suggest you invest in the services of a stager for one of the apartments and then post pictures of how the apartment would look with the furniture arrangement, decorating and even have the patio/balconey included in the staging. Often people have to “see” how a place would look as a home.

    Good luck in your apartment venture. Thank you for the update on Molly and the Owl Box.

    Joyce (Houston TX)

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Great idea! We are working on it. Do you think we should paint the bedrooms pink and blue for boys and girls or pink and purple just for fun. Which one will more people talk about? My son and I once put a $6,000 dollar door on an inexpensive home we rehabbed. A local radio station found out and started talking about it and the we thought we were going to have to call the police to control the traffic. It worked we sold the house.

      • PegRod Says:

        Murals by MODs, would be stunning for children’s rooms! You have quite a collection of artists among your many fans, both amateur and professional! Complimentary, and personally autographed, framed M&M photo by Carlos Royal, might be an enticement! Also, Austin, Texas, is well-known as being a haven for artists and musicians, rich in talent, rather than money!

  27. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 6, 2011 – Family Breakfast Third Clutch

    Six magnificent photos start off this post from last year. Breakfast at midnight under a full moon sounds like fun, but a picnic with all the owlets and Molly and McGee in the Royal Garden was on the agenda, and acrobatics on the kestrel box added to night’s entertainment. Calvin the kestrel may be keeping an eye on the Royal Garden territory, but the kestrel box was claimed by all the owlets of the three clutches, guided by Molly and McGee, as their personal perching post and “take a rodent rest” landing pad.

    Carlos gives another descriptive, entertaining and informative update, just like the one today, one year later! He also discusses some great Ustream Owl Box recordings to watch, including one of his removing 13 pounds of gagshag from The Owl Box! Apartments for rent – gagshag optional.

  28. carlosroyal Says:

    I forgot to mention Skyview Village also has a facebook page Please go check it out. We have more photos there. If you are into facebook let us know what you think. Go post something just for fun.

  29. Ms. A Says:

    I’ll bet if you put up some owl boxes with closed circuit TV for the residents, you’d fill those units up quick!

  30. janie2 Says:

    Thank you for the picture of our beloved Molly. When I lost my husband years ago, the thought of training another man in my life didn’t appeal to me either, Molly. Strong females like us carry on and take care of ourselves. Enjoy the kids, grandkids, and your home. Pose pretty for Carlos so we can see more of you.


  31. Joan from Colorado Says:

    gosh Carlos, you made my day.. I get excited when I see an e-mail from Molly’s Box and I open it immediately..happy to hear that she is guarding her territory..

  32. Joan from Colorado Says:

    One thing that I would find expecially appealing in an apartment is a guarantee that any repairs or problems would be promptly solved. How about putting an owl box out in front? good luck

    • carlosroyal Says:

      We have 24 hour online filing for service for repairs. We have it where tenants can also pay their rent online. Save the cost of a stamp or skip the office visit. Providing service is extreamely important to us. We want happy tenants raving about us and our service. We are in the process of transforming Skyview Village. Just like the Owl Box when we were broadcasting, we let our actions speak. We don’t want to tell you what we can do we want to show you. We will definately put up an owl box there are still some open fields near by.

  33. carlosroyal Says:

    As of 2:14 Pacific Standard Time we have had people visit the blog from 10 foreign countries.

    Country Views

    United States 811
    Canada 32
    United Kingdom 14
    Japan 13
    Philippines 5
    Hungary 2
    Denmark 2
    Switzerland 2
    Spain 1
    Sweden 1
    Poland 1

  34. Donna Smith Says:

    Carlos, you really opened a flood of comments. Some great and funny ideas! Thanks so much for the Molly update and picture. It means so much to all of us out here. Best of luck in your new venture. Donna

  35. Joan from Colorado Says:

    How about “you will be treated “Royally” if you move here

  36. Nancy S Says:

    Loved seeing Molly in “her” house! I miss them so! Congratulations on your and Donna’s new investment. It sounds pfun and makes me want to move there.

  37. Diana Says:

    We miss the “royal” owls, Molly and McGee. Wonderful to see Molly on occasion.

    Could rename the apartments “The Owl Box Apartments” and each unit could be named after an owlet.

  38. Deb Peretti Says:

    It was fun remembering when you put that “For rent” sign on the owl box and how quickly Molly and McGee returned!!! I can still “see” you nailing it up! So funny! And to think…I was a part of it! Gee, maybe that’s all you need to do for the apartments in Pflugerville…put that “For rent” sign up! You have the magic touch, Carlos!

  39. watchnover Says:

    How ’bout… “I’m so glad that… My view is Skyview!” Thank you so much for this blog and the updates on Molly. We love her so. Watchnover (aka Alene L. Coffman Wesner on facebook)

  40. watchnover Says:

    or… as I wrote on your facebook page. “I just wish that my view was Skyview!!!” 8-)

  41. Charlene Green Says:

    When I try and rent property I use I have had very good results with that.

    good luck

    Charlene Green

  42. gmarch53 Says:

    “Pflugerville…your Heart might be in San Marcos, w/World Famous Molly, but your Home is Here” :D Good Luck Carlos and Donna on your new endeavor. I will pass the word!

  43. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Dear Royals, It is always good to hear from you! Sorry, I don’t have any ideas to share at the moment but will come back if I come up with something. Looks like many of my fellow MODs have come up with some pfun ideas though. I just wanted to say “hello” and give you my good wishes. I still treasure my time spent with you guys and Molly and McGee.

  44. Karen B. Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated about Molly. I always enjoy hearing about her, even if it is that she hasn’t been around much. I have a suggestion for your “tag line” on the Apartments: “Six months free rent”! They will go like hotcakes!

  45. Braveheart2665 Says:

    Here’s my suggestions: ” Rent your very own Molly Box” or

    “Molly Boxes for Rent” Good Luck !

  46. Kim Gorman Says:

    Awwwww. Hi, sweet Molly. And congratulations, Austin and Ashley!! We knew you could do it. Brain too tired to think up an apartment slogan, Carlos, but you’re right – you’ve got many creative minds here. Thank you for the update!!!

  47. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    It is a small world! I, too, love Joe Garcia’s work, and have taken a couple of watercolor workshops from him.

    So glad Molly is still around. <3

  48. kim schulz Says:

    Hahaha, we use to live right there beside pfluggerville in Round Rock. It’s a really nice place actually. I will post something on my FB connecting them to this post to see if anyone is looking for a place to live. We r originally from the north, but r now in FL. U just never know, u made connections all over the world through the owls.:)

    • carlosroyal Says:

      Thanks for making the connection to your FB, it would be really cool if we could get several hundred to do the same thing. Life is about connections and what’s so wonderful is you never know where that next connection will take you. I just love to read about all the connections people on the owl box have made and how the Molly connection changed their life.

  49. Says:

    Dallas is a bit far for commuting I see. How about: “On your way to Austin and the Gulf!”

  50. Vicki Eiden Says:

    great to hear that Molly is still in your area. Hope she can find a mate and visit the joys of motherhood again. Hearing from you always brightens my day. so good to hear that the family is doing so well. Pflugerville seems to be a growing area. Have you thought about putting in ads to students from UT Austin and College station? My oldest daughter went to UT Austin and finding good housing is always a chore for students. Then again students can be a handful too. Tough decision. That is a great area and I’m sure you will be full up in no time.


  51. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 7, 2011 – Is There A Movie Deal???

    Three thrilling photos to see here of the four owlets of the Third Clutch!

    Better than a movie, better than a taped reality show, better than any television, news or radio show, many people (and some pets) not only were treated to observing The Owl Box and Royal Garden life as it was happening, but will always remember and try to live by the Molly Motto of “Gee that was fun, and we were a part of it!”.

    The Owl Box showed how interactive participation via live chat multiplied the enjoyment and learning, and as Carlos has observed, brought out a creative explosion in many minds and lives from around the world! Tiffany Shlain, creator and producer of the recent award-winning film “Connected”, provides some insight in the following article, which might provide insights into why the live broadcast on Ustream of The Owl Box with interactive chat, might have been such a Royal Success and changed so many lives! Among many achievements and acclaims, Tiffany is an Owl Box follower, by the way, and has listed the book “Molly the Owl” in her newsletter to help spread the word! Some things to think about are found here, whether you agree with the ideas or not.

    So, is there a movie deal? Well, it does not matter if there are more deals, because MODs already saw the true story live and have two DVDs to watch, made by that inspired filmmaker, our very own Austin Faure!

    Is there a book of photographs? New visitors to the blog should know that there are two amazing one-of-a-kind coffee table books of selected photographs by Carlos Royal, which bring tears of joy to many eyes. The first book covers Molly and McGee and their First Clutch of owlets (Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley – and Dudley, the unhatched but everlasting egg), and the second book covers the Second Clutch of owlets (Ashley and Carrie who fledged, and Jody and Kelly who died after hatching). Both books have poetic words written by many and are beautifully organized by Eric Blehm and colleagues. The children’s book, Mollly the Owl, written by Eric Blehm, tells the true story with accurate, colorful and inspired illustrations by Chris Adams (Rocketmancreative). And, the baby book “The Four Little Owlets” is perfect for learning numbers, colors and the simplicity of life! Free matching owlet masks are found on Cafe Press!

    What does the future hold? We really don’t know …. but in the meantime we can be fully part of this day, in whatever it has to offer.

  52. CAequuslvr Says:

    What a great blog,Carlos. Austin once again shows us that our support for him was so worth it–Kudos. And congrats to Ashely on her graduation.
    So wonderful to see a pic of our Molly–still looking good.
    I can see why you like the artists. I love dragonflies so I have to say the bronze is my favorite.
    Good luck with the apartments–I agree with you that if anyone can come up with some excellent PR for them this group will do it.

  53. Molly Royal Says:

    This group is so creative. They are already creating Pflugervillise a new lexicon for the city. Do you speak Pflugerville? It is so much pfun. Pfowl don’t fly in Pflugerville they pfly in Pflugerville. Okay, now it is your pfturn.

  54. Morganminpin Says:

    Hi Carlos, Donna, Austin, and Ashley,
    Carlos, thanks very much for the update, it ‘s good to know that Molly is still around and healthy. Speaking of healthy, tell Molly it’s good to work through her grief before entering another relationship, she’s a smart owl to not take another mate too quickly. Congratulations on Austin’s scholastic success and Ashley’s graduation.
    Regarding the apartment building, is there any way to work in an owl theme? An owl box painted on the sign as a logo maybe?

  55. PegRod Says:

    I wonder if Timothy L. Pflueger is related to the people who named Pflugerville. Somewhere in the history of names, those two are derived from the same ancestral tree. Timothy Pflueger played an important role in California’s architectural, art and real estate history and development! Thank you Carlos, for inspiring me to look up words that begin with “pf”

    • CAequuslvr Says:

      PegRod– Thanks for the history/genealogical lesson. Very interesting.

    • joly2u Says:

      PegRod, have you considered going on Jeopardy?

      • PegRod Says:

        joly2u – lol – Only if they let me bring a computer and use Google – I am well-practiced in the art and science of Googling or is it Google-ing-and-inging-more! And thank you CAequuslvr for always supporting me – it keeps me going!

  56. Deb Becker Says:

    Personally, I believe that Molly says “why bother if Carlos isn’t going to broadcast!” Molly likes being in the spotlight! Thanks for keeping us posted, Carlos. Now, let me think about a slogan for you….

    • Molly Royal Says:

      You might have something there. Remember the first time I set a date to stop broadcast was the day Molly and McGee ended the first clutch. All the owlets left.

  57. PegRod Says:

    Looking at a little more about Pflugerville, TX, on their city government site, they have new library facilities – you could give the same lecture you gave at Mira Costa College and get people interested in the owls while telling them about your new apartments! I would suggest at least donating a set of Molly books! Also, big weekend coming up in Pflugerville:

    The 37th Annual Deutschen Pfest is May 18-20, 2012 with festivities all weekend long in downtown Pflugerville and Pfluger Park!

    City Motto is “Where Quality Meets Life”.

  58. Donna Says:

    Thank you Carlos for the update, miss you all so much. Molly looks beautiful as always, I think she misses McGee. You’re emails are so interesting and fun to read, always new adventures. Good luck with the apartments, keep us posted!!

  59. joly2u Says:

    I really like your ad for the place, and love the name of course! It looks quite pleasant, would appeal to me. This is fun, I missed everyone. Especially great to see Molly, too.

    Still workin’ on the grabber.

  60. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 8, 2011 – It Is Never Too Late To Say I Love You Mom

    If you read the comments in response to this post last year, you might note and then extraopolate that a lot of Molly Watchers have lost their own mothers, and some might not be mothers, but many are mothers and teachers raising their own little ones! I personally believe that every day is a day to be thankful for the mothers of the world! Think of all the mothers in homeless shelters now, too, who might use a hug or some support, or maybe one of the Royal Skyview Apartments!

    This year, Mother’s Day is on May 13th – there is still time to plan a big surprise for a mother in your life, even if it is the mother of one of your “fur kids” or other pets!

    Thank you “rocketman” Chris Adams, and Carlos Royal, for always making new surprise creations for Cafe Press – we are still waiting for the rest of the 12 Days of Molly to be completed! And, by watching The Owl Box, we all learned that it will be worth the waiting!

    And … for the mothers in heaven, we know they are surrounded by the nicest, wisest, and most loving “un”common barn owls around!

    • Molly Royal Says:

      Donna and I will spend lunch with our kids and grandchildren but then it off to Bakerfield to spend time and dinner with my 97 year old mother and my sister Winnie. Both of them were avid fans of the Owl Box

  61. PegRod Says:

    Ustream Owl Box Update
    Chula Vista, CA

    Today, eldest owlet Ellie is staying in to claim the box. Youngest owlet, Dee had taken to spending some daylight hours on the Owl Box porch, but decided to spend today roosting out of camera range, probably in a nearbye tree. Clark, the middle owlet, has been out and about since he first tasted the Pacific Ocean fresh air outside the box, and most likely was the first to get all the one-on-one hunting lessons from Papa Roy or Mama Dale. In the meantime, the Chula Vista horizons are full of flying, fledging, and food-hunting barn owls far into the night until the break of dawn!

    Talented EmmieJan created another fun photoshopped screenshot of perhaps Dee’s last day in the box!
    After Dee's morning out, I think this is what she was saying :)

    Professor Michael Wink, who won a 2012 World Owl Hall of Fame award at the International Festival of Owls for his research (, provided me with an interesting link to a study at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland on barn owl coloring and inheritance – read it enough times and it will begin to make sense – and there are some nice photographs, too! Among Ustream watchers, Chula Vista barn owls Black Betty, and young Dee, have created an interest in inheritance of color in barn owls! Thank you Professor Wink for sharing this Link!

    By the way, the spotted eagle owl pair, who have nested in a potted plant on a balcony for several years, might be back soon. The host family, the Eccles, also won a World Owl Hall of Fame award for their work in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tracy Eccles reported this month on her blog that she has been seeing Mama and Papa PPO around, and said it is possible that they might be back to nest sooner than later this year!

    • PegRod Says:

      PS – DEE is also the acronym for the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Lausanne where the research on color in barn owls is being done! Coincidence or connection or another of life’s mysteries? hmmmmm – thank you owlet, Dee for leading us to DEE!

      • CAequuslvr Says:

        How clever of you PegRod to see that. Makes one a believer in the interconnectness of the cosmos.

      • Molly Royal Says:

        That PegRod is really clever and smart too. We love her here on Molly’s Box. She does a lot and we want to thank her. Thanks PegRod.

    • Molly Royal Says:

      Thanks for the updates and the links

  62. loveyourdna Says:


    I can help spread the work in Austin; I have several friends out there. Would be happy to post a link on my fb page too. I have friends who have also invested in real estate in the Austin area and have done really well!

    • Molly Royal Says:

      Thank you and that is what I like to hear. I hope soon you will be able to say you know someone that invested in Pflugerville and they are doing really well too!

  63. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, earlier you were asking about what colors to paint your apartments. I think the best thing is to keep it neutral. That does not necessarily mean white or beige. Gray, green & blue are always nice (of course, they should not be the real bright or dark tones).

    A clean and well maintained apartment & grounds would be important to me. Also is the area safe and well lit. That you have a play area for both people & pets is just super — you don’t usually find a special pet area in an apartment complex.

    • Molly Royal Says:

      We are excited to provide a place where those that love animals can live. Kids too. The interior of our apartments are light and bright. I was thinking if we had say one that was pink or purple it would get people talking. I once put a $6,000 door a house, that got people talking.

  64. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful Molly photo and news. It’s so good to hear that she’s keeping an eye on her home! How I miss her, and dear McGee – and all of you! How nice that C&C kestrel are around and that the bluebirds are nesting. Congratulations to both Austin and Ashley – I know you are so proud of your grandchildren.
    If only I lived in Pflugerville – I know just the place I’d rent! The apartments look very nice and I liked the floor plan and the fireplace. The rent sure seems reasonable!
    Thanks for the links to the artist sites – the dragonfly is glorious!
    Enjoy your travels and continue to keep in touch. It is always so great to hear your news. You are so missed and prayers and good wishes go with you each day!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  65. PegRod Says:

    Carlos, depending on if you plan to spend time in Pflugerville or not would change the approach you might take. Who is managing the complex, is an important consideration, too. There is a local paper which you could offer to write a monthly nature column with photos! If these apartments have been vacant for a long time, one month’s free rent upon signing a lease of one or two years is always enticing – you don’t lose anything really since otherwise the apartment would still be empty.

    • Molly Royal Says:

      We don’t plan to spend time in Pfugerville but that is great idea about writing a column for the paper. Maybe our manager could write a column on Apartment living. And you are absolutely right about some FREE RENT to help get them rented.

  66. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 9, 3011 – Austin’s Story is Now Online

    MODs are so proud of Austin Faure and also grateful for all the very successful work he did in initially connecting The Owl Box to Ustream, helping his grandpa Carlos and grandma Donna along the way, for producing two Molly DVDs, and for sharing his successes with us! It is not easy being a celebrity – even an Owl Box celebrity! This link is in last year’s post, but I am putting it here for those who might not read further.

    “Owlet Landing” is the caption of the first fabulous Carlos Royal photograph of a moment captured in flight mid-air, followed by three more with fun captions – “The Last Owlet Waiting Alone (Home-Owl-Lone)”; “Is it really that far up there? I’m on a 12′ ladder”; and “Yes, I look like my mother Molly”!

    “Owlet” for the identifying name is used because the Third Clutch of owlets were not publicly annointed with individual names, since Carlos and Donna Royal were away on a Royal Retirement Adventure. Carlos comments on this, in last year’s post – “We did not name them. With this clutch it was your choice to call them anything you liked plus at this stage it is really hard to tell them apart, especially since we didn’t watch them grow up. Remember, we were on vacation. It is my understanding that one person did named three of them Pip, Pep and Pop so if you follow that convention the fourth one would be named either Pup or Pap. Like I said, your choice or as someone else suggested “Poop.” Have fun, life is too short to be dead serious.” Read on and you will see that he invited readers to share the names they invented – so have fun reading last year’s comments, too!

    “Gee this is fun, and we are a part of it!” is Molly’s Motto (as told to Carlos Royal: i put it in the present tense). McGee, all the owlets and creatures of the Royal Gardens and hunting grounds, the fans and MODs, and all who joined in, are the “we”. Chris Adams called this the “community of us” in his Vote Molly video, I believe. Everyone was needed along the way to make the “magic” happen (participation, hard work, inspiration and creation sprinkled with unconditional love).

    In 2012 we keep this spirit alive. Molly is like the Olympic flame which is relit by the sun’s source for each international meeting of the Olympic Games – the summer games begin in London in just 3 months, while we await the opportunity to watch more owlet games. Let the Games Begin! We are ready!

  67. Carlos Royal Says:

    I want to thank everyone for their suggestions so far. I have already forwarded several of your idea’s to Roscoe Properties, our management team on the ground in Texas.

    We know this is not going to be easy. These apartments are not located in the best location of Pflugerville, they are not high end quality, they don’t have the best reputation, they are not new, in fact they are rather old, but we hope to transform them into a nice place to live at an affordable price. I am thinking of a place where the kids can play and pets can run.

    Skyview Village, a place where kids play and pets run. I thought about using …and pet rule, but I thought that might scare some people off. What do you think?

    Skyview Village has a fenced 1.06 acre area just to do that. Skyview is located on 4.6 acres with an additional 1 acre fenced play ground. I think that could be our big plus. I can’t think of another place that has that large of a play area for kids and dogs. (cats too)

    Let me know what you think. We will keep you updated as we do a count down to full, which we expect is going to take some time.

    Thanks again

    • Dale Ann Harsh Says:

      “These apartments are not located in the best location of Pflugerville, they are not high end quality, they don’t have the best reputation, they are not new, in fact they are rather old, but we hope to transform them into a nice place to live at an affordable price.”
      Carlos, have you partnered with the local law enforcement agency to get a neighborhood watch set up? Just because people can’t afford to live in the ‘best location’ doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in improving the area they live in and seeing to it that they, their children and their neighbors are safe. If there’s nothing organized there yet maybe you could initiate it.
      Remember the story about one single perfect rose… You might be able to revitalize a whole area.

      • Carlos Royal Says:

        Great idea and I think we have or at least have contacted the local police and offered an apartment for an officer to live on site. We would love to be the spark that changed the area for the better.

    • erindort Says:

      Those 2 fenced areas would certainly be an attraction for me! If you had a 2 or 3 security cameras (recording?) pointed at the areas, that would also stongly appeal to me. There’s nothing better than knowing your kids are safe. And pets.

      • PegRod Says:

        It there are long-time residents of these apartments, maybe you could have someone interview them to find out why they like living there, and why they have stayed! Their world will be changing, too, with new residents coming in, and they might want to make their own suggestions.

      • Carlos Royal Says:

        We are getting bids for cameras. Thanks

      • Carlos Royal Says:

        We are also doing a survey to see how many of our tenants are connected to the Internet. Not everyone is.

  68. PegRod Says:

    Ustream Owl Box Update
    Chula Vista, CA

    The host OCG took some great photographs over the past few days and shares them here. Eldest Owlet Ellie is 80 today – that’s days not years! It appears that she is alone in the box again today snoozing, claiming the box, and perhaps contemplating her future as she rapidly matures.

    • OUBobcat (barb) Says:

      So glad to hear PegRod that you are having such a great time with the Chula Vista owls from Bonnie and Clyde down to the three owlets of Roy and Dale, OCG has done a wonderful job taking after Carlos. A great place for MODs to hang out. For Carlos, the apartment rentals all revolve around location, location, location. A webpage with the apartments, kitchens, bathrooms and lighting will go a long way to sell them. Also the convenience to shopping and schools bike paths etc should be highlighted too. Miss you all…Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Donna Smith Says:

      How wise is Ellie, sitting quietly, planning ahead. I love reading all of these comments. Carlos, you are truly getting some wonderful hint!

  69. PegRod Says:

    Ustream News

    Want to see what the CEO of Ustream looks like, along with today’s headline news involving Ustream?

    • erindort Says:

      Peg, what a fun and informative link! I love that determined glint in the CEO’s eye. Though the article is of a serious nature, it reminded me of all the UStream crashes and quirks we experienced while viewing Molly &McGee. The term UScream was coined by a dear MOD. Was it John Vacadude?
      Thanks, Peg; I always look forward to your posts.

  70. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    May 10, 2011 – Molly the Owl Book A Finalist

    The first photo captures a moment which Carlos interprets with the caption, “Molly & McGee Tweeting ‘Time to Fly Away Little Owlets'” McGee looks so proud and serene on top of the kestrel box, and Molly is securely balanced on the kestrel perch next to their front door! No wonder Calvin and Caleigh are waiting to have their next clutch – they want Carlos to renovate, like he is doing with the apartments in Pflugerville! Caleigh says, “Pain the East wall with a sparkling sunrise, the West with the golden sunset, the North with blue skies and puffy clouds, and the South wall with the green trees and fragrant flowers of the gardens – I think our little ones would like that!”

    Last year, the childrens’ book “Molly the Owl” was in the running for several awards – this true, beautifully illustrated story book has always been a priceless gift to fans, from its first conception and production as an e-book, to its eventual color printing and trip across the oceans from China to Los Angeles, California shipyards and docks, and finally to a gathering place where they were autographed and sent to fans. This book inspired Eric Blehm and his wife Lorien Warner to establish the publishing company of Molly the Owl Books, for which fans are eternally grateful. You can join their mailing list here.

    Back to photos from last year that Carlos took and shared. Number two – one of the best action photos of an owlet in a palm tree! The caption reads, “Two Owlets Getting Ready To Leave Palm Tree” The next action one shows great little growing wings with the caption “Owlet Leaving Birdhouse to Join in Hunt”. That is the bluebird house, the one that the bluebirds actually decided to use last year without renovations – what fun that was to watch on Ustream the little bluebirds grow and fledge thanks to Carlos! The next photo is also action with wings and is descriptively entitled “Wings Spread”, but you cannot imagine it until you see it! Brilliant! The final two photos are “One Owlet” and “Two Owlets” – that makes me think of a book I know – yes, “Four Little Owlets”!

    More great priceless gifts to give all year ’round are found on that site, as we appreciate the people around us, even seeming strangers. Look at all the strangers from around the world Owl Box participants met in live chat on Ustream who were so wonderful that, for many, their faith in the goodness and inspired light of humanity was restored!

    Hearts and hugz!

    • PegRod Says:

      May 10, 2012 – I’ll Fly Away – Ellie the Owlet of the Chula Vista Owl Box has left the box and is exploring the great outdoors! All owlets have now fledged from Roy and Dale’s second clutch.
      Ellie flies... 05:32am

      • PegRod Says:

        Moderator LacyRoze wrote a lovely message this morning to leave as a marker for Chula Vista live chat visitors: “Our owlets have fledged, away they have flown, flying into the great unknown.They fly with our hearts, and all of our love. Now keeping watch on us, from the skies above.”

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