Molly Is Fine

March 15, 2012


Molly First Clutch


Molly is fine. She has revisited the owl box every night just after sunset. The box has been empty during the day. She only stays long enough to look around, rough up some gag shag and then stomp on or dance around the patio. An owl’s way of letting other owls know this is her box.

Donna and I want to thank all of you for your comments while we mourn, but nature has a way of moving on… rather quickly.

The North County Times covers the story.
Thanks again for your words of kindness and support.

Carlos, Donna and Austin
P.S. Just as nature moves on so does Austin. Tomorrow he finishes another class “Web Design” on his way to a BS degree in Media Arts. 

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120 Responses to “Molly Is Fine”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Great to know that Molly is fine! She is so much on our hearts and minds! Sweet Molly! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Congratulations to Austin as he moves forward in his studies and career!

  2. VSue Says:

    Thank you so much for the OWL-update…I figured she would be just fine
    I felt she just had to be
    and I bet we will soon see
    a boy barn owl just for she.

    After the weekend storms
    when the weather warms
    I bet we will see
    a new barn owl boy
    just for she
    And such joy
    there is surely to be

  3. Kendra Says:

    I am so happy to hear that Molly is doing well. I was heartbroken by the news of McGee because I have followed these wonderful owls since the first clutch. Thank you so much, Carlos, for the update. God bless you and your family for everything you brought to us when Molly and McGee first arrived at your home. You are wonderful.

  4. VacaDude Says:

    Good for Molly. She is an excellent, strong mother, and Nature is not going to let talent like that go to waste. I take comfort in knowing that she will have more babies and bring more of these magnificent creatures into our world.

    Thank you so much for the update, Carlos! All the best to you and Donna, and a hearty congratulations to Austin!

  5. imtresbien Says:

    This is such good news Carlos. I’ve wondered if Molly would want to keep her nest or if she’d move on. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her. Thank you for this update as it eases my heart. Love to you, Donna & Austin, tresbien

  6. Carolyn Hirsch Says:

    Molly’s intrepid. It’s encouraging to know she’s been spotted flying with the owls and may seek another mate, even though in my heart it will always be Molly & McGee.


  7. Elbee Says:

    Carlos, Thankyou so much for the Molly and Austin update. Best wishes always, Elbee, Oregon

  8. erindort Says:

    Thank you. I want to know all about Molly — good or sad –and indeed this is very good! Sweet, sweet Molly!

    Carlos, you and Donna are such dears to continue keeping us informed; I love you for it.

    Austin, way to go! I can’t wait to see more of your work.

  9. VSue Says:

    Just one more thing..

    Hugz and <3 to y'owl
    And thank you again for the updates

  10. Joan from Colorado Says:

    thank you thank you ..I have been wondering about what Molly is doing..

  11. Lee Says:

    Thanks VacaDude for the limeric… it would be amazing if Molly really moved on to another owl mate.
    Peace for dear Carlos and Donna..Our hearts are with you.
    And for GO young man!

  12. OUBobcat (barb) Says:

    Carlos: So kind of you to let us know that she is showing us Molly being Molly and taking charge of her box (a very high ticket item). So hopeful she temps a new mate…although McGee will always be the best ever. Sure hope she stays!

  13. Michelle Says:

    Thank you so, so much for updating on Molly. As much as I have openly mourned for McGee, my heart has wept, grieved, ached the most for Molly. I have shed tears unapologetically for Molly, and I have waited desperately for an update on her. This is the best possible update we could’ve received.

    I hope you won’t mind continuing to update us. Your pain is also ours. I thank you with the deepest gratitude for taking the time to give us this information.

    Molly is a part of my heart. I really need to know any information you can provide.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  14. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Carlos for this positive update! Love and hugs during this difficult time for all of us, where for a few days it seemed like time stopped. I hope that your mother is doing well, Carlos – your love for your mother was instrumental in all of this happening for all of us!

    For people who don’t believe that this blog is Alive and Well and Posting from San Marcos, California, take a peek at the Flag Counter Statistics for Molly’s Blog – Molly is the Keeper.

    The newest viewer from a new country to read Molly’s blog was from Nicaragua!

  15. Vicki Says:

    So glad to hear that Molly has been seen in and around the owl box. I can’t even imagine how difficult it has been for you, Carlos and Donna.
    I also keep track of Mel & Sydney. Kanga’s tribute to McGee and you is very heartfelt I’m sure.
    Congrats to Austin.

    Thank you for keeping us informed!
    Love and hugs to you all!

    Vicki (my5kids)

  16. Amanda Says:

    So glad to hear that Molly is fine! Thank you so much Carlos. Also a beautiful article the paper wrote. Molly is and always will be the queen of all the owls in my heart.

  17. Barbara Says:

    Thank you for the update!! Molly is such a natural mother, I think she will pick a fine daddy for her next clutch!

  18. So glad Molly is still busy. While we may remain sad for some time to come, Molly will not, and it’s so nice that you and Donna are able to continue to keep tabs on her.

    WTG Austin! He’s got a great road ahead of him and I wish him the best of luck. My daughter, too, is on her way to a BS in nursing right now, and may be going that road via the US Army. We have to wait and see…

    Take care of yourselves.

    Dot O

  19. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Let me join the chorus in thanking you, Carlos, for keeping us updated on Molly. We love her and miss her, and grieve for McGee along with you and Donna.

  20. Peggy Says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Molly is ok. I was very sad to hear of McGee’s passing-I will never forget how beautiful he was and what a great papa owl he was.

    Peggy, Sacramento, CA

  21. La_Mesa_Mom Says:

    Carlos, Donna & Austin,

    I did an internal dance after reading that Molly is still claiming the box. (I’d love to dance on the box with her, but doubt she’d like it!) Hurrah! She is truly a survivor and a role model for all of us.

  22. Donna Simonson, "OwlLuver" Murrieta, CA Says:

    Molly you are such an inspiration to me as I am a new widow having loss my Russ back in November 2011 and now experiencing life without my life partner of 37 years. It seems two years ago when I first began following the Owlbox in San Marcos that the peace and comfort I gain here is beyond any explanation other than spiritual. Blessings to all to include Molly and her family, the Royal family, and all my MOD friends. Here at the Owlbox is a very special place that all are invited and can come and know that all things are possible. I am forever grateful. . .
    Love, hugs and prayers “owlways”,
    “OwlLuver” Murrieta, CA

  23. Debbie (debiMac) Says:

    Thank you for the update, Carlos! I have been so worried about Molly, and heartbroken over McGee. This news is so comforting. Please keep the updates coming as they are much appreciated!

    Hugs to you, Donna, and Austin! Congrats to Austin too!

    God bless, Debbie (debiMac) in SoCal

  24. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Thank you so much for the update on “Our Molly”!!! Many hearts feel better knowing that she is doing well! Congratulations to Austin—–we are all so proud of him and wishing him all good things. Keep us posted—-Carlos, Donna, and Austin—–you are such a part of all our lives.


  25. It’s good to know that Molly is ok. Thank you for the updates and all you have done!


  26. Martha Langerholc Says:

    Thank you for the update, Carlos.

  27. Thanks Carlos and Donna for easing our minds on how Molly seems to be coping with the tragic past week in her life. I’m so glad to know she is doing well and is still at the Royal Palace.

    Please keep us informed when Molly brings a new fellow to get her Dad’s (Carlos’) approval….We can’t wait to hear that news as it will surely put smiles back on our faces.

    Congrats to Austin on his accomplishments. Keep up the great work Austin!

    Thanks for sharing the news article with us, it was very sweet.

    Sending love and hugs from Colorado,

  28. Christy in West Virgina Says:

    Thankyou for your update on Molly. All of here who have lurked on the UStream site or posted on this site understand that this is nature. What is so sad is the timing – Molly had just hatched four eggs and DeeDee was already here when dear McGee disappeared. I believe in my heart that Molly, Mom Extraordinaire, will find a new mate. We have mourned McGee, and it is time to look ahead. Please keep us informed, as it is convenient to your and Donna. And to Austin – you go guy!!!!!!! Congratulations on all your success in school. Glad we MODs could be part of it.

  29. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Thank you Carlos for keeping us updated on Molly’s days.
    Just read the North Valley News and clicked on the link you put up for Mel and Sidney. Went there and read their blog. There is a vidio titled “Tribute to McGee” that will really bring tears. To see this, it is a must to scroll down quite a ways, but worth every bit of the trouble. You take care and I will look forward to any blog you may have time to put up.


  30. janie2 Says:

    Carlos, thank you so much for letting us know that our beloved Molly is fine. She is so beautiful and I’m sure a handsome male won’t be able to resist her.


  31. Moniq50 aka monkie2 Says:

    Thank you Carlos for keeping us updated on our beloved Molly, and that she will be just fine. .Some how that makes us breath a little easier!! So happy to hear she is still defending her home!! I’m sure she will have another family when the time is right, and with her beauty, who wouldn’t want to be her mate!!
    Thanks again for all you do.

    Love and ((hugz))

  32. janie2 Says:

    Opps, forgot to click for future comments. A senior moment.


  33. Kathy Says:

    Great news in all the sorrow we are still feeling for the loss of McGee. While he will remain number 1 in all our hearts and Mollie’s, I hope she finds a new love soon as it sounds like she still feels that the Royal Box is her home that is ready for a family. Thank you Carlos for helping us all get over this big loss.

  34. Carlos, Donna & Austin,

    I share in your sadness over the loss of McGee. He was a magnificent creature, a wonderful mate and a great provider and teacher of his owlets. He will be missed. I’m so glad that I have a print of McGee! Thanks for letting us know how Molly is doing. She seems to be handling things better than us humans and it sounds like she is keeping watch over HER owl box. She knows a good home when she sees it!! To honor McGee, I’ve borrowed the photo of McGee bowing to use as my FB profile photo (for a few days). I’m so glad that I purchased the print. It is lovely and graces the walls in my den, with other photos of family.

    Thanks again, Anita

  35. Thank you Carlos!! Good news that Molly is staying with her box. I am sure she will find another nice mate and have another clutch. I was a bit worried that she might grieve herself to death. But that does not seem to be the case at all.

  36. Nancy Says:

    Thank you so much for the update. It softens the sadness to know she is doing well. My prayers are still with you, all the MODS and Molly as we get through this difficult time.

  37. lilbirdz Says:

    Thank you for the Molly update, Carlos. We were all concerned for her. It’s wonderful that she seems to know that she always has a home with you. McGee will be a hard act to follow, but I hope that there is a worthy mate out there for Molly.

    What good news about Austin! We are proud of you, young man!

  38. Melanie Says:

    Thanks for letting us all know how Molly’s doing. I read your announcement at work, the other day, and had to log out, before I broke down. It’s so sad. I know that it’s all part of the circle of life, but that was still horrible news. My heart ached for her.

    I hope that Molly is open to a new mate. She is a wonderful mother.

    Congratulation, Austin! Melanie

  39. Molly is doing her dance saying “Looka Me, Looka Me, I have a beautiful house with a shag rug” Any takers to join up?

  40. Deb Peretti Says:

    Thank you for the update, Carlos and Donna. I was hopeful that McGee would reappear at a rehab. M/M taught us so much about the life, love, and loss. Appreciate the update and hope we can all stay in touch.

  41. I can not explain nor do I understand the sadness that the news of McGee’s disappearance brings me. My husband and I spent hours watching the first clutch and grew to love them AND you. I have checked in periodically ever since.

    Nature, as life, can be cruel….but as you said ‘Life does go on”.

    Carlos and Donna, you have touched our lives as have Molly and McGee. Thanks for the updates. Bless you!

    toni and mark

  42. Debbie Says:

    Thank you so much for the update. I have been worried about Molly and I am so happy that she is doing okay and stomping on her porch.

  43. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    I am so grateful for the Molly update – I’ve checked each day several times in hopes that you would post some news. I’m very happy that Molly is visiting her box each evening and wish her a new family and happy days ahead! I pray the same for all of you. This must have been unbearably sad for you after all your devotion to precious Molly and McGee and their owlets. Congratulations to Austin for another achievement – you must be so proud! Please keep in touch with news of dear Molly and your family!
    Love to you, Holly Sue

  44. Dianne Says:

    So concerned your Molly also, she must wonder what happened, they saved that owl box for so long, to be assured their little ones had a home. Still brings tears……….
    Pls keep us posted, they were an amazing couple…….

    I am hoping McGee turns up injured but mended back to good health, silly but know how he loved Molly………

    Thank you……..

  45. gmarch53 Says:

    ♥ Molly ♥ You GO girl…Carlos and Donna, Thanks for the update. *gmarch53*

  46. Carol Hodges Says:

    I was so broken hearted to hear McGee didn’t come back. It must have been very hard for Molly to leave DeeDee to go for food. What a tragedy in the cycle of life. Carlos and Donna, you are the BEST to have brought them into all our lives. Congrats Austin, you are fortunate to have Carlos and Donna in your life and be involved in this wonderful experience. Thank you Royals’ for all you have done, and Please keep us updated!

  47. Liz Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful update, Carlos!. While I am still heartbroken and shedding tears over McGee, it lessens the sadness a bit to know that Molly is OK and still considering the Royal Palace her home. Good for her!
    Congrats to Austin! Keep up the fine work!

  48. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, I am so pleased to read this update. Thank-you. It has put a much needed smile on my face. We always knew Molly was special and she is showing us that she will continue.

  49. Dottie Kissell Says:

    What a shock….I am so sorry to learn about Magee and latest clutch. So sad ! :”(

  50. Marcia Kern Says:

    Thank you, Carlos and Donna, for these few years of education, personal connection, and respect for nature. I was so saddened by this news that it took me a couple of days to even post a comment.
    I felt like Molly and McGee and their babies were part of my family; the sudden end shocked me and then reminded me of the truth of nature.
    Please let us know what happens in this situation–does Molly get a new partner or does she enjoy singlehood and solitude? Thanks for your time and efforts in sharing this owl couple with the world.
    Marcia Kern

  51. SueinMaine Says:

    I’m adding my voice from Maine to so many others from across the world. Thank-you for updating us and helping us to learn to deal with the realities of nature AND it’s miracles as well….

  52. Donna Smith Says:

    Carlos, Thank you so much for informing us. As you know, emotions have been running high out here! Perhaps Molly will have a new life.

  53. ellen Says:

    Thank you so much for this update. I was too sad to respond when the news regarding McGee was first received. I know that this is the circle of life but becoming so attached to Molly and McGee I found it very difficult to put into words my feelings. You, Donna and Auistin were and continue to be so gracious as to share these wonderful owls and their lives with all of us. I have learned so much and gained an utmost respect for these magnificent birds. I think the attachment to M and M has been so great because for many they are our first closeup experience with the lives of the owl. We have been through so much with them and so it makes it even more difficult to part with any of them. I will remember the good times and the beautiful pictures that will keep McGee alive for me in my memories and heart. I will also remember all the great chats with those who laughed and worried about M and M. I will hum some of the songs that I grew to love which will remind me of all the good times and of course I have my books! Carlos, you and your family are amazing people and thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful experience. I wish only the best for all of you!

  54. Judy Sackson Says:

    Carlos and Donna–I really appreciate your taking time to let us know that Molly seems to be ok and still considers the Royal Menage her home. I have been so disturbed by the loss of McGee and the little ones, and this does help me to accept the reality of it all.
    Thank you (and Donna) for keeping all of us so close and understanding that we all feel almost as tho we were part of the family. It will never be quite the same again (McGee was certainly one of a kind) but I hope that Molly can readjust to her new life (a little stomping couldn’t hurt).
    We all love to keep up with the good job Austin is doing in working toward his degree.
    Way to go, Austin! Keep it up!
    Hope to hear more updates from time to time…
    in the meanwhile, thank you so much for keeping all the MODs so close, you are always in our thoughts and hearts.

  55. Judy Ambrose Says:

    Carlos, much love and thanks go out to you, Donna and Austin today. I didn’t get the chance when I read the terrible news about McGee. I want to thank your whole family for all the laughs and tears that we shared. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the entire experience. I continue to enjoy my Molly books and of course, my fave, the coffee table book, which we begged you for. hahahaha!! I hope you are all feeling better as I’m sure it’s been extremely difficult for all of you. My love and prayers are with you always. Thanks again.


  56. OwlKats Says:

    Dearest Carlos,Donna, & Austin,

    I have been mourning Leggz McGee & the 4th clutch & patiently waiting on Word Of Molly. I am so Happy to learn that she finding her way in this new chapter of her life! It is so true that for everything there is a season. I am so glad that she continues to claim her territory. We will wait for a new suttor to find Molly. Thank You Carlos for the Updates. I am so happy that Austin is working towards his BS in Media Arts. He is a tallented young man.
    Love to you & “All My Owl Lovin Friends”
    K Stevenson in COwlorado

  57. PegRod Says:

    Goodbye, McGee
    VacaBlog – March 15th

    I post this link for those who may not be aware of this blog from our offical cartoonist of Molly & McGee and Family and the series of “Laughing Outside the Box”. Get out your kleenex to be prepared to cry, but you may smile, too! Thank you VacaDude for your healing and wise words of the wonder of it all – art, creation, life!

    The Ides of March will always have McGee Memories for me!

  58. Carlos and Donna, thank you for keeping us posted. We are all part of a unique family (thanks to you and your webcams and broadcasts) and we mourn for our losses with you. We appreciate everything you do. With love

  59. Becky Says:

    Thank you. Thank you, Carlos, for the Molly update. I’m so glad she is fine and flying w/other owls. Takes a little of the sting out of losing McGee and the babies. They, Molly and her Mister, were such great parents. He will be a tough act to follow. But, I so appreciate your update and heartiest congratulations to Austin for finishing another class. What an exceptional young man.

  60. Cindy Says:

    What a mom! Good for Molly.
    Appreciate the update.

    Way to go Austin. :0)


  61. Ruth White (petenwell) Says:

    Thank you so much for the update on Molly. I really appreciate it. I’ve been worried about her. It was such a good time watching Molly and McGee. It’s something I will always cherish. Please keep us posted on any new happenings.

  62. paula greene Says:

    does anyone know if carlos removed dee dee and eggs or did Molly dispose of them?

  63. Mlhecox Says:

    Thank you so much for the udpate on Molly. I’ve been so sad for McGee, but also Molly. I feel relieved to see that she is still guarding the Royal owl box. Hoping for new fun memories to come in the future. Great job, Austin! We are all so proud of you. Please keep us posted on Molly. Your the best, Carlos and Donna. (aka:mlhecox). I feel so much better today.

  64. Kit Merritt Says:

    Was hoping there would be news of our girl Molly today. Thanks so much for the update. Am hoping for a good new life for Molly, but miss McGee. Still sad today….they were a part of our lives for 2 years. Thanks, again!

  65. Judy Sackson Says:

    Forgot to mention….that was a really nice newspaper article about McGee and his Royal family!
    And Vacadude….what a remarkable guy…he mirrored all our feelings there on his site!

  66. Darlene from Oregon Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop so to speak. We appreciate it. I am so glad that Molly is doing OK. After all she is our girl, right?
    I hope she will continue to thrive.
    Thank you again for everything you’ve done and continue to do.
    I’m still so sorry for the loss of McGee and their 4th clutch.
    With warmest regards,
    Darlene Salisbury
    NW Oregon

  67. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you for the update… Always good to hear about our favorite owl. I wish the best for Molly and hope she gets another wonderful partner… after she finishes grieving for McGee. Will look forward to hearing how Molly progresses. She is such a remarkable mommy….

  68. A Friend of M&M Says:

    Carlos thank you so much for the update about Molly. We all have been very curious what she would do. It sounds to me like this is her home no matter what. I am glad to know that you have been able to see her nightly. Good for Austin. That young man is goings places in part of his proud grandparents who have guided him in the right direction.

  69. Lucy Sanders Says:

    The update on Molly was very much appreciated!!! She has been on my mind a lot and I am relieved that she is ok. I was sooo hoping that she would stay in your area, obviously she knows that she is loved there. Thank you and I hope you and Donna are doing ok, that was a heavy blow to you both and to top it off you were good enough to report McGee’s missing to all of us.

    Take care,
    Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  70. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Thank you for the update on Molly it lightens my heart just a bit. I do so hope that she will find another mate but he will certainly not be as grand as Legs Mc Gee. Congratualtions to Austin on his latest achievement, you both must be very proud. When time allows please continue to give us updates on Molly.

  71. Donna Says:

    Carlos thank you so much for the update, I was so worried about her. It was so hard losing McGee the babies, thank god our Molly is doing ok. I was watching some recordings today of M&M in the owl box, such sweet memories and really big tears. Congrates to Austin, way to go! We love hearing how he’s doing in school. Carlos ,Donna and Austin thank you again for sharing your life and M&M with us it means so much to so many. Love to you all

  72. SactoSylvia Says:

    Thank you so much for the reassuring update, Carlos! (You and Donna take such good care of us!)

  73. Janice Grassmeyer Says:

    Yes, wildlife is resilient if nothing else. So glad Molly is still using the box if for nothing more than to attract a mate…”See I already have a house and everything.”
    Glad to hear about Austin, always wish him every success.

  74. Karen Says:

    I am continually amazed by the impact such beautiful creatures, Molly and McGee, have had on so many people. Their interactions with each other and the tender way they cared for their offspring touched the lives of everyone, helping us to appreciate the spirit of all living creatures. No wonder so many tears were shed worldwide for the news of McGee. Thanks to the Royals for helping us feel connected to these wonderful barn owls. Please let us know if you have further news on Molly. McGee lives on in his beautiful owlets we all watched in clutches 1, 2 and 3.

  75. Morganminpin Says:

    Carlos, thanks so much for the Molly update, I am but one of many worrying about her, especially knowing that owls may not survive the death of a mate. But Molly is exceptionally strong and it sounds like she is surviving and, after her grieving process, will find another mate. I think that her continuing to claim the owl box is a good sign, as is flying with other owls. I wish she could know how many people are reaching out to support her – maybe she does!
    I looked in the UT for news of McGee’s passing but didn’t see anything; I’m glad the North County Times provided coverage.
    Go Molly! We love you.

  76. char Says:

    Thanks so much for the update.YOu two have been so kind to share so much of your lives with all of us. It was an experience I think none of us will ever forget. MODS forever! ♥ ♥ ♥

    (((Hugs))) to both of you. YOu have brought camaraderie and joy to so many. God Bless you both

  77. Breezy Says:

    Dearest Carlos,
    I knew you would update us on how Molly is doing and am so glad it was today. The waiting and worrying was just compounding the grief over the loss of Magnificent McGee. You, Donna, Austin, and all of the MODs remain in my thoughts and prayers — all of the hearts that broke around the world will be comforted to know that our Molly seems to be coping well and preparing for the next chapter in her life.
    I miss being allowed into their lives through your webcam and also miss the comeradery of all the others who shared that amazing experience, and not to forget hundreds of voices crying out; “Carlos — no sound!”. What lovely and sustaining memories during this sad time.
    I add my congratulations with all of the others to that fine grandson of yours — Way to go, Austin!
    Warm Regards,

  78. Owloverbo Says:

    Thanks for the update, my heavy heart is a bit lighter. She is a special owl and has helped teach me a lot about owls, life and love. Moly WAS a common barn owl and now the love do many.

  79. BonnieKay Says:

    Thank You Carlos for the Molly update. Put a little smile on my face.

  80. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    A Gathering of Links
    Second Clutch

    For new people, there are many useful links posted here – I am glad that msnbc has not deleted them!

    Also, the Molly the Owl Wiki site is well organized and kept up-to-date, with a welcomed variety of information all in one place. If you are new, you will find much to enjoy and learn here.

    Also, free Teacher Curriculum Guides are available on the Molly the Owl Books site! There are many free pdf downloads!

    All this remains for Molly the Owl and McGee’s legacy!

  81. cathair Says:

    Thanks for bringing the life, love and joy of Molly, McGee and their family to us all – creating an even bigger family than Molly and McGee ever dreamed of.
    We send our love as small measure for all this precious family has given us.
    Thanks for the update.

  82. jamma louisiana Says:

    thanks for the update…we all know that the circle of life goes on…i call it a circle as the young ones continue the line…thanks for bringing a happy time in our lives…if you are off rving…have a great time…

  83. PegRod Says:

    San Diego Union Tribune

    New article with headline tribute!

  84. sandy/Racoona Says:

    Thank you, thank you. So glad for the update on Molly and “her” owl box. I will never forget all these exciting times in the owl box, the picnics,the live chats, the hunting fields(and on and on) but most of all, how this affected me. God bless…

  85. sandy/Racoona Says:

    and Austin, keep up the good work. :)

  86. PegRod Says:

    KGTV Channel 10 News San Diego

    Please comment on these sites and share all these articles!

  87. Sue H Says:

    Carlos and Donna – Thank you so much for the update. It is comforting to know that Molly is fine – I sometimes wish we had the fortitude of those in the wild! Glad she is flying with the owls and hope she soon has a special friend.

    Congratulations Austin – yes, keep up the good work!

  88. Pat Says:

    Very nice article in the newspaper. So glad to hear Molly is still around, and I hope she finds a new mate soon.

  89. Karen O Says:

    Precious Molly, She understands pain and loss. Remember when Jody and Kelly left the owl world? Molly and McGee sat outside the box together for a long time.—– quietly thinking, quietly pondering, quietly contemplatlng what to do next, They took little time to remember that they needed to care for Carrie and Ashely and that they did.

    May Molly continue to love McGee. May McGee send his strength to Molly to carry on, to be safe, and to find a very special male to comfort her.

    McGee and Molly you were both so loved by so many people.
    You will be remembered foreverl

  90. Deb Says:

    Oh this means so much to me. Thank you for letting us know about Molly. I’m so glad that Molly is fine and is looking for a new mate. Molly, McGee and their babies have no idea how many millions and millions of people love them. This owl couple and their owlets will always be very special to me. McGee is embedded in my heart and I will never forget him. Again thanks for the update.

    Congratulations to Austin he is such a wonderful young man and will go far in life just like his grandpa.

    Deb in OH

  91. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Congrats Austin! We are so proud of you.
    Thank you Carlos & Donna for the update.
    Oh, I just love our Molly so!!

  92. Elizabeth or ET27 Says:

    17 March 2012 – to the Royal Family and all the watchers and followers

    ´ ¸.☆´
    ¸.♥´´¯`•.¸¸.☆ . . ☆´¯ ƸӜƷ ♥
    …(¯ˇ¯)…May your blessings outnumber
    .(¯` Y ´¯). The shamrocks that grow,
    . `(_/\_)´ .And may trouble avoid you
    . . . ̸ . . .Wherever you go. ~Irish Blessing
    •°*”˜☽¸.✶* ☆´¯♥¯`°•.ƸӜƷ

  93. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Third Clutch

    March 18, 2011 – Survival of the Fittest

    This day (18th) last year, there were two blog entries, so I will post one today and leave the other for tomorrow. In this entry, Carlos shares news and observations about the Third Clutch as well as two fabulous photographs, one of “Four Healthy Owlets” and the other of a “Western Kingbird”. The Third Clutch was referred to by some as “Series of Four” since they were not named by Donna Royal. Here we see that there were two more little owlets which hatched from this clutch but did not survive fromo the six eggs laid. Carlos is so wonderful to share his observations truthfully, but with compassion for the barn owls and humans who care about them. In Molly’s World, we learn something new every day.

    The news about Carlos’ grandson Austin is so much fun for fans to read, since we consider ourselves part of the extended Royal world family. The link he shares, of the creation of Austin’s new logo, is so much fun to watch, and remains on his site in the middle of the videos! Enjoy. Austin’s hard work for The Owl Box also taught him many technical lessons, his love for the owls and help from his grandfather resulted in two wonderful DVDs, and inspired him to pursue higher education in this field. So many successes!

    Molly and McGee can proudly admit, with our creation, inspiration and Austin’s dedication, ‘Oh, what a wonderful world!”

    Today is March 17, 2012 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! There are many entertaining photoshopped screenshots for this holiday on many sites from many Ustream owl boxes! Maybe someone will post some of them here.

  94. PegRod Says:

    The Ranger – Fremont County’s Daily Newspaper (Wyoming)
    “End of the Owl Story” – Carolyn B. Tyler

  95. PegRod Says:

    14U News (Delaware – called “Geek News”)

  96. Deb Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,

    Thank you so much!
    It was such a huge relief to get the update on Molly. I hope she continues to stay in her owlbox and perhaps eventually with a new mate and little ones .
    Congratulations on your successes in school Austin. You are a very talented man, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the coming years.


  97. Karyl Ruffcorn Says:

    Oh my, what a relief. I’ve been waiting for days to see those three words “Molly is fine”. It was like a weight was lifted when I read that. I was really concerned about what was going to happen to Molly after losing McGee and her family. I’m just so glad to see that she’s still calling Carlos’ back yard her home. Thank you so much for the update. Please tell us more when you can.

    Karyl (ksue82)

    • Mary Ann Says:


      Thank you for updating us with the news reports from around the world. We all know Molly and McGee touched lives in every corner of the world. Thank you for your efforts with this!

      • PegRod Says:

        You are welcomed, Mary Ann! If any one sees articles in their local papers, please provide the links for all of us! Or, consider writing a story yourself!

  98. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    The Owl Box

    March 18, 2011 – From Japan Coach is Safe

    The Owl Box experiene has united people around the world, and many have formed close bonds, even though they may have never met in person. Ustream live chat, a friendly place for meetings of minds, is moderated by volunteers who keep it friendly and make sure that chatters understand the rules that keep it a great place to visit and stay!

    The news of beloved McGee’s apparent demise was earth-shattering for many; Coach and the people of Japan experienced the effects of a catastrophic earthquake this time last year. MODs were there to care and provide support. When New Zealand experienced its last catastrophic earthquake in 2010, MODs listened and cared, as they did during the Baja California earthquake during Eastertime in 2010. They news was in live chat before it ever hit the radio or television!

    Japan is still rebuilding. Coach will always by a MOD, since it is part of her life, having been changed forever by these experiences. In Molly’s box our shared experience is of peace, love and the natural life-cycle, rather than memories of human conflict, war and power gone awry. Thank you Coach for your devotion and the lessons you have taught us.

    Be nice, be friendly are words the world could use – we are not all the same, do not have the same cultures or experiences, but the chatroom rules allow us to share the best of us with the rest of us.


  99. PegRod Says:

    Owl Boxes
    “Stormy Weather
    Since Me and My Man Ain’t Together”
    Lessons from Molly and McGee

    San Marcos, Oceanside and Chula Vista owl boxes have been weathering the stormy weather, high winds, and roller coaster temperatures over the past few days.

    McGee and Molly taught us that barn owls can hunt with wet feathers, despite the previous descriptions in studies that stated they could not. Papa Roy, of Chula Vista fame, is best known for the amazing number of rabbits he has caught so far (last I heard about 135), came through the wind, storm and pounding rain with the dinner menu ordered by Mama Dale, and growing owlets Ellie, Clark and Dee:

    From Ustream live chat this morning – 8:29 tweetkathleen: Factz Fling & Fly Report™ Total 7: On a dark and stormy night, rain does not deter Wranger Roy as he lives up to hero image and hauls in 1 rabbit and 6 small rodents

    We can be assured that Molly is also eating well.

  100. PegRod Says:

    VacaDude Cartoon Tributes
    For McGee (hearts)
    “The Beat Goes On”

    John “VacaDude” Atkinson shares with MODs another touching cartoon which expresses some of our complex emotions and one which tells a story. MODs who have followed The Owl Box of San Marcos, CA, understand it at a glance or at least after a few minutes of study. The caption is found on the main page of the free cartoons. These cartoons are available for free and you can download the pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) and keep on your computer and/or print out to frame!

    Cartoon Page

    McGee Reunited

    McGee Montage

  101. PegRod Says:

    Sunday Show
    Special Tributes to McGee

    March 18, 2012 – (although it says March 19th)

    John “VacaDude” Atkinson broadcast another great show live with a little help from his friends!

    A Special Edition of Poetry Time with Zorro included heartfelt poems written by chatters as well as another which was posted in the Molly Blog comments, where you will find many more original as well as relevant others.

    DotRot, the StoryTime with Zorro writing conductor, told us that she had chosen the theme for the story months ago, but it happened to fit right in for McGee to take a bow. The stories are written a few hours before the live show with volunteer chatters in a round robin style, and John improvises sound effects while Zorro the puppet reads. They both provide running commentaries,

    Laughter and tears, food for the soul, and love for all creatures, great and small. Rainbows.

  102. PegRod Says:

    Molly the Owl Wiki Site
    Many, many tributes to McGee

    For those unaware, the Wiki site is continually updated. Many links are provided to sites where fans of McGee are expressing their thoughts, memories and grief in creative and artistic ways.

    McGee deserves an Honorary Doctorate of Letters & Fine Arts for all the new writers, poets, photographers, videographers, musicians and artists of all media and works, which he has inspired with his beloved Molly and families!

  103. PegRod Says:

    Migratory Bird Act

    A reminder about the national and international laws governing human interaction with migratory birds and the protection of specific species, including barn owls. It is illegal to kill or possess migratory birds, or even to keep their feathers.

  104. PegRod Says:

    The Owl Pages
    Helpful Resource

    During the broadcasts of The Owl Box of San Marcos, CA, with Molly & McGee and their four clutches, many lessons have been learned about the common barn owl in particular, and by owls and other birds in general, by most of us who never had even seen an owl, let alone such an intimate view of our beloved “un” common barn owl familites. A resource often shared by chatroom moderators as a place to learn more is The Owl Pages.

    My mother is just now reading a book called “A Wisdom of Owls: Book Three: The Maeve Kenny Series” by Mary Pat Hyland, which she told me is dedicated to Carlos and Donna Royal and The Owl Box (KIndle edition is only $4.99). My Mom is thrilled to be reading it and highly recommends this novel (she did not watch M&M) from a well-respected Irish-American author who happens to be a MOD! Another creation inspired by M&M. And, if you like, love or are passionate about something, tell others!

    That led me to look for the phrase “A Wisdom of Owls” and guess what, The Owl Pages has the answer, pasted here, link reference below:

    Q: What is a group of Owls called?

    A: You’d be surprised how much this gets asked! A group of Owls is called a parliament. This is the most popular and accepted term, but I have also seen: bazaar, brood, congress, diss, eyrie, glaring, hooting, looming, nest, sagaciousness, stare, stooping, and wisdom.

    There are also some more specific terms I’ve seen, such as silence (when in flight), stable (Barn Owls), jail (Barred Owls), prohibition (Barred Owls), schizpphrenia (Hawk Owls), volery (Little Owls) and blizzard (Snowy Owls).

    The Owl Pages site was conceived of and created by Deane P. Lewis (October 26th, 1998 to present, Maryborough, QLD, Australia).

  105. PegRod Says:

    Chula Vista (CA) Owl Box on Ustream
    Update on Live Broadcast

    Screenshots and videos made and shared by owl box chatters help the rest of us be able to see what has happened when we did not have time to observe ourselves. hundon, a well-known MOD, has put two photos together for comparision – so helpful in the road to understanding – like a little time travel adventure!.

    Meanwhile, it appears that desert cottontail is the preferred treat for this clutch, since each owlet appears to desire their very own bunny now, and Daddy delivers! Roy the Wabbit Wrangler has caught over 150 so far and with this preference will reach 200 in no time! Last night, Dale also hunted and returned with one vole for the owlets. A vole is not a mole, but a term for a meadow mouse common in Southern California. But, there are meadow voles, pine voles, prairie voles, montane voles, so you can see they are found in many environments. Here is another good resource for those learning about the Cricetidae Family of rodents, which includes the vole.

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