The Molly Effect and First Hatch – DeeDee

March 10, 2012

Owl Knitting Needle Gauge

Have the eggs been smashed?

Molly Shows Off Baby DeeDee

Baby Owlet and Three Eggs

Have you noticed it or is it just me? Today Donna and I were out for a drive and just as we were going to pull in to Barnes and Noble, the car in front of us had “Owlluver” on it’s license plat. If you can’t figure it out, try “Owl Lover.”  We had planned to pull in next to the car and talk to them but it did not stop. I guess we could have chased it down the road but we didn’t.

Instead, we stayed on course and turned into the Barnes and Noble parking lot and went in to look for some maps and books on California. Donna was going to check out the knitting magazines. The first book I picked up was Birds of California and on the cover was a barn owl. That’s right, a barn owl. That is first time I had seen that; the book had just been published 2012.

Then Donna came rushing over waving two magazines in her hands to show me. The first had a plastic owl attached to the front cover, a gift, if you buy the magazine. The greenish blue plastic owl had numerous sized holes drilled in, kind of cool. The holes can be used to check or verify your knitting needle size. Just what every knitter needs. Donna had to have that magazine. The other knitting magazine had pictures and patterns of how to knit an owl. Being a knitter, she had to have that magazine too.

Is it just me or is the whole world going owl crazy? Remember, about a month ago, I posted a copy of a full page ad from an airline magazine for a new theme restaurant in Las Vegas that had used the barn owl as part of their theme symbol. My question to you. Is it the “Molly Effect,” having had 21 million views or were all these owls out there before and we just did not notice?

Donna and I returned from a short road trip around 7:30 last night. We decided to check in on Molly, it had been a while, the last time we checked as you remember she had four beautiful perfect white eggs. To my horror, there were several white smashed objects strewn around the box. It looked like one of those deadly tornados had hit the box. There was even a red bloody object protruding from one of the obliterated white objects. Had something got in the box was all I could think.

Molly was in the back of the box crouched down so we could not see any eggs. My heart raced as Donna and I strained our eyes to identify the blurry white objects. I was positive one was a piece of a broken egg shell but the others were not in focus. After a few moments, which seemed like an hour, Donna whispered in a low voice, I don’t think those are eggs, maybe the white fur of a rabbit. I still wasn’t buying it, but just then we heard a peep. With some relief, we knew we had an owlet but we still didn’t know how many eggs survived and Molly wasn’t showing us.

While we turned away to do another task, we think McGee swooped in and removed most of the white objects, including the bloody one, because when we returned just a couple of quick minutes later they were gone, Molly was still in the back of the box crouched down. Then like any proud mother, Molly stood and showed off her baby to us. With a long sigh and exhale of breath, Donna and I relaxed as we counted one baby owlet and three perfect little white eggs remaining.  We named the first owlet DeeDee.

Many of you had asked, “When would the first egg hatch?” Now, you know. Remember, we are not watching Molly and McGee on a daily basis (we are traveling and there will be no broadcasting). We will give you an update when we check in and we can only do that when we are home. I also got a taste this morning of what it was like back when we were broadcasting. The Internet went down and the power to the camera shorted out when the sprinklers came on. Oh well, at least we were not broadcasting.
You have a great day,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

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76 Responses to “The Molly Effect and First Hatch – DeeDee”

  1. sdsurfchick Says:

    Wa hoo!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Yippeee!!!! Welcome baby Dee Dee!! Oh Thank you so much Carlos, Donna, and Austin!!!!

  3. Bev-MIret. Says:

    Thanks for the update. Exciting and happy news. Safe travels!

  4. Becky Says:

    OH. I was so upset when I saw the first picture. I’m better now! whew! I’m sure Molly must know you by now and was happy to show you her lst hatchling, DeeDee. The name is perfect. deet deet…..They have just been the best parents. I’m a knitter, too, so I can really appreciate Donna’s excitement with her finds. I just finished a sweater for my sister in law. I’m glad you two are out and about but, lordy, I miss the chats and the broadcasts. So grateful, though,for the pictures and commentaries. You’re the best. Sending (((hugs))) to the both of you. It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Ohio. Winter has been so odd. My daffodils and tulips are almost ready to bloom! Cheers.

  5. debbie Says:

    **throws confetti**
    yay! congrats on the first wee owlet’s arrival!! welcome, dee dee!
    thank you so much for the update, carlos! cannot wait to hear about the next three siblings. molly…lovely, as always.




    • debbie Says:

      p.s…..are you suuurreee you won’t let us peek in live at the family on “molly and mcgee day” this month….? all the owlets will be hatched by then.
      just a wee mod’s thought…. ;)

  6. Rhonda Says:

    Sounds like you and Donna are having a lovely time though admittedly, I do miss the morning broadcast. Listening to you and having coffee in my Molly mug….yes of course I still use the mug :) Such great news that all eggs and DeeDee are accounted for! We have had a barn owl showing up here at night, swooping by to go to the green belt for hunting. First time it startled me as we have never seen any owls around here. I have to wonder if it’s one of Molly & McGee’s kids!

  7. Bonita Lyon aka bonnibell Says:

    Congratulations Molly and McGee on your new babe!!! Thank you so much Carlos for keeping us posted. I could feel the stress and fear in your report when you discovered the smush in the box! Thank God, all is well. The photo is awesome…like DeeDee is hanging on to Molly’s leg…so cute.

    Hope you and Donna are enjoying your travels. We keep busy with other owl boxes, Starr Ranch in tree hollow, eagles and bear cubs. Had a great one year anniversary of MOD page on FB. Great people, great memories…M and M forever special in our hearts. Thanks again…Bonnibell ( Bonita Lyon)

  8. Bonita Lyon aka bonnibell Says:

    PS. Let’s see that knitted owl when you’re done, Donna!!

  9. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna.. it is a delight to hear about Molly.. I don’t think that any of us will ever forget how we watched and waited for the babies to come.. it is so neat to know that the owl family keeps on growing.. I can imagine your sadness when you thought that the eggs were smashed..thanks so much for realizing that there are still a bunch of us that are so happy to hear about the Molly/McGee family

  10. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    Carlos!! I have followed that very same car with that license plate. My friend even took a picture on her cell phone! I think we were in Escondido at the time! But we sure do notice these things more than we used to!


  11. Leslie Reed Says:

    Carlos & Donna, Thank You for continuing to share the miracle that is Molly & McGee! So excited to hear all you are able to share of clutch #4.

  12. Lisa Says:

    It’s so special to have a comment now and again about how M&M (and you) are doing. I found an owl pellet in my yard yesterday in Scripps Ranch with a little skull in it. An owl must have horked sitting in my King palm tree! Brings back such fond memories. I learned so much from the experience you provided.

  13. Ginny Says:

    Thank you

  14. So happy to learn about DeeDee – looking forward to hearing news of the others.
    Thank-you Carlos!

  15. Welcome to the world Deedee!!! You are named after my 12yr old pembroke welsh corgi…actually Diamond Dust, but called Deedee. I hope you will be the same sweetheart at she is.

    Thank you Carlos for the update and funny story about the white fluffs. Molly is so lucky to have a hubby who cleans house;))

  16. Judy Ambrose Says:

    You sure know how to scare someone, Carlos! I felt so bad when I saw that picture. Then I read your post with much anticipation waiting to see exactly what that was. When I read that the eggs were all fine, I sighed with relief. Always the entertainer. Best wishes to you and Donna on your travels.

    Oh, and yes, I absolutely believe that owls are so in style now. At least here in Buffalo, NY. I see them everywhere.

    Judy Ambrose (googyluvsmolly)

  17. Linda Brown Says:

    Carlos & Donna – thank you so much for keeping us posted on the life of Molly & McGee and their ‘kids’. It’s always so good to see pictures of them, healthy and giving the world some great owlets!! All the best to you and your family!
    Linda (greyspirit)

  18. Susie in MO. Says:

    Carlos and Donna, Thank you so much for the update on M and M and their family! They will always be my first loves. I am completely hooked on bird watching! I thank you for that also!
    The World Bird Sanctuary is close by me and I have been a few times and my fav of course are the barn owls. My son is building an owl box for the back yard, cameras and all! It sounds like you two are having a good time. I’m so happy for you! You deserve it! Thanks again for all you have done! I miss all of you, but understand why you aren’t broadcasting.

  19. Jo-Ann Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful update…. mysterious white stuff heh? So glad everything is on course… Have a wonderful travel about… So glad you are still advising us about our famous owls and the occasional pictures…

  20. Darlene from Oregon Says:

    What wonderful news. Molly and McGee continue. I’m glad they and their new brood are doing great. Love the name DeeDee. Please let us know as more eggs are hatched!
    Thank you for keeping us updated Carlos. Best wishes to you and Donna!

  21. sue Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Thanks so much for sharing pics of baby DeeDee I miss you guys so much but am grateful for the sharing that you do!!! Can’t wait for more pics!!!
    Binghamton NY

  22. Moniq50 Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed on our beloved Molly and welcome to the world first born Dee Dee.. So Happy to hear. Gladd to hear McGee is helping with the house cleaning. ;) I can’t wait to hear when the other 3 hatch and their names when they arrive. Thanks again for giving us pictures to see, can’t wait to see more down the road.
    Enjoy your travels..
    Hugz to you both

  23. Linda Greene Says:

    Yippee Carlos and Donna..Thanks so much for the pictures. Cute little DeeDee. and great to see Molly!! Have great fly-abouts you two.

  24. Carolyn Hirsch Says:

    Thanks for announcing Dee Dee and for your deep concern when it looked like things had gone awry. You piqued an interest in me that is going strong. I find barn owls represented everywhere too and even have a “board” on Pinterest dedicated to (Christopher Robin’s spelling) wols.
    Carry on!
    Carolyn (Corkyandporky)

  25. VSue Says:

    I LOVE this!

    hOWL totally true too, as I have noticed owls here, there and everywhere I go; from books, to magazines, and on clothing too.

    And hOWL wonderfOWL to see baby Deedee and Molly…McGee must be so happy, with more hatchings soon.

    I so miss peeking in more often and watching them on camera. But I surely appreciate the information that you share and the photos too.

    Thank you so much for the update.

  26. VSue Says:

    Oh! Just one more thing…

    If I were not OWLcrazy..
    I’d be nutz!

  27. Carol Watt Says:

    Oh!!!! how wonderful, I am excited all over again. Thank you Carols and Donna. God bless you. Have a great time traveling.

  28. VeeTX Says:

    Thank you for the update Carlos and Donna -and the pics of Molly and DeeDee are so precious. IMHO, I don’t remember seeing so many owl-oriented products, ads, designs, etc. Marketing firms keep their finger on the public pulse and over 21 million hits, including those from foreign countries did not escape their attention. That was a juice apple hanging on that tree and they glommed it up real fast.

    Carlos = innovative, creative, marketing master, broadcaster, and all around good guy !!! Course we know Donna keeps him in line :-)

    Love and thank you again!


  29. Deb Says:

    Whew!! I had tears streaming down my face reading your blog about your discovery. Glad everything is fine in the Owl Box now. Welcome to the world DeeDee. Molly and McGee are very special to me. Yes, I believe you started the “Molly Effect”. I appreciate your updates very much and look forward to hearing about the three remaining owlets. I feel like you, Donna, Austin and Molly & McGee are part of my extended family and I’ve missed hearing from you. Hope you and Donna are enjoying your travels. Would love to see some of your photography from your travels. You are a great photographer. I’ve thought about taking up knitting. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try. Safe travels to you both.

    Deb in OH

  30. June Schafer Says:

    Yipeeeeee!! Another M&M bobblehead! Welcome DeeDee! Thanks Carlos for the update. Be sure to let all of us MODS know when we have more. I’m so so glad the white stuff was nestovers cleaned up by dear old dad. Happy travels to the Royals!!!

  31. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Author of: The Big Life of a Little Man – Michael Dunn Remembered (Google it!)

    So happy to get this update on our owls and to know that things are going well there. Seeing DeeDee does bring back sweet memories of the “live” owlbox and reminds me of just how much I miss it. Thanks so much for reporting in!

  32. Cindy Says:

    GREAT news Carlos and Donna. Sweet DeeDee Many thanks for sharing.
    My Weight Watchers instructors name is DeeDee. Wait till I tell her about the new baby. :0)


  33. didinp Says:

    Oh my gosh What a great story Thank you for this most delightful news.

    And welcome to the world little one : )

  34. flukestail Says:

    There it is again…that beautiful heart-shaped face of Molly. Her face grabbed my heart in 2010 when she claimed the box as her home…and here it’s done it again. That second photo of Molly looking at the camera with tiny DeeDee put me in tears. Miss you, pretty girl.

  35. Donna Says:

    Carlos, I see owl things all over in the stores. There are many owl lovers out there thanks to the owl box. Molly & McGee and all of you will always have a special place in my heart, I miss and think about the owl box everyday. Thank you for sharing Molly’s new owlet with us….tears Welcome to the world DeeDee! Carlos please keep us posted, and have fun in your travels

  36. Janice Says:

    Thank you Carlos,
    I have followed your owl box for four clutches now. I so enjoy what you are doing. Hi to Donna. I feel like you all are family.

  37. zbergie Says:

    Donna and Carlos, Thank you so much for the Pictures and the updates.We all Love them.

  38. twoclubs jane Says:

    Yaaay! Yipee Yaaay! That is about all I can say. Welcome Dee Dee and so happy to know you will have some lil owlet siblings to play with and fledge with. Thank you Carlos, especially for the part where you said all was okay! Nice to hear from you and Donna as always.

    Big (((hugs)))

    twoclubs jane

  39. VacaDude Says:

    Oh my gosh–you really had my heart pounding as I was reading about the white stuff all over the owl box. So glad there was a happy ending! Congratulations to Molly, and Carlos–to your family. And welcome baby Dee Dee! Thanks for the update, Carlos!

  40. Susan Cohn Says:

    Thank you for the update. You know now I have to go look for the knitting magazine now, too. Take care and travel safely.

  41. Lucy Sanders Says:

    Dear Carlos & Donna,
    It certainly was wonderful to see a post from you and of course fantastic pictures to enhance the story! DeeDee, what a great name, Donna, you are so good at the naming of the owlets! Molly looks great and I hope the clutch goes well for her and McGee. Thank you so much for letting us know what is going on in “The Owl Box”! Happy travels, stay safe, and enjoy!
    Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  42. Tamera Howard Says:

    Thank you for the update Carlos. Whenever I see Molly updates, I get all teary. She and McGee are very special owls and seeing others just doesn’t have the same effect on me. Hope you two are enjoying your travels. Take care and watch out for the “kookz” out there on the road. grams3cs

  43. aspengoldred2 Says:

    Oh Molly what a beauty you are and such a good mother.
    Thanks Carlos for the update. Will look forward to more in the near future. Enjoy your travels love to Donna. Have a happy!!!
    Love & Hugs to all……………

  44. Kim Gorman Says:

    Thank you as always, Carlos, for the lovely update and photo!!! Welcome, Dee Dee! And Molly is still the prettiest owl mama ever. Yes, there are owls every where. I saw owl stickers for envelopes at a card display just this week. love to you and Donna. Safe travels!!

  45. glenna march Says:

    Oh how precious! I could just SEE Molly as you were describing this, Oh how I miss her and McGee!!! *sigh* Have Fun in your travels and tell Donna to keep finding cute “owl” stuff!! gmarch53

  46. Michelle Says:

    Carlos –

    Thank you so, so much for the update. I watch and love the other owls, but Molly still is and always will be my first and true love. I continue to miss her immeasurably. Your updates light up my world. I wait, ever hopeful, that you will broadcast a day or two here or there in-between travels.

    So lovely to see baby Dee Dee! Oh so precious!

    Thank you for the pictures you send when you can with the updates. Love my girl and love every bit of her journey you have time to share. My experience with Molly continues to change my world.


  47. drsballou Says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated. How exciting to have new life in the box once again! I think we forget just how little they are upon hatching, until the following clutch starts to hatch out again.

    It used to be a lot harder to find owl “things.” They were pretty big in the 70s, but since then, so hard. My godmother has been an owl object collector for many, many years. Any time I would come across one I would get so excited because they were so hard to find. But now they seem to be everywhere! Molly Effect? Very strong possibility I think! In fact, any time I see someone wearing something with an owl on it I ask them if they know Molly and Mcgee. Most of them look at me like I’m crazy, but every once in a while, there is that immediate connection and we start chatting together, kindred spirits meeting by owl-chance!

    Miss you and your family, the Owl Family and of course all of my MOD friends! A true blessing came at one of the worst times in my life. I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all without this coming together of owls and people.

  48. Sue Couch Says:

    (dancin’ a jig…well,it’s almost St. Pat’s day!) How cool…little
    DeeDee. What a scare….so glad it had a happy ending. Yes, I’m sure all the owl references have got to be part of the “Molly Effect (I almost typed Eggect!). How could they not be. Barn owls forever! :-)

    Thanks for keeping us in touch with M&M (Magical&Marvelous Molly&McGee).

  49. Sally in Aus Says:

    Welcome baby Dee Dee and thank you soooooo much Carlos and Donna for a beautiful photo of proud Molly.There is really something special about the lovely serene look she has.She will always be my favourite as I have such happy memories of sharing and learning along with her first clutch.It brightens my day to know Molly and McGee are still enjoying your hospitality.”There’s no place like home.” Long life and happiness Dee Dee!

  50. Judy Sackson Says:

    Welcome, Baby DeeDee, to the world of Royals and MODs! And Mama Molly is looking as proud as always with her babies!
    I do try to check up on other owl sites, but I can’t get as interested as with Molly and her family. I check the blog every day….so happy to see the new little one. Please try to keep the updates coming!
    Meanwhile……happy travels, Royals!

  51. Sue Steinke Says:

    This is such good news, brings back such good memories. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date. Maybe, one day you will go online again.

    Happy trails to you both! Bluemoon

  52. Mareoooo Says:

    Oh, what wonderful news!! Carlos (and, Donna), you sure know how to brighten my day!!

    Love and hugs!


  53. Cindy Says:

    Makes me smile inside and out.

  54. Jeslyn (Jes63) Says:

    Thank you for telling us about the 1st hatching, There are a couple of owl boxes in San Diego that have used Molly’s box as a learning experience on what they need and what to make for them plus good video coverage and videos,
    I just can’t get sucked into them like I did Molly, Its just not the same though even ustream has improved finally.
    Thank you agai

  55. janie2 Says:

    DeeDee, welcome to the most famous owl box in the world. Your parents, Molly and McGee, are the most loved owls in the world too. Carlos, we can’t thank you enough for keeping us updated on our favorite owls and their new family.
    I’ll try though-thank you so much!


  56. Pam in MO Says:

    Thanks for the update. Its so nice to see Molly and her 4th clutch. I wil lbe looking forword to more updates. Carlos. you are a jewel! You and Donna enjoy yourslves in your travels. I will be thinking of you both. Take care and God Bless.
    Thanks again.

  57. birdlovers4ever Says:

    Congratulations on the new baby owlet, DeeDee! Drop in on the MODs at the Owlceanside site, and please say hi while you are there~

  58. A Friend of M&M Says:

    Yes Carlos I think Molly started this Owl fascination. There are even bathroom sets (rugs, show curtains, towels, waste baskets and soap dishes) at Macy’s, Target and Walmart that have owl designs. There are wineries now that are putting up boxes in lieu of pesticides. It is just so amazing! I loved your story about your concerns last night, but as usual Molly continues to be the good mom she is and was keeping the brand new owlet warm and safe and glad to see that McGee is do some housekeeping :) . Love the name Dee Dee. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  59. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    It’s wonderful to hear from you. Thanks so much.

  60. "Ping" Says:

    The photo of 2 barn owls on the front cover of one of the recent Virginia Wildlife Magazines is the spittin’ image of Molly & McGee (as we say in the South)!

  61. BJ Says:

    Tomorrow is two years ago to the day when I first tuned in to watch Molly and McGee raise their family. I treasure the memories as do all my grand kids.
    I can’t wait to tell them of Molly and McGee’s new clutch.
    Thank you for keeping us all in the loop. With much gratitude, BJ

  62. Diana Briscoe Says:

    Thank you Carlos & Donna for keeping us posted on M & M & family! I would love to see them but I totally understand why you choose not to at this time. It is such a huge commitment and takes soooo very much time. But I sure do miss them and you! You guys are so cute! I can just imagine Donna’s face when she found the magazines for knitting! Anyway, have safe & wonderful travels. Please keep us updated when you can. I’ve been watching Roy & Dale. They have 3 little ones now. Fun to watch and see some old faces there. But NONE will ever be like yours. Just too many memories and good times with Molly & McGee.

    Love & Blessings, Diana

    P.S. I think it’s the Molly Effect!!!!!!!!.

  63. PegRod Says:

    Ustream Owl Box Updates

    While DeeDee was warming her owlet siblings, another owlet hatched in the nearby box at Oceanside, CA. Welcome new owlet Alice, who arrived in our oxygenated environment, with a hint of aroma of gagshag, on March 11th, exactly 31 days after being layed as an egglet.

    I can’t remember where Lucy the Owl is located, but she just laid her first egg – that owl box floor has bare spots, so eggspect more treats and more eggs in the coming days!

    If you know of other Ustream Owl Boxes, be sure to share the news! MODs are Owl Luvers and Watchers, thanks to Molly & McGee, and Carlos, Donna and Austin who shared The Owl Box of San Marcos with the world via the internet, hard work, dedication, generosity, personality, a little help from their friends, and serendipitous luck! And … a little of that Wizard of Owls stuff – brains, heart and courage!

    “Gee this is fun, and we are a part of it!” Ahhhhhhh

  64. CAequuslvr Says:

    Thanks so much for the update and another fabowlulous photo. Hello, DeeDee. Molly is as beautiful as ever.
    I totally believe that we see more owl “goodies” everywhere and that it is the “M&M effect”. There is a catalog, “” with many owl “must haves”.
    Yes, Donna, please be sure to show us when you complete the owl knits.

  65. owloverbo Says:

    owelets, let my heart beat faster and a peace come over me.
    big smiles

  66. Kit Merritt Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks Carlos! I agree with you, there are owls everywhere…Molly has created a revowlution!

  67. PegRod Says:

    Molly and McGee Effect

    The most recent San Diego Gas & Electric bill has an insert with “Energy Notes. March/April 2012” which prominently shows a male common barn owl on the hand of Dr. Larry Wergeland of the Chula Vista Nature Center, CA!

  68. Cindy Says:

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone would like to buy a still-wrapped copy of the March issue of Simply Knitting, with the owl gauge. $12.00, which is what I paid. Thanks.

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