12 Days Of Molly: Sixth Day

December 17, 2011

Dear Molly Fans,

On the Sixth Day of Molly my true love gave to me …

Six Deet, Deet, Deet…
Five Large Prints

We celebrate The Sixth Day with the sweet sound of Deet, Deet, Deet. The equivalent of pitter patter of little feet, we’ve come to cherish the sound that fills us with the hope and optimism seen in our little owlets.
Find the perfect Deet, Deet, Deet, for your little owlet here.

Stay tuned as we continue The 12 Days Of Molly, revisiting some of the most beloved images and introducing fresh new offerings as well.

Happy Howlidays and enjoy the adventure!

Deet, Deet, Deet

There’s Still Time!

Order Today! There’s still time for December 24th Delivery with Standard Shipping!

Other Goodies

Have you ordered your personal copies of the Molly Songs? If not be sure to check them out on iTunes.



2012 Calendar


We wish you all the best this holiday season.


Carlos, Donna and Austin

8 Responses to “12 Days Of Molly: Sixth Day”

  1. CAequuslvr Says:


    I am having such fun with the 12 Days of Molly. It is all just so clever and, of course, brings back such fond memories.

    Thanks so much.

  2. PegRod Says:

    I agree with you, CAequuslvr! The 12 Days of Molly is fun and brings back such fond memories in both familiar and brand new creative ways.

    Here is a link to a “Live with Carlos” from last November 2010 where he summarizes the comings and goings of Ashley and Carrie and Molly and McGee during one of the broadcast breaks.

    “Deet, deet, deet” is a favorite Molly saying, right next to “Gee this is fun, and we are a part of it!”

  3. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Hi, Carlos! And Donna, too. This comment is not related to this post – I took advantage of the Mega book offer and received my first and second clutch photo books along with the Molly the Owl story book and the Four Little Owlets book. What joy! Thank you so much, and Eric and Chris, as well. However, I have a question. BOTH of my photo books are signed by you! Did you sign ALL the books? I look forward to every post you send! Sally aka MollyLoverForever

    • carlosroyal Says:

      You got lucky. No, I did not sign all the books. I did sign all the Second Clutch book because there were not that many. I did sign a few extra First Clutch Books they were reboxed and mixed in with the unsigned. Like I said you are just lucky.

      Those that have both the first and second clutch books will have the most valuable sets with the Second Clutch book being the most valuable of the pair since it had the lowest number printed. Think out twenty or a hundred years and I am sure the Second Clutch Book will be the one that will be the hardest to find to complete the set.

      All the best,

      Carlos Royal

      • PegRod Says:

        An interesting comment that Tracy from the South African Potted Plant Owl Ustream/Africam channel made, was that in many cultures around the world, the owl is feared since mis-beliefs about owls have been passed down for generations through story-telling in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and elsewhere.

        The complete collection of all the Molly the Owl books and songs should be in every school worldwide to teach the children of the world the truth, so that these suspicions, which result in destruction of owls and their habitats, are dispelled.

  4. joly2u Says:

    Great point, PegRod. For so many reasons, this entire experience is a great gift.

  5. Sally aka MollyLoverForever Says:

    Yippee! Thanks, Carlos! For everything. Molly and her family will always be my favorite!

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