12 Days Of Molly: Second Day

December 10, 2011

Dear Molly Fans,

On this Second Day of Molly we must honor two of the best Barn Owl legs around.

On the Second Day of Molly my true love gave to me …

Two Skinny Legs
and a Barn Owl In A Palm Tree

Stay tuned as we continue The 12 Days Of Molly, revisiting some of the most beloved images and introduce some fresh new offerings as well.

Happy Howlidays and enjoy the adventure!

Second Day - Two Skinny Legs

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2012 Calendar


We wish you all the best this holiday season.



Carlos, Donna and Austin

6 Responses to “12 Days Of Molly: Second Day”

  1. VSue Says:

    What fun this is!
    All the lovely OWLgifts to be had, shared and given…

    May the love of owls continue and grow!
    I am so happy to be a part of this…
    continued Molly (and McGee) Obsession!

    Thinking back to the times we all spoke of “Leggs” McGee and Lovely Molly too…
    Such wonderfOWL times to be cherished always.

  2. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    December 12, 2010 – The Owl Box Disconnected

    Anyone planning to set up their own owl box for broadcast would get a great mini-lesson in what is involved by reading this post from Carlos from last year on this date!

    Carlos begins with, “I know one lady said, ‘Technology, what technology? All you got to do is plug in a camera.’ Today I removed 2,100 feet of cabling, 5 -75 foot extension cords, 2 power USB to Cat -5 power boxes, and that is just the outside cabling. Inside I disconnected 3 computers, 3- 6 socket extension cords with surge protectors, wiring for three internet connections, 3 security camera power supplies, one VCR recorder, 1 security 4 camera recorder and 5 monitors. We ended up with over 20 million hits and over 13 million unique viewers plus we were on the air 24 hours a day for 8 solid months.”

    There is much more to read, so click on the link to get the full story. Owl Box watchers became familiar with Fry’s Electronics via the many trips that Carlos and Austin made to that store, and the joke was that he had a reserved parking spot for their many trips!

    Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for your hard work, persistence, ingenuity, and most generous gift of The Owl Box experience of San Marcos, California, to the world! Every day is Christmas in the Royal Gardens, with the emphasis being on giving and love.

  3. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Archived Videos
    Early Days of the First Clutch

    Seeing the 12 Days of Molly fun unfolding with day two of “Leggs McGee” made me want to go back to revisit some early videos archived on Ustream and free to watch! There are many wonderful ones, and the link below includes mesmerizing moments of Molly and family, and is aptly entitled “Molly McGee Babies Nite Vision 2” – also noticeable in the “gagshag” are horks and treats, chirping and tweets!

  4. Marcia Morrison Says:

    I am loving the “12 Days of Molly” so far! Can hardly wait to see the rest of the song.

    I saw a photo of a set of 3 little gingerbread houses that were done with an owl! It’s over at the Cake Wrecks site: http://www.cakewrecks.com/home/2011/12/11/sunday-sweets-gingerbread-goodies.html

    Thought you would enjoy the little owls perched outside the gingerbread owl boxes.

    Happy Holidays to you & Donna & the rest of your family.

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