World Owl Hall of Fame Awards

December 9, 2011

Carlos and Donna Royal are to receive a special award by the World Owl Hall of Fame.
To read more click on link  International Festival of Owls

Carlos and Donna Royal to receive Special Award

Donna and I like to travel so we think it is going to be a lot of fun going to Houston, Minnesota in March of 2012.  The World Owl Hall of Fame was created in 2006 to bring public recognition to the owls and humans who are truly making this world a better place for owls.  There are two human awards: the Champion of Owls award for lifetime achievement in multiple fields over a broad geographic area, and the Special Achievement Award which recognizes people who have made a significant contribution to owls through a specific project or in a specific geographic area.  The Lady Gray’l Award recognizes owls who as individuals (of course in conjunction with some associated humans) have done extraordinary things to make the world a better place for owls.  You can find information about past winners at


The awards are judged by a panel of five judges from four countries.  These folks are the cream of the crop, and are the ones who give meaning to the awards:

Tony Warburton MBE, founder of the World Owl Trust, England

Johan de Jong, the man for the recovery of the Barn Owl in The Netherlands

Dr. Robert W.  Nero and Dr. James R. Duncan, researchers and conservationists for Manitoba Conservation, Canada

David H. Johnson, Director of the Global Owl Project, Virginia, USA

Louise Shimmel, Director of Cascades Raptor Center and the e-raptor listserve, Oregon, USA


The 2012 World Owl Hall of Fame awards will be presented on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at the International Festival of Owls banquet in Houston, Minnesota.  The Festival itself runs from March 2-4, so we hope you are interested in staying for the weekend.  Things can be busy during the Festival, with roughly 1,300 people attending over the course of the weekend last year and activities from morning to night. 

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Merry Christmas,
Carlos, Donna and Austin

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34 Responses to “World Owl Hall of Fame Awards”

  1. VSue Says:

    Carlos and Donna, so deserved this is wonderfOWL newz.

    I never thought much about owls until I found you on the ustream and fell completely and hopelessly in LOVE with the barn owls; and all owls for that matter!

    Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do.

    Happy Travels to you both

  2. debbie Says:

    oh, my gosh!! how WONderful!!!

    **throws confetti**

    totally stellar! and well deserved! congratulations, carlos and donna, molly and mcgee!!


    honored to be a part of it! *squeals*
    a wee owl watcher…debbie/owlboxmagic

  3. Barbara Says:

    we’re gonna be famous…again!!! Have a wonderful time there and let everyone know how famous “our owl family”is and how they have impacted the world!!!!
    Merry Christmas to you, Happy New Year, and safe travels.
    Remember our “family” loves you!!!

  4. Charles Van Eeckhout Says:

    All 3 of you have truly earned this award.
    Doesn’t it feel good to be recognized for all your hard work?
    Keep it up, we are sure the owls appreciate it.
    Charlie and Audrey

  5. Barbara Bolton Says:

    Donna and Carlos…you are both Champions in our book! You have created something fabulous! Thank you again for your love and devotion to Molly and Magee and including us all in your world. Have fun at the owlfest!

  6. Cindy Says:

    A question:

    Did you get nominated and if so did you win one of the awards?
    Maybe I’m not reading between the lines?
    Anyway . . .will be a wonderful time to be surrounded by so many folks who care.

    Christmas blessings to you and your family.


  7. janie2 Says:

    Congratulations, Donna and Carlos!!

    I’m very upset right now. I broke my ankle on Nov.10th. I’ve had 2 surgeries on it and I’m stuck here in the rehab hospital for at least 4 more weeks. Thank goodnesss for the notebook pc to keep up with the Royals and M&M. BUT I want that Molly robe and my DIL is holding my wallet with the credit card in it. I will make her bring it tonight and get that robe ordered!! I know it will be wonderful.


  8. Vee Miller Says:

    This news is very exciting and well deserved. Congratulations Carlos and Donna (and Austin too) on receiving this esteemed award. As I’ve said before, this was such an unusual study in human behavior – even though none of us realized what an impact it would create! Thank you for inviting us to share Molly, McGee and all the owlets. The chat room brought about friendships that are still ongoing today through FaceBook, email, other owl and wildlife sites. Who would have thought?

    Thank you again and I think you know how much we love you gutz! We’re so happy for you.

  9. Tresbien Says:

    I was so thrilled to learn this fabOWLous news from hundon this morning. Congratulations to you and Donna as well as Molly & McGee for this recognition of your outstanding contributions to owl knowledge.

    For those who don’t have Facebook, this is what it says about the award on the International Festival of Owls page: Special Achievement Awards (for work in a specific geographic area or on a specific project):
    Prof. Dr. Michael Wink, Germany, for his DNA work on owls of the world
    Carlos & Donna Royal, California, USA, for sharing the Molly & McGee webcam with the world last year.

    With your anniversary coming up soon, I also want to add my congratulations and best wishes to you both. A cruise sounds like an ideal getaway to relax, pamper yourselves and have fun. Thank you both for inspiring all of us in so many way. Much love,

  10. Sherry Kelly Says:

    WOW! Big congrats are in order – and no one is more deserving than you Royals! So, so, happy for you!

    Author of A Cat Named Zooby, The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered, and, Your New Baby’s Instruction Book (Google them!)

  11. Ann Richards (Nashville) Says:

    This is truly amazing, fun, and well-deserved. Congratulations!

  12. moniq50 Says:

    Congratulations to you Carlos, Donna, and Austin!! You all deserve this more than words can say. Without you, we would have never had the opportunity to fall in Love with Molly, McGee, and have such a loving Owl falmily.
    We are so happy for you!! Happy Trails to wherever you go !!

  13. GeniaKnitz Says:

    Well-deserved, Carlos and Donna! WELL deserved.
    We love you and the owls.

  14. Ruth O'Neil Says:

    I am so thrilled to hear this! As others have said, you deserve it so much. You did so much to accommodate all of us, to teach us and to entertain us. We all learned so much about owls because of your generous hospitality. I wish I could be in the crowd to cheer. Can you please record and share the presentation??

  15. Vicki Says:

    What wonderful news. You’ll both need those cozy robes up Minnesota way even in March. I keep watching Austin’s newest DVD and even my husband admitted how enjoyable it is. He even went and found bird cams for sale in one of the gazzillion catalogs we get this time of year.

    You both (and Austin) deserve all the recognition you can get. It was not only Molly and McGee that were magical but you all made it absolutely wonderous. I can’t think of better hosts to this incredible party we have enjoyed. Thank you for allowing us into yours,Molly and McGee’s homes this past year and a half.

  16. Bonnibell Says:

    Congratulations!!! So well deserved. I look forward to photos. Bonnibell

  17. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    How wonderful for two super people. Must mention Austin too for he was part of this great experience. Thank you for alerting us to this event. Please keep us posted and travel safely.


  18. Ericka Says:


  19. flukestail Says:

    Wow! Congrats, C&D! And Molly should win the Lady Gray’l Award…M&M together…”owls who as individuals (of course in conjunction with some associated humans) have done extraordinary things to make the world a better place for owls”..
    I defy ANYONE to name an owl who’s done more to make the world a better place this past year than Molly!

    Keep us posted!

  20. joyce jamma and littlecat Says:

    wow truly awesome…congrats. hope you have a very happy and merry christmas…

  21. Elizabeth Sprague Says:

    Congratulations to both of you! You both and our Molly and McGee and Austin have done so much to make the world more owl friendly. Please record and share this moment with us.

  22. Anita in Baton Rouge Says:

    You are so deserving of this award and more. Congrats and thanks for all the long hours and expense you put into the broadcasting of The Owl Box so that the rest of the world could experience Molly, McGee and their owlets. I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

    Thanks Carlos, Donna and Austin for all you do. Gee it was fun and I was part of it!


  23. maxi23 Says:

    Congratulations Carlos and Donna for receiving the Special Achievement award from the Wold Owl Hall of Fame! I am planning on attending. Bring warm coats, mittens, hats, etc. — it will be cold in Minnesota in March.

  24. ldgreene123 Says:

    Donna and Carlos, Am so excited for you two!! You guys and Molly and McGee have so enriched our world. Have fun in Minnesota!!!

  25. Cindy Says:

    A BIG congratulations to you Carlos and Donna.
    My apologies (in post #6) for NOT reading the header above your photo.

    Are you going to be able to bring your coffee table books to sell?


  26. Donna Says:

    Congrats Carlos and Donna! You sure deserve it, you taught us so much about the owl world. Happy holidays to you and your family and have a great time on your cruise. Thank you for the updates too!

  27. Jo-Ann Says:

    What an absolute wonderful event for you!!! You really truly deserve this award. I am so happy that I found you and got to enjoy the owls from almost the very beginning. I was/am so addicted to owls now… Thank you so very much… I’m excited to hear about the events when you return… thank you for keeping us informed…

  28. Becky Says:

    Congratulations. You are so deserving. So wonderful for you to receive more kudos/awards for all you’ve done for so many. Gosh.

  29. Liela M. Maielua Says:

    Congratulations you both are so deserving of the award for all the effort put forth to share the owl box with the world.

  30. twoclubs jane Says:

    Wonderful news for Carlos and Donna. We are all so proud of you and what you have done to bring the world of barn owls to everyone. Thank you again. And Congratulations.

  31. gmarch53 Says:

    You are truly OWLsome!! Have a great time in MN and in all your travels….Thanks, Royal Family for all you do. Please say Hey to our Molly and McGee the next time you see them….You Rock!!!! *gmarch53*

  32. Judy Sackson Says:

    What a future of exciting occasions you have to look forward to! A 50th Anniversary (have fun in Las Vegas), a fabulous cruise, and now,even more (very deserved) recognition for all you have done for us and for the 0wl World.
    Way to go, Royals! (that includes the world’s most creative grandson!)

  33. Robin Says:

    Wow, way to go. Congratulations Carlos & Donna. You certainly deserve this award.

  34. CAequuslvr Says:

    I agree, totally fabOWLous news and so well deserved. Once again M&M continue to be a positive force in our world.
    PotPlant Owl also won!! This too is just so well deserved.
    I truly believe that the owls (and birds in general) of this world have a better future due to the efforts and education that these 2 sites have shared with us.

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