Sale Continues Up To 40% Off

November 26, 2011

Black Friday sale continues. Get up to a 40% discount off Molly Movies for black Friday weekend! Sale ends tomorrow at midnight.

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Get 20% off single orders
or 40% off the total on an order of two or more!
So for example, if you buy 5 for the price of 6, you will save $50!

(Sale ends Sunday at midnight.)

Since we do not have a way of marking the merchandise down for each order, we will refund you your discount the same day you place an order.

Remember, the shirts are 100% cotton. Even though the label says they are preshrunk it is still a good idea to avoid washing them in hot water, for best results wash in cold water and hang them up to dry.

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All the best,
Carlos, Donna and Austin

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4 Responses to “Sale Continues Up To 40% Off”

  1. PegRod Says:

    Thank you Austin!

    On VacaChat tonight, John shared some personal Thanksgiving photos and fun, Zorro read some heart-warming old fashioned Thanksgiving poems, followed by an “Owl Box Rockz” concert video while he rehearsed his lines (no wait, he reads the stories cold!), and fans were once again treated to a creative Story Time with Zorro – “The Owlets Give Thanks”. Watch this for some fun!

    “Owl Box Watchers and MODs Give Thanks” is a recurring theme on Molly’s blog since we have so much to be grateful for!

    • PegRod Says:

      Thanksgiving Freebee

      “Hot off the virtual press” Story Time with Zorro. You can find it on VacaDude’s “Laughing Outside the Box” website in the “News” section with the following introduction, “DotRot has compiled a new collection of Story-Time stories–the SummerTime Collection, along with some recipes from CC’s Cafe. This latest collection has been dedicated to our dear friend Sarah Lewis (slewvi).”

  2. SixToes Says:

    I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I have missed all of my owly friends. Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin for keeping us updated.

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