The Perfect Gift

November 25, 2011

The Perfect Gift

6 Responses to “The Perfect Gift”

  1. debbie Says:


    GORgeous!!! :D

    question regarding the puzzle…the listing says two difficulties, 30 and 100 piece puzzles, but the drop down only has the 30 listed. are the puzzles only available in the smaller, 30 piece, size….?

    oooh, these designs are nice, nice, niiiice!!! yay chris!!
    my wee head is spinning with all the owlbox shopping specials today!!
    thank you, carlos donna, austin, eric and chris!!

    *hugs for molly, mcgee, and owlets*


    • debbie Says:

      a wee note on the puzzle from the delightful rocketman…

      he has spoken with cafe press and apparently the larger 110 piece puzzle size is not yet available. cafe press does not have a date yet, but will let us know when it does become available.

      thank you, chris, for checking!!


  2. PegRod Says:

    Simply breathtakingly beautiful!

    Ring, ring, ring, uhhh, Smithsonian … do you hear Owl Box fans now? A Molly the Owl Exhibit would have all the memorabilia ready for you to sell in your Museum of Natural History and Museum of American History, etc.!

    What a delight for the present, but more importantly a legacy for future generations.

    • PegRod Says:

      Lots of archived Owl Box recordings are available to watch Molly! Don’t forget to rate the recordings so your vote to see live broadcasts is counted. Very few people rated the videos – like this one – only one person rated it, but rated it the best – 5 stars!

      Watch a recording from this past summer to bring back many memories of Molly & McGee’s “Staycation”. The camera quality and lighting of the photography is so great that it can transport you to that time!

  3. Molly Royal Says:

    Tammy Corbin Dunn 10:01pm Nov 25

    I ordered the Molly and McGee T-shirt that Austin was selling. I ordeedr a Size Med…it said sized in Mens and Pre-Shrunk…well mine shrunk so much I can’t wear it. So if you buy one you need to go up at least a size.

    Thanks, we definitely want people to know this so I have posted your comment. The T-Shirts are 100% Cotton and the label says pre-shrunk but remember Cotton shrinks forever especially if washed in hot water.

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