2 New Greeting Cards

November 13, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving
Dear Molly Fan,

We hope you are enjoying the Autumn season and are looking forward to Thanksgiving ahead.

At this time of year, Donna and I always enjoy reflecting on our many blessings. Among them are the countless friendships we’ve gained through the Molly experience.

This holiday season we’re excited to share with the worldwide community of Molly The Owl fans a number of new items on the CafePress site. We plan to update often so be sure to check in frequently!

“Gee that was fun, and I was part of it!



2 New Thanksgiving
Greeting Cards!

Molly The Owl Thanksgiving Cards Hot off the press, two new Thanksgiving Greeting cards are now available on the Molly Merchandise Cafe Press site.

Created by Molly The Owl illustrator, Chris Adams, these greeting cards capture the warmth of the Autumn season.

Share them with your favorite Molly fan and loved one today! Know a lot of Molly fans? No problem, they’re available individually or in packs of 20 and 10! 


15% Off At CafePress!

Be sure to take advantage of the sale at CafePress. Ends Today!

Simply purchase $45 worth of Molly Merchandise at  www.cafepress.com/mollytheowl and put in the code TNOV1145 when you check out.
This is only good at the Molly The Owl Merchandise CafePress Store!

7 Responses to “2 New Greeting Cards”

  1. VSue Says:

    How very thoughtful and beautiful!

    Another must have on my list

    Once I get some more fun money I know where I will be shopping!

  2. debbie Says:

    beautiful!!!! :D
    *throws confetti at rocketman*

    hmmm, sale too…today just might be the day to get that tauntz mug i have wanted!! and the cards…and the calendar…

    *waves to carlos et al*


  3. Linda Greene Says:

    Carlos and Donna….cute cards. I really appreciated the discount this week-end at cafe press. Did some Christmas shopping. Enjoy the holidays..ldgreene123

  4. Mary Weber Says:

    My compliments to Chris Adams for two exceptionally beautiful designs in the “Molly Feathers” and “Molly Wreath” cards.

    • PegRod Says:

      Mary, I agree with you! Astounding designs by Chris, really! So kind of him to do this for fans.

      I can also imagine a wordworker doing a bas-relief of the “Molly Feathers” image, and people making wreaths and even appliqued quilts based on the design of “Molly Wreath”! Of course, you would need permission first!

      • debbie Says:

        ooooooh!! a quilt of the “molly wreath” design would be STUNNING!!!
        what a wonderful idea, peg!
        and how about the “molly feathers” in wood, with a wee separate welcome sign attached underneath it…? that would be gorgeous too!


  5. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    November 14, 2010 – Molly and McGee Expected Shortly After 5 PM PST

    When you click on this link you will see a lovely photo of a “Western Kingbird in morning light” taken in the tree tops of Royal Gardens (the bird was in the tree while Carlos was Earth bound). Carlos reports about Molly and McGee and entices fans with, “Usually, they land on the Kestrel box first then fly over to the owl box.”

    It is always fun to read the comments, like reading one’s own journal, where there is so much to be reminded of that otherwise you would have forgotten and never remember!. “OwlLuver” begins a comment with, “Oh, so loved seeing Molly and McGee last evening! Made my heart sing like a bird!” Camera were on!

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