Happy H-owl-oweening

October 31, 2011


Buy one or both DVD’s and Austin will refund 20% off the purchase price as a Halloween treat! (Includes free same day shipping)

For the first time ever Austin’s new movie The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls is on sale! Order either of his movies “Molly’s Story” or “The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls” for 20% OFF the purchase price plus FREE same day shipping. (Click Here) Our goal is to reach 100 sales by Christmas. We will keep you posted as we come closer to the goal.

DVD sales update:  Austin has sold 22 DVDs, so that is 22 down and 78 to go to reach his goal of 100 by Christmas. 

(Sale  ends November 1st)

2012 Molly Calendar Sales: 46 Calendar have been sold so far.  Just in case you wanted to know, several have asked. The photos used in the 2012 Molly Calendar are from the third clutch.


2012 Calendar has arrived. I really got excited when that notice arrived in my email this morning from Chris Adams of Rocketman Creative. I immediately went out to the cafepress store and viewed the calendar pages for 2012. It is our best ever! When I finished looking I said, “I got to have it.” Of course I am the biggest Molly Fan there is and just a little bit biased. Check it out and let me know what you think? Because unlike me, I know you will give me your unbiased opinion.

Molly & McGee
The Molly The Owl Books Collection  

To participate in the Matching Book Drive choose any of the books below.
Molly The Owl Illustrated Hardcover Molly The Owl Illustrated Hardcover 

Four Little Owlets Four Little OwletsClick here to order and learn more
Molly & McGee Photography by Carlos Royal Molly & McGee
Photography by Carlos RoyalClick here to order and learn more
The Second Clutch Photographs by Carlos Royal The Second Clutch
Photography by Carlos RoyalClick here to order and learn more
Other Goodies
Have you ordered your personal copies of the Molly Songs? If not be sure to check them out on iTunes.
Molly The Owl Howloween Mask


FREE Molly the Owl Howloween Mask download now available CafePress.com/mollytheowl. Nothing to buy, nothing to fill out, it is really free.  Also available is last year’s Molly mask too. These mask were designed by Chris Adams of Rocketman Creative and are just perfect for all the little kids in your family or big kids like you and me while handing out the Treats. Everyone needs a Howloween Mask to join in the fun.  Go download yours now and join our Howloween Party.  Invite your friends to do the same.  The links will take you to our CafePress Store home page you will find the FREE MASK download at the top right on the page.


All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin


PS: Molly and McGee are still not spending much time in the box, just enough to keep the rent paid. The box is empty most days but I got up at 3 AM this morning and there was McGee preening himself. I saw Molly a couple of nights ago.

I received this this morning and I had not seen it.


Dear Carlos:
You probably have this, but maybe not! 
Some Molly fans saw Eric on the Channel 10 San Diego News tonight, too.
Your friend,


14 Responses to “Happy H-owl-oweening”

  1. PegRod Says:

    North County Times
    San Diego, CA
    Oct 30, 2011

    Thank you Carlos for all the updates – we appreciate the time you take for us, your extended family of millions.

    Great news! I was so happy to hear that there was a story in yesterday’s paper about the book, Molly the Owl, travelling around the world thanks to Eric Blehm and his brother-in-law and donations made by Molly Fans! The headline reads, “Molly the Owl is still making the rounds, with a recent stop in Africa” …

    If you can, add a comment to this news article! That way the publisher will know that Molly the Owl is still in the hearts and minds of fans!

    • PegRod Says:

      MODs with Facebook – you can add your comments easily to the North County Times article – just click on the tab marked “Discussion” and go from there.

    • Sue Couch Says:

      Thanks, PegRod for the article link and the photo. Great news about the book getting into so many children’s hands! I’m not on Facebook and couldn’t sign up on the site to comment. Got “page not found” message.

      The flicker is stunning and worth a second look for sure.

      • PegRod Says:

        Sue, I am not on Facebook either, so we ask MODs with Facebook to comment for a Happy Howloween and to spread the love. You can post links there, too, like the link to Molly’s Blog or her Facebook page.

        Thank you MODs with Facebook (in advance) for the gift of your words!

  2. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Broadcast Intermission
    Molly and McGee
    Pre-Post-Owl Box

    October 31, 2010 – Northern Flicker

    Fans were treated to a great photograph that Carlos Royal took on this day last year, while he and Donna were on a Royal Retirement Adventure in their RV. A stunning photo of a Northern Flicker in Arizona! Simply gorgeous.

  3. Sue Couch Says:

    Thanks,Carlos for keeping us in touch with the Owl Box. I’m having fun today downloading the owlet masks to give out tonite if any little ones show up at my door.

    Have a grand and magical Halloween!

  4. CAequuslvr Says:

    Such good news about how the “specialness” of M&M continues to inspire all around the world.

    Happy Halloween

  5. Joyce Hebert aka jamma Says:

    have dvd – movie – and looking to get little book for grand-daughter…hope you have a real spookie ookie halloween…keep the post coming…enjoy them

  6. Judy Sackson Says:

    So glad to hear about “Molly round the world”!
    All children love stories about animals and birds, so it should be a big hit, and give people a new perspective about Americans.

    Happy Halloween, all!!

  7. Jes63 Says:

    Molly is still making the San Diego channel 10 news!!
    They had her on several times in the last 24 hrs. about Eric’s book with the videos of Molly showing.
    2 years later and she is still so popular!

    • PegRod Says:

      Jes63 – because you shared the information in VacaChat last night about San Diego News Channel 10, I was able to watch it early this morning, at about 6:50 am when they showed the short video of Molly with egglets from the First Clutch, and talked about Eric and Molly the Owl Books! Thank you so much. We fellow fans appreciate all the work you and the other Vowlunteers do for us, including helping Molly the Owl Books succeed and reach the world.

  8. Kit Merritt Says:

    Received Austin’s DVD today, absolutely beautiful! Thanks! Happy Halloween to all you fellow MODS!

  9. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Broadcast Intermission
    Molly and McGee
    Pre-Post-Owl Box

    November 2, 2010 – Vote Molly

    Carlos Royal shares another stunning photo of a beautiful Steller’s Jay that he and Donna spotted while on their RV trip this time last year.

    Carlos discusses the Northern Flicker, too, saying “I have received many comments on the name of the Northern Flicker, just remember the Northern Flicker like the barn owl is known by over 100 names depending on where you live, but they are all Northern Flickers according to my books.”

    Molly can count on my vote any day of the year throughout time! But Molly would not be Molly without McGee, so I would amend the vote to add the entire Owl Box Family, to include all the wonderful, kind, and creative people that come with it. Thank you Chis “rocketman” Adams for another unforgettable logo and campaign!

  10. PegRod Says:

    Post-Halloween Treats 2011

    A 2011 Owlet Howloween Mask made it into history in another creation by “coach” – another Owl Box Photoshop delight! Now which owlet is the blue mask?
    "Belle, do you want me to help you get ready for Halloween?"... "No thanks, I'm good."

    Sunday’s VacaChat contained a double-feature: Story Time with Zorro had him on ghostly adventures, followed by a memorable reading of “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe, with delightful sound effects and a glowing electric burnt orange candle for atmosphere! Fans appreciated a bonus encore of VacaDude’s “Night Owl” video montage, too, for a triple treat.

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