Halloween Treat – Or is it Ha-owl-owing?

October 25, 2011

Buy one or both DVD's and we will refund 20% off the purchase price as a Halloween treat! (Includes free same day shipping)

Buy one or both DVD’s and we will refund 20% off the purchase price as a Halloween treat! (Includes free same day shipping)

For the first time ever Austin’s new movie The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls will be be on sale! Order either of his movies “Molly’s Story” or “The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls” for 20% OFF the purchase price plus FREE same day shipping. (Click Here) Our goal is to reach 100 sales by Christmas. We will keep you posted as we come closer to the goal.

(Sale starts today – ends November 1st)

Where is that guy that broadcast the owls?

Where is that guy that broadcast the owls? I want to be famous. I am so much better looking and taller too plus I don’t have a hooked beak like those owls. I know you made a big deal out of swallowing a rabbit whole. Well, I swallow all my food whole plus it is still alive when I do. Just wait until you get a video of my long neck as one of those critters or fish goes down. Now, that is something to see…an instant YouTube viral video sensation I am sure.  Okay let me ask again. Where is that guy that does the broadcast?  He is not here? You mean my timing is off again. Well, you let him know that next year when I show up I want the cameras rolling. Got it.

2012 Molly Calendar:










All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

21 Responses to “Halloween Treat – Or is it Ha-owl-owing?”

  1. But you didn’t give us an answer – Where IS that man that operates the camera and his wonderful wife that reminds him to turn switches to record things?

    Hoping you are enjoying your travels.

    littleguys from Lakeside, CA

  2. Lynne Townsend Says:

    I too keep looking for that man that operates a camera, chats with us, educates us, etc. You know the one—with the lovely wife Donna and an extremely talented grandson, Austin.

    Have a great trip and enjoy each day! (Hoping to see cameras rolling when you get back)


  3. Donna Says:

    Yes, where is that man and his family that made us laugh? Miss you all so much, hope you’re having great adventures! Thanks for keeping in touch

  4. Cathy Glueck Says:

    The man with the camera is still making us laugh! Not sure I would like Heron watching or being a HOD! I’ll stick to owls, thank you!

    Hope you are enjoying a stress free fall! Thanks for the chuckle.


  5. CAequuslvr Says:

    Carlos, you are so clever. Enjoyed the Heron’s dialog.

    PegRod–Thanks for the link to Shari in Memphis’ poem. Her creative ability to express the world (especially M&M) in such a wonderful way is truly a special gift that will be missed. I know wherever she is there are owls around her.

    • PegRod Says:

      CAequuslvr – Shari is here on Earth, and “littleguys” aka Carlynne (see comment #1 above) – a volunteer email messenger for many post-owl box groups – is passing around a get-well group card to sign, since Shari has been rather ill. I would imagine that Shari is still in Memphis (Tennessee? USA), surrounded by those wonderful “un”common barn owls and friends in her thoughts. Group card signing deadline is Oct 28th, I think.

  6. GeniaKnitz Says:

    That man with the camera is still missing but still making us laugh! Thanks, clever people, for identifying the heron. Baffled me completely!
    Thanks, Carlos and Donna and Austin

  7. PegRod Says:

    That man! Our own International Man of Mystery, with an Austin and Powers to reach millions, in his destiny! Aren’t we a lucky bunch (smiling).

    Thank you for the bird identification CatinMO and other clever people – I was wondering myself – is is a female Great Blue Heron? I just saw a beautiful Great White Egret fly across the morning sky today. What a sight that was.

  8. Mary Weber Says:

    “Sorry, fella, but you rate too low on the cuteness scale to qualify for a box of your own. Maybe swallow a few more fish, gain some weight, and we might reconsider.”

  9. gmarch53 Says:

    Oh YES..gonna get my order in soon :) Happy travels, Royals!!! (guess the Heron is a tease?)

  10. SueinMaine Says:

    Could you please delete comment #10? Didn’t want my name in there, just SueinMaine…thanks

  11. SueinMaine Says:

    My comment was that I am hopeful that seeing the words “next year” has some meaning?? Maybe in Jan. if M&M nest in the box, we will get to see the whole Royal family again….Thanks! :o)

  12. Vicki Says:

    Love to hear from you!
    You should take your heron on the road with you and do comedy clubs. No, wait, it’d mess up your camper something fierce.
    Hope you and Donna have safe & wonderous travels.
    It is also wonderful to hear how Austin has found his way in the world of academia.

    Have fun!

  13. Theresa Atkins Says:

    I see these beautiful birds around Lake O’Neil which is next to Navy Hospital Camp Pendleton when I drive to and from work. Several years ago there were a few active nests. They are wonderful to watch when they fly…so graceful,

    Happy Halloween all.

  14. Rose Evans (yahoorose) Says:

    There’s nothing Worse than a Mad-Jealous Heron ! !

  15. moniq50 Says:

    Are a ghost this year Carlos??? or an invisable man!!!
    Hope you are having fun in your travels. Keep us posted!!!

  16. PegRod Says:

    Mark Your Calendar
    Molly Movie Night
    Friday, November 4th

    For those interested, I just received an announcement that Molly Movie Night is 1 year old and “Join us for a special Owlstravaganza on November 4th to celebrate.”
    6:30 to 9:30 pm CALIFORNIA time

  17. PegRod Says:

    New Freebies on Cafe Press
    Little Owlets Howloween Masks – 2011
    Link on that page to 2010 Molly Mask

    I just checked the Cafe Press website for the Halloween Mask for Molly from 2010 and there are some new ones provided by Chris ‘rocketman’ Adams!

    It is in the second row, far right, at the top of the page under “Instant Downloads”. Download with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) and print out for some fun. If you get Trick-or-Treaters, you could hand out the pages instead of (or in addition to) candy!

  18. Sue Couch Says:

    Thnks for the mask idea and movie nite link, Peg Rod. And tnks, Carlos, for the Heron fun. I do so appreciate you keeping in touch. I watched Austin’s movie again last week to get my Molly fix. I sure do miss seeing her. It’s like a member of my famly moved to a remote place on the planet with no airlines available! :-) Have fun on your travels. Congrats to Ausin on his successful academic career. Will look foward to further updates.

  19. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    So is there a Mrs. Heron anywhere around? I suppose the hole in the owl box is a bit too small for Mr. & Mrs. Heron. What a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing.

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