October 21, 2011


2012 Calendar has arrived. I really got excited when that notice arrived in my email this morning from Chris Adams of Rocketman Creative. I immediately went out to the cafepress store and viewed the calendar pages for 2012. It is our best ever! When I finished looking I said, “I got to have it.” Of course I am the biggest Molly Fan there is and just a little bit biased. Check it out and let me know what you think? Because unlike me, I know you will give me your unbiased opinion.

Can you believe it, this year is almost over! 50 Wonderful Years with Donna. Motor home is back in for some repairs before we head out again. A bird smashed into the coach on this last trip and shattered the front fiberglass but at least it didn’t come through the windshield.


There is basically nothing going on in The Owl Box. Molly and McGee are never in it in the daytime anymore but they do make short visits at night just keeping the rent paid so to speak. They don’t want anyone else moving in. I constantly get emails keeping me up to date on other boxes, mostly just cuddling. Don’t forget to order your 2012 Calendar.


The most frequent question I get these days is “When will the bonding start?” By the way, if you don’t know bonding is a code word for mating. To be honest, I don’t know, but for Molly and McGee it is most likely late December or early January. We will not be here so no, we will not be broadcasting.

Oh yes, and before I forget it. Austin just completed his 3rd Course at Platt College and got a 100% on the final. That makes 15 units completed all “A’s.”  Why is that so exciting. Well, he wasn’t exactly an A student in high school. His association with Molly and The Owl Box basically changed his life.  You can help him pay for his college tuition himself with the purchase of one or more of his Molly DVDs. Christmas and the holidays are just around the corner. They make great gifts.

Have you ordered your personal copies of the Molly Songs? If not be sure to check them out on iTunes.









All the best,

Carlos, Donna and Austin

27 Responses to “2012 CALENDAR HAS ARRIVED!”

  1. Joyce Hebert aka jamma Says:

    yea!!!! for austin…great work…thanks for the update and hope you have smooth sailing on vacation…will you keep us updated at where you are…i hope so…may the wind be at your back and sun smiling on your face…joyce

  2. Kathie Utt Says:

    Hello Royals!! So nice to get your update. I’ll definitely check out the calendar and have also got to get my orders in for Austin’s additional DVD’s and also Barbara Allen’s songs on ITunes – so much to look at and do. Miss you guys terribly. Congratulations to Austin!! Apparently Molly & McGee have affected his life too and in such a positive way – I wish him the best!

    • steve Says:

      If I where making the money austin is making from the owls it would affect my life in a positive way also.

      • janie2 Says:

        If it were not for Austin’s interest in technology and knowing about UStream, we would not have had the amazing and magical experience of Molly and McGee. He deserves every penny he makes from the owls and the joy the DVDs have brought to us.


  3. Jane Says:

    So glad to hear about the calendar. I was looking at mine
    the other day and thought I did not want any other kind
    of calendar for the new year. Seeing the owls every month
    makes the year go by better.

  4. Becky Says:

    Oh, it’s so good to hear from you and about your family. Happy 50th anniversary. How wonderful! And, heartiest congratulations to Austin on his great school work. It seems he’s found his passion. I’m happy to hear that you are still watching Molly and McGee. The cover of the calendar is just beautiful. I’m looking forward to having it and enjoying the photos. May God continue to bless you and your family, Carlos. Travel safely and enjoy!

  5. janie2 Says:

    It’s wonderful to hear from you and so happy to hear that Austin is doing so well in school. I had to come here and reply before I go order the calendar. I know it will be great, because your photographs are all prize winners. Please keep in touch. We miss you, Donna, and Austin.


  6. Carlos,

    Don ‘t forget to tell people about the Molly the Owl fans recipe book that is sold at http://www.mollytheowlbooks.com A great e-book put together with recipes from Molly’s world wide fan base during Clutch one. Besides for real recipes, there are for fun silly ones and also cartoons or illustrations scattered through it by VacaDude. I downloaded it onto a “flash” drive to give to my sister as a Christmas present last year. Very good price since it is an e-book.

    Littleguys from San Diego

    • PegRod Says:

      Littleguys – Thank you for that great suggestion! It is a Classic Cookbook, and lots of fun, too.

      There are some new CC’s Cafe-inspired recipes created by DotRot, who is also the compiler and editor of the orginal Molly Watchers Cookbook. You can find them in the last two free pdfs of “Story Time with Zorro the Mouse”, The Winter Collection and The Springtime Collection. Here is a link to the latest publication.

      • CAequuslvr Says:

        PegRod–Thanks for the link to the Zorro Storytimes. They are such fun & I am not always able to be there for the live reading.
        DotRot–The recipes look very good and the “ingredients” are very clever.

  7. Glenn Says:

    Carlos!! Thank you so much for the update. Hopefully when you get back from your travels Molly and Mcgee will have another clutch started and maybe you will change your mind and show them live to us again. You know thousands of us will be here. PegRod, We always love your past “Memory Lane” links Thank you Carlos and Donna for this wonderful time here.

  8. Donna Says:

    Carlos and Donna happy 50 yrs together! Congrats to Austin, he’s going to go far in life! Always happy to hear news from all of you, we miss the owl box so much! I’ ll be ordering a calendar, 2011 is beautiful, this one will be too. Take care and have fun traveling. Let us know how your doing…..please

  9. Wolfgirl44 Says:

    Hurrah for Austin! We’re all glad to know that he is doing so well.
    And thanks for the update on everyone’s favorite featherballs.

  10. Jo-Ann Says:

    So happy to hear about Austin and of course Molly and McGee update.. And have another wonderful trip…..

  11. Linda Greene Says:

    Hi Donna and Carlos..Going to order right away! Thanks for the update. Have a safe journey. ldgreene123

  12. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    How terrific to hear from you, and about Austin’s success at school! Molly and McGee have changed many lives for the better in such special ways. Congratulations to Carlos and Donna for 50 great years – where do they go! Thanks for the good news about the calendar, too. Have happy travels when you get back on the road! We’ll miss seeing M&M but, perhaps, you’ll give us a peek when you return if there is some activity. You are all sorely missed!
    Love to all of you, Holly Sue

  13. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    October 2010

    Carlos and Donna were busy getting ready for their 50th High School Reunion after the Second Clutch had fledged. You can catch up on your background reading of interesting information about Carlos and Donna Royal here.

    Some MODs fledged to VacaChat (the Owl Box cartoonist), a known destination created after the First Clutch of Molly and McGee fledged. A show broadcast live on October 20th is appropriately entitled “Pre-Post-OwlBox VacaChat”, in an un-numbered limbo between Show #30 and Show #31, representative of how some fans felt (in limbo, just out of reach of that heavenly world of The Owl Box). Iincluded are the Zorro Meadow Mutual Life Insurance Commercial (spoof) and The Owl Box Rockz, the singular rock song, composed, animated and performed by Johnny and the Horkers (aka John “VacaDude” Atkinson and his imagination). Lyrics on found on his cartoon website, which you will want to print out, and laugh at while you sing and shout along!

    Since then, VacaDude has not only celebrated his 100th show, a clever must-see show, (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16229799), but is up to at least 122 shows, having double numbered a few of them – lol. Sundays are sacred for Story Time writing at 3:00 pm Pacific Time and hearing the stories read during the 6:00 pm VacaChat live broadcast. Carlos and Donna Royal characterz are included in most of the imaginative stories. In 2011, there is usually a regularly scheduled Thursday evening show, beginning at 6:00 pm, which is called by some “VacaDude U” (U for both Ustream and free University) since fans learn something new each show, from carving pumpkins to Play-Doh, to military history, to opera, to computer skills – “After Effects’, “PhotoShop”, “Google Earth” – and much, much more!

    The galaxy of The Owl Box of San Marcos, California has been an ever-expanding universe from the minute Molly flew into The Owl Box on that stormy, rainy, and windy night and shortly after, went live on Ustream. Every person involved was a part of it, and it would not have been the same if one single person had not been there – from the silent, but mindful “lurkers”, to the hardworking volunteer 24/7 Moderators, to the talented and gracious Royal family and all who helped them, from Tom Stephen who built and installed the box, to the on call Cox Cable guy and Ustream technicians, to the reserved parking at Fry’s Electronics, to the print and tv media, the chatters, the Social Stream members, the songwriters, the artists, the cartoonists, the teachers, the schools, the writers, the webmasters – the list goes on and on. The residents of the Royal Gardens, from Molly and McGee and all their owlets, both living and over the rainbow bridge, to Mockz, Tauntz, Glowz, Glimmerz, Roark, Gary Cooper, Callie and so many more, and even the seemingly inanimate Ladderz (you can never have too many 12-ft ladders per Donna), Polez and Boltz, Lenz and more – alive with electrons – each had a part to play.

    Ahhhhh, so much to tell, so little time, and yet, there was time enough for all involved to enjoy and be able to say “Gee that was fun, and I was a part of it!”

    What do you remember? Which moments are your unforgettable ones? Who did you give a Molly the Owl book to and what did they say?

  14. CAequuslvr Says:

    Kudos to Austin. Keep up the excellent work.
    Carlos, I looked at the photos for the 2012 calendar–they are wonderful. It is so special to know that I will have another M&M calendar for the new year. So glad to hear that you and Donna will be hitting the road again. Have fun and travel safely. I look forwar to your blog to us so that I can travel along with you.

  15. June Schafer Says:

    Wonderful to hear from you!! Sure have missed all of you. Looking forward to the calendar. I noticed my 2011 is about to run out:)) I think Austin has found his passion and that usually brings out the best in a person. Congrats to him. He is on his way to a bright future!
    Congrats to to Carlos and Donna also on 50 years together and wishes for many more. My husband and I will make it 42 in February so we aren’t too far behind.
    Have great fun in your travels and may you be blessed with safe and smooth travel.

  16. joly2u Says:

    Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary, Carlos & Donna, and may you have another 50 happy, healthy years! I’m glad you’ll be off having fun soon, also hoping you’ll be able to wend your way back in time for the spring clutch! And hope they have names this time. The info about Austin & the effect of the owl box and video experience is meaningful, and I hope the realization takes hold in this society where self-esteem is much misunderstood. Thank you, as always.

  17. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Broadcast Intermission
    Molly and McGee
    Pre-Post-Owl Box

    Sometimes during intermissions, theaters play music while people go get their refreshments. Sometimes while waiting for the show to resume after intermission, discussions take place about the First
    or Second Act, while the audience waits to watch the next or final act (sequels are popular, so “endings” are just longer intermissions until the next movie or play comes out).
    During this Owl Box broadcast intermission, you might want to listen to and think about the lyrics of the first Molly Song created by Barbara “barlycorn” Allen, which concludes with:

    “But the lesson that we surely learned
    Was to care about the world around”


    While you are enjoying some refreshments and treats during this intermission, your mind might wander and you might remember one of the outstanding First Clutch Moderators. “Shari From Memphis” is renowned for having fun with the chatroom banner and teaching people to notice it by posting hilarious Molly and McGee hunting reports which included elephants and other wild creatures. Shari is also a wonderful poet, and you might want to read her touching words again in “See You Later Friends” from the end of the First Clutch, posted by Carlos on June 13, 2010.

    Just last week, chatter named “Slewvi”, well-known by many MODs, passed away. VacaDude drew a tribute cartoon and dedicated last Sunday’s show to her memory by creating a new video to a song of farewell “Aubade and I am not like other birds of prey”. In the chatroom, MODs christened Slewvi with a new role – “Forever(heart)Lurker”. The love lives on – the song of life has no ending.

    Owl Box humans are still living out life-cycles of humanity from celebrating births, to all the learning and living, sickness and health, up to the end, that mysterious moment called “death”. A “Friendship of the Wingz” still keeps Owl Box fans in touch and caring for whatever life brings along next.

    “A Community of Us” – I think Chris Adams coined that phrase, but I might be wrong.

    • PegRod Says:

      I found a link to another poem about The Owl Box by Shari from Memphis which she posted in April 2010. What a great poem!

  18. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Wishing you safe travels!

  19. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Broadcast Intermission
    Molly and McGee
    Pre-Post-Owl Box

    Right on this very page, to the upper right, is a treasure chest that many have not explored. No one ever put a comment either. Carlos said once that the common barn owls were always all around, but until awareness was brought about by The Owl Box, most people never noticed them!

    Hold out your hands, open your eyes, and with the click of your mouse in this link you will find a big surprise!

  20. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Pre-Halloween Project
    VacaDude’s M&M Pumpkin Carving

    October 21, 2010 – Drawalong 8
    How to video – Pumpkin carving demonstration

    October 21, 2010 – VacaChat 32
    Reveal of M&M gorgeous pumpkin at about 03:44 FF

  21. Diana Briscoe Says:

    Thank you Carlos for keeping me up to date on what’s been going on. Happy 50 Years together! When I have a whole list of emails to read and see that you sent one, I always go to yours first because I’m so excited to hear what’s been going on. Thanks so much. I miss you guys.
    Blessings to you and Donna, and congratulations to Austin!!

  22. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Broadcast Intermission
    Molly and McGee
    Pre-Post-Owl Box

    Owl Box chatroom Moderators (we love them so much!) provided many educational links during live chat of broadcasts of each M&M clutch. One helpful site, provided regularly, is one that covers all owl species and has a great section on the “Physiology of Owls”.

    Update: The Africam Potted Plant Owls’ two owlets are growing up fast. Lots of former MODs take screenshots while chatting live. Here is a link to EmmieJan’s, but visit the Ustream site and you will see many more excellent photos and videos provided by PPO fans in the live chat. On this screenshot photo site, click on “Action” and then click on “View slideshow” to get a trip back through time of these young spotted eagle owlets’ development! And the potted plant does get watered by human host, Tracy, who uses a watering can and a sturdy umbrella for owl-parent-intruder-defense – she times the watering to the second, just like Carlos timed his visits for camera maintenance while the owlets were inside the box.
    All is well this fine morning :)


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