Molly Goes to Ghana

October 14, 2011

Molly The Owl’s global impact continues to amaze and inspire. We’re excited and humbled to share with you the adventure below.

Molly The Owl Inspires Children in Ghana 

Molly The Owl Inspires Orphaned Children In Ghana
Photo by Jeff Warner

Hello Molly Fans. Some very heartwarming news today. I donated a case of books to my brother-in-law, photographer Jeff Warner who is currently on a round-the-world voyage with his family.

City Of Hope, Ghana Orphanage
Photo by Jeff Warner

Along the way, he will visit a number of underdeveloped countries, and with that in mind, I asked Jeff to donate the books to poverty stricken schools, and children.

If you want to follow along with Jeff and his family’s journey, please do so, and say hello on his blog, full of stunning photography.

Matching Donation Book Drive!  

Orphanage Schoolhouse
Photo by Jeff Warner

With this spirit of giving in mind, Molly The Owl Books will continue to donate books to underfunded schools, libraries, and programs around the world that might not be able to afford brand new hardcover picture books.

Now through October 31, for every donation book purchased on; we will match the donation with a second book of the same title.

City Of Hope, Ghana Orphanage
Photo by Jeff Warner

That means for your single donation purchase, two books will be distributed by Molly The Owl Books to deserving children in the United States, and abroad. Buy more than one copy, and we’ll match your order, while supplies last.

To take part, you MUST write the wordDONATION under the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONSbox when you check out with PayPal.

At the completion of the matching donation drive, we will send out an email to let you know how many books were donated, and where they have gone.

If you would like to help with the shipping and handling fees with this donation book drive, you can donate any amount by visiting PayPal and clicking “Send Money” to our email

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Molly & McGee 
The Molly The Owl Books Collection

To participate in the Matching Book Drive choose any of the books below.
Molly The Owl Illustrated Hardcover Molly The Owl Illustrated Hardcover

Four Little Owlets Four Little OwletsClick here to order and learn more
Molly & McGee Photography by Carlos Royal Molly & McGee
Photography by Carlos RoyalClick here to order and learn more
The Second Clutch Photographs by Carlos Royal The Second Clutch
Photography by Carlos RoyalClick here to order and learn more
About Molly The Owl Books

Molly the Owl Books is a family owned publishing house, inspired by Molly, McGee, and their owlets. Our passion is also our motto: to create “Inspiring Adventures for Kids of All Ages.”

We strive to fulfill your needs as readers, educators, consumers, and retailers with high-quality books and related products-backed by personal customer service.

Eric and Lorien





19 Responses to “Molly Goes to Ghana”

  1. Bonnibell Says:

    That is magnificent!! I am touched by where you’ve taken Molly and McGee and the stories of their families. You are pretty magnificent yourself!! Bonnibell

  2. PegRod Says:

    How inspiring!

    I already have some family members and friends lined up, who have promised to buy some Molly the Owl books to donate to the children of the world – just think of how Molly the Owl changed your life and how much good spreading the word, one child, one book at a time, can help. For these children may become the new leaders in each individual country. Can’t you imagine a day in the future – a monumental day when school children all over the world are singing “Molly” at the same appointed hour – a new Guinness World Record to strive for! New governments based on owl box values – Vote Molly!

    Well, an Owl Box fan can dream, can’t we?

  3. GEEEEEEEEE this was fun———-and I was part of it!!!!!


  4. Barlycorn Says:

    Gee, this is so wonderful, truly! We have to get the song to these same kids so they can sing along with the book.

  5. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 15, 2011 – Ashley in Palm Tree

    I can imagine that a trip from the Owl Box to the Palm Tree for owlets, which McGee worked on patiently encouraging them to fly, is like a driving lesson by a parent or grandparent for human teenagers! Remember that Austin, the teenager, helped Carlos, the grandfather, in a barter system to set up the Ustream account for The Owl Box broadcast, and to provide as-needed consulting and technical help, in exchange for driving lessons! MODs were aware of the voluntary exchange, the driving lesson adventures, the successful driving test, the first second-hand car, etc. and it was so much fun to vicariously enjoy the ride!

    Ashley sits so “proud and free” (barlycorn’s lyrics) on the Royal Palm Tree, that to me she looks like a young queen ready to assume the throne, athough she would soon find that Molly and McGee were not ready to move on, claiming the Royal Owl Box for their Third Clutch! By now, MODs imagine that Ashley and Carrie might be contemplating their own First Clutch, since common barn owls often begin reproduction at year one, the age that Carlos believed Molly was when she flew into the box during that wild and windy night in January 2010, which blew his fence down. Where in the world are The Owl Box owlets? Those thought wander through our minds, and we wish we knew, but must sigh and believe that all is well and good in their new “Home, Sweet Homes”. We love you all – Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley; Ashley and Carrie; Dudley, Kelly and Jody (over the rainbow bridge); and the Third Clutch ‘Series of Four’ unnamed owlets (no trademark infringement intended!).

    The last photo in this group is one of the fan favorites, whose caption simply reads “Owlets Ashley and Carrie”, but shows them in chittering beak exchange, while balanced!

  6. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 16, 2010 – Ashley And Carrie Go To Palm Tree

    A classic photo of Ashley in the palm tree may distract us from realizing that by sunrise she would be gone, some Molly Watchers would be gathering in person for the first time at Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos, California (organized by chatter ruthrings with help from Casey and others – the furthest participant would be a traveller from Florida named Mariska), and the owl box would be empty, since Carrie would join Ashley in her adventures and new life outside the box.

    October 16, 2010 – October 17th Molly Watchers Picnic

    An informative flyer is posted with details for that wonderful picnic day gathering. Many gatherings have taken place, and continue to take place, all over the US and some in other parts of the world, a “Friendships of the Wingz”. Several newspaper articles followed about this particular picnic. Here is one with a photo of ruthrings holding a owl cookie – what a hoot!

    Also in this post, Carlos reprinted the announcement, which begins with “The San Marcos Community Foundation is accepting grant requests now through November 3 for monies from the newly established “Wildlife Fund.” There is currently $9,000 available for grant making from that fund. Grants can be made to any non-profit organization serving San Marcos for projects to help with wildlife education or preservation.”

  7. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 17, 2011 – Picnic, Empty Box, Sale Coming

    Somehow, looking at the photo of the empty box still brings a sniffle and a tear to my eyes, but having been present for the present (gift) of the First Clutch of Molly and McGee, and seeing the cameras turned on again for the Second Clutch and all the creative elements cast upon the waters of humanity and thriving, I had faith that this was not really over. In fact, it could never “be over” since this had changed so many lives. From the time of the empty box following the fledging of the first clutch, and through most of the second clutch, I posted running comments and links on an msnbc site article about The Owl Box of San Marcos, CA, which still remain.

    Something else I learned how to do while watching Molly was to dare to try new computer things! Close your eyes, hold your nose and jump into the pool and see how much fun you might have – sink or swim – that’s what they used to say to someone afraid to swim. What I learned to do once I tried that was to float on my back and stare at the sky while resting and moving along with a few paddles of hands and feet. Computer learning does require courage, patience, small steps and not worrying it you will sink or if you can swim like an olympic athlete, and once you are floating, once you are relaxed, you can open your eyes and watch Molly and McGee and family, and when they are off air, find other universes to explore! Or close your eyes, hold a small round stone in your hand and think about Dudley. Also, VacaChat on Ustream provides continuity and we are thankful that John Atkinson, the Owl Box cartoonist, keeps his hourly live show going twice weekly for fans awaiting the time when Molly and McGee, hosted by Carlos and Donna Royal, open their worlds up again for our viewing pleasure and participation.

    “Gee, that was fun, and I was a part of it!” Molly’s Motto (a preview of tomorrow’s gift from a year ago!)

  8. CAequuslvr Says:

    This is such a wonderful thing that Eric is doing through Molly the Owl Books. From what Barlycorn says it sounds like she may do the some thing with her Molly songs. The spirit of M&M continues to bring special things to the world.
    “And I was part of it”!!

  9. CAequuslvr Says:

    OOPs, forgot to thank PegRod, again, for her wonderful reminding us of the memories. Always a joy.

    • PegRod Says:

      CAequuslvr, I thank you, for your comments are always a ray of sunshine!

      I wish more people would add memories, new ideas and comments to Molly’s blog for others to enjoy, too. Fresh words are like fresh water to quench the thirst. The PPO host family waters their potted plant to keep it alive and well and living on a second floor balcony in Johannesburg, South Africa, so that every year the nest is ready for the returning Mamma PPO and Pappa spotted eagle owls to raise a new clutch!

  10. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 18, 2010 – Carrie Takes The Hand Off

    There was no blog post last year on this date, because everyone was regrouping after the Molly Watchers picnic!

    This link is to a nighttime outside video, because Molly Watchers knew that just because the box was empty, did not mean the owlets would not visit that fabulous playground that Carlos Royal built for them. The outside games to develop skills for flying, feeding and hunting continued for human “night owls” to observe in the US and for people in other time zones around the world to watch during their respective days.

    Carlos was constantly busy making and archiving recordings for fans – both inside and outside the owl box – thank you so much for all that hard and steady work, for a legacy of wonderful recordings to watch for free on Ustream! Don’t forget when you watch recordings to sign in and rate them up to 5 stars.

    I believe that the Owl Box Social Stream still has Friday Molly Movie Nights. Can anyone comment and provide the link?

  11. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 19, 2010 – Gee, That Was Fun!

    Those words speak for themselves. Carlos adds some cherries on top, with a few more unique moments from the night before in some additional posting on this date. I will post separately.

    This is a test – now how do you complete that phrase? Say it out loud!

    Yippee, aren’t we a lucky bunch (smile).

  12. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 19, 2010 – Deet, Deet, Deet

    These words make our hearts sing with joy, both when they come from Molly and McGee and from Carlos and VacaDude! In fact, any one who utters these words can turn a frown upside down! Some people wanted this for their cell phone ring tone. I’m not sure if that ever happened. Anyone know?

    • PegRod Says:

      (As plain as the nose on my face), I must mention that Chris Adams – rocketman – must have had a great time coming up with this and all the creative logos. It is a classic for all ages, but especially sweet for children.

      Thank you Chris for all you did, in doing your part to keep the magic and creativity alive and well in Molly’s world for fans. He has lots of good information and links on his website!

  13. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 19, 2010 – Sale Continues As Carrie Stays in the Box

    The sequence of photographs, which Carlos posted and added great captions to, tells a story, and guess what the conclusion was, “Carrie back in the box for the day”! I just love this mini-tale that includes Tauntz (The Owl Box rabbit). A parent could just read this outloud to a child and have fun telling the story and having them fill in the blanks about what happened!

    Gee, this is fun!

  14. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 20, 2010 – Last of Broadcast, Last Day of Sale

    Well, this sale was from last year, but the Molly Memorabilia is still available, thank goodness! Fans with MOD (Molly Obsessive Disorder) and CAD (Carlos Adoration Disorder), laughed out loud at this new logo created by Chris Adams – the “Carlos, NO SOUND” logo which made its debut here! Although typing in capital letters in the live chatroom was against the “rulez,” it was still used as a technique in chat to try to get the attention of Carlos, while only those skilled in lip reading could determine what he was saying until the microphone was activated, while Blue-suited Moderators frantically tried to call Donna – too many buttons to think about at Command Central! Those chatroom rules, which begin with the simple words, “Be nice, be friendly” made for a wonderful world that invited many new people to join because it was such a welcoming, creative and educational place,and suitable for children of all ages and tender souls up to 104!

    Fans also sniffled and said to themselves, “Say it ain’t so, Carlos!” when they read the expected words, “Today will be the last day of the broadcast for the second clutch. Carrie is still squawking “I don’t want’a go.” We will turn the cameras off inside The Owl Box at 6 PM Molly Time (PDT) Please join us for farewell good-byes as Donna and I get ready to leave for our 50 year class reunion. Gee, that was fun, and I was a part of it. Gee, wasn’t that fun, and you were a part of it. See you tonight at six. Dress is casual.”

    Owl Box Watchers were given an awesome live broadcast farewell slide show created and produced by Austin Faure, with selected Carlos Royal photographs, Chris Adams logos and Memorabilia from the Second Clutch, accompanied by barlycorn’s Molly songs, all gifts which still keeps on giving! Donna Royal, ever present behind the scenes, graced us with her love as she bid adieu, while fans replied with thank you’s, love, hope, and patience for a future “encore”.

  15. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    October 21, 2010 – Free Goodies Will Return

    This post contains a reminder that the free items will remain on the Molly the Owl Official Cafe Press site. You will laugh out loud at one of the fantastic PhotoShopped creations Carlos posts, made by a faithful chatter and moderator from Japan, named “coach” (she volunteered during the US nighttime hours). We just love her imagination, which also took the owls into Space! She continues to share her lively imagination and talent in other owl boxes! I will look for the link to those photos – when I find it, choose under “Action” the slideshow view to really get the “full picture”! If anyone else has that link, please post!

    For some MODs, on this day last year, It felt as if the end of the world had come, when the cameras were turned off ‘for good’. Incidentally, the end of the world IS predicted today in 2011 by those Apocalypse Accountants who keep shuffling the numbers! In Greek, this word has been interpreted to mean ” a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception” – for many MODs, our Amazing Apocalypse Arrival, a time of a new revelation and revolution, arrived in early 2010 when our eyes were opened to be able to see the awesome world of “un”common barn owls and to become aware of all the beautiful minds of humans in this world via The Owl Box of San Marcos, CA on Ustream!

    “When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
    – Alexander Graham Bell –

    (Helen Keller has a similar quote)

    Carlos and Donna headed off for their 50th High School Reunion and later told us that they had a fabulous time!

    Looking back, many new doors awaited in the future, including being able to see some of the Third Clutch, the BlueBird Box, and the amazing San Marcos Field Trip Adventures! I wonder what our present “future” holds!

    Some people did not sign up to get the new Molly’s blog posts, and they missed a lot. Sign up today, for it is never “too late”.

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