The Ghost of Leggs McGee

August 30, 2011

The Ghost of Leggs McGee (screenshot by hundon)

It is only natural that the Ghost of Leggs McGee would show up in the day time since owls are nocturnal or the reverse of human ghosts which most often show up at night. This screen shot was provided to us by hundon but the sighting was confirmed by hundreds of other links, screenshots and emails. The strangest twist to this story is that McGee showed up later as usual to prove that he is not a ghost, creating spectulation that McGee was part of a government top secret telaportation experiment that had a glitch. The Air Force denies the rumors and insist that the ghostly legs are  simply out of focus sprider webs but did confirm a simliar owl box exists at Area 51 for rodent control.

You have a great day,

Carlos, Donna and Austin





47 Responses to “The Ghost of Leggs McGee”

  1. Tammie Franklin Says:

    lol! Carlos! can you share with us why you are shutitng down the cameras? I hope no one is being mean again….! I hope that you and Donna are planning to travel.

    Many THANKS! for sharing these beautiful owls!

    Tammie – chat name: Sunshine41

  2. Linda Greene Says:

    lol Carlos..I too can confirm that the “ghost” of Leggz McGee existed. ldgreene123

  3. How Totally Funny!!!! Thanks Carlos (for the ghost legs)

  4. mandozee Says:

    Makes me wonder… mandozee1888

  5. mandozee Says:

    I forgot to check the boxes sorry LOL mandozee1888

  6. janie2 Says:

    How wonderful is that!! Just like McGee to show up as a ghost. I love it.


  7. flukestail Says:

    Eeeeeeerie. Don’t care how the photo came to be. Just love that it does look the ghost of McGee’s. Nice job, hundon.

  8. Joyce Says:

    this is to unreal…will miss the box and hope you have wonderful end to summer and a great fall…got my video and it is fantastic…austin did a super joy…be safe, be happy and laugh much…joyce

  9. vicki Says:

    Pretty cute Carlos. Funny since that’s just about all we saw of McGee through that first clutch. Webz sure can be a real joker sometimes. Kind of a Charlotte’s Web for the Owl Box. Always something new and fun. I sure will miss this.

    Thanks again for all you and Donna have done for us.

  10. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Yes, I saw the ghostly leggs ‘live’ with my own eyes!

    I will sure miss all of this. No other site quite like it! Of course, I wish all you Royals and everyone involved all the best. It was fun and I’m thankful that I was a part of it!

    Author of A Cat Named Zooby, Your New Baby’s Instruction Book, and, The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered. (Google them!)

  11. Becky Larsen Says:

    Hope all is well with M&M through the fall and into the new year. Look forward to one day the camera going live again to view a new clutch. Take care all. Luvz and Hugz


  12. Virgene Colby-auntie_vee Says:

    Thanks Carlos,for the ghost picture, what a great going away present!!!

    We will miss all the fun but so glad you will be getting on with your lives. My husband and I traveled all over the US for 15 years and it was great. TRY IT!!!

  13. Rita in DC Says:

    TY, Carlos! I too witnessed the ghost of Leggz McGee. An owlbox in Area 51—lol!

    —Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  14. Rita in DC Says:

    P.S.— Carllos, this quote is from the previous blog post:

    “We will be turning off The Owl Box at 6 PM PDT 8-31-11.”

    To me, “turning off” means turning **off.** But a lot of chatters seem to be interpreting that as “We will be beginning a final Owl Box broadcast at 6 PM PDT 8-31-11.”

    I mention that in case you’d like to clarify. Otherwise, of course, we will soon see.

    —Rita in DC, AKA bluenoter in Chat

  15. PegRod Says:

    The best way to start the day, with a smile, laugh and chuckle from reading Carlos’ clever tale, and a great screenshot from hundon.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • PegRod Says:

      Oh, and Glowz and Glimmerz (Owl Box Spider Starz) must have known that Molly Watchers needed a good laugh! Our Royal Garden Families stick together. Glowz spun one legz while Glimmerz worked on the other. They look “larger than life” because to a spider, McGee’s leggz must be Ginormous!

  16. Dale Ann Harsh Says:

    I think they were manipulating size too. LOL! Looks like those leggs belong to a mighty big owl.

  17. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    Ha haaaaaaaaaa!!! Oh Carlos! You are just tooo much!! I miss you and everyone….and our beloved Owls…already.
    Thanks for the smiles!!

  18. Carlynne aka littleguys Says:

    What a creative posting Carlos. Love it!

  19. Pam W. (CastOwLRockCoL) Says:

    LOL…Carlos, you are a funny, funny man! You sure know how to brighten ones’s day with such great humor. I hope you will miss us as much as we will miss you and the Owl Box and will want to share with us again if Molly and McGee start a 4th clutch…I know you won’t be able to stay away from us for too long…LOL. For now I am happy that we can still look forward to your posts. Love those sexy legs Leggs McGee!

    Sending love from Colorado,
    Pam W. (a.k.a. )

  20. CAequuslvr Says:

    I always said that M&M were/are “magical”. Only in the Owlbox would this happen. This just adds to the specialness that is and has been Molly & McGee.

  21. VacaDude Says:

    Ah–so the true function of all those cables leading to the Owl Box is finally revealed. The U.S. Navy is conducting a top secret test: The PhiladOWLphia Experiment!

  22. Mareoooo Says:

    Oh, I LOVE this! ….. and, I love all of you! Thanks for everything!! :O)

  23. Pam W. (CastOwLRockCoL) Says:

    LOL…Carlos, you are a funny, funny man! You sure know how to brighten ones’s day with your great humor. I hope you will miss us as much as we will miss you and the Owl Box and will want to share with us again if Molly and McGee start a 4th clutch…I know you won’t be able to stay away from us for too long…LOL. For now I am happy that we can still look forward to your posts. Love those sexy legs Leggs McGee!

    Sending love from Colorado,
    Pam W. (a.k.a. )


    Ghost or not ghost…I will never forget Molly and McGee in my lifetime….nor will I forget the first family of owlets they produced ever. It was a wonderful learning experience!

  25. VSue Says:

    Well, he will always be there in spirit and Molly too
    For they shared their lives with me and you
    And their beautifOWL images we will never forget
    For regardless of how happy or upset
    the day may have been
    They brought us so much joy and laughter
    and for you to share
    Carlos, you let us all know you care
    and I thank you for the generosity
    of sharing with us all

    <3 = love to you all

  26. Donna Says:

    Thank you all so much, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we will be back. Love to you all and enjoy your adventures waiting for you

  27. Jo-Ann Says:

    LOL!!!!! What a magnificent picture to end our wonderful, long experience with you, your entire family, Molly and McGee and many offsprings. So sad that it is ending but I totally understand. It has been one of the best and greatest experiences that I have experienced. You will be missed… You really deserve a long and happy retirement!! Happy Trails to you and Donna. Please keep your list of all of us just in case you may decide to send us (MOD’s) tidbits of information about what is going on at home and the OWL box.

  28. Joan from Colorado Says:

    Hi Carlos .. I will surely miss your silly comments when you shut us all down tomorrow.. thanks for all of the fun.. Joan

  29. SARose69 Says:

    These owls are a constant surprise! Love it!

  30. Elizabeth Mason Says:

    What a hoot! Thanks for the laugh.

  31. Gosh, I know what “turning off” means. It means that the camera will be turned off at 6 pm on 8/30. I don’t know how he could be more clear. Tears. Tears.

  32. Healani AKA FoxyTuTu Says:

    You are too funny Carlos!!!

  33. Melodie Penton Says:

    I think the meaning behind this is, Do not turn the cameras off or I’ll come back and haunt your owl box forever! Ha, Ha!
    Really that is pretty cool!

  34. Hee hee! “Ghost legs” makes me giggle. You are so funny, Carlos!

  35. Sherrie Says:

    Love Legg’s leggs! I have enjoyed myself tremendously with M&M and company! You, Donna, & Austin have been wonderful. Austin’s new DVD is owlsome! You must be so proud of him. I will never forget all of you, it has been magical! Yes, it’s been fun, and I’ve been so lucky to be part of it. Thank you Carlos! Love Sherrie (Sharoot)

  36. A FAN OF M&M Says:

    Carlos you just crack me up! I enjoy your humor so! This is a very interesting photo!

  37. susanralph Says:

    lol x 10 to the 3rd. will miss y’owls at the Owl box. a big TY to Carlos for sharing

  38. Margery M Says:

    How appropriate of McGee!
    Like many others, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the owl box will come alive to us sometime soon with a new clutch to love.
    Thank you for everything Donna and Carlos! You have been most gracious hosts and we are trying to be good guests by leaving with a smile.
    I am wishing you nothing but the best retirement ever!

  39. Trisha UK Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for allowing us the privilege of watching beautiful Molly, handsome McGee and their wonderful clutches! I found Molly’s site by accident and I am so glad to have watched and learned.
    I hope you enjoy your “retirement” with Donna and family.
    It would be wonderful to maybe see Molly and McGee again but we all have fantastic memories to sustain us.
    Thank you once again and I wish you and Donna all the very best.
    Pat (posting as Trisha UK)

  40. Marilee Godsil Says:

    What a beautiful parting gift…Old Leggs’ sassy legs!

  41. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    August 31, 2010 – I Admit It I Have Been Playing In The Sprinklers

    We loved this photo of Molly as well as the videos of other barn owls which people found on YouTube of fun showers on verdant lawns under the sprinkling fresh waters.

    If you feel sad tomorrow when the cameras are off, run outside and find a sprinkler and wash away those tears! Go outside and find a round stone and hold it in your hand and think of “Dudley” or of common barn owl eggs found all over this earth. “Oh, What a Wonderful World” (Louis Armstrong version – but originally written by George David Weiss I think).

    Ruth and Casey made these “Dudley” stones to give out for free to the picnic attendees of the First Molly Watchers Picnic in 2010. Ruth also glued little pictures of M&M on small M&M packages – human treats! Where are those sponsors?!

  42. LoveYourDNA Says:

    I will miss “you’s”……. but with happiness in my heart!

    Please come back.

    All the very best,

  43. PegRod Says:

    Owl Box Watchers and MODs did not have enough eyes or time to be aware of all that was happening simultaneously to Owl Box Watching. This is an article I missed but discovered right in front of my nose on VacaDude’s cartoon home page – one which I think many MODs will enjoy reading. Although the interview was about The Owl Box First Clutch, it is still relevant to today!

    • Mareoooo Says:

      PrgRod – thank you SO much for posting this link! I just read the whole thing ….. and, of course – I am crying!

      Love to you all.

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