Thank You

August 11, 2011

Molly and McGee Thank You for Attending (created by Rocketman and Vacadude)

Carlos and Donna Royal Thank You for Attending (Created by Austin Faure)

The Virtual Premiere Red Carpet Event was a big success. We want to thank everyone that showed up and especially those that purchased or have purchased Austin’s new movie “The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls.”  Austin has pre-sold 377 DVDs so far.

If you missed the premiere of the preview of his movie you can view it on  or if you are member of facebook you can view it in HD at .

Austin is expecting to receive the DVDs from the replicator in Arizona by this time next week. The jewel cases and mailers arrived today so he will be ready to sign and ship the DVDs as soon as they arrive.

If you haven’t ordered your copy now is a good time to do so.

Thank You

Carlos, Donna and Austin

P.S. I think the ladies in the Chat Room and Social Stream had just as much fun discussing what they were going to wear as they did at the event.

19 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. sue Says:

    This kind of thig is what keeps me coming back time after time!!! Had a great time, thanks to all involved!!! Gee that was fun and I was part of it!!

  2. Sue Couch Says:

    Loved the world premier of the new DVD! It was a hoot! (of course, it was…we’re in the owl box!) So much creativity went into the special evening. It must have been fun to work on. And we all got to enjoy your cleverness. So thanks Carlos, Donna and Austin for giving us so much fun!

  3. janie2 Says:

    For a woman who lives in jeans and sweats, it was great fun to dress up in a beautiful gown and stiletoes even if only virtually. I loved being part of it.


  4. Marny Says:

    My outfit was all ready to attend and just wasn’t feeling up to it! I know it was a successful party and everyone had a hooting grand owl time!

    I’m looking forward to receiving my copy of Austin’s DVD! It’s for sure I love the books purchased at the lecture!

    Thank you for an amazing new lease on life, Carlos and Donna and Austin.

    Gentle as you go,
    in Vista …

  5. Judy Says:

    Carlos, you are incredible! Thanks to you and your family for continuing this wonderful experience!

    Judy (jOwls)

  6. Casey Says:

    I had a fabowlus time last night! You are right Carlos it was fun picking out my outfit. My hair was done by Vidal Sowlsoon, Dolce and Gabarnowl dress, Coco Channowl jewelry, Robertowl Cavalli clutch and Farragamowl heels.
    Thank you for being such great hosts!. Can’t wait for the next party.


    P.S. Did you find my Puka Shell Necklace in your yard from the Luau? I lost it somewhere.

  7. Sherry Kelly Says:

    This was the only formal affair that I truly enjoyed attending! You Royals make us MODs very happy people. Thanks for everything! (Of course, you do get a little help from Molly & McGee.)

  8. Nancy Says:

    How wonderful to be with all my new, good friends for a lovely evening! It was a bright spot in a day spent alone otherwise. A new experience for me, it was as if we were really all together. Thanks for all your hard work, Carlos and Donna and Austin. You kept the happy party spirits up in spite of the web being less than cooperative.God bless you, and all that made it come together for all of us!

  9. debbie Says:


    well done! the smile factor was off the charts!!
    there is always magic at the owl box.



  10. Holly Sue Says:

    Dear Carlos, Donna and Austin,
    Loved the premiere and all the glitter and feathers sparkling in the bright lights! It was fun to dress up for the DVD preview – it looks wonderful and I can’t wait for mine to arrive! It’s so great to be seeing Molly and McGee each day!
    Love to all, Holly Sue

  11. Carlynne Says:

    Was the premier itself recorded? I know we wouldn’t see chat or social stream comments, but still , for those of us that managed to miss the event. I even fed my horse early so I could be there in time, and next thing I knew, tiara in place, it was after 7
    Carlynne aka littleguys

  12. PegRod Says:

    Memory Lane
    Molly and McGee
    Second Clutch

    August 13, 2010 – New Molly Song and Egg #4 Day 30 Hatch Watch

    A year ago, the second Molly Song, “Molly Was Her Name”, by Barbara Allen, was released and Carlos posted the lyrics in this blog entry! Print them out so you can sing along and share with others! Day 30 hatch watch – waiting for that fourth egg to hatch.

    August 13, 2010 – Molly Looking and Waiting for McGee

    The Carlos Royal photograph posted in this entry shows Molly posed “on the look out” for McGee sitting facing “West towards Northwest” on the “first generation photo ledge” Owl Box Watchers have seen, a year later, that the hunting fields are located in the distance and are full of gophers and other tasty treats categorizes as “Rodentia”! Look in The Owl Box Ustream video archives for great footage!

  13. PegRod Says:

    Tresbien had a brilliant idea to hold a virtual World Premiere Event of Austin’s new Molly DVD Movie, and Carlos agreed to go with it, and see what fun everyone had! The commemorative cartoon is just awesome. I can see it being a limited edition signed poster – I bet you some people would love to have that framed and signed by all involved.

    Ever grateful and having so much fun!

  14. Marny Says:

    Were there no men chatters at the Red Carpet event?

  15. Barbara Says:

    I would like to receive updates

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