The Last Signed Book

July 10, 2011

The Last Signed Book

These photos were taken by Jamie so guess who’s not in the photos…Jamie. We want to thank everyone that show up to help with the book signing of The Second Clutch, The  Return of the World’s Most Famous Barn Owls. It was hard work but fun, the last book is signed. I signed 1,000 books and the troops packaged them up. One book was even signed by Molly and McGee, hard to believe isn’t it? So check your books when you get them. Even The Last Signed Book will be shipped out to some lucky Molly Watcher. No, it hasn’t been bought yet so you still have a chance to get the rarest book of them all…The Last Signed Book. Don’t wait because you don’t have to be the last buyer to get it, we just mixed it in with the few books remaining to be sold. Now, how is that for having some fun?

So we didn’t run out of energy we had donuts, coffee, tea, pizza and watermelon…I think that’s a healthy diet, don’t you? Molly and McGee declined to eat the pizza because it was not a Vermino Pizza from Mousie-Tung Take-Out. If you are not familiar with Mousie-Tung Take-Out asked Vacadude next time you see him in the chat room.

Austin also had a big day with almost 200 Pre-order sales of his new movie The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls. Here is the way it works, you get the movie and Austin goes to college. This is his second project to help him pay for his college education. You can help, go to and pre-order his new movie The World’s Most Famous Barn Owls.

Have a Molly Day and we will see you in the chat room.

Carlos, Donna and Austin

29 Responses to “The Last Signed Book”

  1. Tresbien Says:

    Thanks for the photos of the book signing event. Hope someone who was there can ID all of the volunteers. Nice to see you wearing the owl shirt again Carlos!

  2. Sherry Kelly Says:

    Sure enjoyed the photos! Thank you Jamie for posting them and you Carlos for posting them. Looks like you had fun and ate well (?)! I can’t imagine signing 1000 books like that. I do two hour signings and sometimes sign continuously. That short time is stressful as well as tiring. How many hours did it take you to sign that many books? Now I am anxiously waiting my copy’s arrival!

  3. SARose69 Says:

    Wish I could have been there to help! Gee that was fun . . . !
    I AM part of it because I ordered my 2nd clutch book way back when it was first offered! I’ll be excited for the mail to come every day!

    What a great group of volunteers! Thanks to all who helped and of course, most of all, to our fabulous photographer, Carlos!

  4. debbie Says:

    yay, photos!! :D thanks for posting these…all are great!
    the one with someone balancing all the shipping boxes is totally fun, haha, and carlos, you are adorable in your hat.
    thanks to all the molly helpers for getting them into the mail so quickly for us…i, for one, cannot wait!!

    *applause to carlos, eric and the whole molly crew*


  5. Thank you so much for signing the books. I know this was a painstaking adventure but we greatly appreciate the hard work and time spent. Molly has meant so much to my sanity and appreciate that she’s sharing her life with us once again.

  6. VSue Says:

    Well, I sure missed OWLt on what looks like so much fun!
    Unfortunately I had to hork all day…
    ..Um, I mean work!

    Thanks for sharing the fun photos. I too especially like the one where someone is trying to balance all of them boxes!

  7. Janice Barreras Says:

    Looks like a great, time had by all present in spite of the hard work. Hoe your hand is not cramping today, Carlos. Can hardly wait to receive my copy. Love your owlsome photography, Carlos.

  8. Susan Wilgus Says:

    Haven’t seen any description of how Austin’s new DVD differs from the first DVD. Is there a “preview” or “summary” or some clue regarding what it shows? Thanks!

  9. PegRod Says:

    Jaime is a great photographer! Carlos, we thank you for posting these wonderful photos, which capture in just 14 moments in time some sense of all the hard work (carried out by Carlos Royal and Eric Blehm with the help of the Volunteer OWLz and MODs) that took place at the Molly the Owl Book Signing. The beauty, grace, fun, adventure and love shines in all the faces! In some ways, this is even better than a video.

    The spirit of selflessness and community giving renews us all. Creating and selling books is a gift to the world, and a lot of hard work is involved! From the creation of an idea to holding a book in your hands, hundreds of people are involved in the process besides the writer and the reader (ink and paper producers, post office, mechanical engineers and printing pressers, business people, customs and tariffs, you could fill several pages of one of Carlos Royals’ yellow legal pads he uses for his “Things to Do” lists.)

    A Molly Day is not just another day! Thank you.

  10. Sure looks like fun! I wish I knew if some of those folks are regular “chatters”! I’d love to connect a name with a face.

  11. Colleen Poor Says:

    Thanks to all who helped and thank you Carlos, Donna, Eric and Austin for all of your hard work. You guys are awesome! I am so looking forward to seeing the book and hope I get the one with Molly and McGee’s signature ;-) None of us realized how two little owls would affect us or the world when this started. I’m back watching them again and hope there’s more cute owlets to watch to come! Thanks again!

  12. Ellie in Tucson Says:

    I, too, pre-ordered the 2nd clutch book, back when it was a gleam in Carlos’ eye! I’m SO looking forward to receiving it. Thanks so much for the images of the book-signing! EFS-Ellie, Tucson

  13. Jo-Ann Says:

    It was not only a lot of work, it also looked like a lot of fun to participate with the mailing.. Beautiful pictures and wonderful friends and family… Thank you for being you!!

  14. Lisa A. Burns Says:

    So exciting! Love these photos!!
    You are all awesome!! Can’t wait to get mine..
    Lisa from NE FL

  15. Mary (Grrammy724) Says:

    Great photos, Jamie! Maybe someone knows how to tag the photos with names… but for now, Ruthrings is the one carrying the boxes. Sorry to have missed the signing party this time!

  16. L. Long Says:

    THANK YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Royal!!! I have been meaning to thank you for sharing the owl box with us again. So, I am taking this moment to thank you and let you know that I can’t wait until my Second Clutch book and Austin’s new movie comes!!! Thank you, Austin! Such a bright, hard working young man. You make your family proud. So, work hard and play hard, and keep the movies coming. Thanks so much to all of you who bring us Molly, McGee, and the babies! Lisa

  17. CAequuslvr Says:

    Yipee!! I should be getting the 2nd clutch book any day!
    Thanks to all of the special, wonderful people who made it all possible. All of the love, spirit, devotion and talent is all so appreciated.

  18. Thom David Says:

    Just wanted to let all those first clutch folks who expressed interest in or may have contributed to the Eagle Scout bench project that two benches honoring Molly the Owl and the Royal family were installed at Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos on July 2, 2011. A sincere thanks to everyone who supported Richard and his project. Folks in the area are encouraged to drop by the Red Barn and “have a seat!” Photos of the installation and the benches will be posted on the “MODs & MADs” Facebook Group page later today.

  19. Morganminpin Says:

    Carlos –

    Thank you, thank you for the Last Signed Book, I will treasure it. I saw the photo of it, and today I have it! I ordered 2 books (one for my brother in South Carolina who also watched M&M’s first clutch) but I am definitely keeping the LSB for myself. And I’ll order Austin’s new video in the next day or two.

    Thanks to all of you (Royals, mods, and MODs) for this amazing second volume of the owl saga. Also thanks to Jamie for the photos.


    • PegRod Says:

      Congratulations Morganminpin!

      Yippee! Thank you for letting other Carlos Royal fans know that you received the very special “Last Signed Book”! Carlos knows how to put the fun back into living, and by sharing this comment, you also make the event a celebration! (((throwing a rainbow of Owl Box confetti into the air while singing all three Molly songs)))! You could print out that photo of Carlos with The Last Signed book and frame it!

  20. Jerri Weed Says:

    Dear Royal Family,
    KS Got her Second Clutch Book Today…Record Speed…KS had a Few Tears with Seeing Carrie Flying Off…KS Always took Care of Sweet Carrie with Gel for Her MoHawk and Having Special Chitty Chats With Her about Leaving the Box.

    Thank U for This Wonderful Book and The Special Little Treats as Well…Now KS Must go and Grab a ShamWoW.

    Much Love From Phoenix, AZ,
    Jerri Weed

  21. Aj Says:

    Just wanted to say Thank You, received my 2nd clutch book today. I will always cherish the memories. It was a great time and was glad to be a part of it. Still hear that sparkle today when you talk about Molly & McGee, always reminds me of a child’s first trip in the Candy Store. Never loose that sparkle. Make sure you Thank Donna and Austin also for their dedication for me also or vise versa to whomever reads the blog. And I always enjoy the pictures you both take. Aj4thebrds.

  22. Amie Durden Says:

    Got my Second Clutch book today. Love it! Thanks for getting them out so quickly. And love the pictures of the signing.

  23. Sarah (slewvi) Says:

    my second clutch just arrived this afternoon. What a treat! i love the pictures and the memories. What a wonderful special group of people molly watchers have become. Carlos and Donna, you’ve created an amazing community. I also loved the field trips, so fun!. My theory is that M&M let the owlets stay longer this time because of the coyote, and they wanted the owlets to get fast at ground take-offs before taking them over to the hunting grounds. It was also such a treat to see the owlets in the sycamore tree.
    You have a terrific talent for creating interest in owls and bringing together community.
    Many, many thanks!

  24. Kim Torkelson Says:

    Received my Second Clutch Book today and just love it, the photo’s are beautiful. Will treasure it with the others I got. Thanks a million to all of you !!

  25. Nicki Platt Says:

    I received my Second Clutch book today, too! It’s beautiful and high quality! There are even shots of some of the other birds who frequent the Royal yard! It’s going to be fun to sit and look at each photo more closely. I also ordered and received one of the board books! It’s VERY cute! It will be perfect to read to the kindergartners I’ll be teaching. Now, I just need to download that music and make that cd I mentioned one night on the chat! Thank you so much!
    Nicki (azure11111)

  26. sue Says:

    I just received my 2nd Clutch book!!! I have looked at many pictures and read many words!!! I can only say that so far am I LOVING IT Carlos the pictures you took are fantastic!!! Molly and McGee along with Carrie and Ashley bring smiles and tears to my eyes!!! It all brings back memories of a very special time that with this book I will never forget!!! Thanks again for everything that you, Donna and Austin bring to us!!!

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