Molly Makes The News Again

July 6, 2011

Internet owls back online, possibly for fourth clutch. 

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Carlos, Donna and Austin

14 Responses to “Molly Makes The News Again”

  1. Amy B. in IL Says:

    How great would that be…deet deet!

  2. Lela Anderson Says:

    What a nice article. Way to go Molly & McGee!!

  3. Bonnibell Says:

    How cool is that?? She really is famous!! We’ll keep watching and waiting…and this after I had decided to not watch any other owls this time around…Molly and McGee are THE exception. Thank you…..Bonnibell

  4. PegRod Says:

    Carlos, Donna and Austin – Thank you for sharing this San Diego Union Tribune link with the great story about Molly! – hot off the internet press (lol). And they imbedded the Ustream video, link, too! Yippee

    “Happy Days are Here Again!”

    With a grateful heart.

  5. vicki Says:

    A reality show worth watching THE MOLLY & MCGEE HOUR! Who needs the Kardashians.

    Molly must have her own scrap book by now with all her press.
    Wait — is that press or press agent? (a new occupation for Austin, press agent to the starz)

    Go Molly and McGee!
    Thanks Carlos & Donna!

  6. Sherry Kelly Says:


  7. Donna Says:

    Great hearing your chat today and answering questions, miss your talks. Molly and McGee are number 1 and so are you all! Thank you again for sharing the owl box!

  8. mandozee Says:

    Great article Carlos, Austin, and Donna, and M&M of course. I for one will keep everything crossed for a healthy fourth clutch. mandozee

  9. Ruth Says:

    yes!!!!!!!! Ruth (petenwell)

  10. Jo-Ann Says:

    While I was watching last night, I thought I saw them bonding!

  11. Trisha Says:

    Hi Carlos, I also heard them talk about Molly and McGee on KOGO 600 radio on my way home from work.

  12. Mobirder Says:

    I cannot get logged into the chat at the owl box site,,,i have tried every email address and password i have ever used,,,nothing works. Can anyone give me advise?

    • Kevin Says:

      You can find out what your username and password is. At the top of the page were it says login, Click on that and when it opens at the the bottom it says forgot username and forgot password. Click on both of them and it will send your username and password to your email address that you entered when you first signed up to ustream. If that does not work for you then you will have to contact ustream by email or you can go too Gmail and make up a new email address thru Gmail and then you can use that email address to sign back up for ustream.

  13. well,,i have spent the last 3 hours trying to get logged in the chat area at the owl box…i did nothave a problem like that during the 1st 3 clutches. it is very frustrating. so,,i have to get to bed,,gotta work in the morning,,but i will be back tomorrow night. i am so happy to see molly and mcgee again. thank you carlos!

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